Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 5 - 2 MK Lightning

Good Morning one and all. Join me (Russky) for regular text commentary from about 6:30pm for the build up, predictions and usual Devils flavoured text commentary.

If you have a comment or prediction to share with us please do so by emailing it to and we will do our best to include it during our online coverage, before the end of the end of the first period break.

Until then I wish you all a good day.

Good evening everyone. Welcome to our coverage of the game at IAW this evening

so far we have had two predictions in, one from Pat in Brigend who just wants a Devils win and one from Dave Rees who reckons on a 4-1 Devils win

its Mark Richardsons 700th game of his career so well done to him for reaching that illustrious milestone in his illustrious career. Not forgetting that its his testimonial season this year too

Our texter for the evening Phil Egan has reported in as being present at the IAW

There are 3 other games this evening, Sheffield visit Manchester; Coventry at Nottingham and Guildford are in Belfast. We will try to keep you updated with scores from those games

If anyone is going to Guildford tomorrow, we are urgently in need of texters for this game to enable MNL coverage. We are always grateful to all of our texters who give their time to keep us updated on the games. Steve Borinetti is hosting MNL for that game tomorrow so if you are willing to help out by texting him game events, I am sure he would be very grateful for any game update texts he gets. If you are able to help us tomorrow please email us at and I will give you his contact details.

Hazel from Southend predicts a 6-2 Devils win.

Pete in Southend goes for 6-1 to Devils

We also have a pre game raising of the League championship Banner at the IAW

Intro in progress at the IAW

Devils wearing black shirts Red shorts tonight. Lightening in White shirts with blue shoulders and Black shorts

Championship and Challenge Cup winning Banners raised

Anthem Time

we are almost ready to start

Lordo on the Bench

puck drops

pen devils Batch2 minutes for roughing

Lightning pen now boarding the call

Hotham got cleaned out early doors but hes ok

Refs are Mike Hicks and Matt Rose

mid ice face off.

MK giving a very feisty performance so far

MK Pen

Devils 4 on 3 now

MK pen was L Hook for hooking appropriately

Face off in the Lightning zone

early chances for both teams but still fast and frenetic end to end stuff

former devils Kearney and Doucet icing for MK

Ashley Tait Matt Nickerson and Miika Wikman also icing for MK

Devils pen Benti Holding the stick

Face off in the Lightning zone

MK looking to be a very abrasive unit

Murdy in net tonight Hedley for MK

MK pen Kearney with 2 min pen for Slashing

Naughty boy

MK racking up the PIMs

another MK pen Devils PP not firing yet

Devils briefly have 5 on 3

Haddad fires over the bar

back to 5 on 5

last MK pen was Gibson 2 minutes for slashing

correction Bowns in net not Murdy

Bowns makes a save

Bowns getting peppered at the moment

Moore with a shot but its padded away

its a bit Helter skelter at the moment in the game

gametime 13:49

MK score

Devils defensive forechecking a little amiss causing that turnover leading to the goal

scored by P Phillips @13:26

MK are surprising the Devils with their intensity

and Physicality


Scored by Fournier assist Myers 15:26


scored by asselin

at 17: 14



Hotham and Hudson

Hudson led with the raised arm in the hit that preceded the fight

Hotham 5+5 for Fighting that's a new one on me!!!!

Hudson just 5 minutes for Fighting Both at 17:51

Bowns saves in a melee

no it was MK goal washed out!!! for man in crease

that's it for a highly eventful first period

SOGs Devils 13 MK 12

Clare has sent us a period report from IAW - Wiikman being kept busy in ML net, Carl Hudson still got itand Foster having a good game. MK are no pushover, no stand outs for Devils so far, Ben Bowns not being pressed to much as D corps are doing their job

thanks Clare

Another prediction in, this one from Cornwall Taffy who goes for a 7-2 Devils win

Latest scores Sheffield 2-0 up in Altrincham, Nottingham 1-0 up over Blaze and Belfast and Guilford deadlocked at 2-2

Latest scores Sheffield 2-0 up in Altrincham, Nottingham 1-0 up over Blaze and Belfast and Guilford deadlocked at 2-2

just got time for a cuppa

The players are back on the ice ready for 2nd period

Hotham now wearing a different shirt no.

and we are underway

Bowns saves after defensive turnover

Face off in the Devils zone

MK creating early pressure

Devils breakaway Ulmer gets his pocket picked

Haddad shoots over the bar


assist Haddad


Neutral zone face off

Devils clear puck down ice but no icing call

Face off in the Devils zone

devils win draw breakway and Benti shoots wide

Hook gets another hooking call against him @23:33

Face off in the Lightning zone

Devils PP coming to end with no real success from it

Devils D working ok at moment.

