Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 9 - 2 Newcastle Vipers

Thats a nasty echo

OJ here at MNL testing the system after initials problems

OJ here at MNL testing the system after initials problems

Sorry for the delay but we had some technical problems to overcome we are now ready to go OJ

Gareth calls it 3-1 Devils but Simon doubles that predicting a 6-2 Devils win

Texters in position as warm up finishes

Andras I will do my utmost to bring you a Devils victory.

Carl in Carmarthen predicts a 4-2 win for the Devils

Carl also sees Tyler having another storming game

It is wet and miserable in Cardiff, you belive it I have just got back from Montpellier and the weather was even worse down there in the South of France

Michael Hicks has the whistle tonight

Devils are on the ice

Vipers of course missing Tod Griffiths who has been sacked

Full squad for the Devils - mark that on your calendr

Andy reports around 1,400 at the Tent

Vipers only have 13 skaters compared to Devils 17

Starting for the Devils Smith, Voth and Birbraer

Devils stright onto the attack

Devils offside @ 1:16

Correction Vipers offside

3:09 face off in neutral zone

Jarvis has shot saved

Devils not winning any face offs

McMorrow and Bergin get majors after 6 secs

Devils goal @ 4:23 scored by Smith

Assists Voth & Birbraer

Devils icing @ 5:48

First line seem to be firinf tonight

Vipers coming into the game and put pressure on Devils

Devils icing @ 7:40

8 minutes gone, a scrappy game by all accounts

Latulippe pinches puck off Vipers but Jarvis shot saved

Jarvis one times it at 9:08 but saved

Miller forces two saves out of Robinson in quick sccession

Mainly Devils at the moment

Robinson now makes two saves from Hill

Come on you Devils put the biscuit in the net, its that simple

DEvils 2nd goal @ 11:40 scored by Miller

Assists to Birbraer & Romfo

Devils domination is worth more than two goals

Vipers penalty @ 13:14 Gouett roughing minor

Birbrear deckes defenceman but looses puck

42 secs left in pp

Hill shoots from point but goes wide

PP over, Vipers PK looks useful

Devils icing @ 16:10

Max spins around just like Shinny of old but it comes to nothing

Vipers launch a rare attack

Bads pass from Adams leads to icing @ 17:49

The only goals of the night so far are at the TENT

Another Devils icing @ 19:05

Whilst its the Vipers now doing most of the attacking they are not getting shots on Lyle

Devils penalty @ 19:35 Latulippe - tripping minor

End of 1st period DEVILS 2 Vipers 0

There are goals elsewhere Blaze winning 5-3 at Hull

Devils have been icing a 4th line at times featuring Davies & Hayes with Latulippe

Blues winning 10 0 at half time

Teams return to the ice

Comme on you Devils forget about Vipers its adders we want to the scoreline

We are away

Devils PK doing OK

Vipers hit post, 14 secs left on Vipers pp

DEvils penalty @ 21:20 Romfo - interference

Vipers pp goal scored by Kracjl @ 21:42

ASsists for Lonstaff + ANO

First period shots Devils 15 Vipers 5

2nd assist on Vipers goal - Berry

Puck land on top of Devils net att 22:43

Robinson saves from Latulippe

Lyle makes poke save

Devils can't clear their zone

Vipers penalty ' 24:32 - Longstaff minor

Penalty was hooking

Devils putting on pressure in PP but not shooting

Romfo messes up but Lyle saves

Devils offside @ 26:24

PP killed

Teams at full strength

Devils lacking the intensity of 1st period

Robinson saves from Birbraer @ 27:25

Vipers are back in this game

Handbags after the whistle @ 28:03

Devils penalty @ 28:42 _ Adams - tripping

Devils clear their zone after face off

Midway through pp, very poor effort from Vipers thankfully

Robinson leaves his net fires it down the ice, Voth hits it right bacxk but misses net

Devils kill penalty

Miller has clear chance but Robinson saves, then Lyle is called into action


Deviuls 3rd goal @ 31:48 Smith, assists Voth, Birbraer

Face off in Devils zone @ 32:22

Must report an event before Deviks 3rd goal

Well before the 3rd goal Vipers Holland had a clear breakaway with Lyle to beat but Stevie picked his pocket with great aplomb

