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Sheffield Steelers 1 - 2 Cardiff Devils

Good evening to you!

Have we got a 2-For-1 MNL treat for you tonight

Tonight your hosts will be Finny AND The Stub. We're far too good to you!

Finny will be here to give a shout out to those of you online and on the email. If you want to drop us a line the address as always is

Tonight though, we will be trying something a bit different

The Stub is going to be doing the updates LIVE from his seat in the House of Tin

If it works - it'll be brilliant

If something goes wrong - we'll blame it on the servers. Or Finny. Or both.

Finny is Blue!

So you don't get confused who is saying what, I (Finny) shall try and post in blue today. Partially because I've still cold my cold *cough* *cough* *sniff*, but mainly in honour of another awesome perfomance by the mighty Bluebirds!

Watford 0-4 Cardiff City

Of course though the Devils are a team for the whole of South Wales, so well done to Swansea Town....sorry.. Swansea City. A 2-0 win for them today. Let's hope the Devils can keep this winning South Wales run going tonight!

So is anyone else out there? Or has everyone gone up to Sheffield for the weekend?

I want to hear your score predictions tonight

How will Brad do on his return?

How long will it be before his first penalty?

Who will the Steelers claim he tried to kill tonight?

Email me at

Simon here predicting a 2-0 win for the devils. Come on boys help me with my accumulator and pay for my night out in bristol tonight.


Chris Price:

4 -2 win with brad being back, hope he wont 'mess' up tonight after being banned for a few games

Personally, I think tonight will show us how serious out title threat is this season.

If we want to be challenging, then we need to win tonight. If we don't, then I feel it will be another building season with a couple of good results along the way

However, I'm predicting a reasonably comfortable Devils win tonight. I'll go for Steelers 3-5 Devils


im tuned in after a long day in work :(, no rest for the wicked huh ;) :D, i think voth will get the first penalty just for being at the game haha, in all serious now, i think it will be atleast 3 mins, and the devils to win 4-3 after a boring game of trap hockey


Greetings from the tropical haven of Bedwas….I’ll go with a road win of 4-1 with a “scrum” in the 3rd!!!! Big win for Ulster last nite in the Magners! Liverpool trouce Chelsea tmw and go top on goal difference…Utd to get beatin by Sunderland (1-zip as we speak)…and Rangers to win the “Old firm derby” tmw….

Anything else simply isn’t acceptable J

Sorry to break it to you Jed, but Man Utd have just equalised!

4-3 win for Devils

keith aberystwyth

Evening from the TheStub. I see Finny has started the comments.

We have taken our seats in Sheffield, watching the zambonie work.

Tonight's other EIHL games are:

Hull Stingrays v Edinburgh Capitals 5.30pm

Coventry Blaze v Newcastle Vipers 7.00pm

Nottingham Panthers v Belfast Giants 7.00pm

Lights down, Devils skating out.

as soon as i can see, I will update who is out.


Cmon son…keep up…Utd 1 Sunderland 2

Crikey... things aren't looking good for Fergie's men. But there is still 25 mins or so left. Plus as much injury time as Utd need should they still be behind!

Ah, the lovely lilting tones of Simmsy

Not quite sure why it takes three tracks for the steelers to reach the ice. Perhaps they are lost.

Latest EIHL Score:

Hull 1-1 Edinburgh

Midway through the second period.


hull and caps drawing 1-1 at the end of the 2nd. come on devils

Hmmm... I seem to be behind everyone at moment!

Steelers are down the expected two.

Perhaps the three tracks are to fill, as the Steelers are too scared to take to the ice with Brad back!

Hason has the whistle

God Save The Queen...done...

Nice to see Brad back out there!

And we are off with the third line.

Brad with a nice chip, Hartwick pressure forces Reiter save.

Game has started "chippy"

Puck out of play @1:20

Steelers getting their forecheck running.

Adams breaks up the play

Talbot looses the puck, and goes down like he was shot

Talbot looses the puck, and goes down like he was shot

No call

Steelers back checking hard

Hason ignores hook on Davies

Devils making some good moves.

Towe shot forces save.


How's the crowd? both home and away?

FYI there was a post on Steell Talk that showed average attendances for September. Not sure where they got them from but the Devils' was 1642 for league games.

Finny you'll no for sure, but that's pretty good going isn't it?

PS - how was Hen Wlad Fy'n Hadau? My records match with that 1642 - which is pretty impressive!

