Match Night Live
Nottingham Panthers 6 - 5 Cardiff Devils

Well, its that time again...we're running MNL live from the rink.

This is theStub (aka Gareth)

Both teams are out for the warmup.

Looks like everyone is icing tonight. Including Hayes. What happened to the fighting in the last five minutes rule?

Warmup is over, zamboni doing its rounds.

Here'a hoping we can repeat last nights performance. 20 point night for the first line?

Good travelling support tonight. I can't remember seeing this many Devils fans for a Panthers game in recent seasons.

Evening all, OJ here to deal with your e-mails ( keep them coming

Rhodri in Carmarthen thinks we shall put the NIC curse to bed with a 4-2 Devils victory

Zamboni gone, waiting for some players to emerge.

So that you are not confused I shall start my contributions * Sorry you can't turn me off

* Sean thinks the League didn't ban Hayes for a game as we are playing the Panthers

Devils are out.

* Blaze wishing us luck, whats happenning? this is a different hockey world for me.

Not sure of the Panthers are coming, or we are having a disco.

Paws is out.

* The pussy cats have to finish their milk first

With the minimum of fuss *cough* the Panthers are out.

* 3-2 Devils for Sean, anymore before the off

* Have the clocks gone forward 15 minutes in Nottingham, or did they only go back 45 minutes

Anthems over.

* Drummer Rick calls it 4-2 Devils

Hicks has the whistle.

We're off.

Lyle save at 57 seconds.

* Did they allow us to sing our Anthem?

Good pressure from our first line.

Panthers peanalty

Panther pen 7 2 min hooking @ 1:59

St Pierre save 2:31

* 7 is Lachowicz

We just can't get set.

Devils offside 3:58

Panthers full strength.

Lyle save @4:45

Play stops as Hicks takes a puck to the leg.

No space was left for our anthem. Sang it anyway.

Very end to end. Both teams making some chances.

Voth comes close, but needed an extra tip

Lyle save @9:29

Another lyle save. Nice glove work.

Apparent Devils icing.

Max and Smith both denied by St Pierre.

Puck out of play 10:50

* E-mails gone quiet, give us a goal Devils

Towe forces a save from St Pierre.

Panthers goal

Real burst of speed

Goal McAslan from 9 and 77 @11:47

Lyle with a few good saves

Devils pen Smith 2 min tripping 12:21

Panthers goal

* Assists for Richardson & Neilson

Panthers looking in control.

That goal @ 13:17 Bergin from Neilson and McAslan.

Devils pushing to get back on this.

Panthers breaking things up too easily. Still had some good shots

We need to start throwing some hits. Rattle them.


Devils Miller from Adams and Jarvis @17:59

Bruce is moaning. Don't know why.

Devils pen Romfo for hooking @18:22

Hicks called it from the other end of the ice.

Panthers offside @18:59

* Kill Devils, kill

Lyle is helpped by a pipe.

End of first.

* THat has got rid of the bus legs so GO DEVILS GO

Panthers 2 - 1 Devils

Devils made a good account of themselves, and are unlucky to be down. Hopefully they can settle in the break, and come out hitting hard.

The first line are carrying on from yesterday, and have come close several times.

* Its still quiet on the e-mail front, I wander if fans have been caught out by the 5pm face off

* Late predictions from new arrivals calling a 4 2 or maybe 4-3 Devils win. Lets hope you are right


* Why do I have this Echo on my postings, I must speak to the techies

Secular 2 nd goal hill at about 22 min

I lost notwork connection sorry.

Hills goal was on the powerplay

* Just heard that our MNL crew at NIC are having problems so I might have to takeover at short notice, I will drop the * when I do

St Pierre sees him lifting the nets.

16:38 left in the second.

* Carry on the good work at NIC I have every confidence in you

Devils with some zip now.

Devils pen Romfo 2 min holding @24:28

Smith and Voth close short handed.

* Confirmation game score is 2-2

Vipers goal

* I am as confused as you are

Clark from 16 @ 26.36

Devils max pen. 2 min holding

All panthers at the moment.

Hicks calling things seemingly randomly lol.

Panthers icing @29:30

Panthers icing @30:01

Panthers trying to sneak a line change.

Panthers keep icing.

St Pierre save. Panthers finally get a change.

Lyle save from offside shot.

* Had confirmation of a 3-2 scoreline, no details on Panthers 3rd goal, sorry

Great Lyle save from close Bergin shot.

7:30 left in the period.

Panties goal.

Panthers 4th goal 55 from 25 and 26 @32:52

Panthers pushing hard.


DEVILS 3rd goal Jay. @34: ish didn't hear the assists.

* Thats more like it

St Pierre save 35:15

Outstanding Lyle save

Panthers pen 77 gets 2 min hooking @35:53

* Get that pp into overdrive you Devils

Max takes a stick to the face. Play stops, but no call.

Panthers full strength.

Devils with some quality chances on that pp.

Devils pen Jarvis 2 min interference @38:39

Last minute in 2nd.

Good lyle save.

End of second.

Panthers 4 - 3 Devils

Devils looking patchy, but still well in this. We need a good third.

* As we used to say in Cubs "Devils do your best, fans, we will do our best"

Our D seems to be going awol at times. Lyle is making some big stops.

* My intrepid reporters at NIc say that the Devils are not at their best except for Stevie Lyle who is making some amazing saves drawing standing ovations from all present

* Hicks and his two linos are taking a lot of flak from both sides

Zamboni has completed its rounds.

3 minutes to the start of the third.

Devils start with 39 seconds of penalty kill.

Here's hoping we can gel better this period.

Teams out

Couldn't hear shots on goal.

Off we go.

Devils full strength.

Devils icing 40:59

Lyle save. ..again

Panthers goal

panthers 5th 5 from 24 and 27 @42:23

Devils looking a bit lost out there.

Devils icing @43:30

Puck out of play @43:35

* thats Clarke with assists from Toneys & Mann

Devils passing is looking ropey, and we can't get a play together.

Panthers 6th 27 from 13 and 9 at 44:04

Devils have used their timeout.

Lyle save. 45:15

* Thats Mann from Richardson & Galbraith

I would say we need to throw more hits, but the penalties would cripple us.


Jay from Max and Voth @47:00

Bit more action now.

Hicks letting loads go.

* Missing details - Panthers 3rd goal scored by Clarke, assists Gascon & Mann ppg @ 25:27

Hicks finally calls something

Panther 16 2 min 43:32 holding the stick.

* Interesting to note that after 2 periods Panthers sog 27, Devils 22, we need to bury the biscuit more often

Devils struggling to even get in the Panties zone.

* I suppose its 53 minutes not 43

St Pierre save off weak punt 50:39

Panthers full strength

* Sorry I am now totally confused what the game time is

We instantly give them the puck

Some good work from the 2nd line.

* That last penalty was @ 49:33

We are not chasing anything.

Apparently hand passes are allowed now.

4:20 left

Devils just can't get anything together.

3:23 left

Lyle save. 3:07 remaining

Miller comes close.

Panthers pen 77 2 min holding 57:59

Final 2 min

We look like we've given up

* DEVILS you can do it


Lyle on the bench

St Pierre save


Can't hear the details

* Thats 1 just 1 more we need

4 seconds

* Smith from Max

* Less than 20 secs left

For some reason Devils icing

That's it

Panthers 6 - 5 Devils

* DEvils goal timed @ 59:43

Hicks is a total joke.

* Our thanks to Gareth and Chris at the NIC

Mom Devils Jay.

Mom Panthers Man.

OJ signing off, if you can't get to the Blaze game next Wednesday join me here at MNL