Blighters Blog Part 2

5th Sep 2012 | Posted by Chris Blight

The flight over on Sunday was a long day. I probably slept 1 hour on the flight so I was pretty tired when we arrived. They took us to the rink to drop off our equipment. The Big Blue Tent has a certain charm to it as everyone who has been in there knows. From what I understand it is a temporary solution until the new arena is built which from what I’ve seen from the plans looks to be an amazing new facility. I’m sure the Devils fans will really enjoy having a new facility.

The first 2 days of practice were really good especially considering the ice still needs some work. The guys on the team have all been really great and welcoming. They are all just a great bunch of guys which usually means we will have a good team. Teams that get along always seem to play better together and so far we have a great room.
The game on Wednesday was definitely surprising in a lot of ways.

The turnout for the meet the team event was incredible. At the game later on the atmosphere created by the fans was fantastic. They were all loud and into the game which always makes it more exciting for the players. I don’t think most of us were expecting such a close and intense game. It felt like a playoff game at times. We found a way to win on a great shot from my room mate Tyson. I thought our defence and our goalie Phil Osaer played great in the game which is exciting because they are the key components to winning teams. Our offence had a lot of chances in the game and maybe guys were a little rusty or it could have been a much higher score for us. I really liked what I saw out of our team considering we had only spent 2 days together.

We are all really looking forward to the game in Coventry on Wednesday and of course the season opener on the weekend. I hope to see you all there on Sunday for the home opener!

As a side note to this blog I recently got an email from the University of Cardiff welcoming me to the MBA program and inviting me to “Freshie’s” week which I’m sure is the same as “Frosh” week in Canada. Basically it is a week of events/parties for incoming students to get to know each other. Now I may be a new student to the university but I’m not sure the etiquette on attending such events as the “foam party” with incoming freshmen who are 18 years old considering I am 29. Should I go? Send your thoughts to @blightzkrieg on twitter and yes that was a shameless plug.


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