Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 3 - 4 Coventry Blaze

Just over one hour to go until game time, Devils are without Davies and Hayes who are off on GB duty and Jarvis who is still injured. Blaze are without Soderstrom who picked up a broken toe in practice and has been partially replaced by James Pease.

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First prediction of the night is in, and it's a Devils 4-2 victory! Here's hoping :)

Almost game time! Blaze are on the ice...

Intro time!

Devils are on the ice, Woop Woop

Man in charge tonight is... Thompson! Wahay, no Darnell or Hicks dodgy calls \o/

Carl predicting a Devils 4-3 victory! With our home form as good as it is, hopefully that's doable mate :)

Confirmation of missing players, Devils without Jarvis, Davies and Hayes. Blaze without Soderstrom, Owen and Watkins

Blaze also have Selwood stepping up from the ENL team

Anthem time, the excitement is peaking! Goooooooooooo Devils!

If only we had Finnerty here for this weekend! Good signing that though methinks, should hopefully add more spark to our away form, which quite honestly is rubbish

And we're off! Gooooooooooooooooooooooo Devils!

Blaze have a sizable travelling contingent and are in fine form tonight :)

Devils penalty at 2:08. Hill 2mins for hooking.

The Devils penalty kill has been fairly good recently, and the Blaze powerplay seems less awesome than previous years, so hopefully it stays that way!

First save of the night goes to Lyle on the penalty kill

And that's the penalty killed, Devils full strength \o/

Pretty much end to end at the moment, Blaze have had a couple more chances though

Big save from Lyle roughly 5mins in, Blaze offense working well but Chambers denied :D

Devils get close, but Hirsch makes the save :( Texter reports Devils are quick to capitalise on Blaze errors

Michel all over the ice as usual, hitting and fighting for everything

Absolutely ace signing for us I do believe, looking forward to seeing a couple of home games over Christmas to see how many people he runs over

Another save from Hirsch, Devils getting some good shots off, and some random shots from anywhere

Hirsch kills the puck at 6:24. Blaze offense looking real sharp, but Devils also looking good. End to end as per previous text

Blaze get the puck and storm into the Devils zone, but shot just clears the crossbar, Devils return the favour shortly afterwards

Ooof, Blaze come too close for comfort. Lyle beaten but puck hits the pipework and a mad scramble sees lyle save at 9:06


Devils goal at 9:38. Hartwick unassisted!

Hartwicks scored a couple of games recently, or been close anyway!

Devils penalty at 10:59. Birbraer 2mins charging

Apparently the hit was good, but Thompson didn't agree :(

Stewart nails Michel. Michel not happy at all but no call against Stewart :(

Lots of scrambles infront of goal, But Lyle and our defence working to well to stop the Blaze on their powerplays...

And that's the DEvils back to full strength

Texters report that the last scramble was a little too close for comfort again

Blaze penalty at 13:23. Calder 2mins for hooking.

Texters report that tonights game is mostly AWESOME! Always good to hear :)

Apparently the replay of the Devils goal showed that Hirsch dropped the puck over his own goal line :D

Voth brushes past Robinson after the whistle had been blown, Robinson believes he has been shot and goes flying. Crowd give a nice chorus of 'she fell over' :)

Devils penalty at 15:00 exactly. Miller 2mins for elbows :(

Here comes another nervous 2minutes. Let's hope Lyle keeps up the form!

Damnit. Blaze score on their 3rd powerplay opportunity :(

Blaze goal at 16:02. Carlson from Calder and Chambers. Powerplay goal :(

Devils with the opening chances after the game restarts after Blaze equalised! Come on Devils!

Devils on the push again, Hirsch has made a couple of good, and big saves though

Blaze penalty at 19:11. Lee 2mins for boarding.

Smith limps off the ice after a big hit from Robinson in the final minute :(

Robinson then nails Birbraer with roughly 20 seconds left, Voth finally has a word...

And that's the end of the first period. Both teams really going for it and some good end to end action!

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Texters don't seem too happy with Thompsons calls so far, but they don't want Darnell or Hicks back!

2minutes until the teams return!

Devils start the 2nd with 1:12 of powerplay remaining, hopefully they can make it count!

