Match Night Live
Sheffield Steelers 5 - 2 Cardiff Devils

Welcome to MNL as we bring you the first semi-final of the EIHL Championships

OJ here at the MNL studio making sure that we are all set up for the Devils clash with the Steelers.

Too early to expect any news from my texters as they are still recovering from last night activities

Make sure you have your luch early since once the action starts it will be non stop

Remember score predictions to

I'm going for a Welsh double with wins for the Devils and State of Play in the Grand National

Its about time we had a horser trained in Wales to win the Grand National.

I should be at Aintree with my mates who left yesterday but I had committments in Cardiff

I am fortunate that my family have been associated with SEVEN Grand National Winners as jockeys or trainers

Thats enough about the Grand National but I have to jabber on about something as the tension starts to mount.

Ruth calls it 3-2 Devils as does Carl in Carmarthen

DevilsIce thinks it will go to O/T before the Devils win 4-3

Carl is being greedy as he really wants a 5-0 hammering of the Steelers

Waiting for my texters to report in

Chris S is there eagerly awaiting the face off

Drummer Ricky also calls a 4-3 Devils win

Its very quiet so far.

Chris says he has good seats and can see everything, lets hope that the referee sees everything clearly as well

My last Championship Finals was that unforgetable weekend in Manchester when we shut out the Pheonix 5-0 and then Derek Herlofsky almost complete the feat in the final only conceedinh his only goal of the weekend in the 60 minute of the Final

Celia & Annabel both call it 3-2 to the Devils

A win is a win as they say but lets hope we do it with at least a two goal advantage otherwise the tension will be too high

Gareth Hubback sees it at 4-2 Devils with an eng to settle the nerves

Sue in Aber says 4-2 as well

Rachel & Lizzi think Hubback is drunk already, thats nice

Interesting no ih-update

Is there a radio commentary?

Devils fans aplenty at the NIC

Awaiting confirmation that Darnell has the whistle

Ice is ready

Newspapers being circulated for the "mystery alaska" moment

Intro time

Darnell confirmed as referee

Theresa Hi, I can't find radio coverage anywhere, others are looking, will let you all know if I find anything For now you will have to put up with me

Devils take to the ice

Ruth has her sarnies out another 2hr BT lunch

Gareth Hubback says its on BBC Midlands, hes looking for link

Teams lined up for anthems

Hi to Sophie from MNL and Ruth

Rhythm singing Welsh anthem

Here we go for thefirst period

Radio coverage off the Steelers website apparently

Puck is finally dropped Voth, Hill and Latulippe, Jarvis & Maciver start for Devils

Easy save for Aubry @ 0:51

Aubry save @ 1:39

Devils hemmed in own zone

With all these websites down I suppose everyone will be joining us at MNL I hope the server can take it, close on 2,000 last Sunday night

