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Cardiff Devils 4 - 3 HC Davos

Welcome to MNL as the DEVILS seek to gain their first CHL points as the historic HC Davos visit Cardiff Bay

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WE will brinou any team news when we have it

David R thinks Devils can sneak a 3-2 win tonight

Nice to see that my fellow host Russky hasnt lost all faith and also calls it 3-2 to Devils

Lew thinks HC Davos will be out gunning for the Devils following their 2 losses to Lakers and Devils will have improved if they can do better than the 10-1 loss suffered last week

Is this game on Premier can yo let me know on

Apologies everyone we cannot bring you coverage of the game at the moment as it seems there is no CHL webcast of this game

Or any update of game events

IAW non WIFI hits again maybe

At least we have the biggest crowd so far this season (2,700+) cheering on the Devils

Good number of HC Davos have made the trip to Cardiff Bay

Game under way at IAW

Davos offside @ 0:33

Puck out of play following Davos shot

RED ARMY in full voice

Davos netminder saves from Patrick Asselin

As per last week HC Davos break out like grease lightning

Devils icing

So far Devils have been playing a more controlled game than last Thursday

Davos score

Wicked bounce off back board put away nicely

Ben Bowns save

Devils icing

Gametime 4:18

Davos offside

Devils icing

Davos rush ends up as another offside whistle

Davos penalty 2 minutes for interference

Dino Weiser the naughty boy


Lets have a PPG U DEVILS

Davos good at clearing their zone

Davos Full Strength

Gametime 7:12

Davos g@ 3:23 scored by Nando Eggenberger assist Heldner

Devils icing followed by POWERBREAK

Gametime 8:46

Game restarts

Backhanded shot by rushing Devils D man - Richie we think

Devils must gain and retain possession of the biscuit

Devils icing followed by POWERBREAK


There was a delayed penalty when Mark Richardson scored

Assists Layne Ulmer + ANO

Joey Haddad got 2nd assist

Davos breakaway foiled

Devils opening goal was @ 11:38

Ben Bowns earing his corn tonight as usual having to be ekert to Davos quick thrusts

Another Powerbreak

Game restarts

Devils centres doing a great job at face offs - clear winner

Gametime 13:44

Good defensive play by back checking Devils

Devils shoot wide

Devils D corp giving more protection to Ben tonight - blocking shots etc

Devils clear zone

Devils go close for a second goal through Matthew Myers

Gametime 16:04

Devils penalty Matthew Myers 2 minutes for cross-checking

Soft call by all accounts


@ 17:28

Mark Richardson blocks a humdinger

Davos 2 minutes for high sticks Sciaroni the guilty

@ 18:22

Devils Full Strength


Joey Martin assists Sean Bentivoglio & Andrew Hotham

End of 1st period DEVILS 2 Davos 1

Devils 2nd goal was a PPG @ 19:41

SoG for 1st period DEVILS 10 Davos 8

An amazing stst for face offs won DEVILS 19 Davos 8

And most of those face off were in Devils zone after numerous icings

Ice ready

Teams back on ice


2nd period starts

Its end to end at IAW

Both teams finding it hard to keep possession of the puck

Gametime 22:04

Davos score

A PPG ' 22:43 scored by Anbuhl assists Corvi & Sciaroni

Apologies I missed a tripping minor for Mark Louis @ 21:29

Eating my tea is my excuse

Devils penalty Josh Batch 2 minutes for interference @ 24:06

A silly penalty to take I am informed


Devils clear zone

DEVILS PK unit working well

Devils Full Strength

RED ARMY getting very noisy

Davos Offside


Game restarts

Gametime 28:59Puck out of play Face off in the Devils zone

Ben Bowns save

Lets have that next goal U DEVILS

Davos score : 33:27

Davos go ahead goal scored by Dario Simion assist Paschaud

Come on U DEVILS we can get something out of this game

Not is you get sent to bin Joey Haddad 2 minutes for interference @ 34:27


We need to Kill this penalty to fight another day

Devils under pressure

1 minute killed

Devils Full Strength

Davos penalty @ 38:19 Kousal 2 minutes for slashing



Final minute of period


Another PPG @ 39:31 Matt Pope assists Joey Martin & Joey Haddad

End of 2nd period DEVILS 3 Davos 3

Our PP unit seems to be firing 2 PPG from 3 opportunities

SoG after 2 periods DEVILS 18 Davos 16

Face Offs won now stands 32-16 in favour of the DEVILS

I am surprised how poor Davos special team statistics are; Pen Killing 33.3% Poweplay conversions 25% compared with 75% and 67% for Devils

Coventry 8 Sheffied 2 mid way thru 3rd

Ice ready

Come on U DEVILS lets that first CHL points

Teams back on ice

3rd period underway

Gametime 42:22

Lets have that crucial next goal U DEVILS

Ben bowns save from Sciaroni

Devils icing

Very tight game as both teams strive for that go ahead goal

Davos Offide - they do go offside a lot

Gametime 46:04

RED ARMY driving the team onwards

My updates have dried up to some extent - too busy biting their nails and chanting

Here is our chance Davos penalty @ 48:21 - Jung 2 minutes for tripping

Lets have another PPG U DEVILS

Davos have killed 1 minute

Davos clear zone as Devils set up fails

Davos Full Strength

Gametime 51:04

Lets hope the referee has put his whistle away as far as DEVILS penalties are concerned

Gametime 52:33

Davils penalty Ben Bowns 2 minutes for delay of game @ 52:33



1 minute killed

At least you cannot have a powerbreak during a penalty

Devils Full Strength

Davos penalty Wieser 2 minutes for slashing @ 55:00


We want a PPG from U DEVILS - please

Davos clear zone too easy

Gametime 56:22

Davos Full Strength

Final 2 minutes

The noise in the IAW is unbelieveable

Davos penalkty @ 58:45 2 minutes for tripping - Ambuhl

The roof of the IAW be better screwed down or it will end up in Somerset

Final minute

Come on U DEVILS

One final effort

Gone quiet from IAW

End of regulation DEVILS 3 Davos 3


Now lets go and get the other

5 mins of 3 on 3 O/T next


WE win DREW PARIS '@ 60:23 a PPG assists Matt Pope & Joey Martin

THATS 2 points and a CHL win - well done U DEVILS

You better believe it DEVILS beat HC Davos

In years to come people will think HC Davos 10 Cardiff Devils 1 is a miss print

I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did bringing your

I leave you in the capable hands of Russky & Bozman as I go and chase the sun

Join them next weekend as the Devils begin their 2017/18 EIHL campaign

Final SoG DEVILS 31 Davos 20