Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 5 - 2 Hull Stingrays

Testing - one two. Hopefully this thing is working.

By my clock, there is about 45 minutes to go. This should be a good game - Devils out for some payback from last night.

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My texters have arrived. Devils are out on the ice.

Smith is with them!!!! That has made my month. Looks like last nights knock wasn't as serious as some had thought.

Predictions? Comments? Let me know -

Personally, I thought we had the edge on Hull last night. We just seemed to be a bit reticent to hit them. I hope we take it to them on our ice! It will be close, but I think we will win by 2 goals in regulation.

I'm assuming that there isn't any other shocks in tonight's warm-up, and that all Devils are present and correct!

That's the warm-up over!

Let's see what this evening brings :D

Comments, questions - or just to let me know where you are in the world

First time I'd really watched Lyle last night for a good few years. I was pleasantly surprised. Even if he does want to be Martin Brodeur. But, who wouldn't?

Think I may have to see if I can get some more video of Lyle in action. He seems to stand up more than other netties - which is no bad thing in my view. I like my netminders to save not just block shots.

Waiting for the puck to drop. These are the time when I miss home the most! I would love to be in that rink tonight!

Looks like we have some action. The officials are out!

Smith is the man in charge for this evening.

Dave Smith (probably not too far from me)
Come on Stingrays play the same as last night`s 2nd and 3rd period and you will come away with a win!

I'm hoping for the opposite... sorry...

The new intro is underway. Apparently it's "All Good". Sure the club will like that!

Matt Towe is announced as sponsored by the Inferno! C'mon Matt - do what we know you can do!

The mail is starting to arrive:
sue from aberystwyth is predicting a 3 - 1 win for the devils

Smith hasn't been announced as playing, despite warming up. Hopefully it is only a precaution.

Smith is not on the bench.

And Here We Go

First home game of the new season!!

We have started with the second line. Voth, Latulippe and Hill.

Hull Penalty

Jorde, 2 mins holding at 23 seconds.

Devils come close to scoring!


Devils Powerplay goal at 57 seconds. Hill from Latulippe and Voth.

Handbags after the goal, but no penalties.

Let's go Devils!!!!

Looks like the Devils are out to make amends for last night. Not that loosing to Hull is a disgrace this season.

Devils penalty at 1:26. Michel gets 2+10 for checking to the head.

Michel floored Glowa, who went down injured, but got up shortly after

Hull offside @ 3:11

Davies served the 2 minutes. Back to 5 on 5.


Voth floors Knight (finally). I was waiting for that all last night!

Chris: Loads of penalties coming

Emma in Hull:
hey lol dont count us stingrays out of the game just coz your winning lol, you were 2 nil up last nite and ahem we won ;)
I would never count the Rays out this year. Or any year for that matter.

I'm still waiting for the details of the penalties. Only 3:44 played!

All at 3:44
Knight 2 minutes slashing, 2 + 10 instigating, 5 for fighting
Voth 5 minutes fighting
Adams 2+2game for leaving the bench.

Hull penalty at 4:25. Koulikov 2 min interference.


Devils 2nd goal - Jarvis unassisted powerplay goal. Back to 5 on 5.

Smith is stood behind the bench in normal clothes.

Towe hits Cloutier, and then Gomenyuk. Does Hull sign these guys just to make typing hard?

Lyle save at 6:04. It is a lot more physical - thank you :D

Puck out of play at 6:12


Devils 3rd Goal. Latulippe from Miller and Richardson. Awesome goal apparently.

Hull time out after third goal.

Hull goal wiped out. It was kicked in. Wrong sport guys.

Dez in Hull
as well as following the game on the inferno, theres a couple of us on the hull forum chat facility, anyone welcome to join us.
Come on Stingrays!!!!!!

Sandahl save at 7:02.

Is that the fourth shot on goal?

Latulippe is rotating in the 1st line. Probably easier if he went in a straight line!

Yet another fight. I think we are getting our own back for last night.

Towe vs Reynolds at 8:21. Go Matt.

C'mon - where are those comments

I thought Towe was going to have a go last night. He was receiving a load of stick last night, and looked ready to go at it.

Those penalties for the fight.
Hull - Reynolds 2 mins holding + 2 mins Roughing.
Devils - Towe 2 mins Roughing
All at 8:21.

Voth is back, and even the puck is scared and leaves the ice. All at 10:04.

Hopefully everyone is OK and enjoying the game? Any glitches, problems?

Apparently those pens were wrong.
Hull Esters got 2 mins for holding at 8:21. Apparently he isn't in the box though.
Reynolds got 2 + 2 for Roughing.

Devils icing at 11:23. Towe returns. Our secret weapon ;)

Chris in Hull
Always knew you were a closet Stingrays fan.
I've been living too long in Scunthorpe - it does strange things to you, G

Devils icing again at 11:34. Miller and Burns compare handbags.

Penalties at 11:34. Miller and Burns both get 2+2 for Roughing.

There will be no-one left to play at this rate!

Hull goal at 12:31

From Chris (so I don't get blamed):
Hull trip 2 Devils players, Smith watches but no call. Hull breakaway and goal

Hull Goal Kalmikov from Hutchinson.

