Match Night Live
Hull Stingrays 5 - 7 Cardiff Devils

And it's alive!

The one, the only Fantastic Mr. Chris with you tonight, self promotion all the way :)

Devils are out for the warmup \o/

First time i've run this for a long long time, unfortunately i'm too skint to afford to go and see Coach Corey tonight though

Devils rolling with 4 lines tonight, Crisp starting in nets, could be interesting...

Don't forget the email address, is as usual

First email of the night goes to Gareth, predicting a Devils 3-0 win...

Just incase you missed this thread on the forums, go have a quick look now, it could be the best decision you've ever made...

Crisp looking fairly good in the Devils nets according to Gareth/TheStub who is at the game

And i'm afraid the worst has happened, Darnell is the man with the whistle :(

Hull announcer welcomes the Devils onto the ice, out comes Tyler Mitchell...

Oh no, it's the Devils leaving the ice to make way for the zamboni...

2minutes till the game starts (I think!)

Word is there's hardly anyone in the rink, but the Devils have a travelling support numbering 9 or 10!

and the officials are out, it's almost game time \o/

Devils are out! Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Stingrays are out...

last chance to give me an email before the period break!

Anthem time!

Russkys going for a Devils 3-1 victory! Here's hoping!

And it's game time!

The Devils start with the new and improved first line, Smith ,Birbraer and Voth. Goal after 40seconds anyone? :P

Stone and Romfo on D behind the 1st line!

Miller, Latulippe and Hill on the 2nd line!

Well it looks like my texts are delayed, but the Stingrays have scored :(

Hull goal at 3:13, Davies unassisted (I think). Defence error


Devils goal at 3:46, Jarvis unassisted...

Seems the announcer isn't calling assists on the goals, or they just can't be heard/understood!

Crisp makes his first save \o/

and boo, another Stingrays goal :(

Davies from Sandford and Cloutier, 4mins(ish)

Devils only playing at half speed it would seem

and as I say that...


Devils 2nd goal, Birbraer from Voth and Towe at 4:30

If things seem to be randomly appearing as they are on my screen, try refreshing the page manually to get the missing updates!

My texts are arriving all out of sequence, but apparently we have another Stingrays goal :(

Word is that Crisp should have made the save, but didn't...

Stingrays 3rd goal, Huppe from Davies at 6:23

I'm not sure what number of goals MNL can handle, but it best be a lot :D

And the puck leaves play at 7:20.

The Devils lines are all over the shop, but Hayes, Davies and Symonds getting lots of ice time

Devils go offside at 8:22

And off side again, 8:39...

And now it's the Stingrays turn, they go offside at 9:20

Sounds like the Stingrays are out for the win, Devils just coasting

Devils penalty at 10:17, Smith 2mins for hooking


Devils 3rd goal at 13:30, Miller unassisted (I think) at 13:30. Short handed \o/

Miller scooped the puck up from our zone and then skated uninterrupted down to the Sandahl and proceeded to score, wahay :)

Sorry, goal time wrong, Millers goal at 11:30.

Devils now back to full strength

Another texter from the game reports the Devils are playing fairly well, Crisp looks nervous, 3 shots and 3 goals

Hull offside at 13:30

Stone and Romfo reportedly not working too well as D pairing

Hull penalty at 13:42, Sanford 2mins for holding

Devils powerplay working really well, Hull under lots of pressure

Hull full strength

Oooooh, Devils come close at 15:56, Sandahl makes the save though

Word is Jaszczyx is now in nets for the Stingrays, i'm not when this text was sent...

I guess the switch came after the save

Apparently Sandahl is now back, I have absolutely no idea what is going on, neither do people at the game it would seem


Devils 4th goal at 18:36, Birbraer from Voth and Smith

Into the last minute

I shall try and find out what on earth is happening with the Hull netminders once this period finishes

Good save from Crisp \o/

And that's the end of the 1st period, Stingrays 3-4 Devils.

Confirmation on Hull netminder, Sandahl started, then swapped out for 1 shift with Jaszczyx, then returned back to the ice...

Shots on goal for the first, Hull=8, Devils=14

Well, that was a bit of a mental 1st period, still 2 goals for Birbraer so far :)

Looking at the emails, only Steph is on course for the correct score with 3-5 Devils!

Don't forget you can email me at

Texters at the game are guessing Sandahl was swapped out for 1 period because of an equipment issue...

Here we go with the 2nd period, come on Deeeeeeeeeeevils!

1st line out to start the 2nd

Sandahl save at 20:24

Can't be long before someone scores, I give it 5minutes maximum...

Oooooh, Hartwick shot just glances the pipework and goes wide! we're getting closer :)

Hayes has an open net, but unfortunately gets muscled off the puck :(

Some Hull fans are saying they'd rather have Pasi in nets than Sandahl...

Hayes was pushed off the puck at 23:30 :(

Devils penalty, Latulippe 2mins interference at 23:58

Everyone except Darnell looks confused at the penalty, here we go :(

Penalty half way killed, Hull under loads of pressure!

Hull offside at 25:27

And offside again, 25:33

Devils penalty killed rather easily

Sandahl makes the save at 26:35

And we have handbags, Latulippe v Knight, but no penalties called

Crisp makes a rather good save at 27:50

Puck goes out of play again, hitting the unusually low roof at the rink...

