Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 2 - 3 Nottingham Panthers

Hello once again, and welcome to Match Night Live!

This is theStub, otherwise known as Gareth - your host for this evening.

I've actually made it home from work, eaten my tea and got all set to give you all the information on the game.

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Still waiting for my minions to report in from the bay. We are approaching faceoff, so I can't imagine we are going to be long.

My texters are starting to check in.

According to Hannah, it is averagely busy at the rink - but there is still a queue at the bar.

Shaz thinks that it isn't looking too bad for a weeknight, and people are still arriving at the rink.

In his quick headcount, Chris believes that he has seen all the Devils apart from Voth (which is expected). No news on the Panthers yet.

Anyone know how the Panthers are fixed for the game tonight?

Predictions? Chat? Comment?

Thanks Adam
panthers will be at full strength according to our local paper but will have geff woolhouse as backup not mark hartly

We have Hicks officiating tonight.

According to Sami, we have the child of Lucy Fur in the rink tonight. Any news on where Lucy has gone?

Matthew has come in with the first prediction
Have to say as good as devils are looking this season i feel panthers are on too much of a high. panthers to win 4-3.

Myself, I am almost with Matthew - but I think it may swing the other way. So Devils to win 4-3. I'm expecting lots of offence from both teams!

Derek is more optimistic than me
hello gareth....lets hope ben davies has another big game.... 3 . 1 to the devils..

Chris thinks there are about 1000 people at the bay. Not a bad result for a mid week game, early in the campaign.

From Matty and Benn (Panthers fans I think)
5-2 panthers i'd say

From Matthew
Have to say i agre with you there. really could swing either way . quite nervous about this one.

Panthers are an unknown quantity for us at this point - but I do think we are in for a good match. I'm just hoping we don't let the Sky camera curse continue.

And we are underway.

From Beggs
Devils 2 - Panthers 4. Jade Galbraith mom

From Matty
6-3 to the GMB.

Devils Penalty. Matt Miller 2 minutes interference @ 1:32

Opening minutes were good for the Devils, and the penalty kill is working so far.

Matt so sky are there tonight then ????? this going to be shown on friday ? Yes Matt, they are recording tonight. Apparently the normal screens in the rink are off too. So no live replays.

Devils back to full strength

Puck out of play @ 3:32

Devils penalty - Matt Miller 2 Minutes Slashing @3:55

Apparently most the crowd are disputing Hicks' calls

Panthers block is looking fairly full apparently.

Lyle save at @4:37

Panthers offside @6:01

From Claire
Galbraith and Neilson having some sly little digs. Devils look a bit wobbly

Devils back to full strength

Ben Davies shot deflected out of play @ 6:34

Matty - let's not ;)
come on panthers, lets have an early powerplay goal

I agree Derek - and it is midweek too!
That sounds a good crowd considering that one complete block is not being used for the cameras to be there

Devils are being fairly aggressive, but the game is very end to end

Lyle brings out a big save 1 on 2 @ ~8:00.

From Chris
I think it will be a close game, as they usually are, but if Panthers are allowed to get their heads up they will be difficult to stop, especially without Voth. My tentative prediction? 4-2 Panthers

Apparently St Pierre is giving up massive rebounds, but we just can't get to them.

Panther offside @8:31

Pathers icing @9:51

10 minutes is still very end to end.

Davies just got nailed. No call, and he skated off OK.

Panthers icing @11:11 - sounds like Devils are getting a bit of pressure on.

Each to their own Matty - DEVILS :P
shut up, this is panthers' night cos' we are top of the league, i say we are top of the league.

Not a great deal happening, but the Devils 3rd line is playing well again.

The key to our season I think - our Brits are looking really strong. Import strong for the games I've seen.

Devils penalty. Romfo 2 minutes interference @12:15

Crowd getting annoyed by the reffing. "Bloody joke" apparently.

Not sure why they still let Hicks ref Cardiff games.

Michel took a slap shot to his leg, and limps off.

Apparently they are targeting Ben when he is one the ice. Not surprised - that third line is strong with Davies, Towe and Adams.

Come on Panthers PK'ers!

Beggs - I hope they have a chance to prove it lol
Bruce Richardson must be about the best PK'er in the league.


Devils Goal - Hill from Davies @15:24

Sami calls it
Pathers mess up on D. Both go for the Devil with the puck leaving one open. Goalie makes save, but Hill jams it back in

Panthers icing @15:56

Devils were at full strength I believe (I have 5 people texting me). Devils penalty kill looking good tonight!

What we all thinking out there?

Nah Beggs - just blame our Brits
Wife is blaming me for the goal?!

