Match Night Live
Coventry Blaze 4 - 6 Cardiff Devils

Good evening to you from MNL nerve centre,

Its OJ her for his 2009/10 debut, I know that the season is a month old but the summer sun comes first. Not Tenerife as usual by the South of France but I am know back in sunny South Wales hoping to bring you a 2nd victory of the weekend for our beloved Devils.

Early reports are that all roads lead to Coventry with my texters reporting that there seems to be a mass exodus of Devils fans along the M6 and M42.

I am going to grab a bite of tea I suggest you do the same as it is going to be lively later

Warm up over texters in position

Tension is mounting

Remember to text me at

Just our captain missing tonight for the Devils

Romfo mom had joined us, it isn't Gareth in the MNL studio tonight but "Nott Simpson" otherwise known as OJ

10 minutes to race time

Apologies wrong sport I am still at the races (another reason that I join MNL a month into the season)

Good travelling support for the Devils at Coventry - 80-100 have made the trip

Small crowd apparently at Coventry.

Yes Gareth I am back, how is Scunthorpe, I worked there in the mis 1960's at Lyusaghts Steelworks

Referee has 12 on his back, name soon

Keith calls it 3-2 for the Devils - that will do

Your Cardiff DFevils take to the ice to a massive cheer from the faithful

Keith calls it 3-2 for the Devils - that will do

Devils take to the ice to a massive cheer

Blaze now on the ice in those nasty sky blue sweaters

Please stand for the Anthems

Annabel & Owen wishing for a Devils win, we will see what we can do

Gareth calls it a 4-2 Cardiff win then wavers saying it could go either way.

Devils starting line - Michel, Hill & Latulippe with Jarvis & Richardson on D

We are away

Hill floors Cowley in opening seconds

Devils icing at 39 secs

Devils go close at 1:02

Lyle save @ 1:39

Phil Hill now nails Watkins @ 2:12

Calder nails Lyle, penalty coming

Blaze penalty @ 2:12 Calder charging minor

Devils pp ineffective, nothing has changed then

Our pp consists of the old dump & chase. Well I suppose we are on the road

No Luke it will not be easy

Blaze kill penelty

Hirsch save from Birbraer @ 4:13

Blaze offside @ 4:29

Now its the turn of the Devils to wander offside @ 4:42

Towe taken heavily into boards at 5 minute mark

Leave the Inferno boy alone!

