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Cardiff Devils 2 - 2 Guildford Flames

Welcome, Coeso to MNL for this Challenge Cup games against the Flames

Join me (OJ) from around 6:30 for full uninterupted coverage (hopefully)

Score predictions always welcomed to

If you are at the IAW and have a mobile signal why not give us updates or your angle on the game by texting 07527 625206

Warmup in progress

Jan Schmejkal is the referee tonight

Very quiet on the prediction front

Warmup completed

No news yet who is the scratch on the Devils team

Pat says a must win for Devils, he calls it 3-1

Hazel says Devils will win 4-3 in O/T whislt Pete is much more confident and predicts a nice 6-1 win for the Devils

As the say that will do nicely

Ice ready at IAW awaiting intro/teams

Russky calls it 3-1 to Devils, hope he enjoys the game at IAW


Teams on the ice

Another Full House at IAW


Devils owners in IAW

Joey Haddad is the scratch

He took a knockin CHL action on Wednesday

Chris Carrozzi in net for Flames

No Brian Stewart baiting for Red Army

Puck dropped

Big hit by Devils

Save Carrozzi

Mark Louis sot wide

Puck out of play

@ 1:14

Ben Davies turned over

Josh Batch hit

Flames offside

Layne Ulmer shot wide after feed from Moore

Devils offside

Devils penalty Joey Martin 2 minutes for cross-checking @ 4:46


Big scramble in fron of Bowns who finally covers puck

Devils Full Strength

That Devils PK was efficient but gave Flames too much time on the puck

Patrick Asselin wrap around fails

Devils icing

Carrozzi saves from Sean Bentivoglio @ 8:11

Devils icing

Carrozzi covers

Flames offside

Flames 2 man fore check will hopefully tire themselves

Figt Bryce Reddick & Fergusson

5 minutes for fighting for both


Its 5 on 5

Chance for Craig Moore as 4th line getting regular ice time

Carrozzi saves from Mark Louis

Devils icing

Should have been waved off

Flames pressure

Devils clear zone

Flames offside Face off in the Flames zone

Lucky for Devils Flames shots are mostly off target

Devils penalty Joey Martin @ 17:43


Charging was the casll against Joey Martin

Devils Full Strength

End of 1st period DEVILS 0 Flames 0

Havent a clue what gouing on at IAW as officials have been studying the video for 5 minutes

Review still going on

The officials will not have a break at this rate

Review over - haven't got a clue what all that was about

Daniel says its a joke and at this rate this game will never fiinish as it will be listed as Unofficaial for hours after the final buzzer

In the other games: MKL 2 Blaze 9: Steelers 1 Panthers 1; Clan 2 Capitals; Giants 3 Flyers 0 and Storm 0 Stars 3

I am still at a loss why that lengthy review took place, the rules say you cannot review play for penalties missed etc just for goals

2nd period starts

Poweerplay Devils

Huge scrammble in Flames crease

Puck was never covered

@ 21:43

Andrew Hotham the scorer

Devils hit post

Flames offside

Gametime 23:33

Flames score - reviewed - high stick

Goal allowed

Flames have a great chance

Devils icing

Devils Drew Paris 2 minutes for slashing @ 26:49


One minute killed

Paul Crowder clears zone

Apologies for reduced coverage = texters having signal issues

Gametime 30;56

Game nw very end to end

Devils icing

Ben Bowns covers

Gametime 34:20

Patrick Asselin hits post

Devils on PP missed penalty

Andrew Hotham shoots high

Flames Full Strength

It was Watters who had 2 minutes for slashing

Justin Faryna shot saved

Ben Davies agitating all game

Final 2 minutes of period

Andrew Hotham pummels a Flame after a late hit on Richardson

Awaiting penalties

Big conference on penalties

All this @ 38:41

Powerplay to DEvils after all that

Flames player gets 2 + 10 for check to the heazd

Ben Davies flattnned

Devils penalty @ 39:07

Will update penalties in break

End of 2wnd period DEVILS 1 Flames 1

Hotham & Watters boith get 5 minutes for fighting

Watters also got the 2 + 10 for check to the head

Gleason Fournier 2 minutes for boarding @ 39:07

Other scores: MKL 3 Blaze 0; Storm 1 Stars 3: Clan 4 Capit; Steelers 2 Panthers 3als 1

Teams back on ice

3rd will start with 4 on 4 for 41` se cs followed by 26 secs of pp for Flames

Puck dropped for 3rd period


Devils Full Strength

Ben Bowns covers

Devils icing

@ 42:29

Flames score

Ackered the scorer @ 43:33

Flames offside

Andrew Hotham back

Devils throwing everything at Flames

Glove save Carrozzi

Gametime 47:00

Devils laying themselves open to breakaway

Carrozzi saves from Gleason Fournier

Devils penalty Matt Pope 2 minutes for tripping @ 50:25

30 secs og PK left

Devils Full Strength

30 secs og PK left

Come on U DEVILS

Puck out of play

Carrozzi covers @ 54:55


Matt Pope

Assist Matin @ 55:02

Devils icing

Ben Bowns save @56:58

Final 2 minutes

Final minute


End of regulation DEVILS 2 Flames 2

O/T here we come

3 on 3 O/T

Devils start with Matin, Bemti & Hotham

Flames score @ 60:27

Rebound from Bowns buried

Join Russky tomorrow night as MNL brings you coverage of the Challenge Cup game in Coventry against the Blaze

Flames MoM - Carl Ackered