Match Night Live
Newcastle Vipers 5 - 4 Cardiff Devils

So has everybody has a good Sunday afternoon so far?
Funny how a penalty shout out win can help the weekend seem even better
For the second night running Finny is your host with the rest of the guys still enjoying their away trip in Newcastle.

So what did we learn from last night?
From reading various comments from people at the game, it seemed we should have won the game in the first 10 minutes but Robinsons was doing a great impression of a brick wall.
Richardson was once again one of our stand out players, and Romfo seems to have settled in well alongside Hartwick.
We did seem to tire in the final period and I fear that lack of training combined with some players only arriving in the country this week might catch up with us tonight.
However, perhaps the biggest positive to take from last night was the fact we came back from being 3-1 down to win. Does this team have that vital mindset of "We Shall Not Lose" that has been missing the last couple of seasons?
Game 2 of the 2009-10 season starts in just over an hour and assuming Chris has remembered to charge his phone over night we should have all the updates here. Server permitting of course....

In the other games around the country:
Steelers started the defence of their title in disastrous form by losing 3-1 at home to Coventry. Apparently Sarich on the wing isn't working, Reiter let in a soft one but made lots of good saves, whilst some fans are not yet convinced on Hutchins' determination. Are we supposed to be shocked?

Meanwhile Nottingham give Belfast a 4-1 drubbing, helped in no small way by the fact Nottingham spent almost half the game on the PP.
McMorrow is thought to have only iced about 7 times during the whole game, and one of those earnt him 6 minutes in the bin.

Tonights other games are:
Coventry Blaze v Nottingham Panthers CC (6pm)
Hull Giants v Belfast Giants (6pm)

Our usual email address isn't working still so we'll be using once again
I want to hear your thoughts on last night, both our result and the other games. Are you annoyed the Blaze got off to a win or still smirking over Sheffield's loss.
Have you had a busy sunday afternoon doing the garden and DIY, or have you been lazing around like I have?


Think Devils will win tonight in regulation time 4-2, Steelers fans are not happy with there line up, and are descibing them as a pussy team with no Steel whatsoever. See there point, as a Pussy team at Cardiff would go down like a lead balloon. Anyway come on the lads, a 4 point weekend will do just dandy.



Hello from a wet Aberystwyth lets have another win but i dont feel good about to night. lets hope im wrong

Sorry to hear about the rain Keith, the weather in Cardiff is actually sunny and the best it's been in weeks!

Though I guess you don't really want to hear that...


Still going for 3-1 win tonight. Miller, Max, Latulippe with the goals.

Nice warm day in Aberdare. Playing football at 7 so will miss the last period!

Thinking about the Wannabe2's point earlier about a weak team not going down well in Cardiff. We have been pretty lucky with out players being tough
Who have been your favourite tough guys for the Devils? Or of course you own team if we have any neutrals/Vipers fans here tonight. Doesn't necessarily have to be the biggest guy - but someone who was always willing to step in for his teammates.


Russky is happy and hoping for another win tonight

At the end of the game a win is a win, whether it be in regulation time or a shoot-out!

Players are on the ice and warming up. Thankfully everyone is still alive and we have no changes from last night's line-up.


On the subject of favorite tough guys, obviously there is Ware and McWilliam, but I also love the middle wieghts and for me Clayton Norris Deserves a mention.


Hoping for another devils win tonight and think we will get it in normal time. I think the guys will be getting a better understanding of each other everytime they go out on the ice together. I also think our band of supporters getting behind the team will do a great job of lifting the players through tiredness.

Looks like we are going to have a delay to face off tonight. Zamboni has only just got onto the ice and they are currently replacing the plexiglass. Will keep you updated.

Clayton Norris - now he was one fearless guy and top bloke. Will always remember him throwing pucks over the plexi at the end of the warm-up to the kids, and even though he had moved to Nottingham he spent a whole night in the Cricketers at the playoffs one night singing anti-Steelers songs. Good times :)

If anyone else fancies joining in on the chat but would like to keep their true identity secret, you can send me a PM on the main Inferno Forum.


