Match Night Live
Sheffield Steelers 6 - 3 Cardiff Devils

Testing, testing, 45minutes to go until another victory :)

Chris with you tonight, don't forget the Match Night Live! email address is still :)

6-5 victory last night with 5 players missing, 3 players back tonight in Birbraer, Romfo and Hartwick!

Some emails coming in already, mainly concerning how awesome we played last night and wanting more of the same. GOOOOOOOOOOOO DEVILS :)

Hmmm, sounds like we may be on limited update capability for a while, people are stuck on the motorways :(

Well, 15mins to go, still a bit suspect on the old texting side :(

Thinking about it, this may be a good time to ask if there's anyone out there who can/could/would help out in future, unfortunately i'm off to Nottingham end of the month so need a couple of replacements, no longer can I send 150ish texts a game, need to split it between 2-3 people!

So if you can help, give me (Chris) a shout on the forums :)

We have texters! Get in :P

5 minute warning, 5 minutes until victory :D

Lights, camer, action. It's intro time!

Birbraer smiling like a loon during the warmup, looks like he's excited to be back :D

Another poor crowd for the Steelers by all accounts...

And Hicks is the man in charge tonight, not Carson! Someone up there might finally be starting to like us :)

Some Panthers fans have been spotted supporting the Devils, always nice to know there's others who hate the Steelers...

Don't forget the email address is, can't be long till we start kicking some arse :D

Obviously no Voth or Stone for us again, but Basiuk doesn't ice for the Steelers again tonight.

The anthems are done, it's time to play some hockey!

About 40 or so travelling support have gone up tonight!

The man God himself, Brad Voth is sat with the fans :)


And it's the M line that starts! Jarvoooooo and Richardson in defence.

And it's a Steelers penalty already, Sarich 2mins tripping at 0:52

Possibly a good time to say our powerplay was looking a lot sharper last night, finally getting some ice time at our rink must help

Oooooh, Devils come close to getting the 1st goal on the powerplay, but it just goes wide, great play from Smith on the powerplay.

and now it's the Devils turn for a penalty kill, Hill gets 2mins for tripping at 3:21

And Lyle with the first save of the game!

Another big save from Lyle

And that's the penalty killed. Hurrah!

Miller starting well tonight, can't be long before he nails one past Reiter

Big save for Reiter, Michel with the chance. Another ace signing :)

And it's another Devils penalty. Towe 2mins hooking at 6:47

And it's a goal for the Steelers :(

Goal timed at 6:52, Hutchins (booooooooo) from Sheppard and Sarich

Sounds like the Hutchins goal came from a rebound we didn't smother or clear.

And anothers Devils penalty :( Romfo 2mins holding at 9:06

Also have a Steelers penalty, Phillips 2mins tripping at the same time


And damnit, another Devils penalty. Birbraer 2mins tripping at 9:32

4on3 in Sheffields favour :(

Lyle saves, and another! Sheffield peppering us

Romfo and Phillips back, 5on4 for 26 seconds!

Lyle save and held, must be 11ish minutes gone

Birbraers penalty killed, finally back to 5on5, hopefully it'll last this time!

Well, that's just great...