Match Night Live
HC Bili Tygri Liberec 5 - 2 Cardiff Devils

Hello there, Russky here. We are going to try and run MNL for this game but please bear with us as we are still a bit rusty from off season.

Well game 1 was one to forget as Davos proved to be a very clinical and effective team. I dont wish to worry you but our opponants today are ranked even higher!! The Devils will really have to be on their game today to stand a chance.

If you wish to send us a comment or prediction please do so to and we will do our best to include it during our coverage.

Until gametime, go do what you have to do and we will be online from about 2:15pm for a 2:30 face off.

Correction FACE OFF is at 2:30PM BST 3:30pm CET

Sorry for the confusion.

Good afternoon - OJ here for the early shift, Russky will join me later

It appears that Andrew Lord is on the gamesheet as icing for this game

For those of you that dont know one of the Liberec players got a 1 game suspension from the CHL DOPs after the game against the lakers

Dominik Lakatos is the player, done for fighting - i have seen worse on Sunsay School outings

No live stream yet

Apologies for not reporting any predictions sent in, I will look at them later after I get the game going

Devils lines as listed on gamesheet are: Richardson, Hotham, Martin, Bentivoglio, Pope; Paris, Fournier, Haddad, Ulmer, asselin: Louis, Reddick, Lord, Myers, Faryna; then Batch, Moor, Morissette, Crowder

WE have lift off

Team announcement going on

Ice ready awating the teams

RED ARMY quiet so far

Devilson ice

Lordo playing Luke Piggott on the bench

IIHF Anthem

Roman Will in net for Liberec

Ben Bowns in net for Devils

Puck dropped

Early Devils pressure Will covers

Good start by Devils

Gametime 3:28

Devils penalty Bryce Reddick hooking


Devils clear zone



A SHG no less Joey Martin @ 4:50

Liberec still on PP

9 secs of PK left



game restarts

Face off in the Bili Tygri zone

Much better performance from Devils

Cardiff clear zone through Andrew Hotham

Devils Penalty Justin -interference @ 9:30


Liberec pressure immense

SoG so far Liberec 8 Devils 3

Devils finally clear zone

Devils Full Strength

Ben Bowns getting more proction today

Gametime 12:02

5 on 5 we are in this game

icing Liberec

Liberec offide

Another Powewrebreal allows Lodo to give instructions

Gametime 15:00 as Devils breakaway

It comes to nothing Devils back in defensive mode

Liberec hunting for that equaliser

Puck out of play

Liberec penalty

@ 17:06

Will saves from Sean Bentivoglio


Drew Paris i think from blueline @ 17:57

Big save Ben Bowns

Final minute

Joey Haddad checked from behind

Liberec penalty minor for roughing the call

Face off in the Bili Tygri zone

Its a double minor

4 secs left

Face off in the Bili Tygri zone

End of 1st period Liberec 0 DEVILS 2

RED ARMY very happy although they have been quiet

2 + 2 for for checking from behind was the call @ 19:11

Russky here much improved devils performance

Devils 1st goal by Joey Martin was unassisted SHG

Devils 2nd bt Drew Pars assist Patrick Asselin was a PPG @ 17:50

SoG for 1st period Liberec 12 DEVILS 8

no predictions received

Liberec look fast fluid and effective but Devils D working well

Have to say was very impressed with Davos, very clinical and took their chances well

but far too many for comfort.

from a Devils perspective

teams coming back onto the ice now

Devils still on a PP

I think these power breaks are to accommodate host broadcaster ad breaks

puck drops to start 2nd

Reddick clears loose puck at back

2:00 left on PP

Devils shot from Fournier just goes wide

Face off in the Bili Tygri zone

devils shot padded away nervously by Will

Face off in the Bili Tygri zone

Liberec break stopped by Bowns

bit scrappy in play at moment

Liberec FS

Devils D unit working hard

to keep Liberec at bay

Face off in the Devils zone

Devils got a bit outmuscled there

Liberec shot goes just wide

Bowns gloves the puck

Power break time

game restarts

gametime 28:00

Liberec score

Bowns saves

they get another goal

Krenzelok scored the first Bakos the 2nd

Liberec goals were at 29:09 & 30:44

oh dear

Ulmers line on now

Liberec have stepped up their play

SOGS so far 23-10

Bowns saves and keeps the Devils from conceding a 3rd

Face off in the Devils zone

7:50 remaining in 2nd

Devils need to pick their game up again

Crowder working hard to create something

and a 3rd for Liberec

scord by Mojzis

Devils D fallen asleep

Customery 2nd period slump for the Devils

Face off in the Devils zone

Ben Bowns is getting beaten by long shots too often

GLad to report Haddad ok and getting icetime

Face off in the Devils zone

Devils D under immense pressure

Devils breakaway comes to nothing

Devils shot goes wide

gametime 37:18

Devils keep getting caught out at back

and D not clearing traffic infront of Bowns

30 secs left

Face off in the Devils zone

and thats it for the 2nd to the sound of Lets go Devils from the Red Army.

SOGs 29-11

poor second period

1st goal at 29:09 2nd at 30:44 and 3rd at 33:48 - a bad 4 minutes for the Devils

Back to OJ for the third period.

5 minutes to start of 3rd period

Officials back on ice

Liberec Bili Tygri come back on

So do our very own CARDIFF DEVILS

3rd period underway

do the Devils have enough left in their legs to mount a comeback this period

Devils penalty @ 40:58


Devils clear zone

1 minute killed

Devils clear zone again

And again

Devils Full Strength

Good PK

Devils certanly battling away

Gametime 45:04

God save Ben Bowns of blueline shot

GAP losing 10-1

Very end to end at the moment


Game restarts

Will save

Bowns bats away puck

Puck out of play Face off in the Devils zone

Gametime 49:01

Devils offside

Devils icing @ 50:44

Apologies for not picking out the players but with no commentry and always a wideangle shot its nigh on impossible

Layne Ulmer breaks up a Bili Tygri attack at our blueline

Bili Tygri rush the net Ben Bowns holds on


Gamertime 52:44

Good bit of pressure from DEVILS

Liberec penalty 54:15


Liberec breakaway foled by Ben Bowns

Liberec Full Strength

Gametime 56:30

Liberec icing


Liberec cross-checking

lets get a PPG U DEVILS

@ 57:50

Final 2 minutes

Devils still on PP

Bowns lifted

ENG for Liberec @ 58:44

Final score Liberec Bili Tygri 5 CARDIFF DEVILS 2

A much improved performance by Devils 3-2 loss would have been a fairer result

Got to congratulate the DEVILS for seeking that tieing 3rd goal

Final SoG Liberec 47 DEVILS 21

Interesting Face Off count Liberec 28 DEVILS 27

Thats all from Russky and me, join us Thursday when we will bring you coverage of the DEVILS v Liberec at the IAW

Prynhawn da pawb - Good afternoon all