Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 1 - 2 Newcastle Vipers

Its oldtime Devils hockey tonight with OJ in the MNL chair. Nott Simpson is innocent

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Not icingg gggggfor the Devils Brad Voth and Likit Andersson

Mr D Smith is again in charge

There is no truth, more's the pity, in the rumour that the Devils have signed Merlin

Remember we would like to hear from you out there at OJ

We have Blackout at the Tent

Looks like 1250 including 10 Vipers

Welcome to KP from Newcastle.

Ceremonial Face Off underway

Lets hope for a good un tonite and no slacking off Devils

I suppose in the old days we knew what to expect, when the Devils got stronger as the game went on

Devils Captain tonight is Prpich

The hare is running and we are away

Lundin and Prpich having words at 50secs

Vipers goal at 1:02

Vipers goal scored by Griffith assist Lundin

Massive Devils defence blunder led to opener for Vipers

Welcome Carl

Vpers all over Devils in opening 4 minutes

Hill fails on a clear chance

Verner saves from Latulippe at 4:50

Verner makes fine save on effort by Towe at 5:52

Willis and Campbell have words

Devils 3rd line are up for it, Verner saves from Cowmeadow @7:08

Prprich nets with an air shot

Goal dissallowed at 7:33

Vipers Penalty - Campbell minor roughing @7:33

Vipers Penalty - Rankin minor interference @9:26

Halfway through opener and Devils on powerplay

Devils are getting shots away on powerplay but cannot maintain presence in zone

With another Verner save, from Jarvis Devils come away enptyhanded from powerplay

Prprich putting some big hits in especially on Lundin

13 minutes gone in a scrappy game by all accounts

Come on u Devil;s lets have a goal

Payette huffing and puffing his way around, more donkey than dragon for sure

Not a very exciting game I am sorry to report

@ 16:30 no real chances for the Devils to open their account

By all accounts game beginning to come alive as we enter lasr two minutes of period 1

Latulippe fails with the best chance so far at 19minutes

Vipers penalty Gouett boarding minor @19:04

Devils go offside on powerplay

Thats it folks for the opening period 1-0 to the Vipers

Away teams are ahead in all games this evening

Time for a coffee, I am freezing, I should be in Tenerife soaking up the sun

Vipers goal resulted from a high clearance by the Vipers that went over the heads of Hartwich, Jarvis

Second period starts with Devils on poerplay for 1:05

Devils powerplay non existent, in fact they are having trouble leaving their end zone

Aubry keeps Devils in game with a fine save @22:43

Verner saves at 23:21

Payette having words with Hartwick

Rankin dislodges Devils net @23:42

Devils penalty - Hill interference minor @24:42

Devils kill penalty

Verner saves from Hill @26:19

Vipers penalty - Gouett tripping minor @26:59

Halfway through the powerplay and Aubry has had to play the puck three times

Maybe the Devils don't know which end they are attacking

Vipers Campbell starts on Prpich, McCallister also gets penalty

Vipers penatles - Campbell roughing minor McCallister kooking minor both at 28:25

I assume Devils on 5 on 3

That has woken up the crowd

Verner doing well for Vipers

No joy with 5 on 3

Devils penalty - Silverthorn hooking minor @31:45

Aubry still keeping Devils in game, Vipers powerplay in Devils zone for whole penalty

Texters report that Prich and Cowmeadow are the ones most likely to score

Save Verner @36:50

Devils not up to the pace of the game, laboured in everything they do

Verner saves from Hill @38:04

Vipers Griffith hit Devils pipes @38:51

Last minute of second period

End of goal less 2nd period still 1-0 to the Vipers

The considered view is that the defence corps are not up to the job failing to clear their zone or keeping the puck in the attacking zone during powerplays

Cowmeadow, Hill and Prprich stand out for the Devils. Campbell & Latulippe playing well. Stone have a nightmare

Two minutes before resumption. Come on u Devils lets see one of those characteristics fightbacks of yesteryear

Here we go for the third

By the tiome we get control of the puck its time for a line change

Save Aubry @ 42:10

Vipers penalty - Lundin roughing monor @43:28

Verner makes another save at 44:30

Prpich hits the pipes

Much improved powerplay but no goals

For those of you interested it is 1-1 in Sweden between The Senators and Penguins after 1st poriod

Come on Devils give us a goal like Senators

Vipers Penalty Verner delay of game minor @ 47:29

Devils GOAL It worked

Devils goal scored by Hinks, assists Hartwick, Silverthorn @48:36

Powerplay goal - Hartwick shot hit the post and Hinks put it in

Last 10 minutes of the game, we need another goal Devils & Senators

Penguins score so keep those Vipers out you Devils

Game time 52:44 still 1-1

Gone quiet in the Bay

Devils penalty Hartwick interference minor @ 54:19

Aubry makes good save @ 45:30

54:30 that should have been - apologies

Penguins 0/6 on powerplays but score shorthanded. Come on Devils get us that winner

McCallister gives Prpich a bloody nose after dodgy check @56:43

Expect some fistycuffs when play resumes - You heards it first on MNL

Final 3 minutes

Final two minutes announced

At 58:53 OT is round the corner

Verner makes save @59:42

We are into 5minutes of overtime

Apologies for not giving you SoG but no infornation coming from rink Pim Devils 6 Vipers 16

Two minutes OT completed

Senators tie game then go ahead with shg

Massive hit on Hinks

Devils penalty Jarvis slashing minor @63:27

Vipers Goal

Vipers goal scored by Longstaff, assist Campbell @ 64:38

Vipers Mom - Verner

Devils Mom Phil Hill

Final Score Devils 1 VIPERS 2

Thats it folks until the next MNL, thanks to Chris our intrepid reporter at the Tent. OJ