Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 7 - 2 Edinburgh Capitals

Good Afternoon Hockey fans. Join me (Russky) from 5:30 for live text commentary and the usual MNL shenanigans of Latest scores, predictions and the usual banter.

If you wish to send us your predictions or comments please do so by emailing them to, I will do my best to post the most broadcastable ones during coverage, before the end of the first period break

Until then I hope you have an enjoyable afternoon.

Hello, Croeso hockey fans. Thanks for joining us for our unrivalled coverage of tonights hockey Match up at the IAW, welcoming for the first time this season the Edinburgh Capitals.

After last nights hard fought shut out win in Belfast, the Devils will be looking to make it a 4 point weekend with a win tonight. Despite recent form, the Caps are no pushovers, having shown early season promise.

Mike Hicks is down to ref tonight and the Linos will be Ben Connolly and Lee Young.

So far we have had 2 predictions, hopefully a few more to come before the end of the first period break. Dave Rees sees it as hard fought 4-2 Devils win where as Rod Davies is more confident, predicting a 7-2 Devils win.

An early heads up re Wednesdays coverage of the Devils road game in Dundee. Due to work commitments, we will only be able to bring you coverage from the start of the second period.

There are 4 other games tonight. Belfast are in Dundee, Fife are at Coventry; MKL are @ Manchester and Guildford are at Braehead. We will try and bring you the latest scores, probably during the period breaks.

Devils are again Missing Mark Louis and Joey Haddad.

Asselin is down on the scoresheet but waiting confirmation whether he is playing tonight.

Our lone anonymous texter is on duty for us tonight and has reported in.

Piggott not dreassed and assumed as a scratch tonight which suggests that Asselin may be back.

Edinburgh running a short bench of 14 skaters

Correction: Piggott is dressed and was taking a part in the warm up

Warm up now finished.

As its rememberance sunday I think it may be a slight delay to face off due to the usual observance of a minutes silence and last post as has happened at previous Devils game on this day.

Official Scoresheet suggests Murdy will start for the Devils tonight.

some more predictions have come in to us, Hazel goes for 5-1 to Devils, Pete more confident going for 6-1, Pat goes for 4-2 Devils win. Wolfgirl has it as 5-0 with the Devils being 3-0 up by end of 1st. It's noted and will be used as evidence if needs be.Finally Neil Ford is confident of a 6-1 win.

Bozman , our erstwhile hoster, is in the House at the IAW

I think OJ is probably at home watching the webcast.

Lights down ready for intro

Devils in predominantly red shirts and shorts with white and green trim.

confirmed Asselin IS playing

Richardson is also back in the line up

expecting the usual line combos

but with Asselin back it will be interesting to see where he fits in to what has been fairly successful line combos in his absence

a ceremonial laying of a wreath followed by last post and a minutes silence

applause for last post now silence.

a handful of fans in the visitors block. Impeccably observed silence.

Anthem time

Phil Egan is extremely confident of a 10-1 Devils win as he predicts that the Caps will tire.

we are underway.

Martin Pope and Benti line out

Caps in dark blue with red trim

early sparring shots in this game so far

Caps showing intent early on

Ulmer Batch and Crowder line on now

Asselin on Myers line early on

Murdy save with blocker

1st line back on

Paris shoots wide

Crowder crearting a chance

but saved

Murdy saves again. Caps are shooting on sight when they get the chance

game time 5:19

new face off rules coming into force with a lot more stricter appliance

game a bit disjointed at moment

Reddck with a shot then Benti with a chance both not amounting to anything

Caps pen Valyev 2 minutes for hooking.


Ulmer on rebound scoring

PPG there

Faryna shot saved.

Devils pen Batch 2 minutes for roughing @ 9:18

Devils goal @ 8:57 assist to Crowder

Edinburgh dangerous on the break

Murdy saves again

Caps asserting some pressure here on the PP

Devils FS


Faryna goes top shelf

assist Myers


Asselin with 2nd assist

Caps icing

Caps netminder Shegalo saving a Devils shot

another save this time from Morrisette

Face off in the Capitals zone

gametime 13:55

looks like wolfgirl could be right with her prediction

Valeyev gets to sit down again for 2 minutes for holding this time @ 14:48

crowder goes wide with his shot

Fournier fires one just wide

Devils peppering the Caps goal with shots

Caps breakaway breaks down.

neutral zone face off

Shegalo with another save under pressure

Face off in the Capitals zone

new face off rules making themselves evident

Caps FS

gametime 17:21

Face off in the Capitals zone

Devils miss rebound opportunity

Hothans pass to Crowder goes awry

last minute of 1st

Shegalo saves from Pope

Martin denied by Shegalo

end of period buzzer goes, Devils 2-0 up

Spirited effort from Caps who look dangerous on the break and counter-attack

SOGs Devils 12 Caps 3

Jon Forde says that the Devils are playing a fast passing game. Caps working hard to try and keep up. As they tire I feel they will leak goals. Great to see Asselin looking so sharp.Wave after wave of Devils attack make the Caps look 'on the ropes'.

He is not our play by play texter, just a Devils fan willing to give us end of period summaries.

Thank you Jon.

Latest scores: Coventry 3 Fife 3 eo 2nd period; Manchester 1 MKL 1 in play in 2nd

Braehead 0 Guildford 0 eo 1st

Dundee 0 Belfast 0 in play in 1st

time for a cuppa.

