Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 3 - 5 Belfast Giants

Good Morrning Hockey Fans on this first day of BST this year. Hope you remembered to put your clocks forward! I did. Join me (Russky) from about 5:20pm as we build up to the last game of the regular season

Challenge Cup (tick) League (tick) Conference (tick) with just 1 left to go to complete the grand slam. It will be interesting to see just how competitive tonights game is. Going by last night it might be surprisingly feisty?

Don't forget to send your comments and/or predictions to, and the most printable ones will be included in the build up to face off.

Unlike a certain webcast company we wont be asking you to send in your pics of your pooches dressed in Devils kit.

That's it for now, I will leave you to enjoy your sunday as best you see fit to, until 5:20pm

Welcome back

Its a glorious Spring like early evening here in Treharris.

it will be interesting to see how competitive tonights game is. There are four other games this evening but I will be focussing on the latest scores featuring the Sheffield v Coventry game and the Storm v Panthers game, the results of which will determine our opponents next weekend.

The Sheffield game has already started and the current score is 0-0, The other game in Altrincham faces off in the next ten minutes or so

Our lone texter this evening is Phil Egan, who will keep us updated on events at IAW

along with his end of period summaries.

The officials scheduled for tonight are Jan Smejkal with Lee Young and Matt Rose as Linos. Hicksy is at BBT's twin in Altrincham and Dean Smith is at Sheffield's house of Foil.

Devils fan Huw Button is at the joe Louis arena in Detroit getting ready to watch the Red Wings in action and folowing MNL today

Warm up has been undwerway for last 14 minutesn at the IAW

still 0-0 in Sheffield. Moose and Godfrey both called on Tripping and Cross Checking pens respectively

Storm v Panthers now underway too.

It looks like Murdy is a starter with an un-named backup on the scoresheet. Just wondering if Joe Myers is still contracted with the Devils

Bowns is completely rested and and is a healthy scratch.

very quiet on predictions front tonight: first one is from Pat who goes for a 3-2 Devils win

Apparrently Ross Miller is the Back up Nettie for the Devils this evening.

thanks to Rhys Bennett for that bit of Info.

Joey Martin Andrew Hotham are also Scratches

Andrew Lord is on the Bench

Culligan and Morrisette are also rested

lights down at the IAW

videos being played on screen at IAW

0-0 in Sheffield at end of 1st period

Storm are 1-0 up over Panthers as it stands at the moment Coventry will miss out on the play offs and we will be playing Manchester

regular player intro on now

Another full house at the IAW which has become the norm of late, well since Christmas for sure

Bordy is playing!!!

Minutes silence at the IAW, I assume for those that died in the atrocity in London last week

Anthem time

Squeelers 1-0 up against Coventry in 2nd period

It was announced who the minutes silence was for but apparently for a former Devils fan who has passed away, our texter didn't catch the names

we are underway.

Murdy called into action straight away

Desmarais causing havoc behind the Devils nettie.

Asselin and haddad kept on same line

as is Ulmer

Belfast shot high and wide

early sparring phase to the game

Murdy saves again from Garside

Face off in the Devils zone

Devils clear to neutral zone.

Chris Jones and Dr Piggot taking alternate shifts on wing

quite a lively opening says our texter

Benti is on a line with Doucet

Devils offside

Devils offside again

bit stoccato now with the game

Face off in the Giants zone leading to Giants breakway

Face off in the Devils zone

Murdy collects the puck with easy and then recycles it

neutral zone face off

Leduc shoots but padded away by Murdy

Devils cannot seem to get a sustained period of pressure going

no real big hits so far

Devis offence misfiring some

another neutral zone face off

comes to nothing more than another Face off in the Giants zone

Devils pen S Hotham 2 minutes for slashing @7:40

Kill Devils Kill

Devils clear puck down to Murphy!!!

Giants in 2nd gear on PP

Devils and Giants meandering in this game

Devils FS I forgot to add

not much really happening. texter says its like a testimonial exhibition non contact game

just been told MNL has had a mention on icetime tv

1-1 now in Sheffield

a lot of neutral zone face offs not really making for an enticing game.

I get the impression that both teams are just going through the motions somewhat

Ulmer shoots wide

Murdy prevents a wraparound

Giants pen Benedict 2 minutes for interference


Lets go Devils and get a PPG

Face off in the Devils zone

cleared by Devils

Asselin msses on back door , Murphy saves

Fournier's shot deflected over Murphy's net

Face off in the Giants zone

Giants clear

definite feeling of 'after the Lord Mayors show' about this game.

Riley tries to create a chance but cleared by Devils

Murdy stands tall to deny a Giants chance

Ulmer Asselin and Haddad are the main offensive force tonight

Murdy covers

Face off in the Devils zone

Devils get a turnover and jones denied infront of goal

offside Giants

neutral zone face off

Forney shot goes well wide of Murdy.

then Belfast regroup and force a great save out of Murdy

in last minute of first period

Devils breakaway, Haddad shoots and Murphy pads it away.

and that's a wrap for the first period.

1-1 in Manchester too.

SOGs Devils 5 Giants 11

Phil Egan says : a really flat 1st period. neither team seems to want to win. CJ and Piggot getting lots of icetime. Murdy doing well in the net. Other than that I've had a cup of tea and a biscuit - nice.

A shout out and big Happy Birthday to Phil Thomas who is a big Devils fan. Hope you are having a great day Phil.

Also A get well soon message for Dave 'Kipper' Newton who is recovering at home from a broken leg. Get well soon Kip.

very quiet tonight on the predictions.

