Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 5 - 1 Hull Stingrays

Welcome to MNL for tonights visit of the Stingrays with a hour to go to face off I will let you all finish your tea whilst I check on my texters - OJ

Remember score predictions and any other comment welcomed at

Still trying to locate some extra texters, it looks like many Devils fans are staying indoors tonite

Game time approaching one texter reported in waiting on others

It is a wild night down the Bay

Mark calls it 3-1 to the Devils along with a plea for our PP to get into gear

Its looking better THREE texters on duty in the wind blown Tent

Players slowly leaving the ice after warmup

Any score predictions from you out there

Full compliment of texters have braved it to the Tent

Nice to be back on MNL had a few weeks off to follow the geegees, I need winners for tomorrows meeting at Ffos Las

Thompson has the whistle

Both teams on the ice for team announcement

It would appear that Knight is missing for Hull

Correction Adam Knight is there hiding behind Silverthorn

Simon says 6-2 to the DEvils, Gartheth calls it 3-0 to the Devils

Carl says 5-1 with Smith scoring and Max getting his 200th assist

Voth, Latulippe & Hill start for Devils

WE are off, a face off on time, wonders will never cease

For those statistics nuts the game stared 34 seconds late

Its gone very quiet

DEvils penalty ' 3:32 - Hartwick - hooking

Not much to report in the opening minutes except 4 icings by Hull

Stingrays having trouble getting out of their zone even with a pp

Devils are creating SH chances

Devils return to full strength


Devils 1st goal scored by Birbraer assist Smith @ 5:49

Hull fire a puck out of rink into adverising hoarding, no penalty as it clipped the top of the plexi

Devils goal came after a turnover by Smith in Hull zone, Smith shot - hit post then puck passed out front for Max to score

Hull icing @ 9:49

Carl, whats the weather like down WEst, I am at Ffos Las monday

Devils look the better team but Hull still look dangerous

DErek our texter last nite in Newcastle is delayed on his way back but connected via McDonalds WiFi

Latulippe tip in front of net goes wide @ 13:02

THanks Carl, its not so good here in Cardiff

Voth through on goal but for some reason tries to pass instead of shooting

Nice hits from Miller & Michel

14 minutes gone

Mitchell wrists shot - saved by Stevie Lyle @ 15:57

Hull penalty @ 16:11

Hutchinson in bin for tripping

It took Devils 57 secs to get their first shot on net during pp

Voth shoots straight at Sandahl in Hull net

Hull kill penalty

A wasted pp for the Devils by all accounts

Entering final minute of opening period

Lyle has to make a good save after coughing up a rebound

At the end of 1st period DEVILS 1 Stingrays 0

Lots of empty seats at the Tent by all accounts

Devils very lucky to be in front says one texter as our defence is CRAP

Well back to the formbook, I need a few winners to pay for Xmas

Apparently Wes Jarvis got injured in opening period

Derek (MacDonalds) says that it lloks as if the Devils are playing as they did last nite

Capitals were beating the Blaze 5-0, Hirsch pulled and Murdy goes in net. Now 5-2 at end of 1st

Carl wants a good mobile with a longlife battery can anyone help. My advice is to buy a second battery.

Rebecca in Belast thinks the DEvils will win 4-1

Crowd is not bad considering what the weather is like - I just hope that there are enough fans there to anchor the Tent - before anyone says it - Yes it is another good reason for me to attend games again.

Both team had 14 sog in opening period

Second period underway


DEvils 2nd goal scored by Matt Towe (sponsored by the Inferno) @ 22:43


Lucky escape for the Devils, Lyle spills puck, referee whistles thinking that Stevie had it in his mitt

In the absence of Jarvis Gerad on D duty

Thompson evens it up whistling when Sandahl didn't have puck

Hill misses a great opportunity @ 26:03

Symonds getting a regular shift

Devils icing @ 28:46

Boring game apparently

Hull throwing lots of hits

Devils penalty @ 29:54 - Hartwick - interference

PK working well. let hopes it continues

It did, penalty killed

32 minutes gone

Adams scraps with Cloutier

No penalties called

Hull penalty @ 32:54 Cloutier - slashing

Devils on PP

Lyle saves a Silverthorn breakaway

Gametime 34:20

Lyle goes to bench

Problems with Kit hit I believe

Devils penalty @ 35:09 - Miller - roughing

Devils penalty @ 35:09 - Miller - roughing

Sanford goes mad at linesman who whistled for offside which he claims wasn't

Hull penalty @ 36:32 - Glowa - slashing

Devils penalty @ 36:32 - Romfo - roughing

Silly penalties and they can't blame the referee

End of 2nd period DEVILS 2 Stingrays 0

Devils should have had more that one goal in that period

At the end of second period CAPITALS 7 Blaze 2

Maybe the torrential rain has put the Blaze out

I am surprised that none of my e-mailers haven't raised the issue of who has been awarded the new contract to run the Tent from 9 December

It is so windy down the Bay the Tent is shaking

Murdy was in net for the Blaze in 2nd period, apparently Hirsch pulled himself not yanked by Blaze coach

Assists on Devils 2nd goal scored by Towe assists for 3 (Symonds) & 16 (????)

Gareth wants me to spill the beans on rink contract, honestly I don't know. Its no secret that I am involved with one of the bidders

3rd period underway

Stingrays goal @ 40:50

Hull goal scored by Glowa

Coprrection Hull goal scored by Sanford, assists Glowa & Kalmikov

Tylor Nichel is the 2nd assist on Matt Towe's goal

Voth nails one of the Stingrays into Devils net @ 43:36

Voth nails one of the Stingrays into Devils net @ 43:36

Blaze score, now losing 3-7

Hull player nutmegs Voth, that's not difficult to be honest

Stingrays are back in this game big time

Hull penalty @ 46:41 - Burns - slashing

Burns caught Latulippe in the face

Come on you Devils get that PP going


It works evewrytime

Officials conferring over possible high stick - goal given

Blaze score again now 7-4 to the Capitals

DEvils 3rd goal scored by Miller assist Romfo

Goal timed @ 48:16


DEvils 4th goal @ 49:11 scored by Birbraer assist Richardson


Hull penalty @ 50:49 - Esders - hooking


Devils 5th goal scored by Hill, assist Latulippe - PPG

Goal timed @ 51:27

Devils penalty @ 53:01 - Hartwick - tripping

Now Capitals 7 Blaze 5, hold on you Capitals your rugby boys did so yesterday

Excellent PK by Devils

SoG for second Devils 14, Stingrays 8

Blaze on PK so hold on Capitals

Blaze score SHG now Capitals 7 Blaze 6

Who needs ih-update when you have MNL at The Inferno

Blaze pull Murdy

Wes Jarvis has showered and got dressed

Final 2 minutes

ENG for the Capitals by Welch making it 8-6

Last minute at the Tent

Now 8-7 at Edinburgh with 45 seconds left

Its all over DEVILS 5 Stingrays 1

Hull MoM - Jeff Glowa

Devils MoM - Max Birbraer

Final score Capitals 8 Blaze 7

Sog for 3rd period Devils 15, Hull 11

A special thanks to my texters this evening Sharleen, Hannah, Andy & Paul

I'll have to ask Chris if there is double pay for doing two games at the sametime

That's all from me OJ until the next time