Darnell is waving his arms like a madman, but no one knows what he's doing, Crisp makes a good glove save at 28:02

Sounds like Hull applying some pressure, 2 more good saves from Crisp

2nd line playing well and force a good save out of Sandahl at 28:33

Mad scramble infront of Crisp at 29mins (ish) but somehow we clear the puck

Crisp save from a shot by Knight \o/

other texters now reporting that Crisp seems to be settling in and making some good saves

knight starting to wind Devils players up, can only be a short while before something kicks off...

Devils offside at 33:59

The times look weird, but i'm getting all the texts out of order, so apologies for any confusion!

Devils penalty, Hayes 2mins interference at 8minutes ish I believe, time to investigate what my texters are upto I think...

Seems there was mass confusion with the penalty call, Hull sent 2 players to the box, Devils sent Hayes, Darnell is a lunatic

Sounds like there's roughly 6-7minutes left in the 2nd period, hopefully...

Devils back to full strength

Sandahl makes a save at 33:50

Might be best to just ignore any previous times given :E

Smith hits the pipework at 34minutes, Sandahl beaten out of his crease, but no goal :(

Hull under pressure again, Sandahl making many quick saves before Hull finally ice the puck

Icing call timed at 35:25

Hull ice the puck again at 35:45

Sandahl save at 35:58, puck was deflected by a Hull player and Sandahl just managed to reach it...

Hayes misses a great opportunity with roughly 36:30 gone

Devils playing 4 lines with the centres rotating across them

Hull penalty, Burns 2minutes interference at 37:18

Players again unaware what Darnell was calling them for...


Devils goal comes after lots of pressure

Devils 5th goal, Smith from Voth and Romfo at 38:44 - powerplay goal

Into the final minute of the 2nd period!

And that's it, the 2nd period finishes Stingrays 3-5 Devils \o/

Shots on goal for the 2nd period, Stingrays had 8, Devils had 14 *again*

Word from the game says Devils are avoiding the physical play, but doing enough to keep Hull in check!

Apparently Esders took a puck to the face during the 2nd period and Hull fans are now fearing another broken jaw, incident was very similar to Silverthorns.

Both teams are back out for the 3rd period, come on Devils :D

And here we go!

immediately the puck is out of play at 40:12

Texters at the game report Crisp looking real good in nets now

Puck out of play *again* at 40:46

Sandahl makes a sprawling save at 41:56 just managing to clear the puck from the line

Devils playing well by all accounts

Hull offside at 43:19

Devils putting lots of pressure on Hull who don't seem to be able to get any plays setup

Hull icing at 43:54 to stop Devils pressure

Hull iced the puck and then tried to sneak a line change in, Darnell notices this somehow...

Devils playing the game out, Hull appear to have given up

Stingrays penalty at 46:08, Thompson 2mins hooking

and Hull grab a shorthanded goal! Noooooooooooooooo

Stingrays 4th goal, Glowa unassisted at 46:14, shorthanded

Word is the 1st line were on for Hulls goal, not sure what went wrong though :(


Apparently Devils had a defensive lapse, Stingrays took advantage but Crisp will want it back

Devils 6th goal at 46:34, Miller from Latulippe and Davies, powerplay goal

Hull bring Jaszyzx in for Sandahl after the 6th goal

Hull perked up a bit, now playing some good hockey!

Another Stingrays goal, it's like the 1st period but with more excitement!

Stingrays 5th goal, Halkidis from Kalmikov about 48mins

Crisp makes a save... with his face! 48:06

Another Crisp save at 48:26, Hull playing well all of a sudden

Hulls 1st line seems to have barely left the ice

Hull icing timed at 49:10

Devils lines all over the shop, hasn't been the same 3 players on 1 line this period so far...

Current line is Smith, Michel and Adams

Crisp with a good save at 50:30 \o/

Voth, Birbraer and Towe now out to try and cause some havok

2 brilliant saves from Crisp before he finally smothers the puck at 50:50

more saves from Crisp, sounds like Hull putting some pressure on us again

Game is all Hull now, Crisp makes the save at 52:38

Devils penalty at 52:55, Latulippe 2mins for tripping

Texters most annoyed at Darnells random penalty call

Hull beat Crisp but puck hits the pipework and is then saved, 53:45

Hull cannot setup properly and are wasting chances

Stingrays penalty, Sanford 2mins hooking at 54:23

32 second of 4on4

Devils back to full strength, 1:28 of powerplay!

Jaszyzx good save at 55:30, shot from Romfo

Hull at full strength, end to end now

puck takes a deflection and goes out of play at 56:44

Devils back to playing their normal lines now in response to Hull pressure

Stingrays Matt Davies looking to be their best player at the moment

Into the final 2minutes, goooooo Devils!

Devils penalty at 58:40, Hartwick 2mins intereference

Hull call a timeout after Hartwicks penalty, result is to pull Jaszyzx


Devils 7th goal at 58:49, Miller from Smith, shorthanded

millers goal, and the Devils 7th was on an empty net.

Crisp makes a good save at 59:31

and that's it, Devils win 5-7, wahay :)

Richardson added assist on the Devils 7th goal, should now read - Miller from Smith and Richardson at 58:49

Devils man of the match goes to Miller

Stingrays man of the match goes to Davies

And that's it until tomorrow guys, which will hopefully be another defeat of the Blaze :)