Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 4 - 4 Belfast Giants

Welcome to MNL for tonight crucial 2nd leg Play Off game against the Belfast Giants.

Remember its a 6:30 face off not the normal 6pm

Finished my team and raring to go

Its me OJ in the MNL studio with Chris & Sharlene at the Tent along with others

Remember score predictions to up to face off time

Remember score predictions to up to face off time

Nigel Boniface is the referee this evening

Devils tv were reporting that Ben Davies was a scratch this evening, well there is someone doing a very good impression of him in the warm-up

Lets hope that our server doesn't die on us tonight and that the BT broadband doesn't play up. So don't touch any switches or nobs Ruth

No predictions so far just SPAM from Facebook asking MNL to join. No we will not join you join us

Simon in Plymouth sees the Devils winning 3-1

Anthony O'neil in Belfast forecasts a 4-2 win for the Giants

Bobby Bell calls it a 3-1 win for Belfast

Belfast Eagles take on the game is very interesting 2-1 to the Giants in regulation game in O/T and he deems it to close to call , he also expects a hard dirty game as the youngsters on the Giants roster take the bite and try and make a name for themselves - interesting

Phoenix have clawed one goal back against the Panthers

Devils fans are shouing for the Vipers as they are still tied at 2-2 with the Blaze after 1st period

The ice is done and the Zamboni has gone for its tea or maybe to lie down

Donna Norrie reluctantly thinks the Devils go through after a drawn game tonight at the Tent

Not many texts from Devils fans tonight which is good as they are all at the TENT

Everyone getting tense, I have even got texters telling me not long to go, as if we didn't know

Zamboni has made a re-appearence don't know why

Neil Kellaway can't be at the game - work committment calls it 3-1 Devils

Black out time

Giants take to the ice

Very close call on predictions, by my reckoning it is equal votes for the two teams plus that O/T undecided

It cannot be closer than that

Latulippe, Hill & Voth start for the Devils

Waiting for Mr Boniface to drop the biscuit

WE are away

Game starts at an express speed

1 minute gone

Giants penalty @ 2:11 Sample - hooking

Devils quickly get their pp into gear


Devils 1st goal scored @ 4:00 Towe, assists Silverthorn & Hill PPG

Giants penalty @4:54 Macmillian - elbows

Lets have another one DEVILS

Devils penalty @ 7:16 Silverthorn - hooking

Aubry save @ 7:56

Devils penalty @ 8:49 Hartwick - slashing

27 secs of 3 on 5

Silverthorn returns to the ice

Aubry save @ 9:47

Giants penalty @ 9:47 Macmillan - x-checking

Giants 1st goal scored @ 9:58 Phillips unassisted

Devils go on powerplay

Aubry save @ 11:29

18 secs of Devils pp left

Giants kill penalty

12 minutes gone and it is end to end

Lyle save @ 12:50 followed by handbags

Giants 2nd goal @ 13:19 Cheverie assists Thornton & Phillips

Devils offside @ 14:03

Aubry saves with his mask @ 14:43

Puck out of play @ 15:12

Devils icing @ 15:21


Lyle save at 16:08

Quarter final tied at 3-3

Puck out of play again @ 16:30

Lyle saves @ 17:08 from Elich

Another Lyle save @ 17:38

Devils penalty @ 17:44 Voth - charging

Lets kill this penalty Devils

Final minute of 1st period

Devils kill penalty

Aubry save @ 19:45

End of 1st period DEVILS 1 (3) Giants 2 (3)

Its still all to play for

Good atmosphere at the Tent tonight, close to a sell out, only emplty seats are in the visitors block

Sorry for the quiet interlude but keeping an eye on the Vipers v Blaze game now 2-2 with 6 minutes to go

Tension beginning to mount as the ice is ready for the gladiators

2 minutes to go before the battle re-commences

Both teams back on the ice

Blaze seem to be Nottingham bound with a third goal

We are off for the 2nd period

And its 5 on 5 for a change

Devils icing @ 20:13

Russky thinks Devils have to raise their game a couple of notchers and throw a few hits

Devils offside @ 21:08


Devils 2nd goal @ 23:14 scored by Hill assist Hartwick

Giants penalty @ 23:32 Martin - charging

Lyle save @ 24:23

Lyle save @ 25:00 followed by handbags & penalties

Towe (D): Burgoyne (G) - roughing @ 25:00

4 on 3 ladies and gentlemen

Lyle save @ 26:48

Fantastice save by Lyle @ 27:34 as Towe & Burgoyne return to the ice

Puck goes out of play @ 28:01 on a Giants rush

Nigel has either put his whistle away or lost the pea

Devils penalty @ 29:55 Latulippe - holding


Its gone very quiet I hope its not the network playing up again

Anyone with any news of on Steelers v Capitals text me

Devils kill penalty

32 minutes gone

Davies floors Johnson - you little bully

Whats the tension like over the otherside of the Irish Sea

Now Hill dumps Burgoyne on his backside

Devils Brits have shown up tonight

Elich breakaway @ 34:33 but Giants net somehow comes off its mooring, I wonder how