Unfortunately our midweek quickly re-arranged game on Wed has since brought our all games average down to 1462. Though that would still be our highest average since moving to the Big Blue Tent!

Brad is playing on the second line.

Steelers come close. Just missing top corner

Lyle with some good aggressive saves.

Michel is icing tonight.

Gareth Jenkins:

Hi there

As all my predictions have been wrong so far this season - Squealers to win 3-0 !! :-)

Great service by you guys - keep it up :-)


Devils icing 8:40

Dangerknee shot off face off deflected out of play

Devils passing scrappy.


Is Michel out there?

If so that's the first full team of the season isn't it?

I'll try find out Aled, though we might struggle to get an answer whilst the action is going. But I think you'd be right yeh!

We are giving steelers too much room

Lyle kills the puck @ 9:00

Hason took an age to blow it

Michel with a lovely shot. The third line creating lots of room.

Just read 19:13. It appears TheStub is psychic! Maybe he's doing all these updates without even using his phone........

Jono tries the wrap around which Lyle covers

Devils making far too many unforced errors

Another steelers breakaway, another lyle save

11 minutes played

Another Lyle save

Third line pressure leads

Davies with a lovely shot from the faceoff

Davies from Michel at 11:26

We are light Smith and Richardson

Woooo Hoooo!!!!!!!!!!!


Towe is on the first line

Devils making some good moves

Towe and Hill both come close in about 30 seconds.

Steelers penalty

Cruicshank 2 minutes slash + 10 minutes unsportmans like 14:35

Dowd serving.

Powerplay good as ever. Lyle save @ 15:12

Brad denied by the post

OT - What did I say about Man Utd getting as much injury time as they need?

They've just equalised in the fourth minute of three minutes of injury time.....

OT - What is wrong with the Cardiff Blues this season?

0-11 down at the moment at home to Glasgow. Ouch!

Bit more like it, Brad and Jay come close

Steelers back to 5 skaters

Towe with some good work in the corners. Gets puck to Hill.

Reiter with glove save

G almost skates it into the net. Scrabble in crease

Steelers pen

Bolibrook 2 minutes delay of game at 18:01

Is Smith icing tonight. He looked to go off hurt with a hand/arm injury on wednesday?

Arwel in St. Mellons

Sorry for taking so long to notice your email Arwel. I think TheStub has already answered you question though, it does appear he is still injured

I wonder what is wrong with Richardson though ?!?!?!?

Devils just can't get set.

Lyle with awesome save

End of first. Steelers 0 - 1 Devils

Sounds like a pretty good first period so far, though Lyle has had to make some big saves every now and again.

Right folks, I'm going to take this chance to run off to the chippy and get some food. I'll go through any emails when I'm back!

Lyle with awesome save

Black and whites back out

Teams back out.

Devils have been.Looking good goung forward, but getting turned over too easy. Passing has been hit and miss.

Underway, with the first line.

Richardson is icing tonight

Steelers breakaway forces a good save from lyle

Geraint Walters:

Devils to win 4-2

Great win for city and hopefully the Devils make it a better weekend!

Richardaon with a few sly trips hason misses.


In other news - McMorrow went with bergin after 3 secs. McMorrow with the win and a 'number 1' sign to the crowd.

Oh yeah and it's 2-1 Giants.

More good work from the first line draws a save from Reiter.

Gareth Jenkins:

Get me a portion please - salt & vinegar on mine - chq in the post :-) Sorry Gareth, just got back and there were only enough chips left for me! ;)

Sarich with a nice move down the wing, but Stone lifts it.

Very end to end this period, but our defense are working well

Go easy with them chips mate


red army

Not likely!

Chicken off the bone, Curry and Chips. Yum Yum Yum. You might not be getting any more updates off me for a while......

Lovely drop pass from Jay, and Hills shot goes wide.

Steelers offside at 23:58

Defensive mistake a Lyle has to make a good first and great second save

Steelers with some pressure

Cruickshank is back

Our third line is our best line tonight

Steelers offside 27:27

Devils offside at 28:19

Steelers battling hard, but it is very end to end

Easy save for Lyle.

Devils defence reading the Steelers well at the moment

Romfo takes it from the halfway line and drills it at Reiter miles out of his crease, but there is no rebound

Ben wins a puck in the corner, but there is noone to take the pass. Support guys?

Steelers icing @32:55

Devils looking good on the breakaway, just need more support.

Romfo is playing better than I've seen him. Our D looking solid and creating plenty of time for themselves

Reiter with a nice pad save off a Voth shot

Miller and Max working well together, but getting out muscled. Steelers throwing everything at them.

