Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 6 - 5 Sheffield Steelers

Hey hey here we are again... The Devils are back in the big blue tent taking on last years big rivals and league champions, the Sheffield Steelers...

Now.... who thinks we're gonna STICK IT TO 'EM TONIGHT?!?!?! Thoughts, views, and predictions to !

Players should be warming up just about now... not heard anything from my people yet...

Ref is Darnell.. woop de do... :| Mr Richardson is captain

Im sure most of you already know that Voth was given a 5 match ban for his "travesty of game" last week with Knight from Hull... In addition, Romfo, Birbraer and Hartwick were all given 1 match bans which means along with Stoney being out injured, we are five players down tonight. Romfo, Birbraer and Hartwick should be back tomorrow though.. Im not sure whether Smith is still sporting an injured shoulder after an incident with Hull last Saturday

Remember, any predictions for tonights outcome and views on the game, email

Intro time..... oooooo its getting exciting! Wish I could be at the match! I bet the atmosphere is immense considering the history between these teams!

Steelers are on the ice... all together now.. "boooo"

Smith is all better and playing tonight

Apparently there is a good crowd in the tent tonight... LOTS of noise :D

Andy from Newport on the email: I am going for devils 2 steelers 5. Just can't see us being able to cope with them with 5 players out. Just travelling home on the train from bristol temple meads. Red army, red army, red army.

And we're off.... Smith, Miller, Michel, Adams and Richardson on the ice

My spy hasnt yet spotted Basiuk or Dowd from the Steelers - perhaps theyre hiding!

Reiter saves from Davies at 1.03

2nd line is Jay, Hill and Davies

Hutchins from the Steelers gets a penalty at 2.10 - 2 mins for cross checking..

And Miller from the Devils also receives a penalty at 2.47 - 2 mins for interference

I have just been informed by David from Sheffield that Basiuk and Dowd are out injured but he isnt sure how long for

Devils Jarvis penalty at 3.33 - 2 mins for tripping.. leaving it 3 on 4 for 33 seconds

Steelers back to full strength

3 on 5 for 42 seconds

and the Steelers get one in

"Darnell is an idiot" from my other half at the rink tonight!

Goal on the PP at 4.26

Oh wait! Dowd IS playing!

Goal Dagenais from Legue and Sheppard

Steelers penalty at 5.18 - Philips 2 mins for hooking

Cruikshank also gets 2 mins for roughing at 5.18


On the email: <1> This is Michelle and Sheldon in Birch River Manitoba! Wanting to see a Devils win tonight! GO DEVILS!!

Devils goal at 6.09 on the PP. Michel from Miller and Adams

Another minute of the PP to go

I have just realised I havent put my chickens to bed..... oops... they'll just have to wait until the break! ha!

Devils miss an empty net!!

Steelers penalty at 8.28 - Cruikshank gets 2 mins for elbows

Apparently the Devils are allll over the Squeelers!

Theres a block full of Steelers fans - all SQUEEEEELING like mad!

On the email: Sue in Aberystwyth is always optomistic and hoping for a Devils win tonight. Come on DEVILS.

Steelers back to full strength

Boilbruck just cant get that puck from Towe. Steelers then offside at 11.16

Lyle saves at 11.45

Smith is looking quick tonight

Steelers goal at 12.15 Legue from Talbot and Sheppard

Steelers penalty at 13.32 - Hewitt gets 2 mins for boarding

Ben Davies is playing exceptionally well on the 2nd line apparently

the atmosphere has fallen slightly from the Devils... COME ON GUYS!!!

Handbags in the crease at 14.38


WOW!! intense! we're looking for lots of goals tonight methinks!

Apparently just before the goal Reiter got a bit desperate and threw himself on the floor to stop it!

Devils goal was at 14.56. Richardson skated from behind Lyle and scored! Amazing!

Richardson from Hill and Lyle...

