Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 4 - 1 Hull Stingrays

Right - think we are all what should be an exciting night at the bay!

Getting reports from my texters, who are starting to arrive read for the match.

We know that Hull will be without Knight, Huppe through suspension, and Jorde is still out with his wrist injury I believe.

The Devils will be without Voth, once again - although he should be back on active service next Saturday. Game 5 of his suspension will be Wednesday against the Panthers.

Questions, comments, just to keep me sane -

This is Gareth tonight (aka TheStub)

First comment of the night
im really looking forward to this match and i got my sleeping bag ready incase its a long one again!! devils win 5-2

Just heard that Richardson is warming up, so it looks like whatever caused him to leave the game early Sunday wasn't serious.

Hopefully we shall see another star performance from him, and the rest of our Brits - who have been the players of note this season so far IMHO.

And another comment from Carl
Do you think the Devils should have there games on the radio as other teams seem to have there home games on theres?as when we did at the start of last season it was a success i thought??
TheStub - I would love it - not too sure why they stopped either. Coverage like that is what the sport needs to develop.

Thompson is our ref tonight... can't think too much about his standard, so must be alright then then!

And we are into Intro Time! many of you are out there tonight. Let me know what you are upto, and where you think this will go.

Another big crowd tonight apparently. Obviously the last Hull outing has pulled the guys in.

Chris only counts 13 Hull players, including both netminders. Sounds about right, with the injury and suspensions I think they have.

Make that 14 now - thankfully Chris is going to uni to help with his maths!

Comments starting to come in:
Sue is hoping for another very entertaining game tonight and a 4 - 3 Devils win

Do we have any Hull fans tonight? You guys are normally fairly vocal

Second line for the Devils starting for us tonight, consisting of Hill, Latulippe and Michel

And we are underway

Directly into a Devils offside at 0:09! At least we were going in the right direction.

Hull penalty Reynolds 2 mins cross checking - at 33 seconds.

Sandahl save at 2:09

Hull back to full strength. Devils not looking too good on the powerplay.

Hi Ruth - I know what you mean
Hi from Kentucky - can't believe I'm missing this game having been at the last one but when I booked my flights, it seemed the best one to miss. Think the Devils will win 6-1. Thanks for sorting out MNL for tonight! GO DEVILS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It has gone quiet out there. Waiting for the information to come in. But, big question of the night - what CD shall I put on

Devils penalty

#6 Hartwich 2 minutes for charging

That timed at 6:14

Awesome save by Sandahl from Birbraer at 7:56.

I hope I don't have to type that all night. I would prefer the awesome goal Maxi.

A shout out to Keith in Aber. Here's hoping we can get the win - points are good, points mean prizes.

Sandahl save at 9:48... Brits playing well again by all accounts.

For me, as I have said once or twice, our Brits have been the most exciting aspect this season. We have such depth, and quality in our non-imports.

Sandahl save at 10:55. 1st line playing well. Finally...

Hull penalty...Burns 2 mins roughing at 10:55.

Birbraer shot saved (again) at 11:14

I think I'll just start copying that line...

Handbags after Sandahl save at 11:40

Penalties off that...

Devils pen, Miller gets 2 minutes roughing at 11:40

Hull pen, Reynolds get 2 minutes for roughing at 11:40

We are into 4 on 4 for 2 minutes then.

Well, must have been a few second 4 on 3, but who's counting...

Anyone from Hull following tonight? How about further afield?

Birbraer avoids Gomenyuk hip check by jumping clean over him!

Hull icing at 13:15.

Sounds like the Devils are putting on some good pressure.

Sandahl save at 13:26.

Do you think they know you are supposed to try and get it around the keeper? - keep me sane ;)

Lyle makes his first save of the night at 13:39 after a Stone error.


Devils first goal scored by Towe (c'mon, I have money on you ;) ) with assists from Davies and Hartwick. at 14:47.

From Sami
Lovely 2 on 1 goal, Ben and Towe showing the imports how it is done

That is, of course, Matt Towe - sponsored this season by the members of the Inferno!!

From Andy
Going for a 5. 2 win tonight for devils.
They need a goal in the first period though otherwise they might start panicking.