Unfortunately im stuck in work til 6pm tonight, but hoping the day will be made sweeter by another devils win. Im predicting 4 - 2 devils tonight.

David In Belfast:

hopes newcastle, coventry and belfast win tonite


Thanks for the great coverage last night finny, edge of the seat stuff, Lets hope we have a less stressful win tonight.

The real thanks must go to my texters in Newcastle though. Oh, and the players of course!

Carl Carmarthen:

i thinking a devils win 4-2 with miller gettin 1 goal and smith a hat-rick

Big cheer from the away support as the Devils take to the ice

And now the Vipers take to the ice. Slightly less impressive cheer

Mahrle is once again absent (hoorah!) and Hanson is once again referee (boooo!)

Anthems time...will they let our fans sing our Anthem without playing noise over it.....


Lets see the quality of text tonight after the texters had a night in Newcastles Bigg Market. We were top of the league for half hour last night !!!


Clayton Norris or Chucky as he was known to us was a feisty character, his fights with Doyle of Ayr were legendary, and he feared no one. All these guys were earlier models of the Vother who also fears nought. Anyway lets go tonight guys, we are the Devils and everyone else better take notice.


Email me your favourite tough guys at

And once again the DJ lets us down. Muppet.

Looks like the Vipers crowd is a bit smaller than it was last night.

Staring line up is Smith, Birbraer, Miller, Jarvis and Richardson. And (in true Murray Walker fashion) we are GO GO GO!!! we aren't. Not enough lights are back on to start.

Take 2.

This time we are definately go. Vipers win first faceoff

00:38 Ouch. Smith gets floored and the puck.

MRA is like a library again.


My favourite tough guy was Mike Ware, although Mike Mcwilliam comes a very close second

Email me your favourite tough guys at

Puck goes across the crease, but Davies can't get his stick to it.

02:48 - Robinson saves. It's all Devils so far.

Vipers respond by getting physical with the Devils.

Good save from a Latulippe shot.


Fav Fighters: Heavey, Macwilliam obviously, Waresy, Aeron Boh too true, Paxton Shulte, Barry Nieckar, Andy Beazue legend, Louie Bedard, and Mr Brad Voth.

04:24 - Devils Penalty. Hayes 2 mins for Holding.

Just before the penalty the Vipers hit the post. I don't think the two incidents are connected....surely?

05:02 - Lyle makes the save as the Vipers go on the PP.

Devils on penalty kill but are counter attacking with every chance they get.

6:17 - Lyle makes an easy save.

And the Devils return to full strength.

6:44 - A better Vipers chance, but Lyle saves the shot.

07:22 - Another scramble in the Vipers crease. It is cleared but the Devils fire it back in. This time Robinson makes the save and holds onto the puck.

Vipers Goal

Vipers 1-0 Devils

Krajl (Petricko, Longstaff) @ 08:09

Hmmm.. that seemed to come against the run of play. I'm told the Devils need to get more physical!

Vipers DJ had to play fake cheering on the PA system as the Vipers fans are still soooooooo quiet.

09:45 - Vipers Penalty. Domish 2 mins for Hooking.

10:57 - Devils shoot........put it hits the pipes and goes out of play!

Vipers return to full strength.

Devils Goal

Vipers 1-1 Devils Adams @ 11:54

We think the goal was a shot from the blueline, unfortunately our texter missed it as he was telling us the Vipers were back to full strength.

12:46 - Vipers go offside.

13:44 - Devils Penalty. Miller 2 mins for Holding.

Devils fans disagree with Hanson. I don't think it will be the last time tonight!


IH update is claiming our goal was scored by number 99,. So looks like Gretzky's visa was sorted

Devils players unsure whether to play physical or not. Vipers check us hard, Hanson's arm stays down. We check them back, up goes his arm.

15 minutes gone. So far we are attacking more on the PK than the PP!


who scored for us?

I think it was Gerad Adams.

Devils back to full strength

16:00 - Lyle makes the save.


last nite i was told that one of our goal scorers was hinks?!!!!