Michel is putting himself about

Sustained pressure from Devils forces saves out of Hirsch @ 7:14 and 7:17

Cracking save by Lyle @ 7:34

Blaze fans very quiet

Carson is the ref

Blaze forced to ice the puck @ 9:04 after some good play by Devils

Puck out of play @ 9:27

Devils offside @ 9:40


Devils goal @ 9:43 scored by Michel, assists Romfo & Hartwick

Devils icing @10:33

Lyle save @ 11:27

Blaze Penalty @ 12:13 - Carlson - roughing

Good save by Lyle @12:32

Devils 2nd goal @ 13:17 scored by Richardson, assists Smith & Birbraer - ppg

Devils 2nd goal @ 13:17 scored by Richardson, assists Smith & Birbraer - ppg

Blaze penalty @ 13:21 - Campbell - 10 min misconduct

Brian Lee has taken a dislike of Phil Hill

Devils penalty @ 14:27 Latulippe - hooking minor

Lyle deflects puck out of play @ 15:42

Devils penalty @ 16:22 Hartwick - tripping

6 secs of 5 on 3 for Blaze

Blaze ppg goal @ 16:32 Fulghum assists Calkder & WEaver

Blaze offside @ 17:07

Lee lays big hit on Hartwick

Blaze ppg was 5 on 4 as Latulippe had just returned to the ice

Blaze pen @ 18:34 Robinson - hooking

Final minute of 1st period

Its gone very quiet

How are SA doing chasing England's massive score

End of 1st period

Blaze 1 DEVILS 2

A cup of coffee is called for

Keep those e-mail coming to

Players drift back onto the ice

SoG in 1st period Blaze 14; Devils 13

We are off for the 23nd period

Devils penalty @ 20:48 - Smith - holding

Penalty killed

Devils penalty @ 22:53

Last penalty was to Miller


Devils Brit pack playing well

Handbags @ 23:50

What about a Blaze penalty so that we can get our pp rolling

Prayers answered, Blaze penalty @ 24:48 - Cowley - hooking

Blaze penalty @ 25:22 - Robinson - handling puck

Just like Cardiff Buses

Blaze pen @ 25:42 - WEaver - trip


Devils 3rd goal @ 25:30 scored by Miller, asssists Birbraer & Jarvis

Devils pen @ 26:03 Miller - hooking

Devils fail to capitalise on 4 on 3

Blaze 2nd goal @ 28:01 - Robinson, assists Weaver & Campbell - ppg

Devils offside @ 29:21

Lyle forced to come to the rescue @ 30:02 after some dodgy passing

Blaze icing @ 30:41


DEvils 4th goal @ 31:02 scored by Adams, assiusts Romfo & Towe

Blaze offside @ 31:11


Devils 5th goal @ 31:42 scored by Michel

Hayes showing up well on 3rd line

Good save by Lyle from Weaver

Blaze offside @ 35:20

Both Towe & Davies go close forcing saves from Hirsch @ 36:07

Blaze offside again @ 36:25

Devils pen - Hartwick - trip @ 37:46

DEVILS penalty killing unit have turned up tonight

Blaze Goal

Blaze 3rd goal @ 38:41 ppg scored by Cowley, assists Owen & Stewart

Final minute of 2nd period

Hirsch save @ 39:41

Steward left to ice and went stright into Blaze dressing room

Blaze off side @ 39:49

End of 2nd period Blaze 3 DEVILS 5

Two good period for the Devils we just have to make sure we go that extra mile in ther third

2 minute warning for 3rd period

Sog 2nd period Blaze 10 DEVILS 14

3rd period underway

Russky has entered the building

Its end to end at the start of 3rd period, good saves from both netminders

Devils offside @ 43:03

Blaze icing @ 43:53

Devils penalty - random call by ref Carson

Devils penalty # 16 @ 44:55 - interference

Penalty was against Michel

Puck out of play @45:42

News that Hutchins was laid out cold at Newcastle, still on ice awaiting ambulance

Towe takes a stupid penalty for firing puck after whistle @ 45:57 - 10 minute misconduct

Towe penalty occured when Birbraer was whistled down for offside and Towe shot the puck.

Blaze icing @ 48:11

Brian Lee of the Blaze is being very physical/dirty

49 minutes gone, very open game, end to end

Devils icing @ 49:51

DEvils pen @ 51:07 - Jarvis - slash

Very tense at Skydome as Devils PK

Devils PK is a shade too offensive

Devils kill penalty

Hutchins was conscious, un confirmed reports that he swalled his tongue

Puck out of play @ 53:48

Lyle save @ 54:06

Handbags after Lyle save @ 54:13. Penalties coming

Blaze penaltyCarlson - Roughing

Devils penalty - Jarvis - roughing - both penalties @ 54:13

55 minutes gone, game has become scrappy

Both teams return to full strength

Hirsch makes a save in the face off circle

Devils icing @ 57:58

Final 2 minutes of game

Blaze take a timeout

Hirsch pulled

Blaze score

Blaze 4th goal @ 57:53

Scorer unknown but more worrying clock has moved

Blaze goal was scored by Carlson, assists Calder & Fulgham

Devils call a time out

ENG for DEVILS @ 58:45

ENG goal scored by Miller assist Birbraer

Devils offside @ 59:03

Puck out of play @ 59:32

Thats it folks Blaze 4 DEVILS 6 final score

A bit of handbags at final hooter between Smith & Campbell

Devils MoM - Richardson

SoG for 3rd period Blaze 9 DEVILS 6

Our thanks go to our texters at Coventry, Hannah, Carl & Chris

Thats all from me until the next time OJ