Blighters Blog - Part 13

14th Dec 2012 | Posted by Chris Blight

Well last weekend was a tough one for us. We were already down a couple players and then find out when we got to the rink the Biz was sick. I thought we played a good game considering how short we were and we had chances to win the game not just in regulation but also in the shootout. A couple of questionable calls go our way and it is a completely different game but that’s hockey.

It has been a hard couple weeks for us with all of the player movement as well. Bari and Deeds were both great guys and great teammates and we will miss having them on our team. Bari has moved on to play in Manchester and I know he will have a lot of success there. Deeds situation is a little different and came to a surprise to many of us. He has decided to take some time out from hockey for personal reasons and we obviously support his decision even though we would love to still have him here. He was a fun guy to have around in the locker room and was always there to stick up for us on the ice when we needed him to. I wish him the best as well. We have added a new player who was an ex-teammate of Biz. He is meeting us in Belfast. Let’s make sure we give him a warm welcome for his home debut on Saturday.

This weekend will prove to be challenging especially for some of the older guys like myself. 3 games, 3 nights, 3 different countries! How is that for a schedule? They are all massive points that we need to get, especially in Belfast! We are all excited to get going and have a big weekend!

Thanks again to everyone who was involved with the HP4K event this past weekend. Your help is truly appreciated. We raised more money than we thought we could have which is a credit to the generosity of the Welsh hockey fans! Can’t wait to see everyone in the BBT on Saturday for a big one vs Brahead.


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