Match Night Live
Coventry Blaze 1 - 2 Cardiff Devils

Well, 45minutes to go till faceoff, lots of new and unknown texters tonight, so coverage could be a bit manic, apologies in advance!

Devils out for the warmup, gooooooooooooooooo Devils!

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Blaze are out wearing their 'special' Halloween jerseys, last time they wore special jerseys we hammered them, here's hoping for a repeat :)

Gareth first on the email, he's predicting lots of goals, but the Devils to come out on top - wahay :)

Word from the rink says there's a very tall person called 'Vothkenstein' walking around :D

Slightly off topic, but for the person known as 'beautiful' who had a moan about our coverage being biased last night, i'm going to prefix every message tonight with 'The Blaze are crap, but...' hopefully this meets your standards :)

If you're not sure what i'm on about, check out this topic HERE

About 50 Devils fans now in attendance, 15minutes to go and Russky is predicting a 2-4 Devils victory :)

The man in charge tonight is... Thompson! Phew, was terrified we might end up with Darnell again!

The lights are off, it's intro time \o/

Both teams won last night whilst not playing to their true potential, Newcastle 2-3 Coventry, and of course Hull 5-7 Cardiff...

Sue far out west in Aberystwyth is hoping for a 3-4 Devils win tonight...

5 minutes to go! Devils are on the ice \o/

Devils have filled up an entire block and are in fine voice tonight!

Blaze on the ice, texters confirm what we all knew, the Blaze intro is rubbish :)

Pre game presentation for Tom Watkins, I think he's been playing for Blaze teams for 10 years...

As before, I have lots of new texters tonight, so coverage may be a bit crazy at times, please bear with me :)

Here we go!

Devils 1st line start the game tonight, I believe we're back to usual lines after last nights craziness

1st line start in fine form, Smith forcing a good pad save from Hirsch in the opening seconds

Word is the Devils defence is looking good so far

Devils attacking well, Michel getting some good shots in

Roughly 2minutes in, Devils playing fast, attacking hockey

Straight from the game - "Big time turnovers for both teams"

Lyle makes his first save of the night at 4:13!

Although Devils are making some errors, they're chasing the puck down quickly and regaining control

Roughly 5minutes into the game, sounds like we have a penalty coming!

Blaze penalty at 4:54, Cowley 2minutes for holding

Devils putting lots of pressure on the Blaze, Hirsch playing well though

Big Hirsch save at 6:10

Devils fans making more noise than their Blaze counterparts

Devils ice the puck at 7:09 just after Blaze kill their penalty

Devils playing strongly but haven't found a way to finish properly yet

Blaze #5, Brian Lee absolutely nails Latulippe :(

Blaze starting to put some pressure on the Devils now

Devils narrowly avoid conceding goal after defence goes missing, Lyle beaten but puck hits the pipework

Devils penalty. Jarvis 2mins interference at 9:32

Lets hope the PK is at its best tonight!

Blaze all over Devils so far in their powerplay

Damnit, another Devils penalty at 10:51. Towe 2mins for tripping

41seconds of 5on3 in the Blaze favour :(

Lyle save at 11:02, Towe penalty was actually hooking, conflicting texts :(

Jarvis penalty killed, 5on4 in Blaze favour!

Lyle caught out of nets, but the Devils manage to recover, mass fan heart attack

Towe makes his return, but Blaze have possession and control in our zone

Just over 13mins gone

Lyle save at 13:38. Texters report Blaze have really stepped up but Devils defence is coping, just

Ooooh, Devils come close but Hirsch just reaches puck

End to end at the moment, both teams having flashes of brilliance then going on panic defence

Devils on the attack again, 15:36 in the 1st period

Smith playing well o nthe 1st line again

Big lyle save at 16:26

Ooooooooh, Miller hits the pipework! Come on Devils!

And we're into the final 2minutes of the 1st period!

Voth has taken some hits off Robinson, but is playing well

Hirsch save at 18:07

First line playing well, forcing another save out of Hirsch at 18:13

There's lots of emails coming in, i'll go through them all in the period break so as not to disrupt the updates!

Into the final minute, come on Devils!