Shots on goal for first, 7 on Lyle, 15 on Hirsch

Seems Smith hasn't returned for the 2nd period after Robinson nailed him :(

Ignore that, Smith is back and taking the faceoff :)

And here we go! COME ON DEVILS!


Devils goal at 20:48. Latulippe from Michel. PPG

Devils set up brilliantly for 2nd goal and Latulippe nailed it \o/

Huge shot from Birbraer just about saved by Hirsch, but he's looking shakey in nets

2nd period is all Devils so far, Blaze have to kill the puck after 3 huge shots from our 1st line

Blaze forced to ice the puck again

Devils look like they're on the powerplay, hopefully they can keep it up :)

Devils capitalising on Blaze errors again and putting lots of pressure down!

Smith nails Lee with a big check, possibly payback for Robinson bullying him!

Blaze penalty at 25:53. Cowley 2mins for high sticks

Additional assist for Devils 2nd goal, should now read Latulippe from Michel and Adams at 20:48

Blaze really not happy with the penalty on Cowley

Another Blaze penalty at 26:10. Robinson 2mins for delay of game.

Devils 5on3 for 1:43

come on Devils, make it count!

36seconds left of Cowleys penalty

Cowley back, 17 seconds of 5on4 for the Devils

Blaze back to full strength.

Devils have all the posession but can't make it count

Some really big saves from Hirsch on the penalty kill to keep the Blaze in it

Blaze fans keep chanting for Hirsch, Devils fans don't seem so fussed on him...

Blaze penalty at 29:13. Stewart 2mins for roughing.

Devils penalty at 29:16. Miller 2mins for roughing.

Sorry, both penalties should read 29:16 I believe

Seems Thompson only called penalty when Miller retaliated :(

Blaze goal, good wrap around effort and puck goes over Lyles glove :(

Blaze goal at 30:07. Carlson from Weaver.

Devils were in control, but Blaze equalise again. Still, sounds like a good game!

Both teams at full strength

If the goal was scored when it was 4on4, is it a powerplay goal or even strength?

Voth collides with Stewart and receives a punch for his troubles, no penalty called

Blaze seem to have come alive since they scored and now putting Devils under pressure

Blaze penalty at 32:02. Robinson 2mins for delay of game.


Powerplay looking good, Hirsch just makes a glove save from a shot from Voth

Blaze kill the penalty again, come on Devils!

Devils powerplay was very good, Voth came closest but Blaze penalty kill also good

Handbags, Voth and someone, lots of shoving but no punches

Penalties for Voth and Stewart, apparently Voth tried to fight but Stewart refused. Fair enough.

Blaze penalty, Stewart 2+2 for hooking.

Devils penalty, Voth 2+2+2 for cross checking...

Both penalties timed at 34:30

Blaze on the powerplay, but penalties sound dubious...

Devils have 5 skaters...

Not sure what's going on with penalties, but Robinson is back for Blaze

I believe it's 5on5, Stewart and Voth penalties came after whistle was blown

Brilliant save from Lyle at 38:06, then a Blaze goal :(

Blaze goal at 38:10. Campbell from Cowley.

So Blaze finally take the lead :(

Devils won the faceoff, but Campbell charged through Devils and one timed it past Lyle :(

Blaze penalty at 38:49. Too many men.

Come on Devils, make the powerplay count this time!

Apparently both blocks in the rink are showing different times...

Devils should be leading, but chances aren't being finished properly and the Blaze have now taken the lead :(

Latulippe misses an amazing opportunity to level the score :(

End of the 2nd period, and it's Devils 2-3 :(

Sounds like Hirsch played pretty damn well during the 2nd period when it was mostly all Devils possession!

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Oops, sorry folks, seems I added a goal too many. It's definitely Devils 2-3! Apologies!

Final score from Edinburgh... Capitals 4-2 Steelers!

Both teams back out, come on Devils we really need a win tonight!

Devils have a 50 second powerplay to open the 3rd period!

And we're off!

Devils can't capitalise, Blaze back to full strength :(

Final score from Nottingham, Panthers 3-2 Vipers

Big save from Lyle, come on Devils :(

Panthers/Vipers should be reversed, seems game was in Newcastle, so Vipers lose 2-3 at home to Panthers...

