Match Night Live
Belfast Giants 3 - 1 Cardiff Devils

Evening folks, just a quick update to say faceoff for tonight has been changed to 7pm to 7:30pm

As usual I can be emailed at

30mins till the action begins, of course we all know who's going to win *ahem* :)

Word from the rink says that voth won't be fighting in order to keep the 1st line intact

McMorrow is giving Voth 'the stare' during warmup :)

Warmup completed, just under 20minutes till victory!

10minutes (ish) to go!

Just over 5minutes to go, anyone alive out there or am I all on my own?

Devils on the ice, just under 2minutes to go!

And the man in charge tonight is (thankfully) Moray Hanson!

Giants on the ice...

Just announced on the webcast that 2 of our players have more PP goals than the entire Giants team

Almost time!

Mcmorrow asking Voth to fight...

and we're off!

Mcmorrow is off the ice straight away after Voth declines the fight...

uh oh, Giants goal :S

Giants first goal at 0:29

Giants scored, but now they have a penalty...

Goal Szwez from Shields and Benedict at 0:29

Giants have had a penalty, Benedict 2mins for cross checking

Giants penalty timed at 0:29, so Benedict got an assist and then got called for cross checking :S

Murphy in nets for giants tonight, was Craze last weekend

Devils powerplay sounds like it's working better than last weekend

Hill floors Phillips mid ice :D

Thornton also playing for the Giants tonight

I think we're back to full strength now, but have no time details so could be wrong :E

Good save from Murphy, again unsure on time. Texters are saying Birbraer should have scored on the PP

Some good saves from Lyle, but Devils looking like they're realising they're playing now :)

Murphy save at 6:24

Devils under some pressure here from the Giants

Devils called for offside, about 7-8mins in I guess

Devils win the faceoff from Giants icing

Birbraer playing extremely well so far according to texters, throwing himself around and certainly not allowing the Devils to get bullied like last weekend

8:39 of 1st gone, end to end so far apart from the dodgy first goal :)

Devils getting some chances in but just can't get the finishing sorted

Murphy save from Jarvis I think, must be just over 9mins in

Devils penalty, Latulippe but again no time details :S


Giants 2nd goal on the powerplay, the powerplay that so far this season has been rubbish...

Goal given to Szwez at 10:58, unassisted...

Lyle fell over behind the net and Giants took advantage it would seem

Devils back to full strength as well by the way.

Giants penalty, Peacock 2mins for holding at 12:33

Texters are convinced the penalty should have been for boarding, not holding

Latulippe wraparound effort saved by Murphy, around 1minute left on powerplay...

Murphy save at 14:33, handbags after the save but no penalties

Shot came from Michel

Word is Mcmorrow is barking from the bench but no Devils players falling for it.

Devils penalty, Stone 2mins for holding at 15:52

Texters reporting Devils can't really get set and the Giants are in control

Lyle makes a save, is that his first proper save of the game so far?

15seconds of penalty kill left

Devils kill the penalty, about 18minutes gone

1:55 of period left and the Devils called for icing

Giants offside, but no time details

Giants have scored as many goals in this period as they scored ALL of last weekend :E

one minute remaining in the 1st period

Giants called for offside again!

another save from Murphy

murphy save at 19:40

And that's the end of the 1st period, Giants lead 2-0 :S

Giants 11 shots to Devils 4...

Texters are disagreeing with the shot count saying it was more like 8 shots for Devils, and Devils don't deserve to be 2-0 down...

Word from the 'O' says Devils struggling to cross the blueline when it's 5on5, but once they get over it they're in control of the puck. Michel, Miller and Richardson all playing well.

A little over 5minutes to go until the Devils comeback starts...

So, any score predictions, thoughts, comments, wisdom etc etc? Email me!

90 seconds to go!

Both teams back on the ice, almost time to go!

And we're off!

Good chance from birbraer saved :(

Johnson nails Hill...

Bateman cheap shotted Miller after a hit and sounds like Miller skated off hurt

Devils have been camped in the Giants zone so far

Giants penalty. Walton 2mins hooking 22:37

penalty timed at 22:57 sorry

Couple of big saves from Murphy deny the Devils

ooooooooh, Devils hit the pipes :(

Shot came from Jarvis, broke his stick and dislodged the nets with it!

Miller back on the ice, good to hear!

Giants kill the penalty successfully

Texters report Devils powerplay was much better than any in the 1st period.

