Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 8 - 3 Newcastle Vipers

Welcome to MNL on a cold and windy night - thats seems to be the norm for November

Tonight we welcome the Newcastle Vipers to the tent.

I will get back to you when I have my texters sorted out - OJ

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Texters making their way to the Tent making slow progress against headwinds

Has ih-update died as there is no mention of the Devils v Vipers game on there?

I am looking forward to a more sedate evening tonight after doing concurrent reports on two games last Sunday

Are sure there is a game tonight?

No news from my texters yet

Paul from Viperland wants to know how the Tent is standing up to the high winds, well it was there the lkast time I drove past

Still waiting for news from the Tent

Both teams are now on the ice for team announcements

No Wes Jarvis for the Devils

Where have all the e-mailers gone

Longstaff missing for the Vipers

Dean Smith is the man in charge

Keith in Aberystwyth has finally joined us, hoping for a win, doesn't care about the score

Starting line for Devils - Stone & Romfo on D, Both, Birbrear & Smith up front

The puck is dropped

Glove save by Robinson from a wrist shot by Voth @ 0:34

Vipers penalty @ 0:43 - Dornish - holding

Apparently Longstaff is icing

Devils PP ineffective in 1st minute of pp


Scored by Smith assist Voth a ppg

2nd assist goes to Richardson

Vipers have a 2 0n 1 break, Lyle saves @ 2:51

All Devils at moment


Devils 2nd goal @ 3:51 scored by ??? Voth assisted

Devils penalty @ 4:19 Adams - holding

Devils 2nd Goal scored by Birbraer

Puck leaves ice @ 5:32 and hits fan

Rink staff assisting, young fan seems to be OK

Devils kill penalty

Robinson saves from Voth

Vipers penalty @ 7:14 Petricko - hooking


Hill assisted Latulippe

Vipers timeout

Goal time 7:53 a ppg

Vipers offside @ 8:20

Smith can't get a touch on a pass through the crease

Miller goes close

Vipers penalty @ 10:08 No 11 - hooking

Kindle that was done for a hook

Domish fires puck into Vipers bench @ 10:46, doesn't he have friends

30 secs left on pp

Richardson hits crossbar as pp is over

Gametime 12:15

Despite Devils domination of scoreline Stevie Lyle has to make some cracking saves

Devils playing very well,Vipers trying to take the pace out of the game

Devils icing @ 14:36

Devils must have been doing passing drills as the puck is right on the tape everytime

Devils offside @ 15:35

Young fan who got hit is OK and back in his seat, good on you

Another Devils icing @ 16:59

I stand corrected - not every pass is on the tape

Devils icing again @ 17:35

I'm beginning to sound like an old gramaphone with a stuck needle

Devils D are leaving Vipers getting in front of net unmolested

Final minute of opening period

Devils have taken their foot off the gas

Robinson saves from Voth @ 19:32

Now Robinson saves from "INFERNO" Towe

End of 1st period DEVILS 3 Vipers 0

Devils have played one of their best periods of the season according to my sources

Keep it going

Yes Keith its going well at the moment

Not a bad crowd in the Tent for a midweek game

And on Sky of course

In the middle of another deluge I wonder have Noah managed to get pairs of ice hockey players, I can't imagine two Steve Moria or a pair of Doug McEwens and heavens forbid imagine there being two Shannon Hope

Ice is ready for 2nd period

Teams are back

We are underway for 2nd period

SoG first period Devils 15: Vipers 12

Vipers player down, Voth on way to naughty boys room

Devils penalty @ 20:31 - Voth - interference

Bad rebound from Lyle but D steps in and clear

Towe beats Robinson who falls down, Towe goes round net but DEvils player pushed into Vipers net which is dislodged

Devils dominating although on PK

12 secs left on PK

Devils back to full strength

KRalj goes coast to coast but Lyle saves @ 23:11

Game time 25:03

Come on you Devils give us a goal

Devils penalty @ 25:43 - Symonds - hooking

DEvils penalty @ 25:50 - Adams - interference

I am losing it, now told Birbraer hooking minor at 25:43, Adams intereference @ 25:15