The goal was on the PP and the Steelers are now back to full strength

Steelers get ANOTHER goal at 16.10

Dowd from Hewitt

Any predictions, comments etc to

Our defence is looking a little wobbly in places..

Boilbruck floored Jay - so Hill returned the favour :D

Word is that the 2nd line with Adams and Davies is working really well

Devils penalty at 17.38. Davies gets 2 mins for interference

Final minute of the first period

and WHAT a period! Im all worn out already just typing it!

Steelers icing at 19.29

Devils back to full strength

Good save by Lyle right on the buzzer

Go get yourselves a cup of tea people and everyone meet back here in 15 minutes

Devils 2 -3 Steelers

Chickens are now in bed :D

Apparently the Steelers are pushing really hard, and its very end to end, but the Devils are clearly missing their defensemen

On the email: 'FPxDevils26' Fern is in Bargoed ill in bed, Gutted that i cudn't come tonight, lovin the-inferno. Looking for an awesome win tonight for the Devils, So mad at the league for the bans tbh, cant wait untill Brad and the others are back, Red Army FTW tonight! x

Steelers are back on the ice

Devils back out

2nd line starts

Handbags! Devils offside at 22.13

Apparently Philips has a lovely pink handbag... must clash awfully with the jersey though O.o

Penalties at 22.33 - Steelers Hewitt and Devils Fisher get 2 mins for roughing each


woo hoooo!!!! everyone get up and PART-AY!!

We have got ENL stand ins and apparently they have been throwing some big hits

I think Fisher must be an ENL lol... that confused the hell outta me!

Devils 3rd goal at 22.39. Jarvis from Smith and Miller... Awesome play!



Smith is ON FIRE apparently!

4th goal at 24.03 - Smith AMAZING from my spies! Goal from his own rebound! From Towe and Hill

Steelers have another goal too and have called a timeout

oops no, apparently not.. confusing

Hill has floored Sheppard mid-ice

The Devils 4th goal was whilst it was 4 on 4

Apparently the Devils are really going for it and the Brits are looking exceptional

Hectic over in the tent by the sounds of it! such excitement!

Devils icing at 26.51

Devils are looking dangerous on the attack

Puck out of play at 27.31. Reiter deflected out after Hill and Davies breakaway

Hutchins having handbags with Towe and Davies.. annnnnddd...


Towe is going for it!

I think Hutchins is winning

Both benches were on the ice but it stayed calm

Penalties will be timed at 28.08

Hutchins (Steelers) gets 2 mins roughing and 2 mins illegal equipment, and 5 mins fighting. Towe gets 5 mins for fighting

Getting tense and heated now

Dowd is sitting one of Hutchins' 2 mins

Devils hit pipes

Gah... a really good Devils goal washed out as the whistle was blown

Disallowed due to players in the crease apparently at 29.26

One of Hutchins' penalties has finished; 2 more mins of PP

Reiter deflects Adams shot out of play at 31.02

Devils are starting to look a bit tired and Steelers are putting their efforts into defence

Dowd back on the ice, back to 5 on 5

Devils icing at 32.50

Steelers are trying hard to exploit those tired legs of the Devils and pushing hard

Devils penalty at 32.56, Jarvis gets 2 mins for delay of game

Any more comments, predictions and questions to

Michel floors Cruikshank

Refs dont blow

Jarvis back

Handbags after Lyle saves at 35.06

Towe is back but theres another penalty coming

Penalties at 35.06 - Devils Miller and Steelers Hewitt both get 2 mins for roughing

back to 4 on 4 play

Steelers penalty at 35.25 - Legue gets 2 mins for slashing and its down to 4 on 3


Towe almost did a replay of the amazing earlier Richardson goal but was slashed down

Richardson is everywhere - he is a one man defence and playing exceptionally well!

5th goal was at 35.43. Jarvis from Jay. It was announced as Smith scoring but was in fact Jarvis

Back to 5 on 5

Steelers 4th goal

at 37.46 - 2 on 0 breakaway. Sarich from Legue and Sheppard - they are working hard tonight!