Looks like they scored that just to calm your fears mate!

From Carl
well we would definately of been champs a few years in a row if it was hit the netminder as many times a match as u can??

I know what you mean mate - sometimes it is a workable strategy, force the faceoff - but sometimes you also need to get around him too lol.

On that note - Sandahl save at 16:27

Which followed a Hull icing at 16:24.

Sounds like we are winning in the faceoff circle then. Shame we can't fire just to the left ;)

And another Sandahl save at 17:59.

Only had to type Lyle once tonight. I hope things stay that way.

From Carl
take that stingrays uve just been towed "sponsored by the inferno-run by the people"

Final minute of the first!

From Pebbles
Great coverage as always, please could you give a shout out to my friends "The Men of Vipers"

Thanks mate - and done!

Hull penalty. Thompson 2 minutes interference. That at 19:31

*bang* Michel floors a Stingray!

With what looks like the last hit of the period.

End of the first Devils 1 - 0 Stingrays

We start the next period with 1:30 of powerplay.

Time for a fresh cup of tea, and into the next!

Some comments from my texters.

Think we could see a fight. Glowa and Latulippe been having a few sneaky digs at each other

Good 1st period, but Hull playing very defensive though

Here's hoping that they are just trying to stave off another collapse - and not a return to Hull of previous years.

Shots on Goal. Devils at 13, Hull 4.

And off we go with the second period.

Devils starting with 1:32 of powerplay from the first.

Any life out there?

Apparently Devils PowerPlay is "pants"

Chris doesn't specify if it is Y fronts or boxers.

Hull icing at 22:17

Hello Hull - or at least Dez
with 4 players out i guess defensive is the order of the day :(
C'mon you Stingrays

I thought the same mate - playing that short benched for a fair few games must be taking a toll.

Keith reckons our powerplay is boxers -

Sounds like it is getting a bit flat in Cardiff. Our passing is 'dodgy', and the game has become very end to end.

Hull penalty at 23:46 - Gomenyuk gets 2 minutes for tripping.

Lets see if the boxers powerplay can actually get to work.

From Angie Mac:
watching in from Belfast! keep up the good work! and see u all here in 2 weeks :D:D cnt wait

From Andy
Coverage is awesome by inferno as always.
We need more devils goals

Thanks mate!

Devils shot saved by the pipework :(

Powerplay over - "thank god" apparently.

Apparently the atmosphere has totally died.

Only to be expected if there isn't much tempo in the game, I expect.

Couple of awesome Lyle saves followed by Devils icing at 27:13.

Let's see if they can make a game of this yet!

From Dave in Hull
I'm hazarding a guess Stingrays will be going for damage limitation. If the Devils have sussed out how to stop Kenny Kalmikov then our offence really doesn't pose much of a threat unfortunately.

Carl giving a quick update from around the league
vipers on a come back its vipers 3-4 blaze and blaze were 4-0 up in 1st and squeelers 2-1 panthers,2 power play goals by squeelers after goin 1-0 down!!

Sandahl save at 27:42

Michel playing really well again, but apparently the Devils wasting a lot of chances!

Devils penalty. Smith gets 2 minutes for interference.

From Chris
As our penalty kill is looking more offensive than our powerplay, this should be good :)

From Sami
We are shocking. Smith is playing, well, awful...

Lyle save at 31:02. 1:50 into powerplay, Hull powerplay looking worse than ours...somehow...


"Out of nowhere" apparently.

Still waiting for goal details...but Hull goal...

Apparently our defence were listening to the PA, or something.

Stingrays goal Koulikov from Glowa and Thompson at 32:06

Smith hits the crossbar...he needs to get the monkey off his back and start being the player we know he can be.

Followed by a Sandahl save at 33:46 off a Birbraer shot.

Devils score!!!

Apparently there was some dispute, with Cloutier having a good moan to the ref.

Comments have dried up - what we all think?

Apparently the Big Blue is picking up some atmosphere again!

Devils penalty. Jarvis 2 minutes for Delay of Game...

Devils second goal was Smith from Max at 31:34 on a delayed penalty.

Devils third goal from Ben Davies from Matty Towe. That line is doing some damage. They are both 1+1 tonight.