Devils penalty @ 2:35 Hill 2+2 accidental high sticks

Steelers all over the Devils like a rash

Get that pk working

Aubry save @ 3:24

Puck out of play @ 4:08

First minor killed

1 min of pk left

Steelers PPG at 5:52

Followed by handbags

Penalties to Maciver (D) and Munn (S) at 5:52

Steelers goal scored by Phillips unassisted

Steelers penalty @ 6:26 Legue - hooking

4 on 3 for the Devils

Lets get the pp into gear and get that goal back

Devils off side @ 7:16

Now 5 on 4

Steelers back to full strength

Steelers 1st goal was the result of a scramble in the Devils crease

10 minutes gone

Steelers Penalty @ 10:56 Talbot - interference

The penalties at 5:52 to Maciver and Busuik (not Munn) were for roughing

Devils penalty @ 11:37 Voth - charging

Now 4 on 4

Finnerty skates past Devils bench and Prpich squirts water at him

Steelers kill penalty and go on pp

Good save by Aubry @ 13:23

14 secs of pk left

Voth returns

Steelers knock net off @ 14:36

Getting rougher

Puck out of play @ 15:15

Lehman save @ 15:46 followed by handbags

Darnell letting a lot go unpunished

So long as he is consistent thats OK

Lehman saves from Elich @ 17:34

18 minutes gone Devils playing well and getting into game

Final minute of 1st Period

Lehman save @ 19:25

End of 1st period DEVILS 0 Steelers 1

A bit of a handbag convention as two benches leave the ice

Convention over not sure what started it

Devils are playing well but Steelers look dangerous

Apparently Hewitt hit Voth to start trouble, penalties expected

Yes Ruth penalties can be called in the break, they will be timed at 20:00

One minute before play resumes

Bothy teams back on the ice

Adams having a long chat with Darnell

Steelers penalty @ 20:00 Hewitt - elbows

SoG for 1st period Devils 9 Steelers 17

We are off

Devils now in dump and chase mode

Which is a pity as they are on pp

Steelers kill penalty easily

Lehman saves from Voth @ 22:09

Steelers 2nd Goal @23:28

Defensive error by Devils

Steelers 2nd goal scored by Sheppard, assists Tait & Dowd

Steelers offside @ 24:14

COME U DEVILS give us a Goal

Fingers crossed everyone


It worked

I'm going to buy a lottery ticket

Devils 1st Goal @ 25:20 scored by voth, assists Teplitsky & Latulippe


Just like Cardiff Bus

Devils 2nd Goal @ 26:31 scored by Elich assists Prpich & Silverthorn

Consolidate now Devils don't relax

Jarvis shot deflected wide @ 27:38

More handbags as Finnerty feigns injury no penalties

Steelers icing @ 27:55

More handbags, its like Splott Market up there

Voth goes close, hits pipes

30 mins gone

Dave Simms complaing that all neutral fans supporting Devils

Devils penalty @ 30:08 Jarvis - tripping

Fans go ape withg that call

Aubry save @ 30:38

Simms has no taste at all, said fans would cheer for Alqueda if they were playing the Steelers what a plonker

Steelers 3rd goal @ 31:22 ppg scored by Legue, assists Sarich & Tait

Aubry will want that one back appeared to hit him, bounce over shoulder and into net

Aubry save @ 32:09

Game stopped for hi sticks by Steelers

Steelers icing @ 34:06 no handbags for a change

Steelers breakaway folied by Aubry save @ 34:27

Latulippe floors Hewitt

Aubry save @ 35:03

Game has become very open & fast

Steelers run Aubry and disloge net @ 35:38

COME ON U DEVILS give us another goal

Fingers crossed everyone

Lehman save @36:01

Voth is Lord Mayor of Cardiff says Simms

You lot are not trying out there to get another Devils goal

Devils penalty @ 37:08 Hartwick - boarding

A rubbish calkl, Steelers fall over at every opportunity

Put stabalisers on their skates I say

Yes Ruth if Voth gets us the winner today he deserves a peerage no less

Devils penalty @ 38:12 Maciver - hooking

5 on 3 for Steelers

Hartwick returns

Kill this penalty and we win the game in 3rd

Steelers penalty @ 39:28 Sarich - x-checking

4 on 4 to end 2nd period

End of 2nd period DEVILS 2 STEELERS 3

12 secs of 4 on 4 to start 3rd period then 1:16 powerplay for Devils

Its seems to be very busy had lots of e-mails

úrd period underway

Make this pp count

SoG 2nd Period Devils 11 Steelers 14

Maciver returns Devils go on pp

41 minutes gone, powerplay not out of 1st gear

Steelers return to full strength

COME ON U DEVILS we want a goal

Steelers are all over us

Wake up Devils before its too late

Aubry save @ 42:47

Devils playing as if they are on PK

44 minutes gone

45 minutes gone Devils creating very few chances

Defence giving a good impression of a leaky bucket

Aubry save @ 46:23

Voth shot deflected high @ 46:32

Aubry foils Steelers breakaway @ 46:48

Cross your fingers everyone

Two goals in a minute we need

Lehman save @ 47:10 followed by handbags

I should say hello to Bob who has joined us from Oman

Devils penalty @ 48:02 Maviver - tripping

Kill this minor

Aubry save @ 49:18

40 secs of pk left

Steelers shot goes high @ 49:37

Steelers 4th Goal @ 49:55 ppg

Steelers 4th goal scored by Dowd assists Phillips & Sarich


Aubry save @ 51:05

Uphill task for Devils now but they can do it

Steelers penalty coming

Crickshank holding minor @ 51:48

Get that pp into gear Devils

Also Finnerty kneeing minor all at 51:48

Its 5 on 3

One minute of pp gone COME ON U DEVILS

Devils offside @ 53:20

28 secs of pp left

Prpich hits pipes

Aubry save @ 54:07

5 on 3 powerplay was awful

It couldn't have been worse if they tried

55 minutes gone Devils cannot retain possession

Aubry save @ 55:49

Devils penalty @ 55:49 Hartwick - holding

Rubbish call according to my chief texter

Steelers penalty @ 56:36 Basiuk - tripping

Another stupid call

57 minutes gone

Get us those two goals Devils

E-mails galore saying Darnell is having a shocking game

Lehman save @ 57:48

Hartwick returns

Devils pp for 47 secs


Steelers penalty killed

Aubry pulled @ 58:30


Well thats that

Steelers 5th goal scored by Dagenais unassisted

Basiuk hip checks Davies

Aubry save @ 59:40

Handbags galore

Voth & Basiuk arguing in sin bin

Penalties @ 59:40 Voth (D), Basiuk (S) both roughing, also Prpich (D) - slashing

Sharp comes on to fight but then taken oiff as it is all over

Final score DEVILS 2 Steelers 5

Handshakes are civil

Devils MoM Elich


Shannon Hope presented the Devils MoM

BOB presented Steelers MoM

3rd period SoG Devils 10 (total 30) Steelers 13 (total 44)

Big thanks to Chris and all the other texters that have helped this season

Thats all from me OJ until next season although there are plans to bring you the World Bog Snorkling Championships from Mid Wales