Match Night Live
Nottingham Panthers 2 - 1 Cardiff Devils


Game time nears folks. E-mails to - - comments, predictions etc., welcome.

The gents from 'The Cat's Whiskers' will be providing an update service tonight, so should you want to follow a different perspective the web address is ...

Panthers vs Devils games this season have seen plenty of goals. Nottingham have the ascendency so far, and dare i say the Devils haven't always showed well at the NIC. A win for the Devils tonight will keep us with the leading group, while a loss may see us fall 4 points behind the leading pack.

Devils without Jarvis (shoulder). Both teams are finishing their warm ups.

The Devils travelling contingent is a little err, small. Hopefully theres a load of people still en route/in the car park/buying pies!

Lets have your thoughts on the e-mails then people. Anyone else not sure about 4pm hockey? Feels a little strange.

Game time nears. Anyone out there doing anything interesting whilst following MNL? (keep it clean)

Richardson wears the A tonight whilst Jarvo gets some rest. Wes is expected to ice on Weds against the Steelers,

Thompson wears the stripes.

About 20 fans wearing red :(

Elsewhere tonight we have Belfast in Hull and Newcastle in Coventry, although neither are due for a couple of hours yet!

Ready to go...

Panthers are milking the intro a little it seems!

Crowd a little over 3,500 according to the Cats Whiskers boys

Puck drops

Max Mark and Brad get us going


St Pierre (here in known as KSP) makes the save, Voth and Bruce exchange views

Sorry, Bruce Richardson (suprise suprise) and Nielsen both going after Voth early

Lots of talk around the time keepers window.

Looks like 2 mins each for Brad and Corey. Has Neilsen stayed out of the box in any game this year? I doubt he's managed 1 period!

Ha ha Thompson has called it fighting, so 5 each not 2! Richardson also gets 2 for roughing

Devils PP going well so far

Lyle save on the breakaway

Even strength

Smith hits the pipes!


Dirty tactics indeed Mr Tornya! I dont think thats the last we'll hear of Richardson either

Hill 2 mins slashing. Panther power play.

Lyle big save

2 mins Hartwick, high sticks. 5 ON 3

4.15 gone.

1.15 left 5ON3

Panthers miss an empty net!

Where was Lyle?

Hill returns. 5ON4

5ON5. Well killed

Devils kill the penalty then ice it straight away. Tired Devils players out there!


Hartwick nails Harper! Welome to the Elite league Tristan!

Another big Lyle save! Where's the D!

Bergin wastes another Panthers chance

Devils release some pressure with an icing.


Only one team in it so far, and it ain't us!

'Voth floors Birbraer mid ice'... not good.

Since when does Voth take a mid ice check anyway!?!?

Ha Voth gets up and nails Lee! Right player this time!

10 mins gone. Lyle already making a claim for MoM. Come on D.

Fight Fight Fight

Richardson 2 mins cross checking. Funny that?!? Anyone else think that guy is Vez in disguise! Got to be the biggest wind-up merchant in the league!

Looks like Birbraer is done, straight to the changing rooms with a wrist injury at 10.47

Smith misses shot

Someone needs to give Richardson a smack when he comes out, we cant afford to let him control the game again.

Devils go offside trying to make the PP work

12.10 More penalties

12.10 More penalties

Voth 2 mins high sticks. Fatty Galbraith 2 mins interfearence

Michel forces KSP save

Richardson back on the ice

Ben Davies nails Lee! Woop woop.

Maxi is back out there :)

Devils icing at 15.22

Devils are dumping, but not really chasing

Lyle save at 17.13

Goal mouth scramble at 17.29. Lyle's net comes off

Now KSP's net comes off, 17.45

D'Amour and Brad have words

1.43 left in P1

Lyle's net off again!

Devils icing at 18.26

Last minute

Once again, Voth and D'Amour. Voth turns him down.

Phill Hill banging some heads, 2 big checks!

ohhh, Hill gets 2 for cross checking and Voth and D'Amour get 2 each for roughing

All pens at 19.49. 1st period ends.

General consensus seems to be we're lucky not to have conceded a few!

Thats the 1st period done, don't forget to message MNL, i'll try and get your comments up in time for the 2nd. Right now its tea and biscuit time.

Shots on...9 vs 18. Guess which is which!

We've got some pessimists and some optimists on the e-mails tonight. Gareth is holding out for a 2-0 Devils win with an empty netter at the end! That would do nicely gareth.