Smith skates length of ice and somehow puts the puck wide :(

Blaze penalty at 44:48. Stewart 2mins for high sticks

Shots on goal for 2nd period, 5 on Lyle(??) and 12 on Hirsch

Seems 5 is indeed the correct number, and somehow the Blaze got 2 goals from them...

Campbell giving our whole bench some stick, please someone smack him...

Devils get close, but scramble infront of net sees puck cleared

Blaze back to full strength :(


Voth checked from behind into Hirsch and it all kicks off

Voth still on ice, Blaze gave away first penalty and then all caused chaos to cover up for it

Whilst Voth was trying to get up, Campbell laid into him

Voth seems to be up, now fighting Campbell

Come on Voth, smack him around a bit!

Sounds like a pretty even result, no real winner

prepare for penalty chaos!

Couple of texters report that Voth may have won on points :P

Apparently it looked like Voth was after Hirsch, but Hirsch turtled and Campbell stepped in

Riot still being sorted out

Campbell was laying into Voth whilst he laid on ice, then skated towards Devils bench acting like a *beep* but Voth was back up by then and got most punches in

Calder arguing with fans from the ice...

Voth and Campbell have left the ice, ejected i'm not sure

All penalties timed at 47:07

Clock is showing Campbell as having 5mins, Voth 2mins, but both players have left the game

Blaze penalty. Campbell 5+game+match for crosschecking and fighting.

Devils penalty. Voth 2+match for instigating and fighting

Oh well, that makes a nice change... COME ON DEVILS!

Blaze penalty at 48:44. Lee 2mins for roughing.

Nothing like a bit of hatred to make MNL more exciting :)

Well, we can still send Miller out to fight, or Hartwick, or Adams, or Latulippe :)

Devils timeout at 49:38, please please please make it count!



I wish I could type What I really wanted to say, but we're a family service (largely) :P

Devils 3rd goal at 50:10. Birbraer unassisted!

Come on Devils, 2 or 3 more goals would suffice :)

Blaze player slashes Romfo, but somehow don't get called for it. Fans really not happy :(

Blaze kill the 5min penalty on campbell, both teams back to 5 skaters

Devils penalty at 53:15. Birbraer 2mins for tripping.

Blaze call timeout after Birbraer penalty :(

Apparently Birbraer was lying on the ice when a Blaze player skated into him and somehow he picks up a penalty for it...

Big save from Hirsch denies Latulippe :(

Devils penalty at 54:56. Michel 2mins for slashing :(

Thompson ignoring the initial penalties and calling retaliation by Devils. Fans very very annoyed

Very dodgy call by all accounts...

Devils back to 4 skaters!

Latulippe on the ice with no stick, nooooooooooooooooooo

someone give him a stick!

DAMNIT!. Thompson calls another Devils penalty...

Devils penalty at 55:17. Hartwick 2mins for roughing...

Texters believe Thompson may have money on the Blaze winning

Devils 3on5 for 1:10, time to turn to a God...

Devils back to 4 skaters!

Fans expecting another call any second...

30seconds to go, come on Devils survive the powerplay!

Devils back to full strength \o/

just under 3minutes to go!

Blaze goal :(

How the $"^ can we concede when we have 5 players, but not when we have 3?!

Blaze take the lead again at 57:55

Blaze 4th goal at 57:55. Chambers unassisted

lyle pulled with 40 seconds remaining, just wait for the ENG :(

6 seconds to go, faceoff in Blaze zone

And that's it all over, Blaze win 3-4...

Am still fuming over how we can concede with 5 skaters, but kill about 3 or 4 penalties in a row without conceding...

Blaze MoM goes to Hirsch

Only a few Devils players shook Thompsons hand, Michel shouted some abuse instead...

Devils MoM goes to Latulippe

Well, it's all over, if you enjoyed the coverage please be sure to check out

I'm off to cry, thanks for tuning in!

Player of the months called tonight, 3rd goes to Lyle, 2nd Birbraer, 1st Michel

and this time i'm really off!