Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 3 - 4 Belfast Giants this thing on?

This is Gareth (TheStub) just getting settled in for a night of hockey from the Big Blue Tent.

Some of my texters have already started arriving.

Apparently we almost had an earlier start to the action tonight, with the warm-up almost kicking off.

Shaz at the rink
McMorrow is shouting his mouth off and having a go at Franny and then Voth, ref came and had words with McMorrow

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Important Devils news - Lucy Fur is back!!

sounds good - let mcSORROW do whatever he likes.

Terry continues his excellent coverage at Wales Online. I find that following MNL and Terry at the same time can cover most the game. Plus, you get Terry's wonderful insights!

Both teams are out.

Devils are without Smith again. Hopefully this will be the last game he is out.

So, Matt Towe (sponsored by The Inferno) will be taking his spot on the top line. He hasn't looked out of place!

Sean is just doing his job guys. He's a top enforcer who wants to fight every game, you can't knock him for that.. He's just a tougher version of Rushton only Sean's a nice guy off the ice... :)

Agreed mate - and this 'love' is all part of it. Adds something to it all.

And we have started

McMorrow is on for his first shift.

Jarvis checks a player...and the ref!

Sounds like McMorrow tried to kill Adams. Helmet off - looked like a elbow to the head.

Adams got straight back up.

Giants penalty.

McMorrow 2+10 for Checking to the head @2:00.

Good start then...

Thomson has the whistle.

Devils just can't get setup in the Giants zone.

Romfo wrist shot from the blue line, Murphy saves.

I'll to try and be less impartial tonight than the Giants webcast guys - but I get too over the top, let me know ;)

Back to 5 on 5.

Powerplay wasn't very strong apparently. Giants easily clearing.

Whistle for man in crease @ 4:49

Murphy down in the crease, but the puck is deflected just over the net.

Lots of off puck digs, especially from Benedict.


Murphy really messed up. Was a weak shot which Murphy let rebound and Miller tapped in

Devils 1st goal Miller from Hartwick and Max @ 6:35.

Some of my texters are having problems with mobile networks. So my updates are being a bit 'sporadic'

Devils turn over the puck, Miller with a breakaway, but Murphy saves.

Too many Ms there ;)

Hill nails a Giant Philips. He rolls around like he has been shot, and then gets up when the whistle has blown.

Devils penalty. Michel 2 minutes Kneeing @ 10:36

Michel misses check, Giants player slips and Michel gets called

Giants setup in the Devils zone. Passing well.

Devils clear

Latulippe and Faubert have words as they skate off for a line change.

I'm with you PJT
Let's hope the Devils just concentrate on playing the game tonight - been far too much attention/talk regarding McMorrow recently. Let's just finish our checks, play smart & hurt the Giants on the scoreboard.

Giants back to full strength.

Faubert tries to nail Latulippe on whistle and misses

19 seconds and the first break in play and McMorrow will be back.

And he is back

Devils pen. Adams 2 minutes elbows @ 14:06

We need to stop giving up penalties. The amount of PK time we have is a major problem.

Giants looking very good on the power play - passing the puck very well.

Giants pen. Walsh 2 minutes for hooking.

Goal mouth scramble with Murphy flopping about, but Devils can't get it in.

Hartwick slaps it in from blue line, Murphy gloves it.

Devils back to full strength. Shot from faceoff with save.

Giants having now problems clearing the zone...what are you playing at Devils? You are on the PP!

Giants offside on 2 on 1 breakaway @ 17:20.

I'm with you Keith
Hello from Aberystwyth lets have a 2 points tonights please

Belfast full strength.

Devils get icing waved off, but Giants clear.

Belfast icing.

Last minute.

End of 1st.

Devils 1 - 0 Giants.

Apparently we didn't see McMorrow get a single shift after he came out of the box.

From sami at the rink
Giants started looking better 5 on 5 and were better on the power play. After first 5 minutes Devils were better 5 on 5, but shoot into players legs or hold puck too long and loose it

No change there then. My big gripes this year so far - our passing is sloppy, and we seem to overplay.

What you guys thinking?

Shots on goal
Giants 12
Devils 6

Thanks Gareth
Hi there - great service as usual. We just have to stop taking stupid penalties & play steady, attacking hockey & the goals will come - I HOPE!