Looks like IH-Update haven't updated their line-ups yet.

Stick with MNL. 80% of the time we're right everytime ;)

16:34 - Devils ice the puck. Our passing is going through a dodgy spell again.


Voth floors.........somebody. And about time too.

17:21 - Robinson save.

Into the final two minutes of the first period...

18:36 - Devils Penalty. Smith 2 mins for Slashing.

Devils on the PK as we go into the final minute.

End of 1st Period:

Vipers 1-1 Devils

Looks like we are having problems with the Server once again sorry. I think when we get too popular it gets over excited and reboots itself. So if the updates stop, wait a minute or so and then refresh it.

david in belfast:

is glad to see coventry winnning 2-0 and giants winning 1-0


i think something should be dione or said to elite leagu about hanson so that somebody can come and review a few of his matches that he officiates but dont tell him that he's being reviewed coz its getting rediculous,no sorry its past rediculous!!!

Some of the guys at the game reckon that Hanson seems to get worse the further north he goes. Can't post the exact words they used - family forum and all that.

Incase you missed it during the downtime, the Devils had to kill 5-on-3 for the final 30 seconds of the period. When the second period resumes they will have to do the same for a further 35 seconds before we go back to 5-on-4.

Looks like Panthers scored two quick goals in Coventry.

Blaze 2-2 Panthers in the final minute of 1st period.

And the second period is back underway....

(thanks for the warning guys!)

20:27 - Puck goes out of play once again.

Smith is back on the ice. We now have 50 seconds of trying to kill the 5-on-4

Vipers Goal

Vipers 2-1 Devils

Tjechma (Kindle, Domish) @ 21:06 PP goal.

End of 1st Period:

Stingrays 1-2 Giants

Vipers Goal

Vipers 3-1 Devils

Longstaff (Gouett) @ 22:16

Poor goal gifted to the Vipers. An awful pass gives the Vipers a 2 on 0 and they make no mistake.

This has been an awful start to the second period!

23:56 - Devils offside.

Our passing is far too inconsistant at the moment.

Come on Devils, sort it out!

26:03 - Robinson saves 26:07 - Robinson saves again.

25:32 - Vipers Penalty. Kralj 2 mins for Hooking


i said 3.1 loss last night

Let's hope we can get our PP working


And no sooner do I suggest we need our PP to click - it seems like it has done just that!

Vipers 3-2 Devils

Smith (Hill) @ 26:24. PP Goal

Robinson is making the save in the Vipers net, but giving up the big rebound. Unfortunately we can't get to the rebound in time......... so far...

And at the other end Lyle makes a fantastic save!

Puck goes loose after Lyle save, Devils pick up the puck and counter attack. We shoot..... but Robinson saves again.

Towe tries a wraparound.....but it hits the post and bounces back out!

28:41 - Lyles turn to make the save. It really is end to end stuff!

Shots on goal in 1st period:

Vipers 13 shots

Devils 7 shots


I Think I will transfer Robinson into my Fantastar team !!!!

Looks like it is Derek's turn to jinx Robinson as we have another ......


Vipers 3-3 Devils

Jarvis (Miller, Birbraer) @ 29:41

Carl @ Derek:

unlucky derek looks like ya wrong!


Miller nails a Vipers player bigtime. No penalty.......

Miller has also been given an additional assist on our second goal.

Personally, I think Derek deserves one for jinxing Robinson for our 3rd goal!

Arghhhh... where the hell is that music coming from ???????

Word of warning guys, don't have the Blazes MNL on and your speakers on loud. They seem to ramdomly turn on chavvy dance music. Took me a while to work out where it came from.

Back to the Hanson show... sorry I mean the match.

31:47 - Devils Penalty. Jarvis 2 mins Tripping & 10 mins misconduct.

Jarvis made a great poke check, took the puck...but Hanson called him for tripping.

Jarvis then helps Hanson understand the rules of the game but gets 10 mins for being 'helpful'. Hayes will sit the 2 mins out.

