Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 2 - 2 Coventry Blaze

Not long to go now - so making sure that we are all up and running.

Testing test, one two - right we have Match Night Live. I can't wait.

Well, by my clock we have half an hour to go.

This is TheStub running the fantabulous service tonight.

Just waiting for those who texting me to check in

Still have no idea who is in the country, so the Devils line up needs confirming. What with the differing Wales Online articles.

But, we are looking at Maxy and Smith on the first line.

Remember to let me know what you all think -

We have contact

Texters report a good turn out.

Warm-up has just finished

We are into the intro

All players are out, lets go Devils!

Report says we are Icing Everyone. Not sure what Everyone covers yet.

Team for the Devils is Jarvis, Davies, Hartwick, Stone, Towe, Hayes, Richardson, Miller, Birbrear, Hill, Voth, Lyle, Crisp, Adams and Smith

Apparently Michael Crisp is backup for tonight. Up and coming Brit netminder.

Keith is Bigging it up from Aberystwyth. It is good to be back, it's been a long off season.

Here we go into the 1st

Starting with Miller-Smith-Maxy, Hartwick and Richardson on D

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Lyle with first save at 52 seconds

Devils penalty at 1:31. Hill 2 minutes tripping.

Voth is apparently causing havok

Puck out of play at 1:54

Birbraer breakaway

Lyle save at 2 minutes

Miller floors Weaver (like him already)

Adams hits Lee

Penalty killed

Sounds like life is fun down the tent. Frantic hitting, Devils style.

We've got viewers online in the USA. Hello Darren. I hope we get far enough to see you at the semi.

Blaze penalty at 4:39. Soderstrom 2 min interference.

Hirsch save at 4:55

Puck out of play 5:22

What parts of the world are tuning in tonight?


Waiting updates

Devils Miller fights Blaze Campbell at 6:39

Devils Smith was nailed by Blaze Campbell... then it kicked off.

Couple of punches thrown, then Miller got the takedown.

Penalties at 6:39, both get 5 minutes fighting.

3rd line tonight is Davies - Hayes - Voth.

Apparently it is a good match for a friendly.

Hirsch save at 9:11. Handbags but no penalties.

10 minutes gone. Both teams playing well

Blaze icing at 11:04.

Both teams are dishing out big hits.

Doesn't sound like a very friendly friendly.

Lyle with an ace save. Blaze with a 3 on 1.

Devils penalty - 2 minute delay of game at 11:56. Towe serving.

Miller and Campbell return to the ice.

Save from Lyle at 13:09.

Penalty kill is good so far.

Good penalty, from a Devils team? What next?

Devils full strength.

Lyle save at 14:18

Puck out of play at 14:55

Devils penalty at 16:25. Adams 2 minutes hooking.

What sort of an example is that to set your young players G?


Goal disallowed...

Waiting for update.

Goal disallowed as whistle had sounded.

Miller awarded penalty shot, which he scores at 17:11.

I'm liking Miller

Original goal was on a delayed penalty, which wasn't delayed.

So, Devils shorthanded goal ;)

Lets go boys

Devils back to full strength

Lyle save at 18:34

Final minute of the first period

Puck out of play at 19:38 - Voth shot deflected high

And again, puck out of play at 19:58

This is the new tennis version of ice hockey

End of the first. Devils lead 1 - 0.

Devils penalty kill is much improved from last season. Very offensive.

What do you think of the new, improved Devils -

Time to nip and make some food. Who's for veggie Rogan Josh?

First Line: Birbraer; Smith; Voth. Second Line: Voth; Hill; Towe. Third Line: Adams; Davies; Hayes

And here we go with the second period. Devils leading 1-0

Soderstom skates into a stationary Voth and floors himself lol

Devils icing at 21.45

Lyle easy save at 22.07

Hirsch save at 23.08

Devils had 9 shots on goal, Blaze had 16

Birbraer hits pipes on breakaway.. good save Hirsch

Blaze offside at 24.51

Soderstrom having problems coping with Davies in front of Blaze goal

Blaze offside against at 26.21

Devils winning almost all the faceoffs

Good save from Hirsch at 27.17

Lyle awesome save

Hirsch ace save from Devils... 2 on 1 push

Puck deflected out of play by Hirsch at 29.04

Birbraer and Miller playing exceptionally well

Fantastic save from Lyle at 30.16

Blaze Goal at 30:32. Soderstrom. Failure to clear the puck.

Blaze Goal. Soderstrom from Campbell at 30:32.

Sounds like it is end to end in the tent

Hirsch saves Davies shot at 32:23.

Hirsch is earning his pay - another save at 32:32.

What you all think?

