Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 3 - 4 Belfast Giants

OJ in the MNL box tonight

Warm up over no Campbell for the Devils

Lets hope for a good game and any of you out there who want to comment then send those weise words to

Will bring you news on who the honcho stripey as soon as I have it

I hope you are all enjoying this nice weather, it reminds me of my 2nd home in Puerto de la Cruz except the beers more expensive

The have just played a welcome back video for Brad Voth, the noise was deafning, you would think he was Lazurus

Lets have a Welsh winner after the Ospreys lost at Leicester

Told Hinks is the referee!!!

Michael Hicks is the referee, Hinks on the Devils bench

They are off, not a good sign one of my texters is going for a 4-2 Giants win

Devils goal

Latulippe at 1:01

Assis to Phil Hill on Devils opening goal

A great goal by all accounts

A fight is ongoing

Robins v Maciver

Fight at 3:26 between MacIver and Burgoyne not Robins

Majors for fighting to MacIver and Burgoyne

Big save by Aubry

My texters say it was the Giants Burgoyne not Robins as reported elsewhere

Giants goal at 6:40

Devils failed to clear zone

Giants goal scored by Walton, assists MacMillan and Deniset

Looks like referee Hicks is off injured - he fell over, We must get officials who can skate

O'Neil says Giants will win 3-1, we shall see

9:42 gone

Hicks injured Dean Smith is getting kitted up

Brilliant save from Aubry @ 11:34

Game going on with two man system until ref gets dressed

Ref Dean Smith now on ice

One of my texters (Chris) only noticed they were running the 2 man system when Dean Smith came on

Giants penalty - Cheverie - delay of game minor @13:19

Heavy hits going in MacIver took a big hit and went off sheepishly

Doug MacIver didn't miss a shift, thats my boy

Devils penalty - Voth minor charging @18:34

Giants playing much better than Devils by all accounts

Thats it for the opening period DEVILS 1 Giants 1

Does anyone know, is it Thansgiving in the USA this weekend or is Thansgiving in Canada? I know that they are not the same weekend

Sorry Thanksgiving

Thanks to Kate Arnold its Thanksgiving in Canada this weekend

Getting ready for 2nd period so I have to put away the domuments I was reading. It was hard going as they were written in the Welsh of the 17th century.

We are underway

Devils kill Voth penalty

Devils penalty - Silverthorn - hooking minor @20:40

Devils asking for trouble, they kill one penalty only to take another 6seconds later

I even have DC dad putting me right on Thanksgiving in Canada

Aubry makes another amazing save

Devils kill penalty

Its now Stevie Lyle's turn to make cracking saves, this one on a shot by Silverthorn @ 24:23

Giants Goal @ 36:11

Giants goal scored by Deniset, assist Shields

That should read 26:11

Devils GOAL at 27:22

Devils 2nd goal scored by Prpich, assists Voth, Silverthorn

Giants Goal @ 27:46

Its gone mad

Giants third goal scored by Cheverie, assist MacMillan

Devils GOAL Maciver

MacIver shot from blueline and it looks as if Phil Hill touched on the way through

Devils 3rd goal given to Hill, assist MacIver

Devils third scored on a delayed penalty, Aubry hadn't left his crease

Lyle saves from Hill @33:16

Giants Goal no details yet

Giants HAVE NOT scored a 4th goal it was one of my texters not staying up to the pace of the rubber hitting the back of the nets

Last minute of 2nd period

End of 2nd period DEVILS 3 Giants 3

Better period from Devils bur many scoring opportunities squandered

At onetime there I thought the game had returned to my era on the bench when double digit scorelines was the norm

Matt says it can't be my era as MNL would be in Black & White

Two minutes to third period liftoff

To bring you up to date on Michael Hicks. He got injured when he got tangled up with the play and got floored. He is now on crutches

Third period starts, we want just one goal this period and that from u DEVILS

Bison's Mr Enerston at the Tent tonite

Giants penalty - Deniset hooking minor @ 42:47

No success for Devils on powerplay

Matt Towe hits the pipes @ 45:00

Not many emails tonite, doesn't anyone want to discuss the game or the credit crunch

Mel B turns down 1million from Playboy

Devils Penalty - Towe delay of game minor @ 48:52

Apologies one texter tells me it is Towe, another says it is Latulippe, anyway Giants on powerplay

Devils penalty - Prpich slashing minor @ 50:57

Before you start pulling your hair out (if you have any) Prpich penalty was a proffessional foul as Giants were off to the cleaners

Lets kill this penalty, stay out of the penalty box for the rest of the game and get that winner

Devils penalty Francis hi stix minor 53:56

The Weazel would have gone bananas in the old days as would Heavey. Thrid liners don;t take penalties in the closing stages of a game

Devils kill penalty

We want a DEVILS GOAL, what do we want?

Final 2 minutes

Aubry makes excellent save @58:24

Final minute

End of regulation time DEVILS 3 Giants 3

Into 5 minutes of overtime

Voth put a massive hit by accident on Prpich, no deathe I am happy to report

OT starts

Hinks goes close @ 62:00 following error by Lyle

last 2minutes of O/T

Lyle saves @ 63:40

Lyle saves @ 63:40

Stevie Lyle keeping Devils out, I should have left him asleep in Tillburg and he would have missed his big chance

End of O/T we now have penalties

DEniset MISSES for Giants

Latulippe MISSES for Devils

Marin misses for Giants

Silkverthorn misses for Devils

Cheverie misses for Giants

Hinks misses for Devils

Deniset misses for Giants

Latulippe misses for Devils

Martin scores for Giants

Silverthorn misses

Devils 3 Giants 4 (after penalties)

Latulippe had the best clear chance to score on penalties

Giants MoM Paul Deniset

Devils MoM - Mike Hartwick

A big thank you to the texters Chris, James & Richard.

That all from me for tonight util next weekend THE BIG 'UN OJ