Panthers penalty

Jade Galbraith 2 minutes slashing @17:11

C'mon Devils - let's get this PP working. prove Beggs wrong :P

Panthers pen. Corey Neilson 2 min Holding @17:41

Devils on the 5 on 3 for 1:30 :D

St Pierre save @18:27

Devils setup in the zone. Puck almost goes in. Back post shot and it bounces between Pierre's legs a few times before he sits on it

Panthers clear the zone

Panthers back to full strength

And we end the period. Devils 1 - 0 Panthers.

Lots of texts there - and a very slow typist tonight lol

From Matt (the Panther)
3 powerplays and were down a goal. really not a good start.

Sounds like a good game. Both teams fairly even 5 on 5.

Haven't heard of Michel coming back on the ice. I will check in with the guys after the interval.

I seem to be getting the texts very disjointedly, and out of order. Sorry if there are any delays.

Right - I'm going to get a cuppa. I'm starting the debate again - match is too good. But, if you are interested - a cup of breakfast tea beckons (I need to go shopping).

Talk to me guys - I love to hear from the fans out there, be you Devils, Panthers or neutral. 3 powerplays and were down a goal. really not a good start.

From an impartial third party
Come on Devils keep it up. The Towes

I was worried that you hadn't checked in Keith mate. It would be a great boost to take another 2 cup points at home! We need to be unbeatable in the bay!

Hopefully it is just taking our first line time to gel
Whats up with Smith he doesnt seem to be the force he was? I think Michel looks good. Cheers Mark

I have a few theories about our first line. I watched the recording of the Devils game in Shuff, and they weren't as bad as I remembered. The first line make a lot of room, but seem to get closed out (and always make a pass too many). But, I think they are making room for the other lines. Which do you defend against?

Also, our 'lesser' players have really stepped up. I struggle to see the difference between our Brits and imports this season.

The league makes me excited this year. It is anyones!

Both teams back out

Including Michel for the Devils. He is skating fine.

And we are off - starting with the Devils second line.

Shots on goal for the first frame. Both teams managed 8!

Panthers penalty. 55 2 minutes roughing @20:36

Devils get set quickly, but panthers clear

Devils loosing it in the neutral zone - and when they get into the offensive zone, Panthers are clearing.

Where has everyone gone? How is this going to go? What should Clare get at Tesco aside from my crumpets for breakfast?

Couldn't agree more Keith mate
i went down to the bay to the sheff game, i could not see no difference between the 3lines.
i think the hole team is a good team the year things will get even better when the Big Guy (Mr Voth) is bac

From Claire
Panthers breakaway, Lyle saves. Another Panther gets rebound and Lyle saves that. Miller gives him a hug

Panther icing @23:13

Hill hits the pipes (no time).

Lyle has impressed me so far this season. Looks different to an import - but does that make him worse? Made some big saves for us already this year!

From Chris
Passes going wrong all over, but Devils still pushing

From Gareth (not me :P)
You have crumpets for breakfast - you lucky man !!!! Devils to win 3-1 :-)

In Scunthorpe they call Crumpets pyklets (or however you spell it). Strange people ;)

Devils managing to get together a long period of attack. Panthers having to ice to relieve pressure @25:30

My namesake may have called this right. 3-1 Devils, and I think the third will be an ENG.

Derek, I think you are right mate
Lyle has done everything in his power waiting for thr defence to kick in,,,,,

Lyle has brought far more to the team than I was expecting. And I think he is a fan, stylewise, of his New Jersey number sake lol

Devils Penalty. Adams 2 minutes elbows @26:35

I would expect every player to have two of them. Sorry - couldn't resist :P

Devils working well on the penalty kill. A minute gone, and the Panthers haven't managed to setup yet.

Panthers penalty. Clarke 2 minutes tripping @ 28:58

Whoops - 27:58...blame Hannah :P

38 seconds 4 on 4 :D

Michel misses the one timer - apparently needs to be on target.

Birbraer comes close..

And then comes so close he scores GOOOOOOAAAAAAAALLLLLLLL

Just trying to get debate going Matt mate
bit early to be claiming the win isnt it ???

Devils goal. Birbraer from Miller and Smith @29:21. The first line doing their job!

Handbags (or 'fighty fight as my sister called it, best not ask) after Lyle save @29:46

Jarvis and Galbraith at first, but then Panthers Richardson went for Smith.

Devils penalties. Jarvis and Smith both 2 minutes for roughing @29:46

Panthers penalties. Richardson and Dalgliesh 2 minutes roughing at the same time

Latulippe hits the pipes.

Panthers under real pressure.

Panthers call a time out after icing the puck @30:54

From Lisa (makes me wish I was in Cardiff, and not Scunthorpe)
I'm really hoping we can pull this one back, although we seem to have gone behind in most games so far and still won! Lisa.x

Graham - hopefully you wont be upset if I don't agree? ;)
Panthers to have a strong third period. I hope. 3-2 Panthers.

