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Cardiff Devils 4 - 1 Dundee Stars

Devils backin league action hell bent on that league title.

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Special welcome to Hannah & her trops with a special mention to Ollie. They are at the IAW tonight

Pat says Devils will win 4-2

David R says Stars will find the Devils too stong and they will lose 5-3

Russky says 5-2 to Devils

Warmup drawing to a close

Jacob predicts a 5-2 for Devils

Warmup finished

Delay to face off I hear

Lew Rood is having a few beers and hoping for a Devils win in Catalkoy, North Cyprus

Rob Batch disspels any talk of a CC hangover and sees the Devils storm to a 7-1 win

Nikki says 6-2 to Devils

Apologies Lew its Rodd not Rood

Just a few minutes delay to face off

Steelrs in Glasgow to take on the Clan

No game for Giants tonight

No Mark Louis tonight apparently sick

Teams on the ice

Anthem time

Puck dropped

Referee is Dean Smith

Andrew Lord Patrick Bordeleau Matt Myers start

Patrick Bordeleau shoots wide

Ben Bowns save

Joey Haddad shot saved

Layne Ulmer just wide

Chris Culligan takes a hit

Looks OK

Mikael Lidhammar it was who threw hit on Chris Culligan

Game has got very physical

Layne Ulmer shoots wide as Haddad, asselinn Ulmer line creates chances galore

Slight adjustment to sights needed for more accuracy

Devils 4th line in action

Joe Fallon saves from Josh Batch

Devils icing

Devils penalty Josh Batch 2 minutes for hooking @ 7:17

Kill DEVILS Kill

Devils clear zone

40 secs of PK left

Ben Bowns covers

Devils Full Strength

Very open game

Come on U DEVILS

Guillaume Doucet feeds Scott Hotham - wide

Pressure from Stars

Devils clear zone

Devils icing

Gametime 13:22

Mikael Lidhammar clears zone for Stars

Stars penalty

@ 14:45

Cameron McGiffin in sinbin

Lets have a PPG U DEVILS

Cameron McGiffin crime was holding

Devils PP is below standard

Stars penalty

2 minutes for tripping

Delayed penalty

Finally whistle

Joe Fallon 2 minutes for tripping @ 17:55

Craig Moore serves minor

Joe Fallon saves

Final minute

DEVILS camped in Stars zone

End of 1st period DEVILS 0 Stars 0

Clan 1 Steelers 0

Zack Fitzgerald given GAME for kneeing at Braehead

Officials return to the ice

As do Stars

Puck dropped

Devils hit post

Face off in the Stars zone


Mark Richardson 6th @ 20:48

Assist hor Andrew Hotham

2 saves by Ben Bowns

Stars penalty Kevin Hart 2 minutes for interference @ 22:43

Stars goal SHG

@ 23:23

Cale Tanaka the scorer


Joe Fallon makes save after save

Stars Full Strength

Ben Bowns save

Devils offside

Very tense at IAW

Patrick Bordeleau has a nice shift with Devils 4th line

Joe Fallon save

Face off in the Stars zone

Told Stars did everything other than score before Devils clear zone

Devils icing

@ 29:36

RED ARMY quiet


Joey Haddad @ 31:18

Haddad 17th of the league season

Assists from Mark Richardson & Layne Ulmer

Joe Fallon covers

Gametime 54:08

Joe Fallon saves from Patrick Asselin

Now Clan 1 Steelers 1

Chris Culligan having a good game on D

Gametime 38:08

Stars penalty Joey Sides 2 minutes for boarding @ 38:08

Lets have a PPG U DEVILS

Stars clear zone

Joey Martin shot blocked

Big save Ben Bowns

End of 2nd period DEVILS " Stars 1

SoG for 1st period DEVILS 9 Stars 7

SoG for 2nd period DEVILS 14 Stars 9 making it 23-16 after 2 periods

Clan 1 Steelers 2

Stars very keen back on ice

Puck dropped

Devils on pp for 8 secs

Devils icing

Devils pressure

Stars clear zone

Gametime 43:33

Stars penalty 2 minutes for slashing for Craig Moore @ 43;39


Joe Fallon covers

45 secs of PP left

Joe Fallon saves from Gleason Fournier


Joey Haddad scores

@ 45:26

Joey Haddad 18th goal a PPG

Ben Bowns covers


Josh Batch his 4th of the season @ 46:48

Assists for Ben Bowns & Scott Hotham on DEVILS 3rd goal

Matt Meyers with assist on Devils 4th

Craig Holland takes over from Joe Fallon in net @ 46:48

Sean Bentivoglio hit by high stick - No Call

Linos in conference with referee

Joey de Concilys & Andrew Hotham both got 2 minutes for roughing @ 48:38

Stars penalty Joey Sides 2 minutes for hooking @ 49:18

Devils have 4 on 3

Stars penalty too many men @ 50:04

save Craig Holland

Now 5 on 3 for Devils

Stars back to 4 skaters

Stars Full Strength

Guillaume Doucet shot blocked

Gametime 53:05

Craig Holland saves from Guillaume Doucet

Clan 1 Steelers 3

Gametime 55:44

Devils penalty Matt Myers 2 minutes for hooking @ 56:08


Final 2 minutes

Devils Full Strength

Devils using whole bench tonight

Joey Haddad almost gets that hattrick goal

Last 20 secs

Final Score DEVILS 4 Stars 1

Stars MoM - Cale Tanaka

Thanks to both Johns for their updates


Clan score to make it 2-3 with 2 minutes left

Join Russky tomorrow night when the DEVILS travel to the RUSTY CITY to take on the Steelers


Final score Clan 2 Steelers 3