Derek would be happy with a point, and Rickilee fanices a 4-3 Devils win. I'd be happy to see us try! Especially after the last trip to the NIC.

Bad news...

Apparently Voth had an extra 10 given for the rough at 19.48

2nd period begins

Oh it was Devils 9 shots, Panthers 18 shots if you hadn't guessed!

Devils back to 5. Devils ice it at 21.29


Panthers all over us, again!

Devils Power Play!

McAslan 2 mins holding

Serves me right for rushing my updates. Penalty corrected to Neilsen 2 mins holding the stick

Devils hit the pipes


Wait for it...


PPG at 25.44, completelt against the run of play but they all count!

Neilsen looses it, 2 mins slashing at 26.43. Leading by example yet again Corey.

Devils PP

Panthers goal.

Came straight after the PP at 28.53

Mann from Neilson

Goal conceded due to slack passing and giving up a turnover just as Corey came out of the box.

McAslan scores :(

30.48 McAslan from Gascon

Brad is back.


More questionable passing apparently. We're making things very difficult for ourselves!

KSP saves on Michel



Romfo 2 mins slashing

Harper 2 mins cross checking


Devils offside 34.56

Panthers offside 35.15

Back to 5ON5

Panthers icing at 35.50

KSP save 35.58


Cough, Romfo 2 mins slashing....again.

36.39 - real bad call apparently, sorry Scott.

Panthers in the crease 36.54. Panthers PP

Panthers hit the pipes

Penalty killed off

Last minute P2

Davies shoots...

KSP saves, 39.15

That's it for P2.

SoG - Panthers 29, Devils 22. A slight improvement on P1.

3rd begins shortly

Both teams on the ice

Go go go

Devils don't seem to be able to get it into the Panthers half. Our transition pass has dissapeared once again!

Devils icing at 41.50 - that's one way of getting into their half, d'oh!

More slack passing

Brian Lee takes 2 mins for tripping. Devils PP.


Michel goes coast to coast, but can't gat past KSP 43.55

Panthers go offside at 44.19

Back to 5ON5

Devils power play is pants at the moment!

Devils hit the pipes again!

Devils offside at 46.03

Devils stand out line is Michel, Davies and Towe, they're fighting for everything!

Lyle stops a panthers 2v1!


Michel, Davies and Towe are cycling in the Panthers zone - Panties D don't seem to know what to do! Come on boys!

9.00 left!

Devils high sticks, just a face off, 50.44.


'Michel slashes Clarke and gets dropped in one punch' oooops

Unclear what's going to be called. Likely Michel and D'Amour

Michel 2 mins for slashing...

D'Amour 2+2 cross check and interference. Devils PP.

KSP saves at 53.11, PP just about done. Another chance wasted?

Yes, Panthers full strength.



Miller takes 2 mins for holding at 54.36

5 mins to go, it's getting chippy!



Lyle makes a big save

Fight Fight Fight

Vother and Nielsen again...

57.22. Voth ran KSP then hit Nielsen

Voth crosschecked Richardson into KSP, then dropped Richardson with 1 punch. About time too!

Voth gets 2 mins for interference and Richardson 2 for roughing. A somewhat questionable call it would seem! Voth gets away with that one!

TCW - 'Voth has got away with murder'!

Chris Stone - Should have been fighting, roughing or crosschecking! Anything but interference!

58.20 Time is running out

Michel hits Clarke again!

1.17 left

Lyle saves.

Goal fest in Hull. Stingrays 2 Giants 1, 1st period

Blaze 1 - Vipers 1. 1st period.

Last minute for us.


Lyle goes at last

And a Power play Devils to come...

2 mins panthers tripping at 59.34

2 man advantage, and 25 seconds to make it count!


Game over, but fight. Panthers win. Stand by...

Vother and D'Amour. Just to be clear, Panthers win, time is up. Fight ongoing.

Linos have stopped it. Fight was a draw, shame the game wasn't after 60 mins.

Game over ladies and gents. Tonights game sees us slip back from the leading pack. Lets hope Hull can get a result off Belfast. Poor road form continues to hold us back.

Lyle gets a deserved man of the match

Cameron Mann for the panthers

41 - 32 SoG, Lyle facing the most.

SKY game wednesday. Don't forget to book oyur tickets and sort out your seats if your in block 3.

Hopefully the confidence we gained last week won;t have been knocked by this weekends road games and we can put the Steelers to the slaughter.

Thanks for joining MNL tonight. Thanks to Chris for the fast figered texting to keep us updated.

Thank you and goodnight.