Just realised I got the SOG wrong lol. Missed a 1.
Should be Devils 16

I'll blame my keyboard.

Both teams back out, and we are underway.

Devils breakaway saved.

McMorrow has his 2nd shift of the game.

McMorrow shoots...Lyle saves.

McMorrow completes his shift with no penalties or incident.

Belfast offside.

Belfast icing.

Giants icing at 23:49

From sami
Kicking off, A Giant fell on top of a Devil and have him a few hits but was also waving his stick and hit another Devil in the mouth. No pens

Davies beats three players along the boards, tries to bank it in off Murphy from behind the goal, but it doesn't work.

Another goal mouth scramble, but Giants clear it.

McMorrow out for another shift...which coincides with Voth.

Nothing came of the two big guys this time.


Michel circles round the whole zone then wrists it top corner from the blue line

Devils 2nd goal Michel from Davies @ 28:18

Giants goal

Giants 1st goal scored by Shields assist Thornton @ 28:54

Devils having some good sustained pressure

Giants clear, but Devils regroup.

Davies just fails to make a back post tap in.

McMorrow is having a fair few shifts. Perhaps Thornton is happy he wont start.

Anyone out there, or have you all left me for Terry? hehe

Devils icing

7:43 left

Giants offside @32:34

Devils offside 32:00

Try typing too Keith
no im still here, eating sunday dinner with the laptop on the table come on red army

Apparently Jono and Knight dropped the gloves in the Hull Steelers game - result was a draw.

Voth checks a Giants player. McMorrow comes rushing over like he was going to fight, and ends up complaining to the ref instead

Devils penalty. Richardson 2 minutes hooking @ 33:34

Lyle makes a good leg save on a slap shot from the point through traffic.

Devils back to full strength.

Giants icing @ 35:58

Devils icing 34:13

Max breakaway but puck bobbled, and he looses it.

Hill has a chance, but puts it wide.


Hartwick with a backpost tap in

Devils 3rd goal scored by Hartwick, from Hill and Michel @ 37:10

Devils penalty. Romfo 2 minutes tripping. @37:38

Giants powerplay goal

Giants goal. Nice passing around the zone on powerplay. They've been doing it all game on powerplay, so Devils need to stop taking penalties

Giants 2nd goal - 5 from 8 and 9 @38:17

Final minute of sencond

McMorrow give the Devils fans a wave, who keep making donkey noises at him.

Giants offside 39:57

End of second.

Devils 3 - 2 Giants

sami in the tent
Linesmen aren't great tonight. They're calling offsides correctly but keep being really late

I thought we may see McMorrow try and get Voth to step up when they went 2 behind - get his team in it.

I've seen a few interviews with the guy, and he seems to be decent. The sort of character that people in this league love. Either if that is love their enforcer, or love to hate. Takes it with good humour, and makes it entertaining.

What does everyone else think? McMorrow have a future? Can Devils hold this lead and take 2 point from the weekend?

Right, cider and maybe some toast.

From Gareth Jenkins
IF we can keep 5 men on the ice for the next period I think we will win ! NO SILLY PENALTIES !

That has been the key for us for a few seasons. We take far too many stupid penalties.

Shots on goal (double checked this time)
Giants had 12
Devils had 9

A common theme from PJT
Would feel a lot better with more than a one goal lead, then again it's better than being behind!

I think we can do it as long as we don't give them too many opportunities on the PP.

Lets not give the Giants a chance 5 on 4!! We need to play our game, not serve bad penalties.

Devils better in the second. Need to avoid giving Giants power play time

And we are into the third.

Giants icing @41:32

Pile in Devils crease after McMorrow shot. Few handbags, but nothing called.

Giants ice @ 42:26

Sounds like we are having a bit of pressure. C'mon Devils lol

Lyle covers up at 43:33

Giants icing @ 43:49

Devils icing @ 46:11

Giants sound like they are pushing hard now.

Giants goal

Giants player picked up a rebound. Looks like it was kicked. Ref talking to linesman

Keith - I can't post that lol

Goal has been awarded.

Giants 3rd goal was Bateman from Cheverie Faubert @ 45:35.

