Match Night Live
HC Davos 10 - 1 Cardiff Devils

Welcome to the new hockey season. Pre-season has gone pretty well with four wins thus far.Lordo looks to have recruited the new boys well, Now the serious competition starts.

Good to see the nucleus of last years championship winning roster back for another season. We are hoping to have reasonable coverage tonight of the game in Switzerland but please bear with us as we get the off season cobwebs out of our system and hope for a technical hitch free coverage.

Tonight ,all being well, hosting duties will be shared between myself (Russky) and OJ, who will be covering the build up and first period action, and myself, for the remainder of the game. If you have a predictions or Commenst please send it to and we will do our best to include it as long as its broadcastable.

Until we are back on air from about 6:30pm we hope you have a good day.

The game featuring the other 2 teams in Devils group is underway - Lakers winning 1-0 after 12 period

PPG by Jossefsson @ 9:07

Lakers score a 2nd goal

@ 20:40

Lakers look like a good all round team

That said Liberec breakout very quick

Ice pad in Liberec looks huge

Liberec now on PP

Any physical contact being callewd by refereees

Lakers now on PP

Lakers 2nd goal was scored by Adan Brodecki

Liberec kill penalty

The game now has a POWER BREAK whatever that means

LAKERS now have a 4 minute pp

Laker pp is ineffective they seem more intent on running the clock down

SHG goal for Liberec

There was 2 seconds left in the PK

Lioberec now equalise its 2-2

After looking that the Swedes were coasting to a win its all change

SHG scored by Mario Bakoti @ 31:01

Liberec scoreagain to lead 3-2

Time out Lakers

Liberec 2nd goal @ 32:23 scored by Jan Ordos

Liberec 3rd goal@ 34:25 scored by Dominik Lakatos

All three Liberec goals came from turnovers

Lakers have PP opportunity @ 38:02

Liberec 3 Lakers 2 - end of 2nd

3rd period in play so more goals so far

Liberec go on PP @ 45:35

Reporting on the 3rd period will be less as I am off for my tea

Liberec now have a 5 on 3

Its now in O/T


2 minutes left of O/T

Apologies O/T is about to start

3 on 3 O/T

Lakers score they win 4-3

Time on concentrate on Devils game

CHL shows Devils lines as Richardson, Hotham: Pope, Bentivoglio, Martin - Paris, Fournier; Haddad, Asselin, Ulmer- Louis Reddick; Myers, Moore, Batch = a 4th line of Morussette, Crowder & Faryna

I am hoping to bring you the 1st period - I dont have access to Premier but I do use an offshore server.

WE shall see

Teams taking to the ice, DEVILS fans in full voice - there are quite a few of the RED ARMY on duty


Well the IIHF anthem

Looka as if it is all systems go

Devils start with their top line

Puck dropped

Puck out of play after Davos pressure

I have a commentry in a laguage I cannot place

Devils pressure

devils penalty hooking

Mark Louis


Jake Morissette 2 forr tripping

Davos goal - Dubois PPG

@ 2:26

Devils cannot clear zone

Davos score

Save Ben Bowns

Gametime 4:33

Ben Bowns save @5:12

Another Bowns save

Devils have now settled into game

Andrew Lord miked up on bench

Davos penalty @ 6:16

Davos clear zone

Devils offside

Davos Full Strength

Davos offside

Getting more physical

Great save Bowns (x2)

Davos on PP again

Kill DEVILS KillDavos

1 minute killed

Another Devils penalty Mark Louis 2 for interference

5 on 3 for Davos

Devils clear zone

Devils back to 4

55 secs to kill

Davos icing

Devils FS


I havn't a clue what it means - Advertising???

Game restarts

Devils offside

Ben Bowns save @ 17:20

Dvils have a PP opportiunity

Devils go close with Andrew Hotham

Davos FS

Matt Pope goes close on buzzer

End of 1st period Davos 2 DEVILS 0

SoG Davos 12 DEVILS 8

Russky will now take over whilst i upload the details of 1st period

Hi folks Russky here. taking over hosting duties from OJ. I have internet streaming access of the game but its a bit stop start. hopefully it wont be too disruptive.

Devils doing well to keep it at 0-2 in my opinion and were seemingly getting back into the game some as the period progressed

Devils need to get the next goal but lets see what happens.

To bring you totally up to date 1:52 Mark Louis hooking 2:09 Jake Morissette 2 for tripping Davos goal1 @ 2:20 Dubois, assts Eggenberger & Little Davos goal 2 @ 3:39 Eglis ass Kousari & Weiser Both were PPG

Thanks OJ for your efforts to cover the first period.

one prediction from Alan Morgan in Davos who predicts a 4-2 Devils win

6;10 Davos sciaroni high sticks 11:46 Haddad trip 12:54 Louis interference 17:36 Corvi interference

OJ my streaming all over the place here.