Penalties Miller (D) & Berry (V) berry for holding, Miller for roughing @ 32:59


Scored by Romfo, assists Jarvis & Towe

Romfo's goal came from a wrist shot with Latulippe screening Robinson

Devils icing @ 36:55

Scramble in Vipers goalmouth but the Devils can't force the biscuit in @ 37:19

Blues win 20-12, Bluebirds win 4-3, come on you Devils

Devils offside @ 38:17

Devils 4th line of Davies, Hayes & Latulippe all over Vipers

DEVILS 5th GOAL scored by Voth @ 39:15

Assists Birbraer & Smith

Unconfirmed report that Latulippe got a 10 minute misconduct at time of Devils 5th goal

Now confirmed

End of 2nd period DEVILS 5 Vipers 1

Carl I hope the Steelers are playing the Capitals as it would be unfair for the Stingrays to take on the Blaze and the Steelers at the sametime

Very quiet no news to report as the Tent has gone very silent

Zamboni has broken down on the ice, this takes me back

Its oK its fixed, apparently it took a shorter time than it took my texters to spell Zamboni

HOLD the front page

The poor thing has broken down again before it left the ice

Maybe they should ring a vet not the AA and put it out of its misery

Zamboni back with us and redoing the ice, basically repairing the mess it created the first time

It least it can't slice through the pipes like the good old days

Teams return to the ice

Robinson has given way to his backup in the Vipers net

Time to bag the 2 points and rest up for the Panthers tomorrow

3rd period underway

Vipers player collides weith boards after a nudge from Voth, he is still down, blood on ice

Apparently check was from Birbraer and the Vipers players helmet come off before he hit the ice

2nd period SoG Devils 16 Vipers 12

Vipers players still on ice looking stunned, its Nathan Salem who is carried off

Apparently it was Ryan Mahrle that was hurt

Lets hope he is OK as it would appear that he got off the stretcher and then collapsed off ice, will try and get definitive news before any further reporting

Game still not restarted as they are putting Mahrie back on stretcher

Some ill mannered Devils fans rubber necking but told to go away by Adams and Voth

Game restarting @ 40:12 with face off in Vipers end

Hill slapshot saved

Voth has a wrist shot saved

Voth shot deflected wide @ 42:45

Towe goes close with a backhanded shot

Devils having good spell of pressure

Puck trapped against the boards @ 44:27

VOTH Scores DEvils 6th GOAL @45:14

Voth jabbed home a rebound

Assists to Birbraer & Smith

Devils could score a bag full as backup net minder is giving up rebound after rebound

DEvils 7th goal and a hattrick for Voth @ 46:49

Stevie Lyle gives way to Smith I assume

Add assists for Birbraer and Smith on that last Devils goal

Michael Crisp in nety for Devils

Latulippe rejoins after his enfiorced 10 minute rest

Ben takes a slapshot Lawson in the Vipers net ducks but it goes wide

8th DEVILS GOAL scored by Michel @ 51:27

Assists Hartwick and Hill

SMITH hattrick goal, Devils 9th @ 53:15

Assists Birbraer & Voth

That makes 7 assists for Max

Lawson is dreadful according to my texters with the biggest 5 hole seen for many a year

Vipers score @ 55:32

Maybe the comeback starts here

Vioers 2nd goal scored by Petricko, assists Longstaff & Gouett

Devils fans are chanting " CAN WE PLAY YOU EVERY WEEK" well we almost do so already anyway

Final 2 minutes

FIGHT - HAYES in the DEvils corner

Holland was the Viper

Hayes won, Holland leaving the ice bleeding

26 seconds left in the game, restart delayed as Hoillands blood (No it is not orange) is cleared from the ice

Both Hayes & HOlland got major for fighting @ 59:44

Fight report has Hayes connecting with a huge punch at start of fight followed by a few uppercuts before Holland collapsed on the ice

Ice being cleaned as Holland left a trauil all the way to the dressing room

Final score DEVILS 9 Vipers 2

Trying to get an update on injured Viper Mahrie

Vipers MoM Petricko: Devils MoM MARK SMITH

Still no news on Mahrie, lets hope it is just concussion.

Big thanks to all my texters tonight, without you MNL would not exist. Just one warning don't mess with Hannah as she refered to the Hayes/Holland fight as a bit of handbags

THis is OJ signing off until the next time. Enjoy the extra hour of sleep tonite