Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 3 - 2 Coventry Blaze

Welcome to MNL its OJ here at MNL control, texters are making their way to what should be a good game

Big crowd expected in the tent tonight

I am fed &watered and ready for the off.

Remember predictions and other comments to

Darnell has the whistle

Super keen Carl who calls a 4-2 win for the Devils is already in Hull for Sturdays game, I did know heavy snow was forecasted

Both teams are on the ice

Good crowd in the tent tonight

Full squad for each team plus ENL skaters

One of my texters caught up in traffic

WE are off

Voth, Birbraer and Smith start

DEVILS GOAL with first shot

Devils goal @ 48 secs - Voth unassisted

Devils pen @ 1:15 Hartwick - inteference

Save by Lyle @ 1:26

Both teams clean on playing an open game

Blaze can't set up their pp

Blaze go offside on pp

Blaze first goal @ 3:33 scored by Owen

Assista go to Fulghum & Chambers

It was a ppg for the Blaze

Puck out of play face off in Devils zone

Blaze netminder called upon to make a save

Blaze exerting the biggest pressure but best chances are falling to the Devils onh breakaways

Blaze save @ 9:48

Correction 8:48

Hirsch in the Blaze net coughing up rebounds

Blaze iving @ 9:18

Devils penalty @ 10:26 Smith - hooking

Smith penalty was holding not hooking

Blaze pp not functioning at all, can't move the puck into Devils zone then go offside @ 11:45

About 50 Blaze fans in the Blue Tent

Andy wants to know how Darnell can call holding on Smith when he had both hands on the stick

DEVILS 2nd GOAL @ 13:36

Devils goal scored by Michel assists Hill & Miller

Scorer now changed to Latulippe

Simple tap in at the far post

Birbrear shot saved @ 14:54

Lyle save @ 15:21

Shatskih predicts a 5-2 win for the Blaze

Devils penalty at 16:22 Voth - interference

Lyle save @ 17:38

Birbraer has another breakaway but Hirsch saves

Its three times for a WElshman Max

Blaze penalty Fulghum @ 17:33 - hooking

Devils now on pp

Devils offside @ 18:47

47 secs left in pp

Last minute of period

Blaze kill penalty

End of 1st period DEVILS 2 Blaze 1

Blaze started well but Devils finish the period as a much stronger team

Nice cup of coffee delivered to the MNL studio, much appreciated

Waiting for the SoG, should be a high count for the Devils

My texters tell me that the DEvils should have scored at lkeast FIVE goals that period not TWO

Carlo joins us from Surrey

Both teams return to the ice

WE are off for the 2nd period

Blaze penalty @ 21:45 Soderstrom - interference

DEvils get that pp into overdrive

Hirsch save @ 22:19

Congestion around Blaze net, came to nothing

Devils must take advantage of poor Blaze pk

Blaze save @ 24:35

Blaze trying to wind up Voth

Devils wrap around fails

26 minutes gone

DEvils penalty @ 26:10 Romfo - interference

Luckily Blaze pp unit are sill missfiring badly

Darnell is a joke I am told but the Devils pk unit is good

Michel has a shot saved @ 28:06


Devils wander offside @ 28:47

Devils have become much more offensive but no added goals

Blaze offside @ 31:02

Devils penalty too many men @ 31:00

One texter tells me it is @ 32:00

Blaze pp working better

Devils icing @ 33:08

Blaze POP over so it must have been 31:00

Devils icing @ 33:32

Another 2 on 1 break for the Devils but Hirsch saves

Cowley ends up in Blaze net

Devils penalty @ 34:49 Birbraer - Hook

Blaze penalty @ 35:02 Cowley - delay of game

Latulippe misses @ 35:36

Devils fans voice their opinion on incompetent Darnell

Blaze 2nd goal @ 37:01 scored by Calder

Voth misses hit and goes off injured

Devils cough up the ouck in front of their own net for Blaze 2nd goal

Game getting very physical

Voth is back

Devils offside : 38:39

It was Scott Romfo who coughed up the puck for Calders goal

Devils breakaway thwarted by Soderstrom poke check

Hirsch save @ 39:46

End of 2nd period DEVILS 2 Blaze 2

Don't know how Blaze won that period or how they avoided to be called for obvious penalties - that is from a Blaze fan helping us on MNL tonight

Is there anyone out there, let me know by e-mailing me at

It is very quiet on the e-mail front, I know we have a big crowd tonight but where are the rest of you

Looking back at my notes I have realised that the 2nd Blaze goal was a SHG by 1 second

There is life out there after all, Keith in Aberystwyth has joined us

Steve wants to know if there is any sign of Campbell or Robibson tangling with Voth

Robinson did take a cheap shot at Voth after the whistle and pushed him head first into the boards, needless to say ref Darnell was looking the other way at the time

I assume thats why Voth went off but he is now back in the frame

Scott's Mum has joined us so lets get a win for her

I can now concentrate on the game my grand-daughter (just 4 weeks old today) has gone home

Apologies for no SoG but I have tried to get them.

As if by magic I have them Devils, 10 +11; Blaze 12 + 13

I am a bit surprised by those sog I must say

Both teams back on the ice

We are off for the 3rd period

Blaze icing @ 40:39

Blaze penalty @ 41:50 Owen - hooking

Sog corrected to Devils 10+ 13, Blaze 12+11

Nice glove save by Lyle @ 42:23

Blaze offside @ 42:51

Amazingly the Blaze are more offensive on the PK than at even strength or on PP

6 secs left on Devils PP

Noticed that the penalty to Owen (hooking) @ 41:50 went missing

Blaze kill penalty

Blaze save @ 44:24

Voth eyes up Watkins but misses

Lyle save @ 45:52

More players parents join us - Now Brad Voth family joins MNL

Blaze penalty @ 47:37 Fulghum

High stick minor penalty

Get that ppg goal you Devils

Devils penalty @ 48:30 Jarvis - hooking

Now 4 on 4

Hirsch save

Blaze penalty @49:08 Soderstrom - holding

Now then boys no penalties but a ppg

Its 4 on 3 for the Devils and the Blaze are all over us.

Save from Lyle @ 49:44

Devils have 40 secs of pp

Make it pay

I don't know what is more stressful here in the MNL studio or when I was on the Devils bench for all those years

Handbags in front of Lyle, penalties coming

Blaze penalty @42:40 Carlson - x-check

Now lets go

DEVILS GOAL scored by Birbraer

Goal wiped out

Goal dissallowed as the puck hit the referee

Devils offside @ 53:46

Blaze offside

Towe family joined us on MNL

9 secs left on pp @ 54:31

Jason Robinson's family on Fire & Ice Forum

Blaze penalty @ 55:19 Carlson - hooking

He is doing his best to help us, bless you Carlson

Puck leaves the ice @ 56:45

34 secs of pp for Devils

Blaze kill penalty

Last 2 minutes

Time out Blaze

Game time 58:20

58:30 gone Hirsch still in net

Hirsch leaves net

Final minute empty Blaze net


Devils hot post first and then score @ 59:12 ENG scored by Latulippe

Final score DEVILS 3 Blaze 2

Assists on game winning goal go to Hill & Miller

Blaze MoM Calder

Devils MoM Brad Voth

Our thanks go to texters, Hannah, Gavin, Andy and Paul, without your efforts we would not have MNL OJ

Thats all from me OJ until the next one