Both the games in Altrincham and Sheffield enjoying the second period break with the score locked at 1-1 in BOTH games.

correction the game in Manchester is still in play in 2nd Period

Hazel has been in touch direct from the IAW, she says its a very different game tonight but predicts a 2-1 Devils win.

teams back and ready to face off at start of 2nd

Smejkal drops the puck

GIants have upped their intensity some already

keeping the Devils penned back in their own D zone early doors

Devils clear but called for icing

Face off in the Devils zone

Giants score. Colin Shields

Scot Hotham goes to dressing room

Myers trying to free the puck from Murphy with Bordy looking on

Face off in the Giants zone

Storm 2-2 Panthers

Murdy covers after Giants attack

Face off in the Devils zone

giants goal timed at 21.49

Devils seem a bit disjointed in their play

Lord not a happy coach on the Bench

Murdy covers again.

Belfast well on top now

Face off in the Devils zone

Devils finding it hard to clear their zone and create anything of any note

Quesnele gets a a ten minute misconduct for abuse of official

Giants goal blair Riley scores

Riley goal timed at 25:56

Devils chasing shadows at the moment

the Physical element to the game seems to have returned

Face off in the Giants zone


Bordy involved

Riley and Bordy head to sin bin

sorry Keefe not Riley

waiting on confirmation of calls

out of that skirmish, Devils get a Powerplay somehow


Ulmer from Asselin and Haddad

Riley gets 2 minutes for boarding

Both Bordy and Keefe get 2 minutes for roughing all at 28:13

Devils goal timed at 28:41

Squeelers 2-1 up now

both teams return to FS

impetus gone out of game again

Fournier shot goes wide

Crowd have woken up as the game has livened up

Giants pen Chris Higgins 2 minutes for interference @32:08

Devils frantically try to create a chance

Benti crashes into Murphy and the net goes off its moorings

Face off in the Giants zone

face off re started

miraculous Save by Murdy

Giants pen Benedict 2 minutes for slashing @33:19

5 on 3 for 40 seconds for Devils

Benti fires a slapshot

goes wide

neutral zone face off

5 on 4 now for Devils

Blaze have lost in Sheffield. so Devils play Storm at IAW next saturday

and in Altrincham on Sunday

game gone into lull

Belfast FS

Belfast Score Desmarais with the goal


scoresheet has Higgins as scorer assists to Desmarais and Riley

Devils pen Haddad 2 minutes for interference


I think its safe to say its not the best Devils display but it is a shortened bench tonight resting key players

Devils FS

Devils struggling to regain the momentum they had earlier

and thankfully that's the end of that 2nd period

not the best I'd say for the Devils

incidentally the final score in Sheffield was 4-1 over the Blaze

Storm 2-2 Panthers at Altrincham going into OT

2nd period SOGs Devils 5 Giants 11 so 22-10 overall

Phil Egan says: Bit Better that period Almost got a fight out of Bordy as Keefe wrestled him down to the ice from behind but nothing as they came out of the box. Shame really as he thinks it is needed. its a very flat. Devils don't seem very interested as they have nothing to play for. Lets hope for a bit more action in the 3rd.

Caps 2-1 up against Braehead at Murrayfield . Fife leading Dundee 4-2 in Dundee.

Nottingham win Shoot out in Altrincham

officials back on ice

and now are the players too

we are underway in the 3rd

Devils picked up their intensity a bit

Face off in the Giants zone

Lordo may have given them a rocket

in the period break

Devils turnover leads to GIants breakaway. Murdy covers

Face off in the Devils zone

Devils pen S hotham 2 minutes for boarding


Riley thought he scored but no light behind goal from goal judge

Face off in the Devils zone

Devils under pressure on PK

Walser shoots but murdy pads it away

Mark Louis clears the puck

Rutherford denied by murdy

Asselin goes so close without scoring

Belfast score

Riley scores it

@ 44:08

game restarts

Murdy saves from Rutherford

Devils working hard but not able to clear the puck

and when they do its straight to a Giants player

Scramble in Giants net

puck cleared

neutral zone face off

puck flies across Murphy's goal crease

play down in Devils D zone now

Face off in the Devils zone

Devils going through the motions somewhat

without carrying a real goal bound threat

Giants comfortably clearing their D zone

They've got to play a whole lot better next weekend

I know its a effectively a dead game tonight


Myers Scores

@50 45

assists to Bentivoglio and S Hotham

Haddad tries a backhander

but Murphy equal to it

Myers poked the puck through Murphys 5 hole when Murphy thought he had frozen the puck.

Murdy plucks puck out of the air

Face off in the Devils zone

I have one thing to say to Murphy re Frozen Puck: :Let it go!!!!

Face off in the Devils zone

Devils trying to set up but puck goes astray

Murdy saves from Desmarais

Murphy covers

Face off in the Giants zone

Giants snuff out Devils chance

Giants seem to want another goal

benti shoots Hotham cant quite get his stick to the rebound

Devils hanging on in this game

Haddad gets hit centre ice by Leduc

gametime last two minutes

90 seconds left

Murdy lifted

Face off in the Giants zone

time out now called.

by Devils

Face off in the Giants zone

as it was before the T/O was called

Devils looking for a consolation goal

and they get it!!!!


Ulmer scores

Ulmer Asselin causing chaos

Belfast Giants clear for an ENG

that's it game over.

Giants win a nothing game

Giants finish second. so could play Fife. Braehead should face Dundee as they are the seeded team

Giants MOM James Desmarais

Devils MOM is Layne Ulmer

Thanks to Phil Egan for his texts and period summaries.

Join me next Saturday for MNL coverage of the home leg of the play off 1/4 Final against the Manchester Storm.

latest scores in other games Clan and Caps tied at 3-3 in Murrayfield.

going into overtime that one, and Fife still leading 4-2 in Dundee

That's it from me tonight, Hope you enjoyed our coverage. Until next Saturday goodnight all Nos Da Pawb.