Additional assist on Devils 1st goal goes to Joey Martin. so it reads 18 80 88 @ 8:57

Devils 2nd goal is 81 8 23 @12:02

teams back out for 2nd period.

puck is dropped and we are underway in the 2nd

VIPs at the IAW, reported sightings of some members of the Wales footy team watching the Ice hockey.

Caps breakaway results in a goal.

goal scored thru Murdy's 5 hole.

scored by Tvrdon assist Cazzola @20:57

Devils trying to restore their 2 goal cushion


Faryna assist Asselin

@ 22:27

goal comes from face off

Faryna gets a stick tip and puck loops past shegalo

Devils sniffing around for another goal

Face off in the Capitals zone

Morrisette misses a chance. cant get his stick on the puck

caps with another break. but comes to nought.

Shegalo doing well keeping the score down.

Caps goal came from a mistimed line change

by the Devils

Richardson goes off for treatment

hope its not his bad hand again.

Caps pen 2 minutes for Holding for Trakhanov at 27:38

long shot from Devils deflected wide

Caps FS

Shegalo saves again


Asselin scores

assist Faryna

Batch and Faryna are working well together

waiting on goal time. meanwhile the game goes on

Shegalo is saving the Caps from a real hammering

If it wasn't for him, the Devils would be in double figures our texter says

Face off in the Devils zone

puck cleared away

Paris gets an assist on 4th goal which was scored at 30:42

Face off in the Capitals zone

Shegalo covers

Devils on PP


Morrisette, from Paris

I think the Caps resistance is broken

Devils 5th goal @ 35:03 additional assist to Myers


due to Tvrdon in bin for hooking from 34:17

Caps pen 2 minutes for tripping by Lawrence@ 36:48

Caps shot deflected by Murdy

Devils seemingly in 2nd gear.

Shegalo saves again, this time from Benti

Richardson back on ice

he took apuck to the hand and needed treatment.

neutral zone face off

last minute of 2nd

shegalo went walkabout but luckily for Caps, Devils didn't punish them

end of period Devils lead 5-1

Caps net minder Shegalo on a one man mission of damage limitation.

2nd period SOGs Devils 15 Caps 5 27-8 overall

Jon Forde says: Caps taking penalties they could do without. Crowder and Batch hitting hard. Tonight is not one of those occasions where one of the 'smaller' teams come to the IAW and frustrate the Devils.Devils forgetting to defend at times as the Caps goal so easily shows as a timely reminder for our D unit not to switch off.

Latest scores: Coventry 3 Fife 4; Manchester 3 MKL 3;Braehead 2 Guildford 2; Dundee 1 Belfast 0

Jon Forde also reckons that the netminder should be on overtime pay after the two periods. Its just a case of how many now. If the Devils keep their foot down they could be in double figures. Also Craig Moore is not icing for the Devils tonight.

Fife beat Coventry 4-3 with a lone 3rd period game winning goal

teams back out for the 3rd period

3rd period now underway

lets hope that the Caps haven't thrown in the towel and will rally some

sorry folks my connection just dropped out then

game time 43:00

no addition to score

you didn't miss anything

Benti denied by Shegalo

credit to Caps they ARE still battling despite the score

Fournier goes on a surge, Ulmer's shot saved

Face off in the Capitals zone

Crowder shot saved

Devils wanting to score more goals

Crowder making a nuisance of himself

Shegalo's leg denies the Devils again

Face off in the Capitals zone

Devils with wave after wave of attack

Caps still seem a threat on counter attack

how did Devils not score there

Desperate defence by the Caps


joey Martin

@ 48:51 assists to Bentivoglio and Pope

Face off in the Capitals zone

Crowder set up by Lord, couldn't find a way past Shegalo's right pad

Devils pen A Hotham 2 minutes for slashing @50:30

Caps offside

neutral zone face off

Devils clear D zone effectively

Devils force turnover from effective forechecking

Devils FS

Devils trying to walk puck into the net only to be denied by Shegalo

Shegalo should get MOM

He has kept the score below double figures


Josh batch with a rasper of a shot top shelf

goal timed at 54:39 assist to Lord

goal washed out

puck cleared on line.

for pope

it is 7-1,

cleared off the line in the nick of time,

Caps score with a one timer

Tvrdon scores it. @ 57:57

last minute of the game

Shegalo save again

game over Devils win 7-2

Shegalo deserve MOM

despite the scoreline.

Caps MOM Marek Tvrdon

Caps applauded off the ice by the Devils supporters

Devils MOM Justin Faryna, great weekend for him

Thanks to our texter who did great work tonight, not only to text but also keep up with play.

Thats it from me. Please remember MNL coverage on Wednesday of the Devils game in Dundee will start with the 2nd period.

with myself in the hosting hot seat straight home from work.

That would be roughly about 8:15 on Wednesday evening.

latest scores and results: Manchester 4 MKL 4 OT looming there with 2 mins to go.; Braehead 3 Guildford 2; Dundee 2 Belfast 0

Thanks also to Jon Forde for his end of period summaries.

That's it from me. Catch you Wednesday from about 8:15 for periods 2 and 3 from Dundee.

Good night all. Nos Da Pawb