Match Night Live
Sheffield Steelers 6 - 2 Cardiff Devils

Good Morning. 4 points is all the Devils need to clinch the League title. Join me (Russky) from 4:30pm approx. for the usual pre game build up and MNL shenanigans.

If you want to contribute to the proceedings please email your predictions and/or comments to and I will do my best to include them as long as they aren't too controversial or at all slanderous.

Hopefully the Panthers can do us a favour in Belfast as well.

Until then I wish you a good day whatever you may be doing.

Hi folks, I am on my way.home now after my car broke diwn. OJ will be your host to start with until I can get home and I can resume my hosting duties.

I have jumped into the hosts seat until Russky makes it home. OJ

RED ARMY TRavel has itslast trip of the season next Saturday for the Steelers game. Its (optional) fancy dress. The have al;most filled TWO buses and would like to filkkl a third

Its £38 adult. £35 concession, £19 kids, £95 family Buses leave Cardiff Bay at 12:00: Llanishen/ Coldra 12:30 Get booking by PayPal

No goals after 5 mins at Belfast plus a fight at 2:19

Warmup underway

Sarah cheering on the Devils from Orlando

Pat predicts 3-1 but adds score doesnt matter so long as DEVILS win

David R says DEVILS will win 3-2 in O/T

Every DEVIL in warmup

Giants 0 Panthers 1

Gerald, Maria & KettDevil on duty tonight

Come on you Panthers

I will take any help offered to secure the league title

Quiet on the prediction front. All too tense to type!!!

Huw Button in Detroit MI hopes Devils will do well tonight

So say all of us

Warm up completed

End of 1st period Giants 0 Panthers 1

To clear up a query the RED ARMY TRAVEL Prices for Sheffield next Saturday includes entrance

Roger W says 5-2 Devils

No Colton Fretter, Cole Shudra Yared Hagos for Steelers

Rachael is sitting with Panther fans at Sheffield

Steeler Dan getting abuse from RED ARMY - well booed anyway

Maria says her nreves are tingling

Lights dimmed

Some stingrays fans are alkso there to cheer on the DEVILS

Giants have a 5 on 3

Tiny, denise & Joe in Madrid wishing good luck to DEVILS & Panthers

DEVILS on the ice

Our fans in Madrid called it4-1 to Devils

No Guillaume Doucet tonight

Culligan gives us extra optrions on D

No Madrid is not by Machen

Its by Mumbles

Steelers slowly make their entrance

Panthers kill penalties

Anthem time

Texters want to know if swear words are acceptable tonight

Confirmed no Guillaume Doucet

Tom Pering is the referee

Giants tie up game at 1-1 after 25 mins

Anthems sung

Puck dropped

Patrick Bordeleau Matt Myers Andrew Lord start for Devils

False start by all acoounts I think there is a problem with clock

Delay ongoing

Well it gives Russky time to get in the hosts seat

Russky here

Puck drops

Now puck is dropped

and we are underway

I will tell texters Russky is with us

Andrew hotham involved

Giants take the lead 2-1

Bownsy covers puck. Roy throws a tantrum

Steelers pen #76 2 minutes for tripping

Levi Nelso no less

more handbags at 2:15 Benti this time

Hotham shoots puck over the bar

Penalty was @ 1:29

Steelers pass goes astray to thwart breakaway

Desbiens elbows asselin

Moose covers puck

Face off in the Steelers zone

PP unit Culli Lord and Myers

ice clean up in Steelers crease. blood has been spilt

Giants lead panthers 2-1


play resumes

Richies Shot kicked away by Moose

Sheffield throwing some big hits

gametime 4:00

Bowns covers after A hotham turned over puck

ignore game times as ARENA clock not working

game resumes at Devils end

Simmsy is announcing, hope he doesn't say anything too risqué!!!! or politically incorrect

