Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 5 - 6 Sheffield Steelers

Good Day to you all. Its the last day of the Elite League season and there's a Play off Trophy waiting to be claimed. Join me (Russky) from 3:45pm for all the excitement and unrivalled game text commentary.

Be involved by sending your prediction and/or comments to and I will endeavour to include them during the build up, providing they are not too controversial or libellous.

Until then try to contain your nervous excitement, I will. Enjoy your day.

Good Afternoon from sunny Treharris.

I am like a kid on Christmas Eve.

There's a Grand Slam on the line and the final trophy of the season up for grabs.

Thank you to Hazel and Gareth Barnes for your kind words.

Hazel sees it as 5-3 to the Devils, Dave Rees says 4-3 after OT.

Personally I'd like to see it settled in regulation. I don't think my nerves would stand OT

KettDevil is on texting duty, bringing us his end of period insight as to how he thinks the game is going for the Devils.

The officials today are Dean Smith, Toby Craig, Allan Ward and James Kavanagh are the Linos

Liights down at NIC aka motorpoint arena in Nottingham

Steelers on the Ice already.

Devils are going onto the ice now

Devils cannot afford a slow start like yesterday.

Anthem time

Devils in predominantly white tops with red and green trim, Red shorts and red socks. Steelers in all Orange

we are about to get underway

the puck is dropped

neutral zone action. icing call. Face off in the Steelers zone

Ulmer loses the draw

Armstrong runs Bowns

goal off its moarings. Bowns ok

discussions taking place.

Armstrong in the bin. 2 minutes for goalie interference

PP for Devils

Face off in the Steelers zone

Sheffield clear

Lord benti and Martin on ice

Richardson shot covered by Moose

Face off in the Steelers zone

Devils turnover releases Desbiens who shoots wide

Devils not created anything of note


Doucet scores


Assisted by the hotham brothers

fast pace to game

Devils pressing

Armstrong scores for Steelers

game restarts

steelers goal came from neutral zone turnover

Face off in the Devils zone

Steelers looking threatening

Bowns saves from Phillips

Myers trips over mustokovs

Myers shoved from behind into Mustokovs

Face off in the Steelers zone

Devils working hard behind steelers net

Steelers clear

icing called

centre ice puck drop

Devils get turned over again.

Batch shoots but wide

Face off in the Steelers zone

Devils attacking in waves

Phillips shoots Bowns equal to it.

Face off in the Devils zone

lone man attack for devils comes to nothing

Dowd shoots wide

Its a wee bit feisty!

goal off moarings again

Face off in the Devils zone

Bowns double save from Neilson and then hits crossbar

Bowns doing well

Fournier tries to set up but its cleared by Steelers

Devils offside

Sheffield clear to Hotham who clears the puck

Face off in the Devils zone

10 mins gone in 1st

Asselin Haddad and ulmer on

Dowd forces devils turnover

neutral zone face off

Devils pressing on steelers centre ice

Desbiens shoots wide of Bowns

another neutral zone face off

game gone into scrappy mode

Hotham tries to create something

effort snuffed out by steelers

play down in Devils end

Face off in the Devils zone

Doucet and culligan trying to work a chance

Bowns gets a glove to a shot

Haddad tries to work the puck

Devils shot blocked

5 mins left in 1st

Face off in the Steelers zone

Bowns covers Desbiens shot

Devils attack with benti

Martin misses at close range

puck out of play

Face off in the Steelers zone


Devils thwart steelers attack with a poke check

Colton fretter shoots well high and wide

Denny Kearney and Jake Morrisette are scratches today

Martin shoots twice in quick succession

Devils on top

Moose makes a good save from martin

neutral zone face off

coyle snuffs out devils attack

Walker tries a shot.

Sheffield pen Desbiens 2 minutes for interference @18:42

Face off in the Steelers zone

Mustokovs covers puck

Steelers clear puck after face off

55 seconds left of 1st

neutral zone face off


Joey Martin with a wrist shot whilst jumping over Steelers player

Devils are cruising.

end of period Devils 3-1

jono Phillips discussing the penalty with ref Dean Smith

Asselin gets assist on Haddads goal

Andrew Hotham gets assist on Joey Martins goal

Haddads goal scored at 16:10 Martins goal at 19:17

SOGs Devils 11 Steelers 10

KettDevil says he thinks the Devils were slightly lucky to be 3-1 up really. We have made the most of not a lot. We need to improve at the face offs. Only Brine and Lord are winning any. Armstrong is dominating us in the face off. its a great atmosphere.