Voth didn't look happy with the call. Should have sent it up to Toronto...oh hang on, what league is this?

Giants icing @ 47:02

blast then

Lots of off the puck handbags going on now.

The time of the goal was correct.

Devils penalty. Stone 2 minutes holding 48:08

Lyle with wicked save. One timer across goal and he slides across to make pad save.

Puck out of play @ 49:01

McMorrow is on the powerplay. Apparently that is how Thornton has been using him.

Suppose a big guy to stick in the crease is a good tool.

Devils back to full strength.

Devils penalty kill is much better this period.

Giants offside 50:33

Giants having a long period of attack now. Devils have to ice it.

That Devils icing with 8:49 to play.

Devils making lots of big hits. Giants don't like it.

Giants penalty. Bateman 2 minutes elbows @52:37

Murphy makes point blank save on Towe

Devils having a much better powerplay now. Setting up in the zone well. Murphy covers puckl with 1:09 left of pp

Giants clear from the faceoff.

Devils couldn't get the rest of the powerplay working.

Giants back to full strength.

Davies shoots wide.

Stoney down after a big hit.

55:55 played. Stoney back up, but goes straight to dressing room

Devils have gone to dump and chase hockey. Is that their security blanket?

Miller beats a couple of players, dekes but can't get the shot off.

Giants penalty. Walton 2 minutes interference @ 57:06

Giants clear from the faceoff.

Voth accidentally collides with Murphy.

Gone very quiet from the bay, and

Final 2 minutes of regulation time!

2 on 1 break for the Giants - but called offside @58:33

Voth tries to tip puck out of the air but misses.

Giants back to full strength.

Only cute ones Carl
Any sheep been harmed In the making of this production come on the giants

And that is the end of the third. We are going to overtime.

End of the 3rd. Devils 3 - 3 Giants.


OT is underway.

Devils icing @61:21

Bad passing apparently.

Giants ice the puck 61:56

sami at the bay
Devils look like they want it more. Going forward hard. Giants being more careful

Giants timeout

3:04 left

This is the part I hate. I am as in te dark as you lot :(

Devils are camped in the Giants zone.

C'mon Devils!!

Final 2 minutes.

Giants offside 1:32 left

Final minute

Devils turn over the puck. Giants camped in Devils zone.

30 seconds left.

That's it - we are off to penalty shots.

Bateman Shields and Cheverie for the Giants.

Miller, Max and Latulippe for Devils.

Bateman dekes and is saved

Latulippe wrists it, and it is saved - bah...

Shields SCORES. Writs it bottom corner.

Max SCORES Dekes and scores on the backhand.

1-1 going to the third shots...could this get closer?

Cheverie misses. Fakes slapshot, then wrists. Thinks he scores but didn't.

Sami (our Devil texter) thiks it went in.

They are arguing with the ref, but he hasn't given it - and he has the best view in these things.

Miller dekes and back hands, and it is saved.

Still 1-1 after 3 then :(

Bateman dekes and misses net on his second.

Giants xSxx
Devils xSxx

Jay wrists it agin five hole and misses.

Sheilds wrists it and it is saved.

Max wrists it and it is saved.

This could be a long night.

Giants xSxxx
Devils xSxxx

Cheverie dekes, goes back hand and misses

Miller hits the post.

Giants xYxxxx
Devils xYxxxx

Bateman dekes and hits the post

Latulippe went really wide, dekes and misses.

Please score, someone.

Sheilds fakes slap shot, wrists it...saved.

Max dekes and misses the net. had Murphy beat.

Cheverie top corner. Goal.

Miller misses... and that gives it to the Giants.

Devils xYx xxx xxx
Giants xYx xxx xxY

Giants man of the match McMorrow ... Sorry...Bateman.

Man of the match for the Devil is Tylor Michel.

Sounds like we took the giants close both nights. Positive weekend for both teams really.

Looks like we have some work to do on starting the game right, and then holding onto a 2 goal lead.

Although, Belfast should be more worried, having a 3-0 lead taken from them by a donkey lol

That's good LOL thanks for the coverage lads/ladies ? Has the game been good or just meh?

Apparently it was good game. Very even teams

That's it from me. Time to finish my cider, and mentally prepare for work!

Nos da, G