MK have former Devil Chris Hudson in their ranks, I think Hotham reminded him who he was

MK scrambling the puck from Devils zone face off

Crowder shoots wide

Mk pen 2 minutes for holding

Hotham out of sin bin now

Paris shoots Wiikman saves

Paris shoots Wiikman saves

2nd assist on crowders goal goes to Asselin

Another MK pen leads to Devils 5 on 3

Time out called

Kearney with another Hooking call against him and Hook was called for holding the stick


Haddad shot deflected over Wiikman's goal

Devils Pen Benti 2 minutes for holding

4 on 4 hockey now

4 on 4 hockey now

Face off in the Devils zone

Kearney out of sin bin, MK now on PP

Phillips shot deflected wide

neutral zone face off

neutral zone face off

I have to say a big thank you to forum member Leighton for lending me his spare laptop so I can bring you this coverage. My old trusty chromebook expired last weekend.

its bit end to end but some of the pace and intensity seems to have gone out of the game

Face off in the Lightning zone

Haddad on breakaway but loses the puck

Devils pen Haddad 2 minutes for 2 minutes for tripping

scoresheet has it as Asselin


MK score Isackson with the goal

MK pen tripping called

alot of 'soft pens' called by the refs


Hotham assist Martin @37:45

PPG for Devils after Doucet was called for tripping @16:44

clock running down to end of 2nd period

that's a wrap on that period

Phil Bean's assessment of 1st: MK doing a great job of disrupting Devils but can they last 3 periods? Hotham clear winner in fight with Hudson. Devils exerting pressure as period progressed.

Latest scores: Manchester 2 Sheffield 4; Nottingham 4 Coventry 1;Belfast 5 Guildford 3

2nd period SOGs Devils 7 MK 13 making it 20:25 overall.

MK 2nd goal Isackson from 36:16 PPG

Phil Egans 2nd period Assessment: Pretty solid period for Devils. MK not really doing alot apart from sitting in the sin bin. They picked up a PPG with a nice finish but Devils look to be in control

Phil Continues: The sheer number of infringements is stopping the flow of the game. Wiikman looks their best player, as you would expect.

Zamboni still chasing its tail

if your are seeing a SOGs post from 1st period please ignore it

cant be long before they are back on the ice.

and here they come

we are almost ready to start and we are now underway

big hit by Devils player there

Asselin pounces on a Wiikman rebound but fires it wide

icing call against MK

Face off in the Lightning zone

Devils shoot puck into midriff of Wiikman

Devils asserting early pressure

MK break but it comes to nought

Devils D keeping MK wide, not letting them come thru the middle

Bowns gloves the puck

Face off in the Devils zone

MK now getting into this period now

MK attack effectively snuffed out there

game time 45:50

Bowns makes easy save there

Face off in the Devils zone

Batch shoots wide

Face off in the Lightning zone

MK scramble it clear

Big hit from Crowder

Devils offside there

neutral zone face off Bowns deflects the puck wide

Benti gets 2nd assist on hotham's goal

in 2nd period

Devils pen Reddick is the offender

2 minutes for interference @ 48:42

shot block by Richie. I bet that hurt

Devils FS

Save by Wiikman

icing call against Devils

Face off in the Lightning zone

not much really happening game gone into a lull

Wiikman saves from Faryna followed by handbags

10 minds miscon unsportsmanlike for Nickerson

Hudson lays a big hit there

Fournier gone for treatment

Bowns reacts well to MK shot

game getting abit niggly in last few mins

Face off in the Devils zone

gamesheet states Nickerson was 10 mins abuse of official

gametime 56:37

Benti blocks a shot now

Doucet closed down very quickly to prevent him getting a shot off

Time out MK


game restarts Face off in the Devils zone

Wiikman pulled

Devils shoots wide of empty net

Face off in the Devils zone

another shot goes wide of Empty net

Red army chant ringing round the IAW

Face off in the Devils zone

40 secs left

icing called against Devils

Face off in the Devils zone


Scored by Matt Pope

game over Devils win

assist on Pope ENG to Bentivoglio

well done very effective professional performance from Devils

MK MOM Hudson

Devils MOM Asselin

Thanks to our hardworking texter Phil Egan.

Safe trip home to all MK team and supporters. That's it from me tonight. We are hoping to bring you coverage of tomorrow's game in Guildford and Steve Borinetti will be your host in the hot seat.

Goodnight all Nos Da Pawb

Clare said that Peter Russell has put a decent team together, they are not to be taken lightly. Wilkman wa amazing in net for MK. Devils diod the job but MK imoressed her more