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Manchester Storm 3 - 6 Cardiff Devils

Welcome to MNL as the DEVILS travel that last mile to secure their place on the Championship Finals

As usual in two legged games the scoreline will feature the aggregated score. Score predictions/comments alweays welcomed to

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Warmup underway

Everyone warms up

Mark G calls it 4-2 to Devils

David R says l biting game by 2 goalsi

Refs tonight are Stefan Hogarth & Tom Pering

Lets hope there are no peas in their overheating whistles

Pat just wants a Devils win score irrelevant

Rob Batch ultra confident as usual predicts a 5-1 scoreline for the Devils

Warmup over

Steelers V Panthers underway - no goals in first 3 minutes

Panthers now on PP - lets have a PPG

KettDevil & Rachael on texting duty tonight

I don't know about you but its very tense here in the M

Red Army turnout increasing every minute. 200+ so far

Russky says Devils will win 3-1

Lights dimmed

Storm fans recycling chants from other teams

DEVILS onto the ice to a rousing reception from the RED ARMY

No sign ofthe Storm

we think Denny Kearney is the scratch - texters checking

Storm appear

Rachael confirms No Denny Kearney

Steelers score

Score Flash:1-0 to sheffield

KettDevils says Great Atmosphere thanks to both sets of fans

Anthem time

C Barton urges Devils to get the job done - 6-2 he predicts

Score Flash: Levi Nelson scored it @18:33 assists to O' Connor and Walker

Puck dropped after Red Army sing Anthem

Very physical already

Joey Haddad Layne Ulmer Patrick Asselin

Score Flash:Sheffield 1 Panthers 0 (3-5) at end of 1st period

Storm offside

Storm penalty

@ 1:54 Jack Prince 2 minutes for holding the stick

Joey Martin goes close

Storm finally clear zone

Storm Full Strength

Patrick Asselin causing havoc as usual

Mike Clemente gloves puck

Storm offside @ 4:15

Chris Culligan Matt Myers Guillaume Doucet a line

Ben Bowns save

Score Flash: Steelers start 2nd with 45 seconds on Powerplay

gametime 5:02

Mike Clemente hasnt yet displaced his net

Its end to end

Ben Bowns glove save

Lots of afters after every whistle

Great shift by Layne Ulmer

gametime 7:33

Joey Martin Sean Bentivoglio Andrew Lord line working hard as usual

Storm Goal

@ 8:29

Darian Dziurzynski the scorer

Devils penalty

Guillaume Doucet 2 minutes for slashing @ 9:09

30 secs to kill for Devils

Devils FS

Its a WAR says KettDevil

Save Mike Clemente from Patrick Asselin

Gametime 11:34


Joey Haddad scores

@ 11:36

Assist for Layne Ulmer

Joey Martin goes close

Score Flash:second period now in play in Sheffield

Connor Varley hits the roof

Devils penalty Scott Hotham

@ 13:15


2 minutes for holding the call

Ben Bowns glove save

Devils FS

Score Flash:Braehead v Dundee should just be getting underway in Braehead

Mike Clemente saves from Patrick Asselin

Mike Clemente glove save

Score Flash:still 1-0 (3-5) in Sheffield just over 5 mins gone in 2nd

Joey Haddad having another big game


@ 18:33

Chris Culligan the scorer

2nd assist for Guillaume Doucet

Final minute


End of 1st period Storm 1 DEVILS 2 - 5-3 to DEVILS on aggregate

Score Flash:Still 1-0 to Steelers (3-5) after 28:00

All you have to do DEVILS is not lose a period

Score Flash: Braehead 0-0 Dundee (1-3) after 2 mins

Score Flash:Steelers 1-0 Panthers (3-5) after 32:30

Score Flash:Joey Sides gets 2 for Boarding @3:33 to put Braehead on PP

Score Flash: No recent updates from Sheffield since 32:42

Score Flash: Jon Armstrong given 2+5+game in Sheffield for interference

SoG for 1st period Storm 10 DEVILS 12

Devils back on the ice

The value of winning face offs was highlighted in that 1st period

Score Flash: 4on4 in Braehead as Rosehill and Brannon serve 2 minutes for roughing @7:32 still 0-0 (1-3) in that game

Wiickmann got injured in Sheffield Dan Green now in net

Here we go for 2nd period

Sean Bentivoglio goes close

Mike Clemente save

Score Flash: that's why Armstrong got a game pen then

Devils pressure

KettDevil says Joey Haddad is running the show

Mike Clemente saves from Joey Martin

Score Flash:Steelers score Jono Phillips assist Sarich at 37:30 aggregate score now 4-5

Storm icing

Score Flash:that was a PPG for Jono

Devils hits pipes

Sean Bentivoglio goes close

Gametime 24:49

Score Flash: Fife v Belfast just got underway 0-0 (2-4) after 2 mins

Storm enter Devils zone opn a rare raid @ 25:36

Score Flash:under 5 mins remaining in 1sr in Braehead . still 0-0 (1-3)

Ben Bowns gloves

Devils adopting more of a dump & chase game tonight

Score Flash: Steelers 2 Panthers 0 (4-5) at end of 2nd period

Storm offside




Gleason Fournier the scorer

Assists Andrew Lord & Sean Bentivoglio

Mike Clemente dislodges net

Score Flash:under 2 mins remaining in 1st in Braehead. Still 0-0 (1-3)