33:00 - Devils counter-attack on the PK and Robsinson has to make the save.

Hayes returns to the ice and we are back to 5-on-5 hockey. Though I doubt it will be for long...

34:15 - Devils attack again but once again Robinson makes the save.

Vipers win the face off, go on the attack themselves and Lyle has to make a good save to keep the shot out.


Voth nails Holland. The player not the country. At least I assume it was just the player.... I wouldn't put anything past the Vother.

Birbraer and Latulippe are stating to shine.

37:00 - Devils go offside.

Looks like Tyler Michel is another who doesn't believe in Jetlag. He's fighting for everything like his life depends on it.

37:33 - Lyle makes another good save


I can live with that. sounds like another cracking game.

37:45 - Robinson saves...but drops the puck...but once again manages to cover it up before a Devils player can get there.

38:00 - Vipers win the face off and once again go straight down the other end and Lyle has to make a big save.

It's end to end stuff at the moment folks.

38:59 - Devils breakaway!!! Miller picks up the puck...he shoots.....but Robinson saves it......but Miller can't stop..... *CRASH*

Technically Devils Miller did get the puck into the net. As well as Robinson. And himself. I guess that doesn't count? Petty rules.

39:22 - Robinson makes another save. Adams is getting angry. I'm not sure who with?

39:50 - Yet another Robinson save

End of 2nd Period:

Vipers 3-3 Devils

Hmm...seems both defences disappaeared during that period.

Looks like I have an explanation on our lack of a defence.

Jarvis has of course been in the box for 12 minutes

Richardson took a big hit and hasn't iced since

With Stone not travelling due to injury, that leaves us with just Hartwick, Romfo, and G moving to D.

Whilst Jarvis was off Birbraer was filling in on D.

What have Moray Hanson and a chicken crossing the road got in common?

They are both a joke! *BOOM* *BOOM*

Oneill the Giant:

My favourite tough guys were Paxton Schulte, Paul Kruse, Dennis Vial, Wade Belak, Mike Ware, Brad Voth, Brett Clouthier, Jeremy Cornish, Paul Ferone.. I just wish the EIHL had more players like these in the league this year..

We believe that Richardson might have been on the end of a big check from Berry. Not sure if it was a clean hit but Voth has given him a "repetitive tap with his stick" and Big Bad Jay had a word with him at the end too.

Hopefully Mark is just a little shaken from the check and will be back soon.......

Testing Testing one-two, one-two, one-two-three....

And the server is back up and running.


It seems as though robinson has stood on his head all weekend. Hoping ritchie is ok and hoping the devils can get a lead for the first time in this game.

Players are back on the ice with 1 minute of the break remaining

And we are off and running with the 3rd period.

Looks like Richardson won't be taking any further part in the game.

40:16 - Puck goes out of play. Michel is now on the 1st line....unsure who he is replacing......

According to Gazza via Terry Phillips's 'rival' blog - he spoke to Franny and Richardson has a slight groin strain and they don't want to risk him.

40:32 - Mark Smith winds up for a big shot........he shoots........but it's deflected away and out of the playing surface.

Our current second line is Voth - Hill - Latulippe with Birbraer and Adams on D.

So that explains why Michel is on the 1st line. We are probably down to 2 lines until Jarvis returns in......oh dear my Maths isn't that good on a sunday.

Confirmation from the rink that Richardson got straight back up after the big hit but hasn't iced since.


Richardson is a slight groin straiin. Out of the rest of the game tonight but should be ok for next weekend!

42:20 - Devils Penalty. Hill 2+2 for Highsticks.

43:20 - Vipers offside. Berry skates off injured.

43:42 - Robinson saves.

By my calcuations Jarvis should be back onto the ice at the next stoppage in play.

44:18 - Lyle's turn to make the save on the Vipers 4 min PP.

Jarvis has indeed returned. And boy are we going to need him to kill off this 4 minutes.

Phil T:

Jarvis is back

Vipers goal

Vipers 4-3 Devils

Tejchma (Kindle, Petricko) @ 44:40. PP Goal

Hill has returned to the ice - so I guess we are back to 5-on-5

Both teams had 12 shots on goal in the 2nd period.

