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Edinburgh Capitals 2 - 3 Cardiff Devils

The DEVILS quest for that League Title continues as they make the long trip to the Scottish Capital. Join me (OJ) from around 5:30 for moreof M

Regular texter Rachael has made the long trip up North whilst Devils fan Andy has made the much shorter trip from Dundee

Any other Devils fan or for that matter anyone else who want to help us out at MNL please text us on the MNL line 07527 625206

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Warmup in progress says Rachael who has made it to Edinburgh

Sean Bentivoglio warming up

Pat just wants a win tonight

David Reed calls it 6-0 to Devils

Matthew More predicts a 7-2 win for Devils

If Benti is going to play I wonder who will sit out? I think it should be one of the top lines unless someone is carrying an injury

Warmup done

Andy + Cadeyrn have reported in after their trip from home in Dundee

All the Devils pther than captain Jake Morissette were in warmup

Drew says 4-1. Devils

its Panthers 2 Giants 4 after 2 periods

My fellow host Bozman calls it 5-2 to Devils

Russky says 3-1 to Devils

Zamboni has finished chasing its own tail

Chris Culligan apparently is the scratch

Ref is Toby Craig

pA is awful as usual, rachael says it sounds like the teacher from Snoopy

No sign of teams yet

RED ARMY of some 15 souls

Devils take to the ice

Ben Bowns starts in net

Capitals appear

Player intros

Anthem time

No RED ARMY choir just a boy/ girl band

Puck dropped we are away

Devils offside @ 0:35

Guillaume Doucet Matt Myers Andrew Lord as a line

Joey Haddad Patrick Asselin Layne Ulmer line

gametime 2:03

Farly even start to game says Andy

Patrick Bordeleau Chris Jones David Brine as a 4th line

Gametime 3:22


Problems with the ice I am told

Still no goal announcement

Chris Jones the scorer unassisted

His 1st league goal of the season

Game finally restarts

Devils goal was @ 3:22

Finally goal goes up on scoreboard

Devils go close

Now Panthers 3 Giants 4

Gametime 7:32

Garrett Milan roofs his shot 3 points

Guillaume Doucet shoots high

Capitals offside @ 8:21

Not a massive home crowd but they do get behind their team

Final minute at NIC come on U PANTHERS

Ben Bowns blocker save @ 9:35 from Michal Dobron

Panthers time out with 24 secs left

David Brine shot saved by Travis Fullerton

Face off in the Capitals zone @ 10:47

Ben Bowns glove save ' 11:58

Capitals icing @ 12:12

Giants win 4-3

Travis Fullerton covers @ 12:40

Come on U DEVILS

Ben Bowns saves ftom Jacob Johnston @ 13:25

Capitals Goal @ 13:40

Jay King the scorer assists Mason Wilgosh & Garrett Milan

Capitals pushing again

Capitals are enjoying a lot of possession

Face off in the Devils zone : 14:49


Yevgeni Fyodorov shot saved by Bowns @ 16:11

Devils need tyo step up their game as threy have left Capitals back into this game

Devils icing

Andy says Devils need to up their game sharpish

Ben Bowns having to make a lot of saves

Gleason Fournier creates chance @ 17:40 to no avail

Capitals goal @ 17:58

Deflected off Matt Myers

Goal credited to Pavel Vorobyev

Andy says Devils are sloppy

Face off in the Devils zone

Final minute of 1st period

Capitals offside

End of 1st period Capitals 2 DEVILS 1

Andy says 15 minutes of DEVILS dominationfollowed by 5 minutes of Capitals effort and DEVILS buckled

Sog Capitals 13 DEVILS 9

Told Devils trying to be too fancy whist Capitals are direct

Patrick Bordeleau given an assist on CJ's goal

Come on U DEVILS if you want that League title these are the games you must pocket the points

Ice ready waiting for teams

Flyers 0 Steelers 1 after 15 minutes

Teams back on ice

Lets hope they have a "PAUL HEAVEY RANT" in the break

2nd starts

Now Flyers 2 Steelers 1

Travis Fullerton covers puck

Devils go close

Mark Richardson shoots Travis Fullerton saves

Capitals icing @ 21:05

Joey Martin goes close


@ 21:33

Waiting for details

The take ages to make announcements, then you cannot understand what is said because PA is so bad