Devils pressuring in front of Davos goal

Batch annoying the Davos NM there

Face off in the HCD zone

linos in discussion with Davos bench

Hotham shoots wide

Devils probing puck retention better

Russky you seem to be ok - slight delay

Face off in the Devils zone

Devils Break out

Devils shot blocked

Davos player down by boards behind Bowns goal.

Devils pen Reddick2 minutes for boarding I think

Davos on PP proving effective with 2 PPGs already

Matt Myers the 'wrecking ball'!!!

1:10 left on Devils PK

play is a bit scrappy at moment

30 secs left on PK

Bowns saves puck thru traffic

Davos playing the sharper hockey at moment

Devils FS

Pope, Matt that is, ices the puck

Face off in the Devils zone

Devils trying to build attacks but getting snuffed out

Haddad trying hard, all huff and puff

haddad finishes attack with shot into Davos NM stomach

another power break?

Red Army in fine voice but being matched by Davos fans making for a good atmosphere

Face off in the HCD zone

Devils turned over

SOGs so far 22-12

Davos look a good outfit

Davos NM saves under pressure of Haddad

Face off in the HCD zone

Game played at high altitude. interesting factor. well they are in the heart of the Alps

Davos score again

SHG for York Davos crisp passing creates the gap for the shot

Did I miss something?

I don't remember that.

Devils Pk again. Faryna this time the offender

Davos score another PPG

this is going from bad to worse

Yes you missed a goal - its raining goals now time to lift Bowns

Ouch another one. this is starting to get bad

time out needed methinks

Murdy now in net

Devils D unit having a total 'mare'

4:28 remain in 2nd

will give you the goal details during the period break that's if you really want them!!!!

SOGs 30-14

Devils on PP again

Devils pen was bench minor for too many men

neutral zone face off

this score makes it better : Panthers 5-2 down in their game.

Devils on PP at moment 1:10 remaining

Devils now in damage limitation exercise at end of 2nd period

The scoreline flatters Davos abit. Devils havent been as bad as the score suggests.

SOGs 34-17

Davos 3rd goal scored by Eggenberger@22:13

Davos 4th goal EH Scored by Wieser @31:25

Davos 5th SHG scored by Jorg @ 33:19

6th goal PPG by Dubois@ 35:05

Davos 7th goal scored by Kousal @ 35:11 immediately after this Bowns was replaced by Murdy

Devils PP as a result of a Slashing call on Wieser @ 38:45

Hope the coverage isnt too bad for you aside of the scoreline

Teams back out on ice prior to 3rd period

Davos look a good team to be honest.

3rd underway


Bentivoglio scores

sorry Martin not Benti

@4:41 assist Benti and Hotham PPG

its a long climb back up this mountain

at least the Devils have started.

Davos nm saves a shot there

Hooking pen against Crowder @41:40

Face off in the Devils zone

Devils clear puck down ice

Davos build again on PP

Hotham has a chance but taken down by two Davos players

no call from ref

murdy saves by padding away shot

Devils FS

successfully killed pen. Devils can take heart from that

line change there

Jorg shoots wide

Reddick delivers a hit along the boards

Murdy gloves a Jorg shot

Face off in the Devils zone

Devils win the draw but then get turned over

gametime 46mins

pen Davos Walser called for holding at 46:37

Face off in the Devils zone

Devils trying to set up but getting frustrated by Davos

Face off in the HCD zone Devils still on PP

refs a bit too whistle happy

Face off in the HCD zone

Martin tries a shot but just wide

Devils pen Myers High sticks

Davos goal was equal strength scored by Jung at 49:32

Myers called for high sticks after goal scored

Murdy saves the Devils again

Devils FS another pen killed successfully

game time 52:00

Devils still trying hard despite the scoreline

Davos score a ninth

scored by Sciaroni @ 53:30

Devils pen Myers called for tripping

@ 54:09

Louis tangles with Murdy but Murdy still clears

Hope Lordo is making notes on Davos players for next seasons recruitment.

They look a good team to be fair

Devils I think have first night CHL nerves maybe

gametime 54:30

Davos hit the Devils for 10

scored by Nygren 55:07

he was Habs draft pick a few seasons back

Murdy saves from Jorg again

Davos still showing alot energy despite its late in the 3rd

Devils chasing shadows really

Murdy saves again

Davos slapshot goes just wide

Devils pen Reddick 2 minutes for tripping @ 58:05

HCD pen 2 minutes for tripping 58:38

Face off in the Devils zone

Devils clear puck down ice

Face off in the HCD zone

cleared Davos running down the clock now

30 seconds to go

2 davos players collide. Faryna gets caught by high stick

game done and dusted.

Nygren gets called 2+2 checking to head or neck before end of game

Thats it for tonight on a sorry sorry night for the Devils. We hope to have coverage of somekind of the game on saturday afternoon as Devils travel to Liberec. Keep an eye on the forum for confirmation.

Goodnight from myself and OJ Nos Da Pawb