Aubry save at 35:02

Fantastic game by all accounts

I am glad to hear that the tension in Belfast is as high as it is here in Cardiff Mike

Deniset punches Latulippe who collides with Aubry and Mr Boniface calls nought

Lyle save @ 35:43

36 minutes gone

Calling nought is OK so long as he doesn't call a stupid penalty that can turn the game

After all hockey is a hard and physical contact sport just like marriage

Lyle makes another crucial save @ 36:19 from Elich

Patrick has joined us after being at the Vipers v Blaze game

Lyle save @ 37:25 followed by handbags

No penalties maybe Nigel is interested in getting a handbag for himself

Now Aubry's net comes off @ 37:57

Final 2 minutes of 2nd period

Giants shoot high @ 38:34

We go into the final minute of middle period

Pete says Stelltalk has game at 3-3

Respite at last at the end of 2nd period DEVILS 2 (4) Giants 2 (3)

BBC reports the streets of Belfast are empty - we know why they are all reading MNL

It sounds like a cracking game to finish the season at the Tent.

I was invited to do MNL at the Tent tonight but thought that being at my first for 7 seasons would have been a disstraction. However some of my fellow dissenters made their comebacks tonight.

It will have to wait until next season

So its Coventry & Nottingham to be joined by Sheffield for next weekend plus one of tonights brave teams

Everything to play for for the biggest prize of all the Championship

Well in my days with the Devils the Play Off Championship was the one the players and fans looked forward to most.

I will never forget those game at Wembley, it was hard work keeping that team under control but what a team we had when Wembley came around

Both teams back on the ice for the final 20 miles as John Lawless would say

I can't repeat what Paul Heavey said until after the 9pm watershed

We are off for the 3rd period


Devils 3rd goal @ 41:08 scored by Silverthorn assists by Elich & Maciver

Devils penalty @ 42:10 Latulippe - roughing

Awful call on Latulippe

Awful call by Boniface

Aubry save 42:58

Devils penalty @ 43:56 Bench minot - too many men

Bench penalty being served by Hartwick

Latulippe penalty killed

Aubry save @ 44:34

Devils penalty killed

46 minutes gone

Tension mounting

Aubry save @ 46:50

Can you imagine the calm situation in the middle of the Irish Sea a trough between two highs

48 minutes gone

Once it gets to 50 the clock goes quicker downhill

Dave - a Panther fan dropped in getting excited over a possible Steelers v Devils semi

Aubry felled by Burgoyne @ 28:50

Aubry save @ 49:17

REfresh your page as the scoreline sometimes doesn't update

Awesome save by Aubry say texters

Devils penalty @ 49:55 Prpich - charging

These calls by Boniface are sending the Devils fans mad

Giants goal @ 50:16

Giants 3rd goal a ppg scored by Deniset assist Shields

Devils icing @ 50:41

51 minutes gone

51 minutes gone

Voth limps off ice

Voth limps off

53 minutes gone

Giants penalty @ 53:26 Deniset - high sticks

Voth back on ice after limping off

We are having problems with our server as everyone get online after the other games

Devils penalty @ 54:19 Latulippe - hi sticks

Latulippe gets 10+ Game for misconduct @ 54:18

Latulippe was assessed 10+10 which is a Game

Giants kill penalty

Devils shoot high @ 55:31

Devils shoot high @ 55:31

56 minutes gone

Gametime 56:23

Devils icing @ 56:23

Aubry save @ 56:55

Devils icing @ 57:31

Aubry save @ 57:43

Final 2 minutes

Devils penalty @ 58:16 Prpich - holding

Giants timeout @ 58:16

Crowd on their feet

Lyle pulled

Giants 4th goal @ 58:53 scored by Cheverie assist Martin ppg

Giants penalty @ 59:01 Robbins - interference

Puck out of play @ 59:45

Its into O/T we go DEVILS 3 (5) Giants 4 (5) at the end of regulation

Into O/T Devils have a 4 on 3 pp for 1:02



DEVILS winner scored by you know who BRAD VOTH @ 61:33



Like most of you I need to find a dark room to lie down in

Big thank you to Chhis, Sharlene & Russky our texters tonight

Keep an eye on the Inferno Forum for any plans to bring you MNL from Nottingham

Thats all from me OJ until the next time, we were glad we could bring you the full service tonight especially our viewers in Northern Ireland. Remember it takes TWO teams to produce a game like that. Well done to both teams