Lyle midair save at 37:14

Powerplay over - "it sucked"

Final minute.

Sandahl save at 39:07

Another Sandahl save at 39:19. They compare handbags, but no penalties.

More from Carl
from wot i heard about smith wen he last played for us i expected him to be some sort of god especially wen i heard bout his pay demands but i know its early days but he hasnt really done anything yet,the british players look more dangerous than he does??

I know what you mean mate. Hopefully that line will start really clicking soon, and be the threat we believed it would be.

End of the second. Devils 3 - 1 Stingrays.

Quick look around the league. It is Vipers 3 - 4 Blaze in Newcastle, going into the third.

Steelers 2 - 1 Panthers in Sheffield at the end of the second.

From Chris
Not a very exciting period, more like last year than last home game :(

Hopefully it is just the slow tempo of the game. But, we need them to come out and get fired up for the third period - and take that to the Skydome tomorrow. Blaze will be far from a push over.

And - we are into the third!


vipers 3-5 blaze,they are starting to look dangerous,but there conceding a few goals??

Sounds like an exciting match - and both teams will be a force this year.

Apparently, a massive pile on resulted in the 4th Goal.

Scored by Jarvis at 40:29...waiting for the assists - if there are any.

Devils penalty - Adams 2 minutes holding at 42:13

Here's hoping that we can get some life into this period. Take some momentum to the Skydome tomorrow - with the game tonight, Blaze will be pumped up.

COOL!!! i like pile-ons!!!

Hull penalty. Cloutier 2 minutes slashing.

Devils penalty Hill 2 minutes slashing

42:52 for both of those.

From Chris
we seem to be largely controlling Lyle's rebounds tonight which is good to see, with only that one error gifting the goal

Hull offside at 43:58

Carl on the email
i think jarvis will be top scorer or there abouts at the end of this season the way he's goin??

I think you might be right mate.

Hull penalty. Thompson 2 minutes tripping at 44:52.

Hull starting to take careless penalties through frustration?

Sandahl save at 44:52.

Davies gets a round of applause. He is playing awesome.

From my mate Keith
here we go stupid pens again

I really hope not - we can't get caught in that trap again this season.

Adams hits the pipes...followed by (yet another) Sandahl save at 46:35

Gone a bit quiet again! Do you think we can make this 5 - 1 tonight?

Another ace Sandahl save at 48:11. What a signing he has been for the Rays!

Lyle with a save at 53:00

Hull shoot over the net after miller skates over the puck.

Hull breakaway, which Lyle saves. Go Lyle! He must be getting used to those now :(

It is now Vipers 3 - 6 Blaze up north. Sounds like an ace match.

Devils with a 3 on 1 rush, which the Hull defence manage to just breakup.

Hull offside at 44:32. Apparently it has been a very flat period again.

From Sami
We are looking good going into the zone, but are opting for that last pass every time

Sandahl save gives Hull the odd man rush.

The Hull shot goes wide.

Towe shoots over the bar.

Final 2 minutes.

Seem to have a consensus thinking that the first line is looking poor. Perhaps Sample is the missing link after all?

Handbags at the benches.

Devils penalty. Hill 2 minutes cross checking at 58:45.

Esders gets the same, at the same time.

We're going to win is playing at the tent.

30 seconds remaining!

And that is it.

Devils 4 - 1 Stingrays.

From Sami at the bay
Sandahl kept Hull in it, and look upset at the D in the end

Man of the match for Hull is Sandahl (shockingly ;) )

Devils man of the match is Davies. Apparently this is very well deserved.

Well, all that remains is a quick run around the league.

It finished Vipers 3 - 6 Blaze in the Northeast. Vipers did well to get back into that one, by the sound of it.

It is still Steelers 2 - 1 Panthers in the third. Bah.

In a shock result, both British teams got a pasting from the visiting AHL sides. The only shock there is the fact the Caps got one past the Marlies. Caps 1 - 6 Marlies. Giants 0 - Bulldogs 7

And with that, I am going to call it a night.

Thanks to all those who tuned in. Hopefully we will be running again tomorrow.

So, for now - Nos da.