Devils penalty at 38.02. Davies 2 mins for hooking

Sounds like the refs are giving Shuff loads of leeway

End of 2nd period - Devils lead 5-4

Devils have been looking good and giving the Brits a lot of ice time

Steelers back out

Devils out

Reiter save at 41.02

oo Jarvis was close

Steelers icing at 43.27.

Steelers offside at 45.01

on email: Just got in off a twelve hour shift and couldn't see a more eye pleasing scoreline thus far... I'm here for the third so COME ON DEVILS from me :)

Devils starting to look tired

Devils penalty at 46.22. Adams gets 2 mins for cross checking

Lyle save at 47.38

Towe and Richardson are playing so well they are practically indistinguishable from the imports... nice to hear it boys, keep up the good work!

Hill went onto defence during the penalty kill.... Adams is now back

Steelers penalty at 49.55. Thomas gets 2 mins for interference

Reiter save at 50.10

Puck out of play at 52.22

Reiter saves again at 51.42

Lots of mistakes creeping in...

Lyle saves at 52.49

Almost on the home run now... can we keep it at 5-4!?

If we can roll them over tonight with so many key players out, just think what tomorrow is going to be like with them back!

Smith missed an empty net!!

Linesman got in way of puck and causes a faceoff in the Devils zone... grrrrrr!!!

Talbot gets in Adams face.. penalties are a coming!

55 mins gone.... Devils are having lots of chances and despite their tiredness, its still end to end

Adams gets 2 mins for roughing at 54.52

Talbot also gets 2 mins for roughing

The ref isnt calling anything against the Devils at the moment

Devils icing at 56.12

Not long now.... tension building

Lyle saves of the faceoff

Michel just missed

57 mins, the Devils are looking on form for another goal.. can they do it?!

Lyle save at 57.47

Followed by handbags

Into the final two minutes


Lyle saves at 58.03

The crowd are going mental!

Devils icing at 58.11

"Red Army" is filling the tent now!

Reiter save at 58.59

Atmosphere INTENSE AS... !!

We're gonna win! Yeah we're gonna win!

Reiter pulled at 59.04

59.04 puck out of play

59.04 - Devils Michel gets 2 mins for delay of game

Devils have four men on the ice, Sheffield have 6 after pulling Reiter... oooooooo!!!!!

My God its 6 on 4 for almost the whole of the last minute!!!!


"Darnell is a joke" from my spy

We think it was Legue was its so loud my spies cant hear the announcements!!

goal at 59.12

penalties on their way

handbags at 59.25

4 on 4 for 35 seconds

Sarich got 2 for slashing

Michel gets 2 mins for charging

End of regulation


Claims that the ref is for the Squeelers tonight.....

and its going absolutely mental in the tent!

3 on 3 for 1.26 in OT

and off we go into OT

Lyle saves

Wrap around from the Devils doesnt find an open man

Smith breakaway - Reiter saves

Darnell just isnt calling anything

Steelers knock Lyles net off its moorings

at 61.32

back to 4 on 4


Miller breakaway - Reiter saves

Steelers Hutchins gets 2 mins for roughing at 61.45

Devils have a timeout

Devils faceoff in Steelers zone



They stuffed it to them!!!

Game ended at 62.52

Hill scored the winning goal and on a powerplay too!! Cheeky lil Devil!

Hill from Michel and Adams

What a night!

Cardiff Devils win 6-5 against the Sheffield Steelers

Man of the match for Steelers is Doug Sheppard

Michel is stripping his shirt for shirt off his back.... now now ladies

Man of the Match for the Devils is Mark Richardson

Very well deserved there Mark

Devils have stuffed the Shuff, four imports down

Voth got a standing ovation from the crowd

Thats it from MNL tonight guys. Thanks for watching and emailing.

Remember the Devils will be in Sheffield tomorrow (Sunday) night, facing off at 7pm and hopefully (!) MNL will be keeping you up to date with the details again!