Derek - I want the WNIR atmosphere back. I think we can get there!
i hope the tent becomes the extra man to the devils, dont think any team is looking forward to coming to it, also devils are taking big crowds on the road with them....

Devils are playing really well, although D'Armour is picking on Ben. Think we are missing Brad there. Though, Jarvis can step up...

Handbags after St Pierre save @32:02. St Pierre throwing punches.

Panther penalty, St. Pierre 2 minutes roughing @32:02

Panthers really throwing their weight around.

Panthers keep clearing the zone on the penalty kill. 1 minute gone.

Neilson falls on his arse centre ice, and then Birbrear nails Richardson.

Panthers clear zone again. 30 seconds left on power play.

Good Pierre save at 33:13.

Panthers return to full strength


I am getting through them - talk to me

Panthers goal.

Panthers goal. 30 off Clarke and 71 @34:16

Sorry - don't have the full Panthers roster to hand.

Smith shot deflected out of play @34:58

The Panthers goal after the Devils didn't clear the puck. Completely against the run of play.

Actually, panthers goal was off 13.

Panthers pen, 37 2 minutes tripping @35:22

Slapshot off faceoff - St Pierre saves, same again and Panthers clear.

Looks like Davies and Michel have swapped lines. Michel back to third line...hopefully not because he has picked up an injury...

Apparently, anyone who can is getting a shot at Ben at the moment.

Smith and Miller collide, and knock each other over.

Apparently this hasn't been a great power play for the Devils.

Last minute of the period.

It was a great way to step up for the team when they needed him though! Towe for my player of the season ;)
I worry when Brad the enforcer is missing, Funny watching Matt Towe try to fill his boots though..(Sorry matt if you read this tomorrow)

oooopss. cmon panthers !! looks like theres life in the old dog yet. goooooallllll

Romfo dives in front of a slapshot to bring a the period to an end.

Rhys, I'm not sure mate - I hate it when they do though. It becomes a 4 point match
Is it true this is counting for league and cup tonight?

Gareth mate - you stay put lol
Dam !!! I go for a "comfort break" and the Panthers score !!! No more "breaks" for me !!!

Thanks for the roster Richard mate.

Am I the only person to think Ben is playing better than Michel ?????

INHO different style of player. Michel is a more defensive forward than Ben - I'm not sure Ben knows how to go backwards lol.

Hello Rebecca *waves*
come on devils! i have faith in you! rebecca from belfast

End of the second - Devils 2 - 1 Panthers.

From Sami (who is super texter for the night - she can text faster than I type)
Much better period for the Devils. On powerplay they weren't great, but five on five they spent most the period on the attack

Sorry if I am being a bit disjointed - things are happening in gluts tonight. I will get to your messages as quickly as I can, so keep your emails coming

Hockey aside, we are running a new version of the Match Night Live software tonight (our latest battle to prevent the server falling over). How is everyone finding the service? Any problems with?

Shots for the second period. Devils had 14, Panthers 9.

Thanks Gary mate - we aim to make it entertaining and informative (and hopefully a little educational) for all fan (regarless of team) - even if a little biased
Great service dudes

I think it will have to Roy ;) - but you have done it enough times this season already
Panthers 3rd period will tear you guys apart.

Both teams are back on the ice!

Thanks Roy ;)
And the coverage is great again guys

And we are off for the third period.

Panthers goal :(

Just the Devils making it exciting for the cameras Matt mate ;)
come on panthers. didnt think the fat lady had sang. 2-2

Panthers goal. McAslan from Galbraith and Levers @40:13

They guys must have been shown the phot of the girls they get if they win ;)

Devils penalty. Richardson 2 minutes slashing @41:01

Panthers goal...

Panthers goal. McAslan from Clarke and Galbraith. @41:21

Panthers have come out a different team.

Devils looking a little shakey - they need to stop making errors and get back into it.

Max almost goes coast to coast, but looses the puck before he can shoot.

Panthers do seem strong in the third Roy mate
Told you bud. Here we come ;-)

Gary - you may be right
No they get to see the photos of the girls they get if they loose

Devils applying some good pressure now. Panthers freezing the puck against the boards.

Galbraith is having a few words with Towe. Looks like he may blow soon.

St Pierre misses a glove save, but the puck goes just wide.

Lisa says
Keep it going panthers!!!

Kicking off around Lyle Few fists flying, but officials calm it down.

Beggs - you may be right
My prediction is looking good :)

I agree with you there Jono mate ;)
I'm having trouble with your new service, the score is wrong! :-)

A few cheap shots as both teams change lines.

Seems to be setting down a bit in the bay - texts are getting less frenetic. I just hope the Devils can get back in this. We need to find that critical goal!

