Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 5 - 2 Edinburgh Capitals

Welcome to MNL as we await the Capitals at the TENT tonight

Its Nott Simpson aka OJ in the hot seat tonight

I shall finish my tea and make contact with my texters as they make their way to Cardiff Bay, back soon

Devils on the ice for warm-up no Jarvis or Symmonds seen

All texters in position, we have some MNL virgin texters tonite

A full compliment of texters tonight

Haven't had a chance to check on predictions yet, if you have one text me

Steelers 3-0 up at Hull

We should have great coverage tonight I have never had so many texters so I hope I can survive the next 2 hours or so

Marc calls an easy victory for the Devils

Let me know where you are joining us from if it is outside the UK, yes that excludes England and Scotland

Dean Smith has the whistle tonight

How many miles you are from Cardiff would be welcomed

Keith if you are in Aber you don't count

Abu Dhabi counts but not Aberystwyth

Is there anyone out there or have you all gone Christmas shopping or partying

Ice is being prepared

Keith in Aber calls a 4-2 win for the Devils

Where have all the texters gone?

I hope Chris is doing his college work not sitting around reading my rubbish on MNL

Marc in sunny Hereford says 6-2 to the Devils

Steelers winning 3-0 after 2 periods

Whats occurring?

WE are ready for the off

Voth, Romfo, Richardson, Smith & Birbraer on to start

The puck is dropped

Devils offside after 36 seconds

Bad clearance by Devils gifts chance to Caps, Lyle saves their bacon

Yes Keith the Caps kit is here

Caps seem to be up for it, faster on the puck

Devils coughing up puck deep in their zone, relying on Lyle to save their blushes

Caps have a player high awaiting turnover when Devils on attack

Caps netminder saves @ 5:32 from Miller

Mad goalmouth scramble in Devils crease but Lyle comes up trumps

Devils penalty @ 8:51 Hartwick - interference

Lets kill this penalty Devils

Towe and O' Conner have a chat about handbags in Caps crease

Penalties O'Conner (Caps) roughing

Devils penalty Michel roughing mionor both called @ 9:02

Penalty over both teams back to full strength

Caps icing @ 11:12

Devils penalty - Miller - kneeing @ 11:54

Good hip check I am told

Caps player still down

Caps player was Beynon, hes now up and back on the Caps bench

Problem is good hip check are rare, Caps coach going mad demanding major penalty

I'll never forget the hip check from Stephen Cooper against a Russian team in the Europa cup. the Finnish linesman came over to me on the bench and said good hit

Devils kill penalty with ease

Gametime 13:16

Yes Marc kneeing is a hockey penalty, most often called for good or attempted hip checks

5 minutes left in opening period

Do we have any overseas browsers with us at MNL? Let me know at

Caps penalty Sharp - tripping @ 16:22

Caps penalty Sharp - tripping @ 16:22

Who let him out

Sharp has a lovely black eye from last nights fight with Macmorrow

Capitals Goal SHG scored by Welch straight thru Lyles five hole @ 17:29


No joy for Devils on powerplay

Devils penalty @ 19:14 - Miller - slashing

Janet Romfo, Scott's mum has joined us from Minnesota, calculators are out on mileage

Caps penalty @ 19:42 - Fussey - kneeing

Kneeing penalty was on Mikchel, Voth thinks it should have been a major and tell ref Smith

End of 1st period DEVILS 0 Capitals 1

Devils have the edge offensively but the Capitals have the edge defensively

Assist on Capitals goal goes to Rudosky in Caps net

Kim Michel (Tylor mum) joins us from North Bay, well I know that is a long way

I suppose we haven't had anyone from the East as its past their bedtime

Were are our Devils fans in Singapore thesedays?

I know if I was still in Tenerife I would have been 1,800 miles away

East end of Glasgow doesn't count, and why aren't you in bed, Merlin has finished

Thats a fine man, Merlin from Gods country - Carmarthen

Giants 1-0 up at Newcastle after 1 period

Sog Devils 19 Caps 10

And we are behind!!