Both teams looking good, end to end hockey

And that's it, at the end of the 1st period the score is 0-0

Mixed texts at the end, some fans saying both teams playing well, others expecting more from the Devils

Both teams apparently playing dump and chase tonight :(

Time to go through the emails :)

Derek was/is hoping for a 4-6 Devils victory, not sure there will be that many goals after the way the 1st period went :)

Andy in Newport is hoping for a 3-5 Devils win!

Ah yes, well done to the ENL team last night, they drew 4-4 with the league leaders! Thanks for that Derek :)

Another 3-5 Devils win from Angelic_Devil! Perhaps we all need to revise our score predictions after the 1st period...

Wannabe2 KNOWS we're going to win :D

For those of you so inclined, Cardiff City are currently winning 1-0

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Text from the game - Devils playing prettier hockey, but both teams evenly matched. The call on Towe was very weak and didn't sit well with the fans :) Devils blocking a lot in the defensive and offensive zones.

Giants currently leading 3-1 against the Steelers in Belfast!

Capitals 1-0 Panthers in Edinburgh - Gooooooooo Caps :)

Newcastle 0-1 Hull - Another poor attendance and a rubbish game according to the Vipers fan texting me :(

Claire is thinking the Blaze may win this 3-2 on penalties, but doesn't really want it to happen :)

Almost time for the 2nd period, the Devils are back out!

And here come the Blaze :(

Apologies to you all, i've now mentioned 7 other ice hockey teams and 2 football teams, when at the start of tonights coverage I promised pure bias :(

Here we go with the 2nd period though! Goooooooooooo Devils!

Devils start the stronger, but immediately go offside at 20:31

Ooooooh, Hartwick comes close but somehow puck doesn't make it's way home :(

Shots on goal for the 1st period, Devils 13, Blaze 10

Blaze called for icing at 21:17, end to end stuff again

Blaze penalty at 22:16. Watkins 2mins for cross checking!

Come on Devils, make the powerplay work!

Devils getting a lot of chances, and getting a lot of shots off but can't make them count :(

Big save from Hirsch after Devils pile the pressure on, 24minutes gone

Puck goes out of play at 24:41 :(

Blaze killed their penalty with no real issues

Devils keeping the puck a lot more, but continuing to attack

It's all gone quiet, I hope something exciting is happening!

Blaze miss an open net chance, good play from Blaze after our defence goes walkabout

Story of the game so far, Devils attack, shoot and miss, Blaze get puck and attack, shoot and miss... etc etc

Miller comes close, Hill gets the rebound but Hirsch saves both shots

Roughly 28mins gone, still end to end :) We need some goals!

Devils defence playing well and closing Blaze down, but going missing every so often

Devils passing starting to become suspect

Blaze penalty at 28:25, Brian Lee 2mins for high sticks

Another big save from Hirsch

Devils powerplay all over the shop

Blaze offside at 30:03, Devils powerplay pretty awful this time around, more time spent in Devils zone than Blaze zone :(

Blaze kill their penalty with ease :(

Some good chances from the Devils, but most now seem to be going straight at Hirsch

Devils under pressure

Devils called for too many men at 32:19. Davies sits the penalty...

Devils trying hard to defend, but Blaze powerplay working well

Blaze called for icing at 33:28

Icing on the powerplay, our penaltykill must be better than expected?

Devils penalty killed, great success!


Davies exits the penalty box, steals the puck and scores! Hurrah!

Devils goal at 34:30, Davies from Stone (No lie)

Devils score, then immediately concede a penalty :(

Devils penalty, Birbraer 2mins for tripping at 34:51

Devils penalty kill working well so far

Mad scramble in nets, Blaze come close but a combination of Lyle and 4 Devils players stop the puck from crossing the line!

Devils kill the penalty, wahay :)

Another Devils penalty coming :|

Devils penalty at 37:31, Hartwick 2mins for slashing

Players confused at last call, Thompson calling a bit randomly

Latulippe steals the puck from a Blaze player, Hirsch comes too far out of his net aaaand..... saves :(

Penalty killed, come on Devils!