Devils getting settled it would seem and getting some good chances

Giants penalty. Mcmorrow 2minutes for cross checking at 27:28

Jarvis has gone into the changing rooms, but texters are unsure as to why

puck goes out of play, but Devils powerplay looking a bit shakey

lots of chances for Devils, but somehow the puck doesn't go in

Giants back to full strength

just over half way point reached, 9:32 left in the 2nd

Balls :S

Giants 3rd goal :(

Devils have had all the chances so far, but Giants score against the run of the play

Belfast 3rd Goal Sheilds from Benedict and Szwez at 31:29

shields was left unmarked and Lyle just couldn't react quick enough it would seem

Belfast 3rd goal timed at 31:29 sorry

Couple of big saves from Murphy, then handbags

Mcmorrow v Voth *again*

Fighting alongside the benches

There were handbags infront of Murphy, Mcmorrow was calling out all the Devils players and then voth finally obliged

Voth managed to land a couple of punches, but Mcmorrow got the takedown

Szwez used his stick on Michel which kicked it all off it would seem

3 penalties to Giants, 2 penalties to Devils, all timed at 32:27

Szwez has just skated out of the penalty box and straight to the changing rooms...

no penalty details yet, Hanson is still chatting with both sets of players

Voth 5mins for fighting, Miller 2mins for roughing

Thornton 2minutes for holding the stick, Mcmorrow 5minutes fighting, Szwez 2mins roughing + game for spearing

Everything timed at 32:27

Devils have 4 minutes of powerplay, 2minutes have just passed and Thornton is back

Additional 2+10 to Mcmorrow for instigating

it's now 4on5 in Devils favour

Puck out of play at 36:40

Devils again with the pressure, but not finding the back of the net


Devils 1st goal at 37:05

Devils goal Miller from Towe and Adams

Goal timed at 37:12 sorry, and it was a powerplay goal

Another Giants penalty. Johnson 2minutes tripping at 37:46

Seems we're playing 5on3 in Devils favour

Devils called a timeout after their 1st goal, Mcmorrow is posing for photographs in the penalty box

Murphy making some big saves, Jarvis coming close again

Giants back to 4 players

1minute of 2nd period left

Voth is back :D

Devils called for offside at 39minutes something

Giants back to full strength

Another 5on3 defended...

and that's the end of the the 2nd period, Giants 3-1 Devils

Giants with 8 shots, Devils with 15shots on goal in the 2nd period...

2nd period seemed much better from the Devils, but still not getting the puck in the back of the net. Same players picked out for playing well...

Just over 7minutes to go until the 3rd period.

3minutes to go, come on Devils!

1minute until we start the 3rd period!

Both teams back on the ice

Here we go with the 3rd period, GOOOOOOOOOO DEVILS

Murphy just makes the save :(

Peacock fluffed a 2on1 chance and Lyle made the save

Devils penalty coming, Miller 2mins for hooking at 41:22

Miller conceded the penalty stopping Cheverie

Good save from Lyle

Giants powerplay a bit random

Devils back to full strength

Devils penalty kill pretty good

Devils called for icing at 43:48

Another Devils penalty coming

Not a whole lot happening, fairly end to end

Devils penalty. Towe 2mins for hooking at 45:42

Big save from Lyle denies Giants \o/

Towe penalty was infact timed at 45:12

Devils full strength

Texters report that Romfo is playing really well and looks a lot more at home on the big ice of the O

Devils come close, but Voth pass across crease isn't met and Giants regain control

Birbraer playing really well but Devils missing Smith

End to end at the moment and both netminders making some good saves

50mins of game gone

Giants called for icing and Mcmorrow returns to the ice

Icing timed at 50:37

Mcmorrow comes onto the ice for faceoff, and is then pulled straight off... bit like Sharp really

Texters report that the 3rd line is cycling the puck well

Giants called for icing at 52:24 and then call a timeout...

shot from Hill goes way over and out of play, Devils running out of time

Just over 52minutes remaining, texters at game can't see Devils winning

Johnson is hitting all the Devils players, latest victim being Ben Davies...

Giants penalty at 54:56. Jacobsen 2minutes for hooking

Devils penalty at 55:02. michel 2mins slashing 10mins unsportsmanlike conduct

Not what we needed :S

4on4 for 1:52 then

Another Giants penalty...

Giants penalty at 55:52. Batemen 2mins for holding

4on3 for about a minute I guess

murphy playing well and the Devils just can't seem to find a way through him

Another save from Murphy at 56:13

Jarvis messes up and gifts the Giants a chance...

Devils back to full strength, I guess we're back to 4on5 in Devils favour

Giants back to full strength

Final 2minutes

puck out of play at 58:24

Giants get a delay of game penalty at 58:24. Benedict 2mins.

Lyle pulled on the penalty, 6on4 but no netminder...

great save from Murphy

Final minute of the game

Devils penalty called at 59:28. Romfo 2mins for holding

And I think that's it all over

Texters not very happy at Romfos call

But that's the end of the game, Giants win 3-1

Devils MoM goes to Miller

Giants MoM goes to Murphy

that's all from me tonight, thanks for following the updates guys!