Again from Chris:
All the players were expecting tripping calls which didn't come, Lyle off guard. Even Hull were shocked!!

My mums moto (well, substituting football references) - Play the puck not the whistle

Jay hits the pipes.

From Janet
We can't let this lead go again surely
I hope so too!

It has all gone a bit muted since the Hull goal. 16 minutes gone.

From Gareth (not me):
Are they going for the longest first period ever - nearly 40 minutes since face off and only into the 13th minute?

Good save from Sandahl at 16:17 from Birbraer. Michel and Miller return.

Lyle save at 16:57

Miller beats Sandahl but hits the pipes.

Sandahl save at 18:21. Birbraer breakaway again.

Final minute

Puck out of play at 19:27.

I'm assuming that is the end of the period - as people have started updating Facebook (the great evil).

Off to get some milk. Hopefully the Devils can cement their lead in the next two periods!!

Shots on goal for the first period:
Devils 16 - Hull 7

Chris thinks this is a different team to last night. Sounds like they have found the forward and "hit" manoeuvres to me.

Waiting for them to drop the puck for the second period.

Good crowd in the tent by all accounts.

I though Sue was being optomistic earlier - I am just hoping we can better it
Well thats my prediction reached in the first period so any more goals for the Devils is a bonus.

And we are off for the third period!

Second even - sorry... don't hold two conversations at the same time!

Devils penalty - 21:16. Hartwick 2 minutes holding.

Looks like no-one saw my gaff there phew

Apparently our penalty kill is awesome! Here is hoping we can keep a two goal lead tonight.

Devils back to full strength. Hull had no shots on the powerplay. How I like it!

Hull offside at 24:04. Knight returns boooo

Devils offside at 24:26

Richardson floors Knight mid-ice. *owww*

25 minutes gone. Calmer start to the period, but we are still putting the pressure on.

Sandahl save at 26:04

From Keith in Aber
what do you think about The Boss jumping the wall to fight,
i think that is a big mistake on his behave, i think he should show some discipline to the rest of the team!! fighting is one thing when you are on the ice, but when you are the boss you should lead by example

I'm with you Keith. Not sure if he went to fight, but you are not allowed to address the ref. He needs to learn to compartmentalise if he is a player coach.

Hull offside at 26:55

Hull goal at 28:21. Breakaway that Lyle saved, but we didn't clear.

Please lets not start that again! They were struggling with that last night.

Hull 2nd goal Kalmikov from Thompson and Reynolds.

I think Geraintmay be right:
6-2 I think today

Despite the goal, it is fairly end to end stuff. We are making defensive errors though, and that is gifting Hull.

Devils shot deflected out of play at 30:26

Knight and Miller having some 'words'

Sandahl save at 30:47.

Minor handbags, but no penalties.

From Claire at the game
Apparently if you lay across Voth and don't get up, it isn't a penalty

Davies shot deflected out of play at 31:17.

Hull penalty at 31:46. Cloutier 2 minutes interference.

Lead from the front mate!

Devils hit the pipes!

Any comments? Questions? Suggestions for my tea?

Is anyone having any problems with the MNL software tonight?

Devils offside at 33:11. Romfo is apparently making a lot of errors tonight.

Hopefully a full weeks of practices will sort them out.

Apparently they are not sure is Glowa came back after Michel's hit in the first period.

Retribution for Smith?

Hull are back to full strength, and no-one noticed. Sounds promising.

Miller breakaway shot goes high.

Hull icing at 35:48


Devils 4th goal at 35:59

Goal is Latulippe from Hill. That second line is really working it!

Sandahl save at 36:26

Sounds like we are moving in the right direction.

Apparently there are only two empty sponsor boards, and the ice looks ace. Hopefully we can practice on it too.

Towe shots is just saved.

Hull penalty at 37:51 - Knight 2 minutes Hooking.

Ooops - that should be Jorde not Knight.

Blame my texter.

Final minute

Andy in Newport:
Sounds like a great game in the bay tonight. Shame I couldn't make it.
Come on devils a good start to the challenge cup.
Devils to win 6. 3.

Sandahl with an awesome save at 39:46

Sounds like he could be the signing of the off season for Hull.

End of the second, and we are at 4-2 to the Devils.

Latulippe with another great goal in that period, hopefully he can make it a hat-trick in the third!

I'm going to watch a recording of some dodgy TV from the week, and drink my green tea (I am addicted ;) ). See you for the third!

For real this time

Updates from around the league:
Steelers 0 - 1 Giants (End of Second)
Vipers 2 - 2 Panther (in 3rd)

This could be anyones league this year!

We are moments away from the 3rd period.

Glowa is changed into street clothes and stood behind Hull bench.

3 minutes to play in Newcatle, and Vipers lead 3 - 2 to the Panthers.

How did the devils do away last night?
This is Sam from Abergavenny and i predict a 5-3 win tonight for the devils.

Devils lost 4 - 2. Looked strong, but Hull pulled back a 2 goal deficit.

Here we go into the third! (for real this time).

Shots on goal:
Devils 15
Hull 9

More of the same please Devils!