The match is starting to get a bit niggly. Both teams making hits and little digs on and off the puck.

Latulippe tripped behind the goal, but no call.

Devils shoot from the faceoff, tipped in front of the goal but St Pierre gloves it.

Dave Simms just flashed up on the screens, and starts a round of the classic "If you all hate Simmsy clap your hands".

Tonights biggest contest - who hates the Steelers more. Devils, or Panthers ;)

Devils are making unforced errors again. Passing getting poor. I think they need to work on that ;).. G, if your reading this :P

Gone really quiet out there now. Do we think the Devils can pull this back?

Adams shoots directly from the faceoff, and St Pierre gloves it. Looks like a good signing for the Panthers.

Devils are getting messy and rattled now, and Nottingham have twigged that Hicks wont call them for anything - so are throwing some nasty hits now.

Really hope not Roy.
Sorry mate but if you get 2 more we will get 3 more, love the updates though

From Sami
Devils player was through on goal, but for some reason passed it behind to a Panther!!

Although Smith is everywhere - lets see if he can make some magic!

Panthers icing @53:21 Getting close now...

Devils need to get it together and get the offence from the second period working.

Hartwick levels a Panther on the blue line, and gets a roughing call - but it looked fine.

Devils penalty. Hartwick 2 minutes roughing @53:31

Devils clear off the faceoff

And force a Panthers icing at 54:03

I agree Kim
As long as we both hate them it's all good!

Panthers setup in Devils zone, but Devils clear. Panthers come back but get caught offside @54:54

C'mon Devils!!! Let's take it to them!

Devils make a shot, short handed - forcing a kick save from St Pierre.

Graham may have spotted it
Just popped out at 2-1. What a pleasant surprise to find on my return. - Might up my prediction to 4-2 (ENG)

Devils back to full strength.

Devils applying good pressure. Panthers have to ice @56:06

And again 56:49

Lets grind them down Devils - keep the pressure on!

Not sure Hicks needs a reason Derek mate
Cmon Devils... Pull it back boys.. is Hicks playing up to the cameras ????

Davies has chance with Pierre down, but the puck is poked away.

Panthers icing at @57:19

Sounds like we are throwing everything at them now.

Matt - I thought they got her if they lost?
Think the fat lady could be warming up in the wings !!

Hicks speaking to teh Panthers bench, they keep trying to sneak a change on the icing.

Last 2 minutes.

Puck deflected out of play @58:11

Lyle looking to the bench, waiting for the call...

Matt - I'll have her sister ;)
hey if she comes with a win we'll take her !

Panthers holding the attack up. Devils can't get set.

Final minute

Lyle gone!!!!

C'mon DEVILSS!!!!

30 seconds left.

Devils have called a timeout.

Apparently 35 seconds left.

Let's see if we can make something of this last push of the game!

Crowd are on their feet! RED ARMY

Panthers clear, Devils offside. 24 seconds left

If I had fingers, I would be biting my nails!!

I wish we could Kim
"21:41 - Sounds like we are throwing everything at them now." Don't suppose you could throw Simmsy while you're at it?

Devils dump. Shoot from the point. Pierre saves, kicks off a bit again. Few handbags.

Faceoff in Panthers zone 8 seconds left.

Panthers want it out of the zone.

Devils Pen. Towe 2 minutes roughing @59:52

Panties pen at same time.

Devils win faceoff, Panthers clear...all over.

Sami at the tent
Devils had it sorted for 2 periods. Think the quick goals start 3rd stunned them a bit and they never got back into it

Sounds like I missed an awesome game. Devils looked like they controlled it apart from that 30 seconds in the 3rd...

From Chris
Well, that's what you get for forgetting how to pass and playing too relaxed. Panthers win 2-3

Think Chris may be a little negative there.

I will leave that to you Derek mate - it is beer o'clock in Scunthorpe
it sounded a great game, unlucky boys..... well done panthers, how am i going to explain to my daughter that they lost when she went to bed 2.0 up !!!

Just waiting for the Man of the Match announcements.

Thanks to all those who contributed - this can be a little stale if there is nothing to banter off.

I hope we just handled ourselves better than the Steelers did against the Panthers. lol

Keith - I can't post that...but a big pile thereof ;)

Thanks Gary mate - I will see you there no doubt!
Thanks for the updates - look forward to seeing full stength Devils in Notts

Still no word on the Man of the Match.

MOM for the Devils was Hartwick

and McAslan for the Panthers.

Really looking forward to seeing this game over the weekend (I doubt I will see it aired).

I just hope that we can make the house of Steel ours on Saturday - where hopefully I will be running MNL Live from the away block!

If you see me, say hi!

With that - thanks again. Nos Da, G