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Sheffield Steelers 2 - 6 Cardiff Devils

The end goal is getting closer

If you are not Sheffield bound (or in Paris) the only place to be tonight is here at MNL as we bring you coverage of the DEVILS challenge for the League Title

Score predictions/comments always welcomed to

IF you are in the Tin Hut for the game lets us have your views of the game on the MNL line 07527 625206

Jopin mer (OJ) from around 6:30 for news on the action as it takes place

Texters tell me that there is a very sizeable RED ARMY in Sheffield

Lets hope after that farciacal showing by the referee in Pariswe are not subjected to a repeat performance from Tom Pering

Matthew M calls it 5-2 to Devils

Pat says any winning score will do

Cornwall Taffy in France predicts a very tough game with DEVILS winning 3-2 in O/T

Warmup underway

Russky hoping Steelers are shattered after last nights win in Belfast and DEVILS secure that voctory that gives them the League Title

Ben Bowns is in warmup

I have my ace team of testers on duty tonight. Rachael, KettDevil, Maria + Phil Bean

No news yet who the wealthy scratch is tonight as all are in warmup

It would appear that Layne Ulmer might be the scratch

Rhodri is hoping for a quiet 1st period then the Devils to win 4-1 as he is running late and will not make the face off

Big turnout by RED ARMy who have had to travel long distance not like Maria who has hoped over from Doncaster

Zamboni chasing its tail

Lights are dimmed

Tom Pering is the referee bless him

The tedious intro starts

Devils on the ice

Anyone following us in exotic places please let us know

We wouls also like to hear from players families especially in Nortb America or former players

Phil says he is uin his seat as are KettDevil, rachael and Maria

There is someone on our side Ireland beat England 13-9

Anthem time

Desmond in Dubai says Come on U DEVILS

Can Barton says Devils will lose 3-2 in ot

No respect to Welsh Anthem from Steelers fans. Not a surprise

Anthems done

You can only hear the RED ARMY

Puck dropped


' 0:26 Mark Richardson

Assists Andrew Lord & Sean Bentivoglio

All steelers at the moment

Gametime 1:55 as Ben Bowns makes save

Frantic start to game

Devils penalty @ 3:24 Matt Myers 2 minutes for tripping


Devils PK looking good

Devils Offside on a breakaway

Steelers penaltyMarkus Nilsson 2 minutes for slashing @ 4:30

Puck out of play '@ 4:52

Ben O'Connor shoots high on a breakaway

Devils Full Strength

Devils Offside on a breakaway

Ben Bowns glove save

@ 5:27

Speed of the game is like a play off decider

Steelers Full Strength

Joey Martin goes close nice save by Moose @ 6:41

Lets go Devils lets go

Celle in Sri Lanka calls it 5-2 to DEVILS thanks to the RED ARMY assisted PP

Big save by Moose @ 8:07

Come on U DEVILS we want another Goal please to settle nerves

Steelers icing @ 9:14

Joey Haddad & Chris Culligan go close to adding a 2nd Devils goal

Josh Batch manhandles a Steeler out of the crease

Moose saves from Guillaume Doucet @ 10:04

Devils piling on the pressure

Steelers penalty @ 10:13

Minor penalties for both teams - Denny Kearney & Mathieu Roy

Roughing for both

Moose save @ 11:04

Joey Martin skating reminds KettDevil of the great Doug McEwen

Steelers penalty @ 11:53 Coyle 2 minutes for holding

Devils Full Strength

Zach Fitzgerald leveled by Andrew Hotham @ 12:39


Rod Sarich now penalised 2 minutes for interference

Devils have 5 on 3 as Steelers turn nasty


Patrick Asselin (17th) @ 13:27

Assists for Joey Haddad & Joey Martin

Devils still on PP

Steelers Full Strength

David Brine goes so close @ 15:43

Matt Myers takes out the ref with a check @18:24

Joey Haddad fires high

Finally minute

Finally minute

Ervins Mustukovs glove save @19:34

End of 1st period Steelers 0 DEVILS 2

For those of you interested in lines although with all the penalties that has beenb thrown out of the windom for long periods

Joey Haddad fires high

Patrick Asselin, Joey Martin + Sean Bentivoglio

Patrick Asselin- Joey Martin - Sean Bentivoglio

Chris Culligan - David Brine - Joey Haddad

KettDevil says excellent1st period, Devils playing very well indeed, night & day from last Sundays performance

apologies my fat fingers gave them a goal

Maria confirms Devils playing much better than last week, she is nrevous and also thinks the game could become eben more chippy

SoG for 1st period Steelers 8 DEVILS 17

Steelers back on ice

As are the DEVILS

Away we go for 2nd period

Quiet astart to period

Ervins Mustukovs covers @21:22

Guillaume Doucet - Denny Kearney - Matt Myers

Moose save @ 22:34

Luke Piggott gets a shift

Ervins Mustukovs covers @21:22

Brilliant block by Andrew Hotham @ 24:32

Devils penalty

@ 25:26Guillaume Doucet 2 minutes for slashing


Steelers Goal a PPG @ 25:47

Ben O'Connor the scorer

ASssists John Armstrong & ???