Blaze pushing well, getting awfully close to scoring, defence under lots of pressure but Lyle playing well

And that's the end of the 2nd period, Blaze 0-1 Devils. Lyle kept us in it for the last couple of minutes

Blaze PP not all that good so far, Devils penalty kill really offensive though

Only emails I have are football related :( Final score: City 1-1 Forest...

As before, email address for tonight is

Highlights from last nights game in Hull can be found HERE

Text from the game - Devils playing well when not in the penalty box, Latulippe missed empty net from awkward angle, not much checking and not an exciting game, but Devils got the goal when Blaze were pressuring us...

Other scores from around the league...

Giants 4-2 Steelers at the end of the 2nd - CC game

Capitals 4-2 Panthers - League game!

Vipers 1-1 Hull end of 2nd *I think*

Thompson having a fairly good game and calling both teams equally, but letting a lot go...

Apparently Vipers v Stingrays score is in the 3rd period

Almost time for the 3rd period!

Both teams back on the ice, gooooooooooooooooooo Devils!

Here we go!

Both netminders making big saves, and we've only just started the period!

Vipers have taken the lead in Newcastle with 1:30 left, looking like another loss for Hull :S

Texters at the game report they have nothing to say, game has suddenly become really dull...

Hill missed a great opportunity with about 43mins gone, Hirsch out of position and should have been a second goal

Francis must be going mental on the bench, Devils have stepped up a gear and are all over Blaze

Big glove save from Lyle at 45:22

Devils hassling Blaze all over the ice and forcing mistakes

Voth misses another opportunity after Hirsch drops the puck when he should have held it

Come on Devils! Lots of opportunities but we're not burying them!

What!? Somehow Blaze sneak a goal in :(

Blaze goal at 47:04. Stewart from Chambers and Owen :(

Come on Devils, apparently Blaze all over the goal and Devils didn't shift them, Lyle couldn't see puck :(

Blaze offside at 48:28


Devils 2nd goal at 48:52. Hill from Miller and Jarvis! 1-2 Devils!

Texters report Hills goal was a thing of beauty and makes up for the dodgy Blaze goal :)

Devils putting Blaze under pressure again, hirsch making lots of saves

Adams on the ice a lot tonight, hopefully to spur the others on :)

50minutes gone, 10 minutes until the Devils win *ahem* :)

Puck hits the official and fails to clear the Devils zone, Blaze gain possession but Lyle makes the save at 53:05

Back to the 1st period, first Devils attack, then Blaze, then Devils...

Devils shot just a shade too high

Smith and Birbraer playing well, shot from Birbraer deflected high though

Latulippe shot just saved by Hirsch at 54:24

Another Hirsch save at 54:47, Devils pushing again

Uh oh, sounds like Smith has gone down hurt on the ice...

Campbell has a pop at Latulippe but officials intervene

Smith carried off the ice, looks like some sort of leg injury

Devils penalty at 57:04. Hartwick 2mins tripping

Devils fans madder than a sack of badgers at Thompsons call on Hartwick

Apparently Smith was skating into nets and tripped over/was tripped by Hirsch and fell into the boards

Big save from lyle at 58:14

Goal area turning into a free for all, Lyle making lots of saves

Blaze call timeout at 58:51 after Lyle save

13 seconds till Hartwick is back, Blaze are likely to pull hirsch, we need the ENG!

This is like watching penalties, but worse! Every text i'm on the verge of tears

Penalty killed, 5on5, COME ON DEVILS!

Lyle making big save after big save...

Hirsch pulled, Devils called for icing at 59:46

14 seconds of pain left!

Blaze penalty at 59:58, Calder 2mins for roughing! (huh?)

And that's it, it's all over, Devils beat the Blaze AGAIN :D

Might not have been the best display, but we've ground out the win \o/

Apparently we have handbags at the centre of the ice at the final whistle

in other news, Giants beat the Steelers 5-4 tonight which means it's Devils v Giants in the next stage of the CC

handbags may have been upgraded to fighting, word is Jarvis and Calder are involved

Lyle man of match for Devils

Hirsch man of the match for Blaze

And that's all from me tonight, thanks for watching and now off to the forums to celebrate :)