Devils go close

neutral zone puck drop

Sheffield having better of play so far

Louis's shot hit side netting

Matt Roys line exerting lots of pressure

Gametime 8:27+

estimated game time 8:30. arena clock still misbehaving

Boooooooo steelers goal

scott hotham tried to block shot but it had too much power and pace on it

scored by R Dowd

Dowd assists Nelson & Valdix @ 9:16

no idea of goal time as arena clock has given up

thanx OJ

Puck out behind Bownsy

Its Giants 2 Panthers 1 at end of 2nd period

Kettdevil reports atmosphere is dead

Ferrera shoots but saved

***OJ here helping Russky its too tense just to watch**

s Hotham shoots but saved @12:30 according to texter

Steelers stray offside

still 2-1 in Belfast

this game is so mad

Kearney and Richie working well

Big scramble in front of moose

Culli and S Hotham almost make the most of it

Sheffield too many men goes unnoticed by lino

Devils coming more into the game now, Steelers not so dominant

steelers #75 snaps his stick ouch painfull

3 mins left

Kearney showing some skills

2 mins left

gone quiet at the house of foil

puck out of play after a A hotham shot.

and the buzzer signals the end of a frantic period.

Maria says the Steelers are taking their chances. and are closing down the devils players every time they get the puck with 2-3 Steelers players on our guy when we get possession.. She hopes its just a repeat of the first period last week

SOGs 10 each

SoG for 1st period Steelers 10 DEVILS 10

Suprisingly only 1 pen called that period and that was on Levi Nelson for tripping at 1:29

its still 2-1 to Belfast at the SSE. they are in 3rd period

just got time for a cuppa

Now 3-1 to Belfast at SSE

Edinburgh and Fife about to start at Murrayfield Ice Arena and Dundee and Manchester face off in half an hour in Dundee

long period break this

Devils back on the ice. A repeat of the 2nd last week would be nice

Lets go U Devils

no news yet re steelers

scoreboard still not functioning at house of foil.

Our texters tonight are Gerald KettDevil and Maria, and a great job they are doing too.

delay to start of 2nd due to scoreboard clock

and we are underway for the 2nd

quiet start to it

Asselin goes close

Geralds back on texting duty

Its now Giants 5 Panthers 2 after 55 minutes

he was held up in food queue

and there was me thinking he was at the bar


Lordo scores after a scramble

a wraparound effort

Its now Giants 5 Panthers 2 after 55 minutes

assist to Josh Batch

cheers OJ.

looks like the champers is put back on ice for another weekend

Sarich pushes A Hotham into Bownsy

Medic on checking Bowns

play stopped

Bowns slowly getting back to his feet

Simmsy trying to stir up the Steelers crowd while Bowns is receiving medical attention

Bowns looks a bit shaken

he's ok to carry on

game resumes

More handbags at 24:00 according to KettDevil

Giants win 5-2

Come on U DEVILS

Both Fitzgerald and Kearney sit out for 2 mins

Kearny 2 for holding Fitzy 2 for roughing

Murdy takes over in goal as Bowns still shaken up

Lordo taken Bowns off as a precaution

texter says Bowns took a knock to his ankle but it doesn't seem serious

Joint Kearney and Fitzy pen at 24:03

Devils pen Ulmer 2 for interference

correction holding at 25:30

Steelers starting to play rough

trying to unsettle Murdy

Kearney out of the sin bin now as is Fitzy

Good Devils PK so far.....

Devils FS

its gone into a lull again

steelers score

Haddad 2 for tripping

soft call on Haddad

Desbiens was the scorer

goal timed at 29:38

Steelers player was in crease at time of goal,. it should have been washed out

Kearney receives a big hit

Pering has penalised Kearney!!!! Unbelievable

apparently Kearneys pen was for elbows, an alleged retaliation

Lets Kill this pen U Devils

Desbiens should have got pen for boarding

Our discipline is being tested as a result of some iffy calls

Louis lays a great big hit

Devils FS

Steelers pen Moose 2 minutes for hooking served by one of his team mates

#71 for steelers

aka C Walker



Richie scores

then Steelers score a 3rd

caused by sloppy Devils defensive work

R Dowd again

Nelson assist Dowd

5 mins left in period

2nd Devils goal Richardson from Bordeleau and A Hotham at 34:52

game gone into Scrappy mode. wheres Scooby?

