Match Night Live
Guildford Flames 8 - 4 Cardiff Devils

We are hoping to bring you some coverage of the game in Guildford but waiting on confirmation of texters. Please join us from 5:30 pm ahead of the 6pm face off.

Please bear with us and understand that the updates may not be as regular as normal. If you have a comment or prediction on the game please email it to

Until then, Hope you have an enjoyable afternoon

Good evening. I (Russky) regret to inform you that Steve has been detained by a family matter and I have stepped in to cover until his arrival.

we have one texter at Guildford in Cenwyn who will be doing his best to keep me and you updated of events at the Centrum Arena.

Nottingham are 3-0 up against Sheffield in the house of foil. 12 mins gone there.

We must not underestimate Guildford as they gave Belfast a real test last night. They have 3 former Blaze players in their roster in the form of Ben Davies, Liam Stewart and Brian Stewart. Along with Mikael Lidhammer and Mike Will.

Cenwyn has stepped into the breach and will be doing his best to keep us updated of events at the Centrum Arena in Guildford

Manchester are playing Coventry and Belfast vist MK Lightning . We will try and keep you updated if the period scores during the period breaks.

Now 3-2 in Sheffield. sounds a good game

Warm up has just finished in Guildford. All Rostered Devils players dressed and ready to play so interesting to see who is the spare import tonight

MK Lightning 1-0 up on Belfast.

Predictions Pat sees a repeat of last nights scoreline 5-2 with the Devils winning. Dave Rees predicts a the same 5-2 Devils winning,

Rod Davies reckons on a 6-2 Devils win.

Flames player to watch out for is Campbell who is thought to be the fastest skater in the league.

MK now 2-0 up

Lord took part in warm up but not known if he is playing or not yet.

Jan Smejkal is the the lone ref tonight. Lee Young and Ben Connolly are the Linos

Mark Gough says 4-1 to Devils and Hazel reckons on a 5-3 Devils win. Yes you were almost right last night Hazel.

Ice is Ready, Devils on the ice. Flames Intro in progress

Lord is on the Bench, Murdy is in the net.

Bownsy having a restful start

Flames on ice

Anthem time

Devils in predominantly white shirts with red trim and red shorts

Panthers 3-2 eo 1st

Faryna Crowder and Morrisette line starting

we are underway

early Flames pressure

Murdy makes a save

Davies goes coast to coast but denied by Murdy

offside Flames

Flames are very quick and active on the forecheck

Flames breakdown a Devils attack and counter 2 on 1 Murdy Saves

Icing call against Devils @4:04

Stewart hasnt had a shot to save yet

Devils pen Benti 2 minutes for hooking @4:43

Lets get that PK working now Devils

Murdy makes two saves on PK Devils now FS

Louis has his shot saved

another Devils pen Martin 2 minutes for boarding @ 9:08

late whistle but offence no where near boards texter says

iicing against Flames.

Murdy pulls off a great save on a one timer

gametime 10:01

Martin pen at 8:22 now expired Devils FS

Hotham spills the puck, Murdy saves his skin. and gloves the puck

Murdy getting peppered but standing up to it so far

Cornwall taffy reckons on a 6-4 Devils win

Flames pen 2 2 minutes for boarding @12:17

Murdy saving the Devils again on a Flames Breakaway

guilty Flames player was Ackared

Ulmer takes the puck ton the net but Stewart covers

Stewart up to his old tricks. kicking net off moorings as Asselin shoots.

Another Louis Shot gets blocked

Flames FS

Richie has a shot saved by Stewart

Flames score

@ 16:35 texter says its deserved on balance of play.

Murdy had no chance.

Flames goal scored by Watters


scored by Martin assist Haddad and Asselin

Flames pen Ben Davies 2 minutes for tripping


Flames score shorthanded goal , another Hotham giveaway @18:07

Flames all over Devils and nearly score again

flames FS

Haddad tripped by Stewart but no call made

thats the end of the first.

Flames 2nd scored by Ackered @18:07

Devils goal came at 17:21 Martin from Haddad and Asselin

Flames quicker in movement and thought, Devils playing way too slow, had it not been for Murdy could have been 5 down

Reddick was blocked by lino and couldnt get into position to prevent Flames 2nd. he was not happy about it.

Lordo needs to give them the old hairdryer treatment in the period break

Latest score Steelers 5 Panthers 5 eo 2nd

Latest score Coventry 0 Manchester 1 5 mins left in 2nd

Latest score MK Lightning 4 Belfast Giants 1 gametime 31:00

No SOGs info availabkle yet sorry

the Flames Akared/Watters Line produced both goals so far.

Cenwyn is doing a fantastic job of keeping us updated.

players and officials back on the ice

we are underway in the 2nd

Devils need to play smart and cut out the errors

Murdy called into actionn and saves.

Devils now offside

icing against flames now


Paris goes top shelf with a wrist shot

set up by Crowder

and Benti assists. scored at 21:09

Murdy saves.