Devils have upped their game and started to click

Now told that Devils 2nd goal was waved off - Apologies

Capitals go close

Glove save Ben Bowns @ 25:47

Devils Offside @ 26:01

Its ed to end

Patrick Asselin goes close

Joey Martin shoots high @ 28:56

It is Ben Bowns in net irrespective of what others are saying

Glove save Ben Bowns @ 29:26

Devils now have loads of possession -what we need is a goal or two

Capitals icing @ 31:48

Lets go DEVILS lets go

Puck out of play @ 32:03

Patrick Bordeleau just smoked Tyler Plews no penalty fair hit

Game has suddenly become more physical

Its all devils but we need a goal now PLEASE

A rare event in recent times a Bowns save @ 34:12


@ 36:30 - Patrick Bordeleau we think

Assist David Brine

4th line producing the goods tonight

Capitals penalty

Also @ 36:30

Lets have a PPG U DEVILS

Michal Dobron 2 minutes for delay of game was call

Capitals Full Strength

Final minute

Devils penalty2 minutes for interference Joey Haddad


End of 2nd period Capitals 2 DEVILS 2

SoG for 2nd period Capitals 6 DEVILS 8 making it 19-17 after 2 periods

some confusion over time of Joey Haddad penalty

Gamesheet shows 36:43 but that is not correct i think

Flyers/Steelers tied at 2-2 after 30 minutes

Joey Haddad penalty was @ 39:01

Capitals on PP therefore for 1:01

A big Devils period is now needed Tobago those points

Andy is spoiling his son by buying him a stovie

Ice ready waiting for teams to reappear

Flyers regain the lead now 3-2 @ 35:22

Teams back on ice

3rd period underway

Devils Full Strength


Devils pressing hard

Gametime 43:08

Travis Fullerton covers @ 43:56

Face off in the Capitals zone

Another Face off in the Capitals zone

Travis Fullerton saves from Layne Ulmer

Come on U DEVILS give us a goal - NOW PLEASE

AS normal texters saying its freezing at Murrayied Ice Rink

Andrew Lord shot saved @ 46:17 a backhand shot

Puck out of play @ 46:35

Ben Bowns has to maske a save as Devils caught napping

Face off in the Devils zone Matt Myers wins draw as he so often does

Ben Bowns save from Jacob Johnston

Good defensive play by Mark Richardson

Gametime 47:54

Ben Bowns deals easily with long range shot

Come on U DEVILS

I don't know whats it like in Edinburgh but its very tense here in Cardiff

icing Capitals 51:05

Travis Fullerton save from Joey Haddad @ 51:13

Gametime 53:03

Devils icing @ 53:05

Karel Hromas goes close

Hromas goes close

Devils clear zone

4 minutes left

Great save by Travis Fullerton @ 56:30 from Sean Bentivoglio

Gametime 57:02

Steelers equalize

Final 2 minutes

Devils shoot high

Its wave after wave of Devils attack

Final minute

End of regulation Capitals 2 DEVILS 2

O/T here we come

Sog Capitals 10 DEVILS 7 29-24

O/T starts


Sean Bentivoglio Andrew Hotham Joey Martin next up

2 minutes of O/T played

Come on U DEVILS

Gametime 62:32



Joey Haddad scores winner

Devils win 3-2

Apologies excitement got the better of me tipped my coffee

Devils MoM - Patrick Bordeleau

Assist for Andrew Hotham on Devils winner

Capitals MoM - Garrett Milan

Our thanks to Rachael and to Andy & Son

We bagged thr 2 points in the end

Don't disappear if you are relying on MNL for scores as its Flyers 5 Steelers 3 after 57:06

Next MNL will be on Friday when the Devils travel to Manchester to take on the Storm. Join me from around 7pm as we seek another valuable 2 points

Now Flyers 6 Steelers 3 at KIlcaldy

25 secs left in Fife

Flyers win 6-3 THANK YOU FIFE