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Braehead Clan 2 - 3 Cardiff Devils

Welcome to MNL for coverage of the game in Glasgow

We are grateful to Clan fans Chris D, Jim & Jule P for coming to our aid

Join me (OJ) from around 6:45

Score predictions welcomed to

aiting for texter to report in

Rob Batch calls it 5-4 to Devils

Texter Chris still in the pub

Warmup in progress

Stupid here thought it was a 7pm FO it is 7:30

Warmup completed

Andrew Hotham was in the warmup, no Paul Crowder

It would appear that the Devils lineup tonight will be the same as Wednesday night with Andrew Lord on the bench

Heard that Tanaka is a scratch for Clan

Pat wants another win for DEVILS 4-1 would be good

Drew who helped us out at Edinburgh recently thainks the DEVILS will win 3-1

Jonty calls it 4-2 to Devils

A regulation win would do nicely

At least the DEVILS made to Edinburgh some Devils fans I hear are straded with Bristol Airport closed until at least 9 tonight

Zamboni has just about completed chasing its tail

Toby Craig is the man in charge tonight

Ben Bowns in net for DEVILS with Ryan Nie in net for Clan

Chris has made it from the pub, Jim & Julie also ready to feed us updates

If anyone listening to the game on BBC Scotland want to make a comment text us on 07527 625206

No prediction from Hazel, she must be out Xmas shopping in Southend

Teams on the ice

Anthem time

Latest score MKL 1 Panthers 0 in C Cup

We know where Santa is - Hes on the ice at Braehead

I am told the game will start sometime soon

Puck dropped finally

Cagey start by both teams

Jake Morissette fires over net

Gametime 2:02

Devils penned in their own zone

Clan Score @ 2:37 Jacob Doty

Intense pressure by Clan paid off


Game is scrappy at the moment

Ben Bowns saves well

From Adam Brace

Chris says Devils have not had a SoG yey with 6 minutes gone

Ben Bowns saves from Scofield

Nie saves as Devils make rare visit to Clan zone

Justin Faryna shot saved as Devils up their game

Devil collides with Nie, fo in neutral zone

Face off in the Devils zone

Nie makes another save

Sustained Devils pressure

Now Ben Bowns makes a save

Face off in the Devils zone @ 11:58

Gametime 14:04

Lets go DEVILS Lets Go

Devils have nothing to show for all the pressure

Matt Pope shoots high

Devils penalty Luke Piggott 2 minutes for elbowing

Brooks fires high

1 Minute killed

Devils Full Strength

End of 1st period Clan 1 DEVILS 0

SoG for 1st period Clan 9 DEVILS 5

Ice ready awaiting teams

Jim says not a classic game by any means but Clan are good for their 1 goal advantage

officials & teams back on ice

2nd period underway

Jim says ref missed a blatant trip by Devil

Copme on U DEVILS give us a goal - please

Clan offside

Now Devils are offside

Good save Nie

Nie saves from Matt Pope

Devils 3 on 1 messed up by Andrew Hotham

Fight Layne Ulmer vdoty won by Ulmer


Brilliant goal says Chris sciored by Bryce Reddick

Assist Joey Martin @ 24:46

Save Ben Bowns

Scofield shoots wide

Nie saves from Jake Morissette

That was a fight that wasnt

Clan penalty

Hamalainen 2 minutes for slashing @ 27:14

Lets Go DEVILS Lets Go

Clan clear zone

Devils offside

Scramble in front of Nie


Patrick Asselin aPPG

Unassisted @ 29:14

Devils penalty Justin Faryna

Clan goal

Justin Faryna got 2+10 for charge from behind @ 29:57

Clan PPG scored by Gutwald unassisted @ 30:15

Nie saves from Jake Morissette

Joey Martin & Andrew Hotham given assists on devils 2nd goal

Great save by Nie from Layne Ulmer

Now Nie has equipment problems

Craig Peacock given assist on Clan 2nd goal

Gametime 31:47

Clan fail on attempted wrap-around

Devils offside

Gametime 35:04

Clan Penalty

Brooks the culprit 2 minutes for tripping @ 35:14

Lets have another PPG U DEVILS

Layne Ulmer assists Matt Pope & Sean Bentivoglio

@ 35:44

Cescon lets go a rocket - just wide thasnkfully

Nie freezes puck after a shot by Andrew Hotham

Then DEVILS miss an open net

Nie saves from Joey Haddad

Glynne Devils are pl;aying much better I am told

Final minute of 2nd period

Nie saves from Gleason Fournier

End of 2nd peeiod Clan 2 DEVILS 3

SoG for 2nd period Clan 4 DEVILS 9 making it 13-14 after 2 periods

Latwest score Storm 2 Flames 1 after 2 periods also stars 4 Flyers 1 after 2 periods

Ib the C Cup its MKL 1 Panthers 1 after 47 minutes

Justin Faryna has 2 minutes to serve on his 2 + 10

Teams slowly appear

puck drops 3rd underway

Even start to 3rd period

Lets bag that next goal U DEVILS

Ben Bowns gets hit on shoulder

Then makes a good save

Fans are asking if Andrew Hotham is playing yes he is icing as much as usual

Devils penalty Matt Pope


2 minutes for high sticks

@ 44:04

Devils clear zone

Net off at Devils goal

Devils Full Strength

Good PK by Devils

We want that next goal U DEVILS

Clan on top at the moment

Gametime 48:06

Heywood misses a great chance as Devils net comes off it mooring afterwards

Getting feisty out there

Doty has Ulmer by the neck

Strachan steps in and it all comes to nothing

less than 10 minutes left

Game has gone scrappy again

Gametime 52:38

Two good saves by Ben Bowns

Jim says Cln will pull Nie and Devils will score

Devils defending well in an even game bar the score says Chris

Devils Penalty Joey Martin @ 54:33 2 minutes for hooking


Puck out of play

Brooks shgoots well wide

Devils Full Strength

Come on U DEVILS

Gametime 57:08

Clan time out

Jim obviously doesnt support pulling netminders for an extra skater

No penalties now Devils and try and make centre line before pulling the trigger

Nie pulled

Final 2 minutes

Devils icing

Shot and missed empty net

41 secs left DEVILS time out

Devils icing

Face off in the Devils zone

Game over DE VILS win

Final score Clan 2 DEVILS 3

Brilliant coverage by Chris Devlin, Jim & Julie Patterson

Devils MoM - Sean Bentivoglio

Thats 8 league wins on the trot join me tomorrow night as the DEVILS take on the Dundee Stars at the IAW

Stars have beaten the Flyers 4-2 tonight