46:01 - Vipers Penalty. Petricko 2mins for Tripping

We need a PP goal..yet our PP is all over the place. We are struggling to get out of our own zone.

47:29 - Finally we get into the Vipers zone and get a shot on target....but Robinson saves

Despite being short of players on D, Romfo is not afraid to counter-attack and looks good going forward.

Vipers back to full strength. Waste of PP.

Vipers Goal

Vipers 5-3 Devils

Scored at 48:58. Poor goal that should have been saved

Timeout called by.....Vipers?!?!?!

Presumably Rob Wilson doesnt want them to throw away the game in a similar position to what they did last night. Goal was scored by Longstaff (Tejchma, Gouett)

49:40 - Robinson saves

Unfortunately I have a feeling our tiredness and injuries are going to stop us from fighting back tonight.... we can but hope though...

50 minutes gone and we aren't playing well at all. Nothing like the way we played at home to the Chavs...I mean Blaze.


Michel lines up a Viper and sends him flying onto the ice.

Our passing is not working and everytime we try to go forward we lose the puck

By my reckoning we have really struggled defensively and in transition after Richardson went off injured......

Longstaff goes down injured....No penalty continues

52:40 - Hmm. Miller gets 10 minutes for Misconduct. Don't think it was connected to Longstaff hitting the ice.

Devils Goal!

Vipers 5-4 Devils

Hill (Latulippe, Voth) @ 53:14

Come on Devils, there is still time for another comeback!

Or is that too much to ask for two nights running?

Big Hit!

Adams floors Petricko.

Looks like our coach is trying to lead by example.

54:51 - Vipers Penalty. Gouett 2 mins for Interference.

Devils go on PP.....but not for long.

55:11 - Devils Penalty. Smith 2 mins Hooking.


sounds like a gutsy performance... never say die attitude.

We will have 1:40 of 4-on-4 hockey.

"Hanson is a shambles. Bring back Boniface".

Is that the beer talking guys?

Vipers back to full strength, Devils on PK

Devils survive PK and we are back to 5-on-5

57:11 - Devils offside. We are starting to run out of time.

58:00 - Robinson makes a big big save

Devils get the puck to Michel....he beats Robinson but HITS THE POST!!

Into the final minute....

30 secs remaining and Lyle is pulled for the extra skater...

But its not enough.

Game Over.

Final Score:

Vipers 5-4 Devils

"Hanson is a ....." - Probably best I don't put the rest of the text. Surfice to say that the Devils fans aren't happy with him.

Seems the Devils players are of the same opinion. Not one of them shakes Hanson's hand.

Man of the Match for the Devils - Max Birbraer.

Man of the Match for the Vipers - Moray Hanson.

Only kidding - it was actually Tejchma


i know we lost but i like the fighting spirit in the team even though we were tired and had a makeshift defence!

Only joking - MOTM for the Vipers was actually Tejchma

Personally, I think there is a lot we can take out of this weekend. We only had some players arrive at the end of the week and we had to miss out on a planned training session in Basingstoke on Friday morning.

Twice we came back from 2 goal defecits, and the 3rd time it looks like we just ran out of time.

But the fact we seem to have the belief we can come back is something that IMO we have lacked in recent years.

Latest Score from Coventry:

Blaze 2-4 Panthers

Less than 4 minutes remaining.

Should probably point out that the Coventry - Nottingham game is a Challenge Cup game.

Some good news from Bracknell. Latest score in the ENL is:

Bracknell 2-6 Cardiff

Blaze get a goal back for 3-4 with a minute remaining.

Final Score:

Coventry Blaze 3-5 Nottingham Panthers (CC)

I guess the final goal was an ENG.

Final Score:

Hull Stingrays 2-3 Belfast Giants

Thanks for all your company this weekend, just a shame we couldn't get something out of todays game.

MNL should be back next weekend for the back-to-back games against the Hull Stingrays.

Until then, this is Finny signing off.