Reynolds floored mid ice. *bump*

Hull icing at 41:36. Devils almost score, and Hull forced to clear.

Hull penalty at 41:45. Craig Mitchell 2 minutes slashing.

Dan in Hull
does you texter happen to know what the injury to Glowa is or the extent please?

They are only going by the fact he turned up behind the bench. I'll ask about though.

Sandahl beaten, but Birbraer glances off the pipes.

Hull are back to full strength.

Puck out of play at 44:57

So far, no-one knows what happened to Glowa. Only that he's not playing.

Devils offside at 45:25

Hull are under pressure.

Sandahl's nets come off at 46:36

I've had no time to talk about tea preferences or curry recipes tonight. Not sure if that is good or bad!

Lyle saves a Hull breakaway, after another defensive error!

From Dan in Hull
Thanx for the update, hoping its not serious, bad enough having Lee Mitchell out from pre season

I hope so too mate. He is entertaining to watch. It s always bad seeing one of your stars go out injured.

From Adam White at the rink about Glowa
He stayed down after the fight for a bit but don't know much else

Hull penalty 49:27 - Reynolds 2 minutes interference.

Hill nails Kalmikov.

Devils looking a lot more threatening going forward. Looking forward to seeing them once they have had a chance to practice! (moan moan, whine whine)

From Stingray's Tweeter:
great updates as always! Thanks for these! Just a quick question... Do you know how bad the Jeff Glowa injury is and what happened?

Still no more news sorry.

From Gareth:
Vipers won 5-3! Every team (well, expect Edinburgh) have been beaten after just 3 games! Definitely going to be much closer than in recent seasons throughout the league.

I am more than a little excited about this season mate :D

Apparently our third line of Towe, Davies and Hayes are really playing well. Fighting for everything.

Devils shot out of play at 50:53.

Hull back to full strength.

Tows and Hayes just miss on an awesome play.

Sandahl saves at 53:05

Hull penalty at 53:05. Hutchinson 2 minutes delay of game.


Devils 5th goal at 53:10. Jarvis from Latulippe. Powerplay goal!

3 point night for Jay!

Voth hits the pipes with a mid air deflection. NHL style!

Birbraer is apparently looking really quick. Getting back to the Max we know and love.

Handbags between Davies and Esders at 55:41. Leave our Ben alone!

Hull penalty at 55:41. Esders 2 minutes roughing.

Geraint Walters
6-2 is still on! haha

Sandahl good glove save at 55:53

Looks like Geraint is right ;)

Dave Smith (from Hull I presume)
Just to let you know Esders is an 18 year british kid lol!

So is Ben Davies ;)

Sandahl save at 57:05

We want 6 :D

The guys compare their accessories (handbags at least) at 57:37.

All gone quiet. I hate this bit lol

Devils penalty at 57:37. Voth 2 minutes boarding. Surfs up?

Hull back to full strength

Final 2 minutes

Awesome Lyle save.

Dave in Hull
great updates thanks and good luck for the rest of the season!

Same to all you guys in Hull.

Sandahl save Miller breakaway.

Final minute

Devils offside at 59:33

5 v 5

Fights. Knight went for Voth as he returned to the ice.

Knight and Voth are fighting behind the benches apparently. What that mean I don't know.

But I understand Bench Clearance

Sound like it is finishing with a bang. Crowd going mad.

Sound like it is finishing with a bang. Crowd going mad.

The whole tent is chanting 'Loses'. Utter chaos by all accounts.

23 seconds left, and security have been called to the benches.

This can't be good. The league will look to stamp their authority probably.

The standard 'Red Army' chant started before the brawl.

Apparently Knight went for Michel at 59:37

Right, sorting out all these texts - bear with me.

Sounds like Knight was sent from the game, and pulled the plexi out to get to Voth.

Hupe threw his stick at the Devils bench like a spear

Birbraer being hit from the bench and over the plexi.

Game has been ended early at 59:37. Clock run down, and Hull sent to the changing room.

'Utter chaos' is the repeated phrase

No on ice presentations. Devils skated around rink and go directly off.

Devils win 5 - 2

Need to see the offical write-up to make full sense of that. Or, phone my sister for full debrief.

Wish I'd gone tonight. Sounded like an um.............. steelers game! Hull will hopefully get some fines thrown at them for these incidents!

Looking forward to seeing what went on. Something will come of this.

Penalties have yet to be announces.

Right, spoken to sister

Sounds like Knight went for Latiluppe. Voth's penalty ended, and he came out of the box and went for Knight.

Knight and Voth got game penalties

Knight charges at Voth, ripping a plexi out to use as a weapon.

Behind the benches...

Hull players pushed out plexi behind the bench to join the fight

Devils throwing punches over the top of the plexi.

Jay threw himself over the bench plexi to help

Franny, the water boy, everyone throwing punches.

Well - may we live in interesting times eh?

Guessing that Voth will be getting a ban. He was in the building!

So, an interesting night by all accounts.

And on that note - I'm going to sign off.

I'm looking forward to see what the League and the press make of this.

So that's it from me ;)

Nos Da (Gareth aka TheStub)