Miller and Max working well together, but getting out muscled. Steelers throwing everything at them.

Richardson misses the puck in thd corner, but lyle makes a big aggrwssive save.

Steelers penalty.

@37:32 Dowd 2 minutes tripping

Our powerplay just isn't getting started

Final minute of second

Puck out of play 29;12

Steelers back to full strength

Devils penalty. Romfo 2 minutes delay of game 39:59

End of second Steelers 0 - 1 Devils.

*Burp* I'm back folks. And yes Gareth the curry sauce was fantastic!


In response to Gareth's post about Romfo. I thought he played his best game for the Dvils on wednesday and was probably my MOM. Very classy on the puck and a calming influence.

Our D and Lyle have played well tonight. Calm, steady and managing a fast Steelers offense

I haven't really noticed Romfo yet - which is usually a good thing for a defenceman.

It's important people remember that he is not a direct replacement for Tyson - after all Richardson seems to be taking that role. And he seems to be a lot better defensively than MacIver.


In response to Gareth's post about the PP - it's probably suffering without Smith

A lack luster Steelers side though. They are as flat as the atmosphere

Devils are looking good on the break. Steelers don't seem to know what to do with the third line, Ben in particular. They have been gritty but amazingly fast on the transition.

We seem to not be able to get set on the powerplay. The Steelers are able to break it up far too easily. I'm hoping our pk is better.

On a major plus, Towe doesn't look out of place on the M line. Plus Miller and Max have been reading each other very well. Some amazing tape to tape passes.

That must be because Towe's first name also starts with M

Chris Price:

I hope it stays at 1 - 0 to devils as Ben is playing really well lately

Devils back out

Here's hoping that they can find some attacking zeel. It is a little boring

Steelers back

If anyone else want's to comment on tonights game, don't forget the email address is

Or if you want to tell us all what you are doing once the game is over.

I'll be watching XFactor, Match of the Day and then the might Bluebirds highlights on the Football League Show

Steelers have Greene between the popes

No sign of Reiter...

Steelers goal

Should have been offside

Simmsy is annoying

Sheapard from Sarich and Talbot powerplay goal 41:03


Lyle with another save after some Devils offense.

Gareth Jenkins


Romfo calmly mugs Shuff.

Adams seems to be mixing the lines a bit.

Lovely work and shot from G at 43:58.

Some mistakes from both teams. Force a pad save from Lyle

Max with nice ceoss crease pass, Green wins the race.

Some good work from the second line. 3 or 4 great chances

Poor pass in our own zone, and Lyle has to mug philips.

Both teams have come alive. Good chances, very end. To end.

Steelers icing 49:16

Towe with a lovely one timer, Shuff control it

Brad just denied by Green on the wrap around.

Finally sheffield get an offside


Why are we passing? Stay with it

Shuff shot. Puck out of play

Our d needs to be good, our poor passing is giving up too many break aways

Green save, 54:28


First line

Towe from Jarvis 54:32

First line set piece from faceoff.

Swcond line pulling some saves from Green who finally kills it.

Brad and Hill with good around the boards

Steelers trying to get back into this, but end to end action

Steelers with a forecheck rolling

Get a glove save from Lyle

Lovely play by first line just denyed by the cross bar

Final 2 minutes

Bard and Jay 2 on 1 and Jay can't controlvit

Green pulled

Rwd army

Lyle save followed by handbags

Penalties steeler 6 and Devils 26 2 minutes 59:54

Both. Roughing

Devils WIN


Steelers 1 - 2 Devil

Sorry to all of those who have emailed in, for some reason they only just got there....

Or maybe it was just a case that I was too hooked to the updates on here. Sorry everyone!

Talbot chopsing to Voth during the handshakes

Talbot chopsing to Voth during the handshakes


Keith Morgan:

The Brits are doing well tonight

Certainly sounds like Keith. Davies and Towe with the goals again, and it sounds like Lyle was awesome tonight too!


Half the steelers left before presentations

Home for me, hope the first live MNL worked for you all.

Nos da G

EIHL Updates:

Hull Stingrays 4-1 Edinburgh Capitals (Result)

Nottingham Panthers 4-2 Belfast Giants (End of 2nd)

Scott Romfo’s MOM – thanks for the kind words

Coventry Blaze 2-3 Newcastle Vipers (in 3rd)

Many thanks Gareth aka TheStub. The updates were fab and I think I speak for all of us when I say I was glued to my screen

Safe journey home!