Blighters Blog - Part 3

14th Sep 2012 | Posted by Chris Blight

3 out of 4 points isn’t bad but I was happy to see guys disappointed after the game on Sunday. I really like how the guys all want to win and more importantly expect to win no matter who we are playing. Obviously Sheffield was pretty hyped up before the season as they signed some big name players like Cory Peckar. I think we showed that we have built a pretty good team as well and one that can also win on the big ice.

On Saturday from the drop of the puck I was confident that our team was better and going to win the game. Our defence had another great weekend and continued to impress with their D zone play and puck moving abilities. Phil had a great weekend again and made a number of key saves at key moments which gave our team so much confidence. There is nothing better than when you make a mistake and the goalie bails you out which he did a number of times for us. We won 4 to 2 off of 2 timely late goals by Stu and Ben Davies. For a young guy Ben has really impressed me with his play and I see him being one of the best British players in the league very soon.

On Sunday it was a lot of the same as I thought we out played them once again down the stretch and were definitely the stronger team in the third period and overtime. Mac obviously had a great game. The small ice surface really suits his game as he is a great power forward and so strong on the puck at all times. His second goal really showed that as he powered his way around the net with a great wrap around goal. It is great to see him get off to a good start.

We ended up losing in a shootout where it can obviously go either way. The ice was terrible for both teams and it was honestly a little scary shooting when the ice gets that bad. For those of you who have never played ice hockey, when there are puddles on the ice the puck sticks in them so you really have to be careful not to lose the puck on the breakaway. Guys were not able to do what they would normally do in a shootout and shooting was probably the best option as you can tell from the 2 hard falls on dekes; first from Peckar and then from me. I promise you I can skate and the ice had a lot to do with it!

This weekend we have Hull on the road and Braehead back home. Really excited to get back into the BBT with the new ice and get our first home win of the season after the disappointing result on Sunday.

I would like to give a shout out to a couple restaurants that we have been frequenting as well. First would be the Oyster Catcher in Penarth. What a great little spot down the road from where we live. Tyson and I have eaten there a lot. Second, has to be the Sports Café by the movie theatre downtown. Guys make sure you stop in there for a beer, you will not be disappointed!


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