Puck out of play at 32:46.

It could be earning frequent flier miles

Handbags between Blaze Robinson and Birbraer.

Blaze Penalty at 32:46. Carlson 2 minutes delay of game.

And yet again, that puck is out of play. 33:04.

Adams and Lee compare their handbags. Play continues.

Blaze kill the penalty.

Devils looking threatening though.

Blaze ice the puck at 35:45

C'mon Devils

Miller just misses.

Devils are applying some good pressure.

Lee nails Towe mid ice. Voth wades in with some punches, but none connect.

Waiting for penalties.

And the judges have returned

Voth 2 minutes for roughing

Blaze Lee, 2 minutes elbows

Apparently Lee nailed Towe with with his elbow, being about a foot taller. Voth went nut.

Good to see Voth will be keeping the other team honest, as usual.

Devils offside at 38:31

Keith wishes he was there. He is not alone in that.

Hirsch save at 39:16

And another at 39:33

Sounds like the Blaze have made a solid investment there. With the right team, a netminder can win you championships.

Here is hoping there are some holes in the wall.

Gone a bit quiet again. I hope the texters have plenty of texts on their deals - they have been flying in thick and fast this period.

Any comments? Opinions?

Or even, for my veggie rogan recipe -

End of the first, and the scores are tied at 1 - 1

Game is being played at full pace "like a proper game".

Many handbags, couple of fights. It is boding well for the coming season.

Apparently Hirsch isn't looking as awesome as the Blaze fans were claiming. Here's hoping eh?

What we all think -

I have a future in late night radio. Have your say:

Personally, looking at the stats - I think the Caps have the shock signing of the off season with their new netminder.

May be a gamble, after missing a whole season through injury. But, if he is anywhere near as good as the numbers suggest, he may steal a fair few games for them.

With a higher skill level in the league, will this be the season of the netminder?

Here we go with the third period. Score at 1-1

Apparently Nicky Lewis has been spotted in the crowd... "Looking like a 70's porn star" lol :D

Devils icing at 42:29

Hayes is playing well and chasing everything.

Lyle save at 42:53

Many were worried before this match that we would be a push over with some imports missing. Looks like our Brits are making some impact though.

Will our Brits make the difference this season? I hope so!

45 minutes gone. It is end to end, but not a lot happening.

Blaze shot deflected out of play at 46:11.

Remind me to buy shares in the puck manufacturer. Think sales will be through the roof this season.

Devils icing at 46:19

To answer the questions, Devils have only iced 7 imports tonight. I believe visa issues have held up the remaining three.

Apparently there is a good turn out tonight. 1200 odd in the tent.

Blaze offside at 48:28

I'm still waiting for the 2nd period's shots on goal.

To show some agreement with Ashipp - you need a solid defence coupled with a good netminder to win campains. I think Caps may go somewhere if they stop the other team scoring, and find the back of the net. Conceding seems to be their downfall.

Devils icing at 49:19

Lyle save at 49:51

Hirsch save at 50:34

Have they just lined up taking alternating shots on goal?

Balze goal.

Goal at 51:18 - apparently the defence had gone for a visit somewhere else.

Blaze goal - Weaver from Campbell and Calder at 51:18

Blaze icing at 52:11

C'mon Devils. Big push!


Waiting for the official announcement.

Matt Towe goal at 53:15.

Waiting for assists. Announcement lost in the list of penalties.

Goal was on a delayed pen.

Towe is the player I think could really make an impression this season. With the right, stable line - I think this is his year. and tell me I'm wrong. ;)

Blaze penalty at 53:15. Calder misconduct.

Correction to the penalty. Stewart not Clader

Texter bemused, as there was a load of fuss - but only one pen.

Smith hits the pipes at 54:27.

Lets go Devils. Lets beat the Blaze with only 7 imports.

Blaze back to full strength.

Dear lord, I'm tense. And the texts have gone quiet!

Oh - for live broadcast of these games!!!

Last 2 minutes.

Dear Mr Dave Simms - not all of us who are not at the rink aren't there because we are lazy. We usually can't make it there!

Hirsch save at 58:41

Apparently he used the little known MASK block.

Devils icing at 59:04

Looks like both sides are pushing for that win.

For those screaming "it must be over" - I am with you. Waiting for an update!

And that's it!

Game finished tied 2-2.

Apparently it was an ace game for a friendly.

Man of the match. For the Blaze Derek Campbell.

Miller gets the honer for the Devils

So that is it for the "friendly"

Hope you all enjoyed the game. We should be running MNL for most (hopefully all) games this season.

And if you are interested, my veggie rogan was lovely!

Nos da! G (aka TheStub ;) )