1:20 left on 5 on 3

30 seconds left on Devils pk

Now 5 on 4

Vipers Goal @ 27:59 Tjechma


Assists for Longstaff & Domish

Vipers scored after Devils had successfully defended a 5 on 3 for almost 2 minutes

Devils penalty @ 29:07 - Richardson - hooking

Penalty killed

Devils very aggressive on PK

Lyle coughs up another one but saves the follow up shot

Devils offside @ 31:49

Vipers penalty @ 33:39 - Kralj - slashing

Lets get that pp into overdrive Devils


Devils 4th goal @ 33:59 Voth, assists Romfo & Michel

Vipers penalty was against Kindle not Kralj

Devils icing @ 34:08

Vipers penalty @ 35:43 hooking minor

Vipers penalty was for Rooneem

Lyle has to stop a sh attack from Vipers

Adams making a few mistakes by all accounts

Vipers back to full strength

38 minutes gone

Another bad rebound from Lyle

Vipers penalty @ 38:49 - Berry - x-check

Apologies penalty was for interference

Final minute


Scored by Smith

Assist for Birbraer

End of 2nd Period DEVILS 5 Vipers 1

That was Max Birbraer 199th assist in Elite league

Keith you may have hailstones in Aber but we have Goals YES DEVILS GOALS in Cardiff

Its the Adders against the Subtractors (sorry Vipers) in Cardiff

So come on you DEVILS add a few more in the 3rd

Final period with Lawson in net for Vipers

Devils icing @ 40:33

Another Devils icing @ 40:40

Vipers offside @ 41:42

Richardson takes puck to leg and limps off

Richardson on bench so it looks as if he is OK

Longstaff puts Smith on his rear

Longstaff puts Smith on his rear

Devils icing @ 42:55

Vipers offside @ 43:35

Not much happening that why icing merits reporting

SoG announced as 11 by DEvils and 16 by Vipers, that is rubbish

Now corrected 11 on Lyle, 16 on Robinson

Come on you DEVILS give us a GOAL

Lyle makes an easy save from a dump @ 46:38

Marc T is overwhelmed by 10 goals into game and still counting

+The rain has got into the scoreboard at the Tent it is now showing Vipers winning 83-1

Its been corrected now

My texters tell me it the most exciting thing that has happen in the period so far

A plea from me can e-mailers refrain from posting information which is already on MNL or will be in a matter of seconds, this causes me to check new messages thinking its inportant

Lawson saves from Voth

Devils Penalty @ 49:01 - Symmonds (Yes it is him this time) - hooking

PK easy for Devils as only half the Vipers seem to bother

Penalty killed

Devils offside @ 51:32

We want a FIGHT says one of my texters

Its doubtful if any of the lethargic Vipers would answer the bell

Hartwick wrists a shot wide of the net @ 54:01

DEVILS GOAL scored by "THE INFERNO" Towe at 54:36

Assist to Adams

Devils penalty @ 54:59 - Hayes - tripping

Vipers Goal @ 55:37 - ppg

Vipers 2nd goal scored by Domish, assits Berry & Krajl

Devils penalty @ 56:16 - Romfo - holding


Scored by "INFERNO" Towe

Devils back to full strength

Assist to Richardson on last Devils goal

Viper crashes into Stevie Lyle

Puck in net

Referee confers with Goal Judge


DEVILS GOAL scored by Smith

Devils 8th Goal scored @ 57:57

Hattrick for Smith, assist Stone

Viper goal @ 58:40

Scored by Mahrle

Assist for no 20 whoever he or she may be

Thats it folks final score DEVILS 8 Vipers 3

Marc Wes Jarvis did not ice

Vipers MoM - Domish

Devils MoM Mark Smith

Our thanks to the texters on duty tonight, Sharlene, Carl and Paul, they did a brilliant job as usual.

Thats all from me OJ, until the next time