Devils pen Hotham 2 minutes for tripping @23:38

sorry 22:38

Martin feeds Benti but he misses

Devils pen Paris 2 minutes for interference @23:20 1:18 of 5 on 3 for Flames

net off moorings again

guess who!!!

1 min left of 5 on 3

Murdy makes an amazing save again

now 5 on 4

20s left of PK for Devils

Devils FS

Murdy's save was from a blue line shot

Murdy saves from Davies

Murdy keeping us in the game here.

gametime 27:00

Murdy somehow headed that one away

Still 5-5 in Sheffield against Nottingham

flames go offside

game is end to end at moment

MK 5 Belfast 3

Flames miss open net after great move

Benti gets a stick to the face

@29:58 woeful defence there,

Dunbar scored assist Ben Davies

at last first period SOGs are in: Guildford 18 Devils 13

Late hit on martin not called

delayed pen on flames

pen called as elbows at 31:07 Lidhammer the culprit

Haddad nearly walks the puck in but Flames clear it in the nick of time


Fournier top sh@ 32:07 PPG

Benti strays offside.

Flames high sticks pen @33@07

Fournier's goal unassisted top shelf after going coast to coast

Stewart pulls off 3 saves in quick succession

Paris nearly walks it in

denied by Stewart

Flames culprit was Nechala

Flames FS

alot of sly dirty play by Flames going unseen by Smejkal

Devils pen Faryna 2 minutes for high sticks @35:57

he calls the Devils ones but misses the Flames ones I leave you to draw your own conclusions

Flames score again

just after Murdy had saved a one timer.

PPG scored by Rachinski @ 36:56

Murdy hung out to dry on that one

Steelers win 6-5 in regulation

Coventry 0 Manchester 2

in play in 3rd in that one

Martin shoots gloved by Stewart

gametime @39:31

Faryna with a chance, Crowder strays offside. buzzer goes to end period

Levi Nelson scores winner with a second left of regulation.

Neither Batch or Moore iced much that period.

Flames go ahead goal scored by Rachinski assisted by Lidhammer and Craige @ 16:58

2nd period SOGs Devils 17 Guildford 15

Latest score Coventry 1 Manchester 2 10 mins left in 3rd

Latest score MK Lightening 5 Belfast Giants 3 13 mins remaining

2 mins left of period intermission

teams back out on the ice soon

Devils back and ref back

almost ready to go

flames back now

we are underway in the final period

quiet start this time

Manchester 4-1 up now

Batch gets icetime and nearly scores

goal flames

Murdy given no protection by his D corps

goal at @41:58 scored by Nechala assists to Davies and Campbell

Devils called for icing

Paris shot saved by Stewart.

Flames again quicker in thought and action

Faryna outmuscled off the puck

defensive turnover required a Murdy save

gametime 43:40

Flames offside but are working harder and outmuscling the Devils along the boards

Myers tries to set up Batch but he is blocked

result MK Lightning 6 Belfast 3

result Coventry 1 Manchester 1

Reddick coughs up puck and gives a present to flames who score

Martin has a shot saved.

Flames pen 22 minutes for slashing @47:47 Kruise Reddick the guilty man

2 mins not 22

Benti misses shot as flames player holds the stick

FLames running riot, another goal

watters the scorer

shorthanded 2 on 1 break

Lord is not happy on the bench

Stewart falls on puck

Watters scored the 6th FLames goal

David Lillieström Karlsson scored the 7th Flames goal



with another wrist shot

one small consolation that this is only a cup game!!!!!

Morrisette taken out on blue line

no call but Haddad seeks retribution and batters the offending Flames player

3rd flames player tries to intervene but gets battered by Hotham for his actions

Long delay while they sort out pens

Haddad 2+2 Roughing.

seemingly only pen called

Flames have 5 on 4 for 4 mins

Haddad 2 roughing 2 holding

Hotham 5 fighting Nechala 5 fighting

Morrisette takes a puck to the body and looks hurt

Offside flames

Louis flattens a flames player

Devils pen Batch @ 54:22 2 + 2 for Boarding

Flames score on 5 on 3

Batch 2 x check 2 roughing

not boarding

8th goal scored by Ackered

now 5 on 4 for 3 mins

offside Devils whistle goes then Fournier gets checked, didnt like it and punched the culprit

Nearly #9 but net off moorings

Puck out of play @58:16

Devils FS

inside last minute

had it been a boxing match the ref would have stopped it by now

Game over Devils lose, Guildford deserve the win. they were the better team on the night. I dont think they will have it that easy when the come to the IAW

ref missed alot behind the play, showing that the league needs a 2 ref system

MK anf Guildford are no mugs. No easy games in this CC group

Hotham having a long chat with Linos

Devils MOM Fournier

Flames MOM Watters

Thats it from me tonight, A huge big thanks to Cenwyn for being our lone texter tonight. Great job done Cen. Safe trip home for Devils supporters and team. Join us next saturday as the Devils travel to Sheffield for their first league game this season.

Goodnight all. Nos Da Pawb

N B Murdy should have got MOM as he kept the score down