5 mins left of intermission

Officials back on the ice

The Tangerine men are out on the ice

Now the Devils are out

If the Devils can draw the next two periods..... well you know the rest

Toby Craig in centre ice

about to drop the puck

we are underway in the 2nd

Bownsy saves from Armstrong straight away

Steelers dominating at moment

Devils pen too many men @21:11

Dowd shoots but its wide

Devils having to play counter attacking hockey short handed

O connor shoots Bowns saves

Devils on D

under siege at moment

Armstrong shoots high Penalty killed

Devils Full Strength (FS)

Ferrar hits the ice, no call

Nilson shoots, blocked then Sarich shoots high into back netting

Face off in the Devils zone

Walker scores for SteelersCardiff

deflection off the shot beat Bowns.

Devils time out

Steelers goal at 24:24

game restarts

Face off in the Devils zone

all steelers at moment

Come on U Devils

Franzonn fires a shot and it goes wide

Sarich and Bordeleau collide

Steelers score again

Colton Fretter

game restarts centre ice

Devils Defence being run ragged.

Joey Haddad shot saved by Mustokovs

line change for both teams now

gametime 27:00

Devils pen Mark Louis 2 minutes for tripping @27:20

Kill the Pen u Devils

play whistled down for steelers man in goalie crease

neutral zone face off

Face off in the Devils zone

Brine v Armstrong at face off

just waiting for face off. A Hotham gets a replacement stick

Brine clears puck

48 seconds left on Pk

Levi Nelson scores

Come on U Devils. get it sorted

Nightmare period for Devils

still 11 mins left of 2nd

Face off in the Devils zone

Devils putting the checks hard

save by Bowns

cleared off the Devils goal line by Doucet

Scott Hotham battling along the Boards

game time 31:30

Steelers are well on top


Ulmer scores set up by Haddad driving to the net


Devils needed that

Goal off moaring.

Steelers pen D Phillips 2 minutes for boarding

Lets have a PPG u Devils

hotham shoots from distance. but wide

Mustokovs saves from Lord

shock Devils win a face off

Hotham shot goes wide

Devils prevent steelers clearing Puck

Handbags Ulmer Desbiens and Fitzgerald

Face off in the Steelers zone

Hagos tries a shot padded away by bowns like swatting a nuisance fly

Bowns saves again

Steelers back to full strength

Myers drives the Steelers goal but leaves the puck behind

just over 3 mins left of 2nd

Steelers score.


scored by Walker

Desbiens changes a Steelers shirt

Game time 37:45

Face off in the Steelers zone

Devils player gets crushed into boards but he just gets up

Hotham down on ice looks like a late check

Hotham getting back to his feet very gingerly

Ferrara hits Hotham late, but Hotham lands on ice awkwardly

Big Hanbags by the boards behind the Devils goal

game getting feisty again.

Roy goes to his own bench hoping to escape a penalty

Roy and Louis tangled

Both Louis and Roy sit in Bin:@38:59

Martin pass intercepted. and steelers break

Steelers pen Levi Nelson 2 minutes for tripping @ 39:23

end of period buzzer goes

Ulmers goal apart that was a Bad period for the Devils but they are still only 1 goal behind.

KettDevil says that Sheffield are using every tactic go unsettle the Devils and its working. Its very chippy and this game is on a knife edge.

SOGs Devils 7 Steelers 17 so its 18-27 overall

Devils starts 3rd period with 45 seconds of 4 on 3

20 mins left to change things around for the Devils, they have a track record of doing so.

4 mins remains of the 2nd internission

Refs and Steelers back on the ice.

Devils now emerge onto the ice

The PP for the Devils will be immense for the Devils and need to be on the jump at the start of the period.

