Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 6 - 1 Fife Flyers

Good Afternoon on a day that makes you so happy to be a Devils fan, join me about 5:30 for coverage of the EIHL Champions taking on the Fife Flyers please feel free to send in any comments and predictions to

Evening all steve here, get those predictions in to me

Devils to win 4-0 says recker rees

Russky says whether win or lose its gonna be one hell of a night and then says we will win by 3 goals

Drew Williams in Warrington says congratulations he was there last night and it was awaesome

On a personal note I would like to send out a big thank you to the owners and Todd Kelman and our coach Andrew Lord for helping to bring a dream come true for me and all the red army, CHEERS GUYS

Pat would like to thank us all on MNL for keeping her up to date on the team she loves and says we should win with the score not really mattering,, thank you Pat

hi Hazel who says we will win 5-3 this evening

Zamboni doing its stuff as warm up is over

Arena full to the rafters and who said we couldn't fill it !!!!!

video montage on screen at arena

no news on team

intro time

that's not right its another video

the inflatable Devil is up loud and proud

welcome to the ice your elite league 2016-2017 champions Cardiff Devils

Murdy in between pipes

Denny Kearney is scratch tonight

Anthem time

Devils start with doucet myers and culligan

early shot from doucet forces save

Devils break stopped

puck covered by fife keeper

Martin gets stood up in front of flyers net 2:30 gone

handbags bordy and muir

penalty as Bordy crushes Muir into boards

2 minutes for charging

come on the PK

I think Bordeleau may be let off his leash tonight

Fife go close

1 min on PK gone

Devils clear

Pen over pheww

Haddad with great break nothing comes of it 6:30 gone

murdy covers after quick breakaway

Fife hassling well

great shift from 4th line

Fife icing 10:30

quick shot from Ulmer saved

penalty Mark Louis gets2 minutes for tripping

almost fight lord and Fox

not Fox, Moyer

Lordo gets 2+2 mins Moyer gets 2 mins roughing

lord ws for roughing and charging

4 on 3 hockey

5 on 3 sorry duff info

Murdy covers after some excellent defending

9 mins left

what a save by murdy

Devils full strength

pretty play by bordy saved by Shane Owen

big shot from asselin saved now icing icing

in fife zone 13:00 gone

Flyers breakaway by Brooks great save by Murdy

Owen saves from Asselin

very physical game another great save from murdy

great forechecking from Brine

shot by brooks murdy cover

3:42 left

lord shoots puck deflected out of play face off in flyers zone


Patrick Asselin from Haddad and Ulmer

asselins 18th of the season

2:10 left of period

Brooks shoots just wide

1:17 left

final 20 seconds

end of first Devils 1 Flyers 0 very feisty for the day after winning the league fairplay

teams return to ice

lets get a 2 or 3 goal lead guys

asselin haddad and ulmer line start 2nd

one timer from Asselin saved

shot from jackman held by murdy

penalty coming

jackman gets 2 minutes for holding

come on devils get that PP going

2:30 gone

Flyers clear


Fournier shot redirected by Haddad get in PP goal joey's 19th

extra assist S Hotham

5:00 gone in second

Lord with big shot saved

shot by haddad covered by Owen,, all Devils at mo

Devils have goal disallowed as myers in crease correct call by hicks !!!!!

shot from Hotham keeper covers

C.J. shoots just wide

5 on 5 but seems like devils on powerplay such is their dominance

11:00 gone

fox shoots glove save from murdy

oh my word a world class save from Murdy

Devils icing

Scoon gets 2 minutes for holding the stick

come on Devils lets have another

12:40 gone

PP not firing this time

murdy making save after save on Powerplay !!!

Fife full strength

what a play by Myers and doucet to feed Culligan and GOOOAALLLLLLLLLLLLLL


16:44 GONE

lots of devils pressure covered by owen

1 min left in period

handbags at end of period Hotham and Turon soon stops when Louis steps in. end of period score Devils 3 Flyers 0

Ice ready

Fife return

Devils are back

Benti, martin and lordo get us going

Flyers go straight in and murdy covers

Devils icing

Flyers goal

Chase Schaber beats murdy near post

51 secs gone

big shot by culligan which then bounces just wide

Bordy shot covered

Devils pretty flat at start of period red army doing their best


A Hotham quality his 10th goal

Bordy almost puts Muir through plexi wow

penalty against Fife 2 minutes for too many men

Devils PP

4:20 gone


S.Hotham from Ulmer

almost another from Doucet

good save from owen after s hotham shot

end to end at mo

ulmer shoots just wide



8:43 gone in period

Red Army now warmed right up

we are number one ringing out

4th line doing great job

Flyers Offside

8:30 left

Haddad breaks from own zone shoots and Owen covers

mUrdy covers puck he's having a stormer

Devils offside 7:03 left

Louis lays on puck just in front of line and causes a pile up

face off in devils zone

gone off a bit quiet as expected really

5:34 left

another quality save by murdy

4:18 left

Devils icing

I think we might win this

gone scrappy

Devils just want game over and celebrate

Flyers offside with 2:13 left

last minute

crowd are on their feet going mad

That's it Devils win 6-1 wow

Jake Morissette will now become the 4th captain to lift the league title following Steve Moria, Paul Heavey and Mike Ware

Fife MOM Chase Schaber

Devils MOM Tom Murdy

oh well goodnight all take care and have a great week