Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 3 - 5 Nottingham Panthers

Evening all, Chris with you again tonight

Afraid the faceoff time has been delayed *again* for tonight until 8:45pm so there will be no further updates on here until 8:30ish I suspect

The game thread for tonight can be found on the forums at

And as usual, I can be reached at

90 minutes to go, sounds like we're still on for an 8:45-9:00pm faceoff!

1 hour to go! Sounds like the ref for tonight is Darnell...

1st update of the evening from the rink, apparently it's colder inside than outside :(

Word from the rink says the Devils kit has arrived \o/

Texters are rather annoyed that warmup hasn't started yet and some players are still in their normal clothes

Drummers have been told they can only drum until the end of the 1st period due to noise restrictions with flats being built so close

Texter from the game says Smith is infact the referee of choice for tonight, panic over :D

Devils kit has arrived, Panthers ready to come out but Devils still in disarray

Players are on the ice!

15minute warmup apparently

apparently it's just the Panthers on the ice, Devils having shorter warmup

Very poor crowd according to guys at the game

10minutes of warmup left, still no Devils on the ice...

Devils make an appearance with 8minutes of warmup remaining

Panthers at full strength, Devils missing Smith and Lyle not on the ice yet

5minutes of warmup left, still no Lyle on the ice...

4 minutes of warmup left, no Lyle

3 minutes of warmup left, Lyle makes an appearance - but wearing someone elses mask!

Other results from tonight...

Newcastle 0-8 Belfast...

Hull 0-5 Coventry

Edinburgh 1-2 (Pens) Sheffield :(

last score should read 2-3 (pens) sorry

Warmup over, but Devils in no rush to leave the ice...

Music at the rink to be played quieter due to noise levels :E

Toneys not icing for the Panthers but Lacroque is his replacement

No team announcement from the blueline, looks like we're getting there!

Team announcement, ceremonial faceoff and anthems all cancelled, going straight into game

Texters not sure if Darnell or Smith is ref...

Looks like it's actually Darnell ref tonight

crowd estimated at under 1000...

Crowd not very happy at Darnell already...

Both teams on the ice!

Straight to face off...

Hill, Latulippe and Miller start for the Devils

And it's go go go!

Devils start the stronger and run St-Pierre

Handbags at 0:21, it's going to be a long night...

Miller and Neilson having a bit of handbags

Devils penalty at 0:21. Miller 2mins roughing.

Panthers penalty at the same time, Neilson 2mins roughing

Not sure if we're playing 4on4 or 5on5

ah, was 4on4 but now back to 5on5, just over 2mins into the game

Seems my texts are arriving out of sequence again, so you'll have to bear with me whilst I decypher some of them :E

Handbags at the Panthers bench...

Devils penalty at 3:40. Miller 2mins for hooking

Panthers complaining about something/everything at every whistle, even when in their favour

5mins gone, Devils under pressure on the penalty kill but play stopped for Panthers players in crease

Devils successful on the penalty kill! Gooooooooooo Devils!

Panthers Richardson keeps mouthing off...

Apparently Richardson has small man syndrome and is working overtime tonight :D

Panthers penalty at 7:14. Clarke 2mins for interference


Neilson sticks Miller in the face but the Devils score \o/ Details coming...

Devils 1st goal at 7:29. Miller from Hill - powerplay goal

Despite poor crowd, atmosphere at rink is extremely good

Latulippe playing very well again tonight


Devils 2nd goal at 8:59. Birbraer from Voth and Stone

Apparently St-Pierre gave up a massive rebound and Birbraer got there first and grabbed the goal :D

Devils called for icing at 9:31

Apparently Stone hit a slap shot to keep the puck in the Panthers zone, Voth deflected and St-Pierre gives up the rebound for Birbraer to tap in :D

Ooooooh, Panthers hit the pipework :(

Devils penalty at 11:55. Voth 2mins for charging...

panthers penalty at 12:05. D'Armour 2mins for hooking...