Puck about to drop

A Hotham back on the ice

we are underway in the 3rd

Joey Martin pings the puck off the cross bar


Andrew Hotham scores

Mustokovs will want that one back through his 5 hole

goal timed at 40:54

Armstrong shoots wide

big hit on fretter no call

game back to 5 on 5

Bowns saves from Levi Nelson

Face off in the Devils zone

Benti knocked to the ice no call

game getting feisty again

Devils pressing in Steelers zone

Haddad and Asselin

working hard

Asselin goes so close without scoring

neutral zone face off

Face off in the Steelers zone

my apologies

Devils working hard but offside called

theres an underlying niggle to this game that surfaces at times

Face off in the Devils zone

blocker save from Moose

Scot Hotham with a poke check whilst sprawled on ice

its very tense in arena

Face off in the Steelers zone

Devils corralling the puck to set up another chance

Dowd clears puck

icing called

Face off in the Devils zone

steelers win but puck goes backwards into steelers D zone

game time 47:40

Face off in the Devils zone

steelers have been pie hot at the face off

hotham working hard but Devils shot goes just wide

its end to end and very open

Haddad and Asselin working to create a chance

Devils are working through their gears and getting up some momemtum

Doucet and myers work a chance but it goes wide

10 mins left in period

Face off in the Steelers zone

Devils have gone back to playing their own game again

saucer pass by Devils nothing comes of it

Face off in the Devils zone

Bowns scrambles across his crease and covers

Devils get away with tripping colton fretter

Face off in the Devils zone

Desbiens shot hits side netting

Devils working so hard to set up plays for chances

Face off in the Steelers zone

Asselins shot deflected over the goal

Richardson and Phillips tussle behind Devils goal

Benti drives the net but loses the puck

6 minutes left

Mustokovs covers

Face off in the Steelers zone

Devils shot deflected wide

massive scramble in Steelers net

Bowns makes a massive save from Fretter

its relentless end to end stuff

icing called.

4:27 remains in regulation

icing called against Devils

Face off in the Devils zone

4:14 left

Devils on attack

Asselin takes out Armstrong

Moose covers from Ulmer

Face off in the Steelers zone

Haddad fans it and its intercepted

2:26 left

Devils shot scrambled away from Steelers crease

inside last two minutes

Bentis shot padded away

Roys shot goes well wide

30 seconds left

10 seconds left

walker fluffs a chance

we are going into overtime

There is now a period intermission. followed by 15 mins of sudden death overtime.

KettDevil says he has now idea of whats going to happen.

I think he means in this game

3rd period SOGS Devils 11 Steelers 6

ten mins to start of overtime. Time to grab yourself a cuppa

my nails are now well chomped

Thanks to Cornwall Taffy for his kind words following the game in France.

Steelers back on ice as are the Officials

Devils now back on ice

its going to be 5 on 5 sudden death Overtime

Devils playing to same end in OT as they did in periods 1 and 3.

Lets hope that's a good omen

and we are off in OT

Martin saved by Mustokovs

Devils very uptempo

ulmer asselin and haddad line

Steelers penned back in their D

Ulmer shot saved by Ulmer

Moose I meant.

its sooooooo tense

offside called against Devils

neutral zone face off

lord benti Martin on now

Devils clear

Hotham bros playing on same D line now

now Haddad Asselin and Ulmer

Roy with a chance. but cleared

Bowns saves

3 30 gone already

Devils offside

neutral zone face off

a few turnovers happening now

another neutral zone face off

Devils trying to set up but spill puck

Desbiens thwarted by richardson

Devils have puck but move breaks down

6 mins gone in OT

Bowns saves from Armstrong

Martin benti and Lord now on ice

Lord drives net but nothing comes of it

Sheffild hand pass called

neutral zone face off

Bowns saves puck on the goal line

Desbiens surrounded by 4 devils and still manages to pass the puck

Face off in the Devils zone

Devils penninjg Steelers back in their own D

Devils hard work comes to nought as Lord pass goes astray

Myers delivers a hit on O connor no call

Face off in the Steelers zone

Devils shot padded away by Mustokovs

10 mins gone in OT

Face off in the Steelers zone

Again steelers in face off

Steelers offside

neutral zone face off

another face off

Sarich clears puck

icing called

Face off in the Steelers zone

Devils shot comes in and Moose covers the puck

Face off in the Steelers zone

Devils retreat to neutral zone

long devils pass goes to no one

Fournier working hard

its very nervy

the players are soooo tired.