Geoff Walker was the 2nd assist

Steelers bench minor too many men @ 26:56 Walker sits

Moose save @: 27:33

Joey Martin shoots cms wide @ 27:33

DEVILS PP missfiring

Steelers Full Strength

Gametiome 29:11

Devils icing @ 29:32

KettDevils says Devils are playing a dangerous game - sitting back

Nice save Ben Bowns

Giants 1 Blaze 1 after 1 period

Devils offside @ 31:24

Mark Louis blocks a shot, hes having a good game

great save by Bownsy

Guillaume Doucet Thwrted on breakaway

Come on U DEVILS we nedec a goal Now

Steelers Penalty

@ 33:56Colton Fretter 2 minutes for roughing

LEts get that PP going


Joey Martin @ 34:08 his 17th

assist Andrew Hotham

WE have David Brine inlawas with us from Quebec City

Steelers throwing the dummy out of their pram as usual moaning to referee

Andrew Lord has his first shift of the 2nd period

Gametime 37:05

Devils icing

Ben Bowns save

Ben Bowns having a stormer says KettDevil

I hope they have dug themselves out of the snow drifts in Quebec

Denny Kearney has goal dissallowed for 3 reasons he kicked it in, the goal was off its moorings and ghe was in the crease

Final 2 minutes

Final minute

Good shift from David Brine says Rachael

31 secs remains

end of 2nd period Steelers 1 DEVILS 3

Maria says quieter period asll round, Steelers made more of what they got bur Ben Bowns made some great saves

KettDevil says all going to plan, Steelers running out of ideas

Latest scores Caps 2 Panthers 3 (result) Storm 2 Stars 3; Giants 3 Blaze 1: Fyers 1 Clan 1 all after 2 periods

SoG for 2nd period Steelers 6 DEVILS 8 making it 14-25 after 2 periods

I am not wanting to start an argument but where are those fans that wanted this one or that one sacked

I've eaten enough humble pie (well at least pies) but one of two Devils fans should have Desparate Dan size cow pies to eat infront of the team at the iAW

It would be interesting to see a table of squad changes for each club with a + colm for additions and a -ve colm for those who have left for whatever reason

Devils +! and -0 are impressive

Devils back on ice

Puck dropped for 3rd

Lets go DEVILS Lets Go

Steelers on attack

Gametime 41:53

David Brine shoots high @ 42:22

Steelers think they have scored NO you haven't shot hit post

Steelers icing '@ 43:50

RED ARMY getting very loud


@ 44:12

A bullet from Sean Bentivoglio (15th) unassisted

Devils penalty @ 44:55 Denny Kearney 2 minutes for slashing


Joey Martin has SH chance @ 46:05

Ben Bowns covers

Sean Bentivoglio goes close on another SH breakaway

Devils Full Strength

ast breakaway was by Joey Martin

Gametme 47:48

Gleason Fournier hits crossbar @ 48:31

Steelers offside @ 49:14

Scott Hotham has latest shot @ 49:36

RED ARMY estImated at around 400 - well done you

Andrew Lord almost get the biscuit in the net @ 50:09

Ervins Mustukovs saves from Andrew Hotham

Can you hear the RED ARMY

Steelers goal @ 52:03

Walker assists Markus Nilsson & Ben O'Connor


Steelers penalty @ 53:17John Armstrong 2 minutes for tripping


Andrew Lord with his17th of the league season

PPG @ 53:49

Assists Andrew Hotham & Joey Martin

Devils penalty & Steelers penalty

Devils icing

Gleason Fournier 2 minutes for boarding Denny Kearney 2 minutes for holding the stick

Game time 55:30


One minute killed

Gametime 56:15

Andreas Valdix is the Steeler in sin bin

Steelers penalty Jonathan Phillips 2 minutes for roughing @ 56:27

Moose pulled

Ben Bowns save

Texters in a frenzy

Scott Hotham got 2 minutes for tripping

Final 2 minutes

Steelers hit post


ENG seals it @ 58:04

Ervins Mustukovs back

Patrick Bordeleau got ENG

Final Minute



Having been on the bench we we won our other 4 titles I have been privaleged to bring you MNL coverage of this one

RERD ARMY has gone mad by all accounts

Maris says its mental there


Steelers MoM - Ben O'Connor

Wat a night its going to be tomorrow night when the League champions take a bow at the IAW.

If youare not going to the Fyers game join Bozman who will be hosting MNL. ll be at IAW but don't tell anyone