Blighters Blog Part 16

12th Feb 2013 | Posted by Chris Blight

Blight Hit

It has been a really tough week for us. Losing Mac couldn’t have come at a worse time. As a friend I’m concerned for his health and hope that everything turns out great for him with his situation. There is still a small chance that he will not need surgery and we are all hoping and praying for that. You can’t replace a player like Mac and it is up to the rest of us to come together and play better in his absence.

We’ve also learned that we may have lost Phil Hill for a few weeks with a wrist injury. We’ve been really unfortunate with injuries and suspensions this year as everyone knows. Hopefully Hilly has a speedy recovery as a British player of his stature is also irreplaceable.

The game in fife was a gutsy one from the team. We were down multiple times in the game and came back to tie it up twice, including late in the game. Unfortunately it ended up being another shootout loss. We’ve struggled in the shootouts this year which sucks. There is no worse way to lose a game then in a shootout and at the same token it is very fun to win them in that situation.
Our focus at the moment is to build momentum over the next 13 games before playoffs and go into playoffs with confidence. We are all fully confident that we can beat any team in this league in a 1 game showdown and are excited to have that chance come playoff time.

These are the times that young guys need to step up and take advantage of their increased role on the team. With every injury or guy leaving the team another spot opens for one of the younger guys to take advantage of. I hope our young guys realize the opportunity in front of them to show what they are capable of. I’ve been playing pro hockey for 8 years and can say confidently that these opportunities do not come up very often so you must take advantage of them when they do. I’m excited to see the response of the guys to the challenge that lies ahead.

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