Joey Haddad has shot after shot before net dislodged again

Storm offside @ 30:01

Score Flash: Breahead 0-0 Dundee (1-3) end of 1st

Score Flash:Fife 0 Belfast 0 (2-4) @9:05 in first

Score Flash:Fife 0 Belfast 0 (2-4) @9:05 in first

Gametime 31:50

Score Flash: Belfast score Nickerson assist Benedict at 11:05 so now Belfast lead 5-2 on aggregate

Time out Devils @ 32:54

Puck out of play @ 34:42

KettDevil says DEVILS are cruising

Lets hope he is right

Devils offside

Gametime 35:12

Manchester Storm penalty Paul Swindlehurst 2 minutes for tripping @ 35:22

Score Flash:As it stands at this minute we would be playing Dundee in the Semi.

Lets have a PPG U DEVILS

Devils PP looking dangerous

1 minute killed

Score Flash:Steelers v Panthers back in play in 3rd

Storm Full Strength

Puck out of play

Devils called for high sticks

final minute

Score Flash:Fife 0 Belfast 1 (2-5) at end of 1st period


Score Flash:still 2-0 Sheffield on the night but trailing 5-4 on aggregate with just under 13 mins remaining in 3rd

Score Flash: long first period break in Braehead!!!

Score Flash: Steelers score Nilsson unassisted at 47:33 so aggregate score tied at 5-5

Score 2nd period has now started in Braehead. Braehead 0-0 (1-3) Dundee after 21:00

Score Flash:still 3-0 Steelers (5-5) in Sheffield @53:00

Score Flash: Steelers score Dowd with at PPG at 55:23

Score Flash:Steelers 4-0 (6-5)

End of 2nd period Storm 1 DEVILS 4 making it 6-3 to DEVILS on aggregate

SoG for 2nd period Stormn 4 DEVILS 12 making it 14-24 after 2 periods

Teams are back

Here we go

Storm icing

Storm icing

Score Flash: Still Braehead 0 Dundee 0 (1-3) @ 28:30

Quiet start to period

Gametime 42:12

Cody Cartier crashes into Devils net as Bowns steps to the side

Guillaume Doucet goes close

Score Flash:Five 0 Belfast 1 (2-5) resumed in Fife

Puck out of play

Neutral ice face off

Devils offside

Patrick Bordeleau Has a shot @ 44:15

Score Flash: Panthers score agg now 6-6

Score Flash:Fife score now 1-1 (3-5)

Bowns save

Gametime 46:09

Score Flash:Panthers goal was scored by Lawrence assist Schultz and Clarke @59:52

Josh Batch has a big hit

Puck out of play

Bowns covers @ 46:55

Score Flash:Do away goals count in Play offs. if so I think Sheffield won on away goals with aggregate score at 6-6

Score Flash: Dundee Score in Braehead . Faryna gets the goal @31:54 Dundee now lead 4-1 on aggregate

Devils looking for a clinching goal

Gametime 49:09

Score Flash:As it stands right now Devils will be playing Dundee

RED ARMY Getting more noisy if that was possible

Joey Martin shot saved

Score Flash:No sign of any overtime in Sheffield so I think Sheffield won on away goals

Ben Bowns saves from Adam Harding

Jack Prince misses a sitter

Gametime 51:43

Mike Clemente covers @ 52:47

Score Flash:Braehead 0 Dundee 1 (1-4) at end of 2nd period

Ben Bowns frezzes puck @ 53:21

Josh Batch shot

Storm putting pressure on Devils

O/T starts at Sheffield

When will Mike Clemente be lifted?

Gametime 54:55

Final 5 minutes

Score Flash: Thanks OJ. official scoresheet has it as unofficial final.

Chris Culligan fluffs a breakaway

Puck out of play @ 55:29

Mike Clemente lifted

@ 56:25

Devils icing

Missed empty net by cms

Storm fans leaving

Score Flash:Belfast score RILEY with the goal assisted by Higgins and Forney at 35:15. Fife 1 Belfast 2 (3-6)

Score Flash: Steelers win in OT Desbiens gets the winner at 61:39 assist to Walker

Devils penalty Andrew Hotham 2 minutes for hooking @ 57:50

Storm fans leaving

Puck out @ 58:07

40 secs left

Ben Bowns save

Glove save Ben Bowns

Score Flash:Dundee still lead 1-0 (4-1) in Braehead

21 secs left

Devils FS



DEVILS win 6-3 on aggregate

STeelers win


Belfast now 3-1 up in Fife.

Thanks to our texters KettDEvil & Rachael

Join me next Saturday when MNL will bring you the DEVILS play Off semi final

Thats all from me

Score Flash:Dundee 3-0 up now in Braehead.

Score Flash:Belfast now 4-1 up in Fife (8-3 on agg)

Score Flash:Dundee win in Braehead 3-0 (6-1 on agg)

I stand to be corrected (as always) but I think that the Devils will be playing Dundee next Saturday in the Play offs Semi. Over and out from me (Russky) Nos Da Pawb.