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Cardiff Devils 3 - 2 Sheffield Steelers


Join me (OJ) for MNL coverage of the Challenge Cup Final

Score predictions welcomed as usual to

If you are at the game and has somehow got a signal let us know how its going

Any bodody watching the webcast can also let us know their views or text the MNL line on 07527 625206

Join me from around 3:30 for full uninterupted coverage

Warmup in progress

David R says Devils will win 3-1 with an ENG to clinch the CUP

Pat has everything crossed for a DEVILS win

Russky also calls it 3-1

Best wishes to Devils from Panther fan Glynn Hinchley

steph stuck in work has everything crossed for a Devils win

Warmup completed

It's Tom + Tom in charge tonight. Darnell + Pering

Quiet on the prediction front - tension I assume

Gamesheet shows Gleason Fournier as a scratch - awaiting confirmation

Simon says 5-2 to Devils

Pauline wishing Devils good luck and asks them to give the Steelers no mercy

Hazel thinks Devils will; win 3-2, Pete is more confident and calls 6-1

Dan says it will end 3-3 and Devils win the shootout

Ice ready at IAW

Matthew expecting a vicious game with Devils winning 3-2

Lights dimmed

Officials on ice

Teams on the ice

Matt in Swansea says 4-3 Devils


Puck dropped

Gleason Fournier is playing

Chance of wraparound for Steelers

Save Moose

Save Bowns

Devils clear zone

Hectic start to game

Guillaume Doucet is the scratch


Fournier scores

@ 3:53 assists Martin & Kearney

Bowns covers

Big hits from Devils

Very physical

Devils offside

Denny Kearney clears for Devils

End to end at IAW

Apologies having problems updating

profuse apologies, russky here. OJ is experiencing some technical difficulties at the moment so i have taken ovef commentary

Gooal steelers 16:24

steelers pressing again until turned over, moose covers

Face off in the Steelers zone

devils working along boards then steelers break

foiled by Bowns

Devils pen

Lord blocks a shot

Steelers really creating pressure on PP

Benti sits bench pen

steelers score Roy

40 seconds left in period

steelers ontop in game

Moose saves then buzzer goes to end the period

that period went so quick

i need i brief break. back shortly

SOGs Devils 10 Steelers 14

back in 5 mins.

I hope my issues re internet connection have been solved

Heard there are problems with webcast as well

OJ please phone me.

Lets hope everything will be OK from now on

Russky riding shotgun for us

Devils got outmuscled a bit but the pens didnt help either. They need to keep a clear head and not retaliate to any provocation

all yours OJ, take it away

Ice is ready

Come on U DEVILS

SoG DEVILS 10 Steelers 14

Devils back on ice

So are Steelers

Puck dropped

Devils clear zone

Joey Martin has chance

Mark Louis has shot

Centre ice face off

Moose covers from Josh Batch

Devils 4th line has chance - Patrick Bordeleau

Face off in the Steelers zone

Puck out of play

Joey Martin has another shot, just too high

Mathieu Roy dangerous as usual

Lets GO DEVILS Lets Go

Devils having a lot of shots

Face off in the Steelers zone

Steelers penalty Mike Ratchuk @ 26:19

Moose makes another save as Devils exert pressure

Face off in the Steelers zone

Joey Haddad shot

Moose save from Patrick Asselin

Joey Haddad hits pipes

30 secs of pp left

Steelers clear zone

Steelers FS

Devils having a good few mnutes but we want a goal

Piggott dumps puck in

Come on Devils

Sean Bentivoglio shoots wide on a breakaway

Ben Bowns glove save @ 31:29

Steelers icing

More Devils pressure

Gametime 33:08

Steelers bench penalty too many men @ 33:30

Ervins Mustukovs glove save

Devils camped in Steerrs end but no clear chances or shots to show for ir

Ervins Mustukovs saves from Gleason Fournier

Steelers Full Strength

Ervins Mustukovs saves from Matt Myers

Gametime 37:33


Mark Louis scores

@ 37:40

Devils offside

Assists from Joey Martin & Sean Bentivoglio

Final minute

Devils offside

End of 2nd period DEVILS 2 Steelers 2

Devils had 17 SoG that period

Come on U DEVIL, what is needed now is one of those famous DEVILS final periods

Win the next period and that Cup is ours

Ice ready for the final act of this thriller

SoG for 2nd period DEVILS 17 Steelers 2 making it 27-16 after 2 periods

Delay tea final period is with us as teams return to the ice

Puck dropped for 3rd period

Ervins Mustukovs save

devils pressure

Ervins covers and dislodges net

Steelers icing

Come on U DEVILS give us a goal

Devils pressure mounts


Layne Ulmer @ 43:39

Assists Joey Haddad & Patrick Asselin

Steelers penalty @ 44:49 Levi Nelson 2 minutes for tripping

Lets have a PPG U DEVILS

Steelers kill 1 minute

Guillaume Desbiens breakaway Ben Bowns saves

neutral ice face off

Gametime 46:45

Steelers Full Strength

gametime 47:08

Ervins Mustukovs save

Devils clear zone

Devils looking for a 4th

Gametime 50:10


Ervins Mustukovs makes save after save

Steelers penalty Coyle 2 minutes for holding @ 51:44

Steelers Time out

Lets have a PPG U DEVILS - please

Devils high stick

FO outside Steelers zone

1 minute of penalty killed

Ervins Mustukovs saves from Joey Haddad

Steelers Full Strength

Gametime 54:55

Devils icing @ 55:00

Joey Martin shot saved

Gametime 56:15

Steelers icing

Devils icing @ 57:00

Devils penalty Chris Culligan 2 minutes for holding @ 57:10


1 minute killed

Final 2 minutes

Devils clear zone

Devils Full Strength

Ervins Mustukovs lifted

10 secs


Final score DEVILS 3 Steelers 2

Happy scences at IAW I am told

MoM for Steelers Ervins Mustukovs

DEVILS MoM - Denny Kearney

No presentation of Cup yet

Captain Jake Morissette lifts the Cup

That was tense

Final SoG DEVILS 40 Steelers 19

Devils parade the Cup individually

Thats all from me join us next Saturday when the STARS come to Cardiff Bay