Players return to the ice

Beynon maybe be missing for the 2nd period

We are checking

Ice being repaired in Lyle's crease

We are off for the 2nd period

Kim, Janet have you got snow yet

Devils wander offside on a breakaway

I was in North Wales earlier in the week and there was snow in the mountains

Caps icing

Devils back to full strength

Caps return to full strength

Caps netminder Rudkowsky looking sharp


Scored by Birbraer assist Smith @ 22:08

I should get an assist on that goal after putting the jinksed on their netminder

At 23:06 Capitals are still leaving a player high

Caps penalty @ 24:16

Caps penalty was Lefebrve hooking @ 24:16

Scott Romfo had hit the post @ 24:10

Caps penalty @ 25:44 - Welch - hooking

Handbags between Adams and Hutchings

Come on you DEVILS make it pay

Devils penalty - Voth

Devils 2nd goal scored by Richardson, assist Hill @ 26:40

Caps penalty @ 27:12 Lambert - hooking

Mark Smith hits post

Caps penalty @ 28:07 - O'Conner - slashing

Devils 5 on 3 so make it count

Caps kill one penalty

Caps kill another penalty

Caps are back to full strength

Brad Voth penalty was for roughing after he stepped in when Lyle got run over after he killed puck

Caps ice @ 31:55

Hutchings it was who nailed Lylew after he had saved a breakaway

36 minutes gone as Rudkowsky caught behind his net, Caps scramble puck clear

Smith misses a back post tap it

Did well to get near a cross crease pass

Gametime 35:54

Devils must be alert as Caps leaving a man high - usually Welch

Kim I know North Bay is west of us but it is December here in Cardiff

All quiet from the Tent at the moment

I suppose the Caps are going back to Edinburgh tonight, maybe I can scrounge a ride, there's racing at Kelso tomorrow

Last minute of 2nd period

Caps icing @ 39:41

End of second period DEVILS 2 Capitals 1

Devils had more of the play that period but didn't play that well. Not a great period of hockey both teams giving an impression of a pack of hounds chasing the puck

Beynon didn't reappear after his hit in the first period

Capitals fan asking if their Mark Smith was icing, yes, but no mention so far in despatches from the front line

There are apparently quite a few visiting supporters in skirts, make of that whatever you want

Where this Welsh passion for kilts has come from in recent years I don't know. Dresses were good enough for Rebecca and her daughters

Players return to the ice

WE are underway for the 3rd period

SOG for 2nd period DEvils 20, Caps 6

Devils penalty @ 40:35 - Romfo - slashing

CAPS goal ppg @ 40;40 scored by Welch

Assist Hutchings

Devils penalty @ 40:57 - Hartwick - interference

Devils kill penalty

Gametime 44:15

All Caps at the moment, Devils have taken their foot off the gas


MILLER from Devils

Miller fought Lefebre and won hands down

Miller was smacking him when he was down, Lefebre got up and took a few more

Miller batters Lefebvre in front of Caps Bench with Sharp frothing at the mouth

Both ger majors for fighting @ 45:12

Now Michel nails Fussey into boards

Devils penalty Michel @ 45:55 - roughing

Caps offside @ 47:01

Devils kill penalty

O'Conner is down, someone must have dropped a fiver

Hes up. hes OK

Caps penalty @ 49:49 Smith - slashing

CORRECTION Caps penalty timed @ 49:59

Miller & Lefebvre return to the game


Hill assist Michel

Devils 3rd goal timed @ 51:12

second assist to Latulippe

That of course was a ppg


Devils 4th goal scored my Michel assists Hartwick & Davies @ 53:37

Wrist shot from Michel for his goal

Hill's goal was a tip in off a Michel shot from blueline

Tylor Michel is playing like a man possessed

45 minutes lewft in the game

Scott Romfo is also playing well reports my terxter in chief

Caps penalty @ 56:37 - Welch - roughing

Devils offside @ 57:20

Apologies for spelling mistakes especially if they are players names, but I type this an d read my mobiles at the sametime

Good pp from Devils - for a change


Devils 5th goal scored by Latulippe assists Hill & Michel @ 58:18 - ppg

Caps offside at 58:54

Devils penalty @ 58:56 - Voth - slashing

FINAL SCORE -- DEVILS 5 Capitals 2

FINAL SCORE -- DEVILS 5 Capitals 2

Devils penalty - Voth - 10 minute misconduct @ 60:00

Capitalds MoM - Rudowsky

Devils MoM - Mark Richardson

He must have played well as I would have gone for Tylor Michel, but what do I know

Thats it from me, big thank you to my team of texters at the Tent, until the next time, good night, OJ