Match Night Live
Belfast Giants 1 - 0 Cardiff Devils

Tonights game at the 'O' will be broadcast live on The service is free, and provides a high quality feed of the game. Please support this project by logging in and watching.

10 minutes to go until face off. If there are people out there who do not have access to the live web stream, but can view Match Night Live, let me know please - If people are using the MNL service solely, we will make sure that more detailed information is put on for you!

4 minutes. I'm sure you all Voth, no Andersson and no Derek Campbell.

Giants coming off a 5 game winning streak - Devils slightly less. Only one meeting so far, a 5 - 3 Giants win - again in Belfast on 6th September.

And the puck drops! Murray Hanson in the stripes.

Good save Aubry on Goulet - more energetic start thatn we have seen recently from the Devils.

Another save Aubry on Shields.

Dominant Giants so far. Good puck possession in our zone.

Wrap around shot chance from Latulippe. Lyle just got the save in.

Burgoyne missed a good chance.

Penalty - Silverthorn hooking 2mins.

Penalty - Bobby Robbins, interfearance 2 mins.

Correction to Robbins penalty - Boarding on Doug 'Maguyver'!!!

According to the berk of a commentator - who cannot seem to pronounce the Devils players or the Giants players names! - Jay Latulippe is a known enforcer in the ECHL and CHL!

Some huge chances for the Giants, couple of good stops by Aubry.

All penalties expired. 5on5 hockey.

More great chances for the Giants, failing to capitalise so far!

Penalty - Mike Prpich, 2mins. 1.22 left in period.

Big pad save Aubry 40 seconds left.

Penalty - Awada 2 mins, Tripping

End of P1. Better chances from the Giants. Devils haven't really managed to generate any decent chances.

Here we go then, all set for another period of exciting hockey!

Big chance for Latulippe! Bit of a strange one but Lyle managed to keep it out!

Burgoyne - Penalty 2 mins Slashing

Huge shot Latulippe on a rebound. Straight at Lyle unfortunately.

Penalty killed by Giants. 5on5 hockey.

A lot more shooting chances by the Devils so far, much better effort. Now we need to aim for the net and not Lyle.

Fantastic steal by Devils D on a 2 on 1 breakaway. I think it was Hartwick.

Wow, did you hear the irish man taking the piss out of a scottish accent! What a jerk.

Big save Aubry on Robbins. Great chance missed by Giants.

Game seems to have opened up all of a sudden. Loads of Giants chances!

Shot Silverthorn. Again straight at Lyle.

Big save Aubry on Robbins....again.


Deniset got smashed up open ice - HE FELL INTO THE CHECK - lets be clear on that straight off!

Robbins came in on MacIver straight away. Looks like Jarvis and MacIver made the hit on Deniset. Both in the penlty box!

Jarvis - 2 mins roughing. MacIver - 2 mins roughing. Robbins - 2 mins roughing. 2 mins left in P2.

Awada - 2 mins Interfearance. 4on4 hockey.

Awada 2+2 mins Unsportsman was the extra 2. 1 minute left.

Deniset incident penalties are over. Devils now PP for 2.56.

End of P2. Devils will be on the PP for 2.21 of the 3rd.

P3 on the way!

What are we waiting for...the ice to freeze! :)

Awada penalty killed by Giants.

Penalty - Latulippe 2 mins Illegal Equipment. Jay didn't know you had to leave the ice when your hat falls off!

Great chance to Prpich short handed break away. Shot struck Lyle in the helmet.

Big chance to Deniset in the slot. Couldn't get enough on it.

Another stick save by Aubry. Penalty killed by Devils. 5on5 hockey.

3 more quick shots on Aubry, all saved.

'Someboy shoot me now' - the most sensible suggestion the commentator has made all night.

Silverthorn missed a golden chance!

Yet another save Aubry!

Big shot on Lyle by Cowmeadow - again straight at Lyle from the blue line.

Shot Hinks. Lyle held on stopping Latulippe getting the rebound.

Towe shot. Pad save Lyle.

5.52 to go.

Save Aubry on Burgoyne.

Devils repeatedly icing the puck. Clearly playing for the draw.

4 mins to go. A long time to play for a draw!

Robbins chance from behind the net. Goalmouth scramble, Aubry's got it!

3.07 left.

Great save Aubry on Shields.


Goal Andrew Martin. 1.15 left.

Assist Deniset.

Huge chance for Prpich missed with 15 seconds left.

Another shot Prpich 3 seconds left - missed.


Devils MOM - Peter Aubry.

32-18 shots in favour of Belfast. Belfast goal was credited to Densiet, assisted by Martin.

Hope everyone watched the live feed and boosted the viewing figures! Unfortunately they didn't have much of a game to broadcast! Thanks for watching MNL again. The next game will be on Sunday, when the Giants make the return trip to our rink.