Blighters Blog - Part 4

21st Sep 2012 | Posted by Chris Blight

The games last weekend are ones that most of us would like to forget. They were both very tough losses for us to take because we feel we made way too many uncharacteristic mistakes. The shootout has been very disappointing this year obviously. I was very upset that I didn’t finish the game off when I had the chance, as I am usually very good in shootouts. They might be the only 2 I miss all year either because I won’t get another chance to shoot or they will just start going in like they usually do! I like that part of the game and want to be successful at it for the team.

I asked the fans via twitter to send in some questions for the blog this week so we could change it up. I thought it would be more fun than talking about the 2 losses last week.

First question I got was from Matt Rowe who asked me to tell everyone about the teammate banter that goes on. Unfortunately what is said in the room stays in the room Matt so I’m going to have to say no comment on that one!

Matt Mithan asked how the elite league compares to other leagues. I would have to say it is very similar to Italy, Germany 2, and Denmark; which are the other countries I played in. It is always hard to compare leagues but I think they are all really close in talent level.

Jonathan Williams asked whom would I want to play with on a line if I could play with anyone. Mac and Max have been fantastic line mates so far but I don’t think they will mind if I say my 2 favourite would be Wayne Gretzky and Sidney Crosby. I like to shoot and score goals so to have the 2 best passers the game has ever seen on my line would be pretty amazing!

Scott Smith asked what my favourite part of Cardiff as a city and club was. As a city I would have to say I love everything about it. It is very hard to say what part is the best because the city offers so much. We live in Penarth, which is great. The downtown and Bay area offer so much stuff to do and the people of Cardiff are all very nice. As for the club the best part would just be the people in the organization. Everyone from Paul, Neil, G, Macky, and all the boys of course are all just great people that make going to work every day fun. Everyone wants to succeed therefore we will succeed. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that we have the best fans in the league as well which I think everyone in the league can agree on.

Matt Peake asked what my favourite childhood hockey memory was. For me it would have to be all the championships my team won in minor hockey. You never forget those and the people you did it with. Also the time in the car with your parents on the way to the rink and the way back was great; except after a loss of course! I always enjoyed how passionate they were about my hockey. I’m really lucky to have great parents that sacrificed so much for me to be where I am today. I wear number 57 to honor my father who was born in 1957 just outside London England. I’m excited to have him over here this year to watch me play in Europe for the first time.

There were a lot of questions about my school program as well. I will be studying a Masters in Business Administration (MBA). It starts the first week of October, which is nice, as I have had a chance to settle into the city and team before starting school.

I hope I answered most questions and if I missed any I apologize. I’ve already taken some heat from Deeds for writing “essays” so I have to try to keep this short. Can’t wait to see everyone rocking the BBT on Sunday. I think it is about time we get a BBT win and I also wouldn’t mind hearing what my goal song is going to be! It has been way too long for both of those in my opinion…

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