4on4 for 1:50, goooooooooo Devils

Darnell misses a blatent tripping call against the Panthers, Jarvis skating through players and gets tripped...

both teams back to full strength

just over 14minutes gone then

Just over 15mins gone and the puck leaves play. Faceoff in Devils zone

It's all gone a bit quiet...


Richardson tries to have a pop at Voth but falls over...

Seems Adams steps in and beats Richardson, penalties coming

Texters reporting that Richardson took a proper beating from Adams :)

Apparently Clarke threw a sneaky punch at Birbraer, then Adams killed Richardson

Seems we have a lot more penalties coming than I expected, hold on to your hats people!

panthers penalties at 15:45. Clarke 2mins cross checking, Richardson 5mins for fighting

Devils penalties at 15:45. Birbraer 2mins for tripping. Adams 2+5+10 for fighting and instigator

Panthers goal :(

Panthers goal at 17:18. levers from Neilson and Gascon

powerplay goal for the Panthers...

During line change, Mann punches Voth but is ignored :)

Panthers balls up and pass the puck to Voth but St-Pierre makes the save

And that's the end of the 1st period, Devils lead 2-1

Texters report 1st period was all Devils and Panthers lucky to have got 1

Nottingham looking very rattled and all run over to complain at end of period

Just a quick message for the Panthers fans who are complaining i'm biased, The-Inferno is a Devils fan site, and rather amazingly it's biased towards the Devils. If you don't like, feel free to either not watch, or pay for, and run your own service...

almost time for the 2nd period, players back on the ice

Here we go, come on DEVILS!

Shots on goal for the 1st period, 15 for Panthers, 11 for Devils

panthers penalty at 21:10. Laroque 2mins for interference

McAslan gets through the Devils defence but the shot goes high, Panthers are shorthanded...

Come on Devils, make the powerplay count!

Puck out of play at 23:07

3 seconds of powerplay left...

panthers back to full strength, St-Pierre making some good saves

Devils penalty at 23:45. Hill 2mins for tripping

Devils under pressure again but Lyle making some big saves...

Lyle saves puck at 24:00, flashes his glove in Richardsons face and then gives him a punch for good measure

Goooo Lyle :D

panthers hit the pipes *again* at 26:20 roughly

No, would seem Lyle made the save at 26:20 after the puck had hit the pipes

Richardson gets nailed against boards, then as skating off a Devil kills him midice

Sounds like he's a marked man :D

Devils penalty killed, another few goals please :)

Think those times saying 26minutes should have been 24

Devils have killed the Hill penalty, and Panthers made a save at 26:10

Another good save from St-Pierre at 26:28

Birbraer nails a Panther trying to check him, but Panthers get a 2nd goal :(

Panthers 2nd goal at 27:40. Levers from McAslan. Off a rebound I think


Devils 3rd goal at 29:21. Birbraer from Voth and Michel

Devils penalty at 29:37. Davies 2mins for hooking.

apparently a terrible mistake from St-Pierre gifted our 3rd goal, he had his whole body behind it but somehow the puck went through him

I'm thinking about starting every update with "The Panthers are total bobbins, but..." just to see if they stop complaining the Devils fan site is biased...

Panthers 3rd goal at 31:07. McAslan from Neilson and Clarke. Powerplay goal

Linesmen reportedly being rubbish for both teams, waving off 3 or 4 icings that should have been called...

Panthers try to start on Stone and Hayes...

33mins gone

Neilson nails Davies

Panthers take the lead after a bad line change from the Devils

panthers 4th goal at 35:12. Galbraith unassisted.

Sounds like Birbraer gifted the puck to Galbraith whilst trying to get to the bench :(

Devils go offside because Voth was knocked off the puck and was lying in Panthers zone, but linesmen don't call. play stopped for another reason at 36:29

Come on Devils, pull it together!

Good attempt by Devils is saved by St-Pierre :(

Panthers Richardson having a pop at Ben Davies now...

and we have more handbags!