Steelers Pen Desbiens 2 minutes for Delay of game


Devils on PP. Lets have another PPG

2 mins left in period

Richie has another PP chance

not our best PP that one, says KettDevil

Steelers FS

and that's a wrap for the 2nd period.

More Handbags as buzzer goes

O Connor and Myers have a spat but its all cooled down

Maria says it was a better period for the Devils who upped their game abit but let themselves down with the Steelers 3rd goal. Its a bit fisty ( or should that be feisty?) so hopeful of good 3rd period

SOGs Steelers 10 Devils 7 so 20-17 overall so far

Lets hope its set up for a classic Devils 3rd

Latest scores from the later starting games Edinburgh 0 Fife 1; Dundee 1 Storm 2

How Ironic it would be if Sheffield beat Belfast next Friday to help the Devils step closer to the League title

lets not get too far ahead of ourselves now!!!

It appears that O'Connor and Myers wont be punished for their little altercation after the buzzer.

A texter reports that Bownsy has been spotted using crutches. That sounds worrying

Devils back on the ice. And Hoooray the scoreboard has been fixed.

or should I say the clock

puck dropped and we are off

Wonder if the Steelers have abandoned the idea of the Kiss cam

Steelers icing.

quiet opening exchanges in the 3rd

Fitzy tries to check Bordy and is made to miss

Bordy sees it coming

Benti been hit in the face AGAIN

Steelers pen Roy 2 minutes for slashing


Come on and lets get that PP unit in overdrive

you Devils

scoresheet has it as Ratchuk not Roy

Fournier 2 minutes for hooking after Dowd was 'holding' him. no call against Dowd


Devils FS

Bordy tries a 'dipsy doodle'

Devils Breakaway stopped by Moose.

Fitzy elbows haddad no call

Steelers are targeting Kearney for some rough stuff now.

Devils pen Joey martin 2 minutes for high sticks @ 48:38

make that 2+2 for high sticks

Kill Devils Kill

Steelers score another PPG

Valdix scored it

Brine has a shot saved

10 mins left in period

Come on You Devils

Richardson on Shot blocking duty tonight.

Devils FS

what a Devils Legend Richie is

Devils 2 on 1 breakaway stopped as Steelers go offside. how can that be????

Devils Pen Benti 2 minutes for cross-checking

Fitzy 2 minutes for boarding

How can Benti be called for cross checking when he is face down on the ice?

Texter says this is the worst officiating outside of Scotland. his words not mine.

Steelers score

O Connor scores it

We seem to have lost our discipline in the face of some very questionable calls

Moose saves from Asselin

best put this down as a 'bad day at the office'

Devils FS

Haddad goes coast to coast

game is now 5 on 5

according to the 'official scoresheet' Benti was called for diving. surely that's a joke

5 mins left in the game.

time for damage limitation i'd say

Fitzy lays a big hit on A Hotham and then elbows Ulmer, no call

Steelers pen Dave Phillips 2 minutes for Delay of game

Moose grabs the puck out of the air.

Murdy pulled

and there is an ENG for the Steelers

my mistake I misread the text

to re iterate the Steelers did not score an ENG

Final two minutes.

please put us out of our misery and end the game now

oooohhhhhh Roy throws his stick into the crowd in temper

Last minute

Devils call a time out

1:01 left on the clock

Now the Steelers do score and ENG

Dowd gets his hat-trick

Game over Steelers win BOOOOOOOOOO

Maria says she is satisfied to take the loss this weekend with next weekend in mind. She thinks that results elsewhere influenced tonight. Not the best performance by any stretch hoping Bownsy is ok

Devils MOM is Lord

KettDevils says it bizarre given lack of icetime

KettDevils reckoned on Richie Kearney or A Hotham for MOM

well what a disappointing way to end the weekend. OJ will be with you next Saturday as the Devils return to the house of foil.

Thanks to our excellent texters as ever!!!! safe trip home to all the Devils fans.

Steelers MOM is unsurprisingly R Dowd

Put it down as just one of those games and move on. Goodnight All Nos Da Pawb.

Thanks to OJ for stepping into the breach. Many Thanks OJ.