the play is becoming very scrappy

neutral ice face off

Martin shot kicked away by Roy

all hands to pumps in Steelers D

Mustokovs saves

Face off in the Steelers zone

Steelers clear

Bowns saves with his skate there

Steelers offisde

another neutral zone face off

5:30 left in OT

game resumes

icing called against Devils

Face off in the Devils zone

big hit by steelers bin

no call

Bowns covers

Face off in the Devils zone

Roy shoots high

Face off in the Devils zone

Benti loses his stick.

Moose saves from Fournier

Face off in the Steelers zone

Devils trying to shoot on sight,.

Valdix shoots it wide

3 mins left

big hit by Bordy

Walker shoots padded away by Bowns

Lord fires high

Bowns saves from Fretter

under 90 seconds left

handbags in Bownsy's goal crease

46 seconds left

neutral ice face off

Devils now pressing

that's the end of the first period of overtime.

its going to take an error caused by fatigue I think to break this deadlock

another period breakj

not sure how long this period break is

its quarter of an hour.

it will be sad for either team that loses if its an error that costs them a trophy

I think I have to say Steelers shaded that period in all honesty.

No SOGs available yet for that OT period

I have typed over 400 different lines in this MNL coverage, that's got to be a record for a game surely? Chris???

4 mins to go before the next period of overtime

Steelers are back out.

Devils now back on ice too

here we go again. My nerves are in shreds

Steelers now playing to the end they did in the 2nd period

Dean Smith to drop the puck to start the 2nd period of OT

Martins shot blocked.

lord loses possession of puck behind Steelers goal

over a minute gone

Face off in the Steelers zone

Ulmer wins face off.

Culligan hits Valdix

Puck fires across Bowns' goal crease

Myers shoots wide and Moose plucks it out of the air

Face off in the Steelers zone

its very scrappy

Devils shut out Phillips chasing the puck

3:19 seconds gone

Face off in the Devils zone

Armstrong shoots wide

Steelers offsifde

SOGS overallDevils 36 Steelers 41 at end of first period of overtime

Bowns saves from O'Connor

Face off in the Devils zone

Bordeleau has gone down tunnel.

Devils now offside

4:53 seconds gone


Jace Coyle shoots Bowns saves

Bowns gloves the puck

Face off in the Devils zone

Give us a goal U DEVILS - Russky is tired

Martin denied a shot

Sheffield look the fresher of the two teams

Steelers called for too many men

neutral zone face off

that's strange call made but no one in the bins

Hagos shoots. Bowns saves

Haddad with a chance

goes wide

Bowns becomes defender and hits puck round boards

offside devils

Bordy back on ice

Bordy shoots, goes wide

martin shot blocked

Walkers shot goes high into backnetting

Face off in the Devils zone

haddad pinned to boards by Hagos

10 mins gone in 2nd period

of overtime

Devils look shattered

Sheffeld look very dangerous.

Bowns saves shot

Louis with a shot that is blocked

Devils taking their time to set up a chance

Hotham clears puck with Roy loitering

6:10 remaining

Bowns saves the puck and clutches it to his chest

Face off in the Devils zone

Steelers win with a goal from Levi Nelson

oh hell!!!!!!!

Steelers posed the more threat in that period

what a final that was!!!

I don't think the Devils had anything left in the tank. The Steelers looked the stronger team

Remember 3 Trophies this season!!!!!

and we won the one that matters!!! The League.

And a League and Cup Double!!!!

Not sure on MOMs but that was a game and a half after a hell of a season for the Devils in their 30th Anniversary year.

That's it for this season from Me, OJ, Chris and Bozman, Its been an absolute pleasure to bring you MNL this season. Roll on August for the next season and the Devils in the CHL

Thanks to all our regular texters, too many to mention individuals, without them there would be no MNL.

Devils MOM Ben Bowns Steelers MOM Colton Fretter

Goodnight all - Nos Da Pawb