Sounds like Voth fell on St-Pierre and it all kicked off infront of nets again

Richardson decides to man up and have another go at Voth

Bergin and Hartwick waving handbags

Texters hoping for Richardson to get a 2nd beating...

Sounds like fights were stopped because Voth was lounging on the ice and no one could fight him, all timed at 38:53

Panthers penalty, Bergin 2mins for roughing at 38:53

Devils penalty, Hartwick 2mins for roughing at 38:53

Panthers called for icing at 39:04

Be nice if the Devils could get 1 to equalise before the 3rd period...

But, that's it, Devils 3-4 Panthers at the end of the 2nd period

One texter reports the 2nd wasn't so great for the Devils, Bruce Richardson thinks he may be Rocky though...

I guess Adams came back somewhere in the 2nd but I had no text about it, hopefully he can spark the Devils in the 3rd period...

Unsurprisingly several texters don't rate Darnell at all...

Both sets of players back on the ice, COME ON DEVILS

Here we go with the 3rd period!

At roughly 11pm, the 3rd period starts :)

All quiet so far...

Big save from St-Pierre at 42:28, Devils putting some pressure on the Panthers

Panthers called for icing at 44:49

Texters report not a whole lot happening so far :(

St-Pierre save at 45:38

Jarvis Nails Richardson :D

I wish I had something to update with, but no texts from anyone :(

Panthers called for icing again at 49:22

Panthers were unlucky not to get a 5th after Devils messed up, somehow we cleared puck from line though

Texters report Devils are missing chances because they're passing too much and passes going to feet not sticks :(

Devils penalty at 5:07. Miller 2mins for slashing

Lyles nets come off at 51:04, Panthers getting too close to that 5th goal :(

Panthers penalty at 52:01. Meyers 2mins for holding

Miller penalty should have been timed at 50:07, sorry folks

4on4 for 6 seconds, then Devils on the powerplay, lets hope they make this one count!

Devils offside at 53:20

Devils powerplay just not working, most of the time is spent outside the Panthers zone

Panthers offside at 53:55

Panthers back to full strength and we're back to 5on5, Panthers in control :S

One texter reports the loss of feeling in his bum, highlight of period apparently

Puck out of play at 54:31, faceoff in Panthers zone

55mins gone, Devils putting some pressure on St-Pierre

Devils have resorted to dump and don't chase :(

Panthers penalty at 56:45. D'Armour 2mins for holding.

Devils call a timeout after Panthers penalty

Despite drums being told they need to be quieter, apparently atmosphere is rather good

Devils think they've scored, but St-Pierre makes the save at 56:52

Michel with the shot we all thought had gone in :(

St-Pierre makes a save, Voth runs him, Neilson punches Voth, Voth skates away. No penalties...

All timed at 57:29

Good save from St Pierre at 57:43

Just over 1minute of powerplay left, COME ON DEVILS!

Devils called for offside at 58:22

23 seconds of powerplay left...

Panthers full strength :(

into the final minute

Panthers get 3on1 breakaway but Lyle makes the save *phew*

Devils pull Lyle...

And it's all over, Panthers get the empty net goal almost immediately after Lyle is pulled

Both Bruce Richardson and Meyers are down on the ice injured apparently

ENG was awarded to Galbraith I think but waiting on confirmation text

D'Armour and Voth are arguing in the penalty box...

3 seconds of game to go, apparently it got rather heated...

Meyers has limped off the ice, D'Armour ejected after arguing with fans

panther empty net goal was timed at 59:57.

Panthers celebrate big time, Devils get a 0 point weekend...

question is, can the forum handle more pages of woe after today?

Devils penalty for Voth was timed at 59:57, 2mins cross checking, 2mins roughing

Not sure what D'Armour was sent to the box for?

Voth has words with D'Armour and Bergin during handshakes...

Panthers man of match goes to Levers

Birbraer gets Devils MoM...

That's all from me tonight, thanks for joining in :(