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Cardiff Devils 4 - 3 Belfast Giants

Welcome to MNL as the DEVILS take on the Giants hell bent on grabbing their 3rd trophy of the season

The CONFERENCE Trophy is there for the taking with the DEVILS needing a single point

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Join me (OJ) from around 6:30 for MNL's unique coverage

The final weekend of the regular season has arrived and in two weeks the close season will be here and we will be lost without hockey

Pat thinks we will secure the Conference title tonight with a 4-2 for the DEVILS

These two games with the Giants have grown in importance this last week well to the Giants anyway.

If the Devils or Panthers win the Play Offs then whoever finishes 2nd in the League will play in the Continental Cup

Russky predicts the Devils will win by 2 goals

Warmup in progress at IAW

Tom Murdy warms up in net for Devils

Ben Bowns now facing shots

Dean Smith is the referee tonight

All eyes will be on Derrick Walser during Anthem

Warmup completed

David R says Devils will win 3-2 in O/T

It might be Chris Culligan is the scratch with Callum Buglass icing for Devils

We will bring you team news as soon as we have confirmation

Ice ready waiting for the teams

Lights dimmed

I am worried about tonights game that the Devils get drawn into a penalty riddled game and end up with suspensions

I want all FOUR trophies - GREEDY but as the book said "Its Funny when you win everything"

Hazel who has made the trip from Southend to the IAW predicts a 6-3 win for DEVILS

Told Derrick Walser didn't move durinmg Anthem

Ben Bowns in net

Puck dropped

Murphy saves from Joey Haddad


Sean Bentivoglio with 17th

@ 0:54

Assist Gleason Fournier & Mark Louis

Devils icing

Andrew Lord shot saved

Gametime 2:55

David Brine has chance

Devils 4th line get a shift

Stephen Murphy save from Layne Ulmer

Giants icing

Lines the usual tonight Andrew Lord Sean Bentivoglio Joey Martin

Joey Haddad Layne Ulmer Patrick Asselin

Gametime 5:27

Denny Kearney Matt Myers Guillaume Doucet the 3rd line

Puck out of play

Face off in the Giants zone

Luke Piggott David Brine Patrick Bordeleau now on the ice

Low key so far

Joey Haddad shoots wide

Joey Haddad high energy obvious

Giants offside @ 8:41

Devils icing

Stephen Murphy saves from Andrew Lord

Giants icing

Texter tells me not the usual Devils/Giants game

Lets Go DEVILS Lets GO - give us a GOAL

Giants Goal - Chris Higgins

@ 12:17

Devils Penalty

@ 12:29 2 minutes for Josh Batch - tripping


Assists for Blair Riley & Brandon Benedict on Giants goal

Giants pinned in their end

Devils Full Strength

Easy PK for Devils

Gametime 15:22

Stephen Murphy save

Devils Penalty Andrew Hotham 2 minutes for hooking @ 16:39


Giants score but referee whistles for man in crease

Devils Full Strength

Final minute

Devils icing

End of 1st period DEVILS 1 Giants 1

Clan 3 Capitals 1 after 1 period

Camille & Maryse (David Brine's in laws) in Quebec City are cheering on the Devils to that Conference title

Fyers 1 Stars 2 after 1 period

SOG for 1st period DEVILS 10 Giants 11

Teams are back

Puck dropped for 2nd period

Devils crash the net - literally

Patrick Asselin shoots wide

Ben Bowns save

Pace opf the game had got even slower

Not the way to entertain 3,088 sell out crowd

Gametime 24:12

Icing epidemic returns

Blair Riley goes close

Stephen Murphy save from Andrew Hotham

Giants Brandon Benedict 2 minutes for cross-checking @ 25:14

Come on U DEVILS

Big save by Stephen Murphy

Puck out of play

Giants Full Strength

Face off in the Devils zone

There is be no icing sugar left at this rate

Devils Penalty 2 minutes for tripping Matt Myers @ 28:08

It was interference


Ben Bowns covers

Ben Bowns makes another save

30 secs of pk left

Puck out of play

Giants icing @ 30:03

I wonder if my paint is dry

Devils Full Strength


Sean Bentivoglio (18th)

@ 30:39 assist Layne Ulmer

Assist for Patrick Asselin as well

Giants goal

@ 32:30

Linesman queries goal, GOAL given

Jim Vandermeer unassisted

Devils icing

devils clear zone

Gametime 35:19

Penalties coming after a hit on Piggott

Patrick Bordeleau in sin bin

Ryan Martinelli also called

No idea on call yet

boarding for Ryan Martinelli @ 35:45

Patrick Bordeleau 2 minutes for roughing

4 on 4 brings excitement at last

Layne Ulmer 2 minutes for hooking @ 37:53


Now Giants on PP

Joey Martin breakaway

Final 2 minutes

1 minute killed

Final minute

Devils Full Strength

End of 2nd period DEVILS 2 Giants 2

Assists now given on Giants 2nd goal - Leduc & Shields

I am told Icetime TV is a joke, if the presenters want to be comedians they should leave the hockey to those who can concentrate on the game

I only call it as I am told

If you agree with those comments let me knoiw at

Flyers 2 Stars 5 after 2 periods

Ice ready

Teams back on ice

SoG for 2nd period DEVILS 8 Giants 11 making it 18-22 after 2 periods

Puck dropped

Gleason Fournier slip leads to a good Giants chance

Devils get turned over again

Stephen Murphy saves from Andrew Hotham

Gametime 42:04

Ben Bowns covers


Devils offside


Sean Bentivoglio hattrick

@ 44:10

Assist Gleason Fournier

No goals against is the call U DEVILS

Michael Forney crashes into Bowns - accidental I am told

Stephen Murphy covers

gametime 46:00

Giants penalty

Finally a whistle @ 46:32 Adam Keefe 2 minutes for tripping

lets have a PPG U DEVILS

Joey Martin sets up Andrew Lord who fluffs on shot

Devils offside

Giants Full Strength

Gametime 49:44

Devils icing

@ 51:04

Giants offside

Gametime 53:08 as Devils look for a 4th goal

Big hit by Patrick Bordeleau on Adam Keefe

Giants go close

Devils icing

Face off in the Devils zone

Devils Time out

Game restarts @ 54:23

Puck out of play Face off in the Devils zone

Matt Nickerson foils Andrew Lord breakaway

Ben Bowns covers

Ben Bowns covers again

Now Flyers 4 Stars 5


Matt Myers his 8th @ 55:43

Matt Myers deflects a Denny Kearney shot

2nd assist for Guillaume Doucet

Gametime 57;33

Final 2 minutes

Giants goal @ 58:00

David Rutherford the scorer

Devils offside @ 38:20

Stephen Murphy lifted

Face off in the Devils zone

Giants time out


Devils clear zone

Final minute

Ben Bowns covers

53 secs remaining

20 secs left

Devils icing

@ 59:51

Final score DEVILS 4 Giants 3



Now Flyers 4 Stars 6

Giants MoM - Colin Shields

Devils MoM - - Sean BENTIVOGLIUO

Mark Richardson presented with CONFERENCE Trophy

Final minue Flyers 4 Stars 6

Thanks to texters John & Phil

Russky will be with you tomorrow night for the final league game of the season against the Giants

Now Fluers 5 Stars 7 with 29 secs to go

At least Devils will not have to travel to Scotland next weekend in the play off quarter final

Results Flyers 5 Stars 7

DEVILS will therefore play either the Storm or the Blaze

Thats all from me (OJ)